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Why Are Boxing Gloves Weighted?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Title boxing gloves are a great choice if you need a pair of sturdy, resistant ones for your matches. When it comes to boxing, you seriously need some hand protection so you will not get injured due to the excessive punching involved. You will also need quality punching bags,  similar to the ones used in kickboxing and a stand, but there are some cheap options available so you can get good equipment.

However, when you buy a new pair of gloves, you will have to make a choice of sizes, which will typically be weighted in ounces (oz). More often than not, they will come in selections of 10, 12, 14, and 16, with sometimes a couple more to choose from. So this will naturally raise the question “Why are boxing gloves weighted?”. Stick around and keep reading to find out.


Why use them?

When it comes to actual weighted gloves, boxers will use them in order to add resistance to their punching exercises. Over time, repeated use of this will increase a boxer’s strength in that range of movement. Furthermore, they will also increase the speed and power of a punch since the fighters will get accustomed to using their hands while wearing weights.

A typical method of achieving this is alternating regular punching practice with weighted punching practice. However, trainers and boxers have to be mindful and take care that the muscle adapting to the new weight does not interfere and interrupt the punching action. This will also help avoid injury when switching to the harder exercise.

Alternating punching styles are regularly used in professional boxing as a way of calculating progress. Weighted gloves are also great for developing the arm muscles and improving the reaction time when trying to block a hit.



Listed weight vs actual weight

With that being said, we also feel you need to know that even gloves which are pretty much at the same weight don’t really weigh the same. For example, if all we are comparing for a moment are the 16oz gloves, the heaviest ones in this set are the “Fairtex BGV1” gloves which come in at around 17.5oz per glove.

The lightest ones in this category are called “Danger Equipment Deluxe Ultimate Fighter Boxing Gloves” and are around 14oz. Even though most of them generally turn out to be within 1oz of their actual listed weight, this goes to show you that sometimes there can be quite a lot of difference between two sets of gloves from the same weight class.

Granted, the examples we just gave you are more in the Muay Thai category, but this applies just as well to boxing gloves. Since sometimes you may encounter a sparring opponent who really has heavier gloves than you do, let’s see if this can have any effect on your fight.


Quality vs weight

Some people may think that if a glove misses its target weight by the amount we have indicated in our earlier example, it would be a sign of bad quality. However, that is seldom the case, reviews pointing out that sometimes gloves that really hit the nail on the head when it comes to proper weight are the ones with the poorest performance over time.

Even though missed weight does not necessarily predict bad quality, there still needs to be some level of accountability for brands that miss the listed weight by a large amount. A fairly popular example of this was a model of RDX gloves which was sold and labeled as 10oz but actually weighted 16 oz.

This is quite the difference and can definitely impact someone’s performance because the gloves are actually up three categories of weight. Some people would not be bothered by this, because if they’re heavier, you hit harder, right?


More weight equals more what?

It is a general understanding that a higher boxing glove weight will most often than not translate into more padding and protection for the fighters. While in the past this was certainly the case, the many different combinations of paddings and foams available nowadays make this belief completely moot.

Many people will still suggest, to this day, choosing particular glove weights with regards to the different activities that you want to do because it tends to work well as a rule of thumb. What you should keep in mind, however, is that rules of thumb are named that way because just like not all fingers are thumbs, neither are these rules always true.

A 16oz pair of gloves for sparring will definitely offer more protection than the same 12oz version because this is what sparring gloves are made for. That does not mean that all 16oz gloves will automatically offer more protection than all 12oz ones.

Again, this goes to show how important it is to check the reviews of the boxing gloves you are interested to buy before you do it. Do your research and figure out which pair is the best for you. With that being said, let’s take a look at the differences between fighting gloves and sparring gloves.



Sparring gloves 101

Sparring is an important facet when you want to progress as a boxer or as any combat sports practitioner really because it allows you to focus on your techniques in a controlled environment rather than fighting for your life in an actual match.

When it comes to sparring gloves, their weight will be directly related to yours and your boxing skills. The reason for this is because they are designed to make impacts less sharp and not hurt your opponent. This style of padding will be more cushioned than a typical training or fighting glove in order to protect your hand and your in-ring partner’s body.

They come in a wide array of sizes and styles, with the most commonly used weight being 16oz. Beginners will often use bigger gloves for safety reasons, as throwing a punch is not really as easy as anyone who hasn’t trained in combat sports believes it to be.


Benefits of weighted gloves in training

When it comes to training, actual weighted gloves have carved out a place in recent years due to their developing of a boxer’s stamina. When used in shadow boxing, they will also greatly improve the athlete’s speed since it’s like trying to move your arms with a few extra pounds attached to each hand.

While this additional weight may not seem like much at first, call us and give us feedback on this after you’ve thrown five or six hundred punches in a single training session. Within a few weeks, your muscles will start to adapt to the extra weight by increasing your strength, which will lead to greater punching power and better overall boxing from you.

Weighted gloves will also help you perform better with your heavier-weight regular ones because they will increase your rate of perceived exertion. In simple terms, this represents how hard and how long you can go with heavy, 16oz gloves, for example.

So if a 30-minute training session with these gloves is currently very hard for you, after a few weeks of weighted gloves training you should find it considerably easier as your endurance will improve.




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