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Why Muay Thai Is The Newest Fitness Craze

Last Updated: 16.05.22



More and more people seem to fall in love with Thailand’s national sport and put on their Muay Thai shorts to start exercising. From Muay Thai jump ropes to punching bags that cater to this type of training, the equipment dedicated to this sport is in high demand.

But why is Muay Thai coined as the newest fitness craze? Here are some of the reasons that might just make you want to jump the bandwagon, as well.


Unlike other fitness routines, Muay Thai is not boring

Do you know the number one reason why so many people give up on exercise? For most, it is the boredom they feel. Dealing with the same routine over and over again seems like such a fun killer that most men and women feel demotivated.

That’s where Muay Thai is different from all the other training routines you might have tried until now. It is not boring! Any trainer can tell you that no two classes will ever feel the same, which is enough to shake off the boredom experienced with most exercising programs.

Originating in the 18th century, Muay Thai has become an art, as more and more styles, combinations, challenges, and drills were introduced. As a sport, this discipline is complex and contains an impressive number of moves. Therefore, you will not have to repeat the same routine over and over again.

Many practitioners of the sport even say that they always look forward to their next Muay Thai class because it is so exciting. So, in case boredom is your number one enemy when it comes to exercising, it is a good moment to think whether you should be taking up Muay Thai.

You will burn fat like there’s no tomorrow

Another thing that makes many people give up on exercising, besides boredom, is the slow progression. Do you know that an hour at the gym spent lifting weights equals only 150 burned calories? Other sports are a bit more generous with the fat burning they generate; you’ll burn 400 calories swimming for one hour, and 600 hours when jogging.

And now, here is this thing: one hour of Muay Thai training will help you burn up to 1,000 calories! Adding that it is also fun, you can clearly see why it is such a fitness craze right now. Who doesn’t want to burn so many calories in such a short time? Seeing how that makes for about half the calories an average person introduces to his or her body by eating, it is obvious why Muay Thai is on top.


You will grow stronger and more flexible

If there is one argument that supporters of weightlifting will always try to emphasize, that would be that struggling with weights is the surest way to become stronger. But Muay Thai can even beat weightlifting when it comes to that.

When you lift weights, you are only training a few muscles in your body at one time. With Muay Thai, you’re training all your muscles, all at the same time. The drills, the routines, the exercises, put you in a place where you’ll have no choice but to develop strong core muscles and not only.

There are very few sports that involve all the muscles in the body as Muay Thai does. Therefore, don’t be surprised to hear all your friends interested in this new fitness craze.


Your mental strength will get a boost, too

There are not only physical benefits to working out, as you may well know. Muay Thai is as good for your mental fortitude, as it is for your body. When practicing a martial art like Muay Thai, you will experience a sense of accomplishment that not many other sports can offer.

Another thing to bear in mind when you attend Muay Thai classes is that each time you reach a new level, you will get a certificate. How is that as an accomplishment? And that’s another thing that your regular fitness routine most probably doesn’t do.


A stress reliever like no other

Many take up exercising because they want to lose weight, and become healthier. Others want to get in great shape and look good. But, while you enjoy all these benefits, there is something else that makes Muay Thai such a great fitness alternative: it is a great stress reliever.

When you attend a Muay Thai class, you will be able to leave all your worries at the door. You will listen to your instructor and focus, for a change, on other things than your day by day problems.

Also, as you kick and punch the training bag, your body will start to release endorphins. These are feel-good hormones that will create a sensation of wellbeing. You will find it easier to rest at night, and you will also feel more relaxed. Such benefits are not to be taken lightly.

You will be able to meet new people

Exercising by yourself at home is, by no means, ideal. It is also a sure way to become demotivated. But, if you take up Muay Thai classes, you will be able to meet new people and socialize. What’s great is that many people are currently part of this new fitness trend, and there will be no shortage of new friends you can make at the gym.

Your common love for Muay Thai may take you even further, and you might end up meeting your friends from the gym outside the training classes. And that’s a gain that you cannot obtain if you choose to exercise by yourself, at home.


Muay Thai is great for your skin

This advantage may not be that obvious, but it exists. Due to the high-calorie burning rate, Muay Thai will help you sweat a lot and get rid of toxins. As your heart rate goes higher, more oxygen is carried to your cells, and you will feel younger as a whole. Plus, your skin will look amazing.



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