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Why Is Knowing How to Wrestle a Lifetime Skill?

Last Updated: 05.07.22


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We’ve all heard that knowing how to wrestle is a skill that one can use throughout one’s life. Still, how true is this after all? If this is a question that you are interested in, we are here to provide you with an answer.


Work ethic and humility

As seasoned wrestlers often state, being a good wrestler is only possible if one is a hard worker that puts in the time. Therefore, this sport can teach children and practitioners in general about the importance of developing a work ethic.

Once acquired, this skill is highly useful in life in general. So, if you believe that you need to discipline yourself more, wrestling might be just the sport that you should consider getting into.

Competing one-on-one is also a good way for a person to learn about his/her limits. In wrestling, there will always be somebody better than you and, knowing this, you enable yourself to know how to react to losses and to the reality that you have to keep on working if you want to become better.

Differently from other sports, in wrestling, you can only blame yourself in case you lose and this will certainly teach you a thing or two about humility and about accountability.

Develop basic athletic skills

Because it requires complete body control, wrestling is a good sport to learn if you like keeping fit in general. In wrestling, one has to use his/her legs, arms, back and neck, and doing so can help a person in the long run, especially if one decides to practice other sports. Moreover, wrestling can help one build physical strength.


Self-defense and self-discipline

One of the most important benefits of wrestling is that it can prepare you to know how to defend yourself in case of trouble. Once you master the basic skills of the sport, you will definitely have no issue when it comes to defending yourself or neutralizing an opponent.

Because of this, experts recommend that you encourage your children to practice wrestling or any other martial art that is similar. After all, you don’t know when it will come in handy.


Confidence and mental toughness

In wrestling, getting pinned is the most humiliating thing that can happen to a fighter during a match. As a result, most practitioners are set on learning new ways to avoid this. As time passes by, they become more confident in themselves and they learn to trust themselves more.

Once you understand that the mind is more difficult to discipline than the body, wrestling will start to be more appealing to you. This is true because this sport can help you learn ways to control the emotions that you experience during or before and after a fight.

Furthermore, this sport can mentally prepare you to know how to react in various situations, and this is a skill that you will be able to use throughout your life.


Although wrestling is an individual sport, those who practice it still have to take part in competitions and they often have to share a common space. To achieve their goals, wrestlers often have to work together and they have to support each other.

On top of that, to be a good wrestler, one also has to be a good listener. After all, if you don’t listen to your coach, chances are that you won’t be able to improve your techniques and, thus, you won’t get better.

No matter if you intend to continue with wrestling for a long time or not, listening skills are crucial to have both at work and in your personal life.


Nutrition and weight maintenance

In a world in which the risk of becoming overweight is so high, practicing a sport such as wrestling can teach you lots about what and how to eat. For a wrestler, reaching and maintaining a certain weight is a big challenge.

Therefore, if you practice this sport for a long time, you will become able to say no to certain foods and you will have a better understanding of your body and of its tendencies to gain or to lose weight depending on what you eat.

What is more, practicing this sport is a great way to develop a specific eating schedule that you can adhere to for a long time. Those who have been wrestling for a couple of years are also great at avoiding certain foods that are considered unhealthy.


It brings cultures together

An important part of a wrestler’s life is taking part in tournaments. Because of this, it can bring people from various cultures together. Currently, those who practice this sport have the chance of taking part in competitions in various countries.

Although they see each other as opponents on the mat, because they have a sense of camaraderie, wrestlers generally make friends with people from different cultures and they are exposed to different sets of values.

This skill is important later in life as it can come in handy at work and in day-to-day life. Additionally, knowing more about other cultures will enable you not to judge others easily but rather to try and understand them first.


Further education opportunities

It is a well-known thing that those children that do not have the material means to go to college have the alternative of winning a sports scholarship. Wrestling is one of the sports that you can learn to master if you want to apply for such a scholarship.

This way, you will be able to go and study in a program that you would otherwise not have access to. If you do so, you will also end up with a degree and you will, later on, find work that is well paid when you decide to give up wrestling.

There are now numerous opportunities of this type that you can take advantage of if you are a dedicated and hardworking student.

It can help you challenge aggressivity

Most people believe that wrestling and other similar sports tend to make people become more aggressive. However, studies have shown that wrestling can also have therapeutic effects. In other words, it can help you discipline that tendency in you to be violent.

If you have a natural tendency of being aggressive, wrestling is a sport that can help you channel aggression in a civilized manner. If you start practicing this sport at a young age, you will gain an insight into how to do so later on in life as well.



Given all the points that we have argued in this article, it is safe to say that knowing how to wrestle is something that can help you in life. Apart from teaching you ways to defend yourself, it can also enable you to develop skills such as mental toughness and discipline.

You can then utilize these skills outside the gym in your day to day life and at your workplace. Plus, the baggage of skills that you learn while practicing wrestling can also shape who you are as a person as it teaches you that every obstacle that might come in your way can be overcome.


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