Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes Review

  Main advantage  The main advantage that these Asics Aggressor Shoes come with is the fact that they offer outstanding comfort. This is an essential aspect that all wrestlers should consider because someone who wrestles has to pay attention to a lot of things, and an uncomfortable pair of shoes could be a great deal breaker.  The increased comfort levels Read More

Cliff Keen Headgear Review

  Main advantage If you want a headgear created by a trusted name and employing advanced technologies, you should look at the Cliff Keen Headgear closely. The engineers working for this company created a revolutionary design that uses information provided by NASA research. This might give you an idea of why this model has so many supporters. The manufacturer is Read More

Should Children Get into Wrestling?

  While this review on Running Snail has you covered for tough or critical situations, it still pays off to be able to remain cool and collected. If you want your child to have the same values, wrestling is a great sport to pick up because it teaches and demands discipline, commitment, and implies constantly dealing with pressure, although not Read More

What You Should Know About the Canadian Wrestling Scene

  If you are interested in the Canadian wrestling scene, and the special features it has compared to the wrestling scenes of other countries, detailed information will be provided to you in the following lines, so you might want to check it out here. But first, let’s take a closer look at what wrestling is, in general. Wrestling is a Read More

The Australian Wrestling Scene

  When looking for reviews of the best wrestling shoes for youth, you might want to also take a look at the local wrestling scene for better insight on this product. Young wrestlers look up to older, more experienced wrestlers and do their best to surpass expectations. Having a role model has proved to be important to both the professional Read More

What Is Mongolian Wrestling?

  If you are searching for more information on this interesting topic, you may find the following article to be of great use to you. Mongolian wrestling represents a unique traditional sport in Mongolia, that has been around for centuries. In traditional Mongolian society, wrestlers practicing this sport have an important cultural status, because they are perceived as a symbol Read More

The Difference Between Boxing Shoes and Wrestling Shoes

  If you are looking for more information about different types of sports shoes, then you are in the right place. No matter if you practice boxing or wrestling, you can use anything up to a certain level. However, if you want to get past it and really get serious, you will need footwear that is specially designed for your Read More

10 Best-Known American Professional Wrestlers

  Nike shoes for wrestling have enjoyed success for quite a while now and have been strongly promoted by some of the most popular faces of the sport. While professional wrestling is not remotely as popular in Europe as it is in the United States, it has become a global phenomenon which attracts the attention of fans worldwide. The reason Read More

Where Are Wrestling Matches Held?

  Wrestling is a sport that combines entertainment with excellent examples of athleticism and sportsmanship. One of the things that make wrestling matches so appealing to many people is that they can be held in many different settings, and this article is aimed at providing you with more information on the topic.   Where do wrestling matches usually take place? Read More

10 Best European Professional Wrestlers

  If you’ve read our recent article, you might have also wondered about popular American wrestlers who managed to achieve stardom in their field of work. While professional wrestling does indeed have its roots in early nineteenth century Europe, most household names usually come from North America or Japan. Despite this, present-day WWE, the world’s biggest wrestling company, is more Read More

What Wrestling Move Hurts the Most?

  Do you love wrestling shows and you wish you were one of the wrestlers? Wrestlers are enjoying their life, fame, and expensive equipment like Asics wrestling shoes. But, behind the scenes, there is a lot of work, hours of training, much pressure, and a lot of pain! Read this post to find out about wrestling training and the most Read More

Best Wrestling Games for iOS

  You can not come between a person and their passion. And if your passion is wrestling and you have an iPhone, check this out for the best wrestling games for you! It is hard to choose when there are so many options. A simple search in the Apple Store will give you hundreds of games. We will make it Read More

Best Wrestling Games for Android

  Do you like watching wrestling matches? Do you secretly dream of being a real fighter and wearing wrestling shoes by Asics? You can take it step by step. In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best wrestling games for your Android. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone or a tablet. If you have one, too, and you love wrestling, Read More

Where Does Wrestling Come From?

  While reading detailed reviews of wrestling shoes from Adidas, you might wonder where this interesting sport came from. Well, research has shown that wrestling dates back as far as ancient history. Wrestling is a combat sport and it has been depicted in Egyptian and Babylonian drawings. It has been referenced in the Iliad. Since it was very popular in Read More

Should I Do Wrestling In High School?

  Whether you are considering wrestling or you have already been wrestling for a while now, you probably know how important having the appropriate gear is. Two of the utmost important pieces of gear in wrestling are the headgear and comfortable footwear, such as Adidas wrestling shoes. Wrestling is a great sport that comes with both many benefits and many Read More