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What You Should Know Before Joining a Boxing Gym

Last Updated: 15.05.22


There are a lot of situations at work that can make you go mad. Even if you’ve got a meeting with an annoying client, the cash register malfunctioned or a discharge hose broke, there is no need to rage quit. You just need to consume your energy elsewhere and the boxing gym might be the perfect place because there you can find all kinds of boxing necessities like reflex bags, double-ended ones or heavy bags and all you need are just some good boxing gloves. However, you should be aware of what you should eat, wear, or how other people might treat you before going to train. 


What food is recommended

When it comes to diet, this is pretty much your choice but there is some basic info which should help you decide. For example, scientists discovered almost 10 percent of burned calories come from protein if you are training on an empty stomach which means you will lose muscle mass.

In order to avoid this, you should have a small snack consisting of lean proteins and complex carbs 45-60 minutes before you go to the gym. For this snack, you can use peanut butter, bananas, greek yogurt, and fruits.

Also, remember to hydrate. A lot. Drink water before, during, and after the training. You will lose a lot of water through sweating and keeping your body hydrated will help you avoid muscle cramps and tendrils. However, don’t drink a lot of water between training drills as it might give you an uncomfortable feeling.



There is no welcome committee

On your first time at the boxing gym, you will be considered an outsider as you walk in, so don’t expect one of the instructors to give you their complete attention. A trainer’s time is valuable and you need to prove you are serious about boxing before they turn their heads in your direction.

So keep showing up to the boxing classes and work hard because this shows you are serious and worthy of their time.


A new pair of gloves is recommended

Most of the boxing gyms will be able to loan you a pair of gloves but it might be better to bring your own gloves. In general, the gym’s gloves have been used for years and their smell is quite unpleasant. Furthermore, they might have damage that will affect your training or even hurt your hands as you train.

Most gyms also have a small shop where you can buy the necessary equipment. We recommend getting a pair of hand wraps as they will protect your hands and knuckles while hitting the heavy bag and they represent a barrier between your skin and the rental gloves.

In general, a pair of hand wraps costs around 5 to 10 dollars and you can simply throw them in the washing machine after training. 


Make sure you have enough time

In the beginning, it will take you longer to gear up. So get to the gym 15-20 minutes before the class starts. This way, you will have enough time to wrap your hands so you are comfortable during the training session. You can also ask an instructor or a more experienced colleague to show you how to do this properly. 


Shoes are important

There is no point in packing some heavy and rigid shoes as they will turn your training into a miserable experience. Instead, get a light training shoe that allows you to easily turn on the ball of your foot. Since boxing has a lot of lateral movements and pivoting, you need a pair of shoes that will not get stuck on the wooden or rubber floors. 

Some trainers might ask you to remove the shoes so you will better feel on which part of your foot you are pivoting.




Keep in mind you will sweat a lot so wearing the right clothes is essential. Choose a fabric that is absorbent, cool and breathable. Even if you might spend some money on your new training clothes, it is worth it. In addition to this, avoid baggy clothes as they might get in the way of exercises such as rope jumping, squats, or burpees. 


You will not keep up

You will need more time even for the basic drills as it might be your first time doing them. There are also some terms that you have never heard of so you will need to look around to see what the term means. However, don’t get discouraged as your knowledge and technique will improve and over time you will become one of the gym’s veterans.

Keep in mind boxing is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you are going to a gym where people are serious about their training. But if you keep training, you will be sparring with more experienced boxers in no time.


The boxing gym is a small community

Don’t take it personally if people around the gym don’t remember your name or don’t talk to you. In general, the people who train in the same gym create a tight community. So you must get their respect and earn your place before they start showing you some trust. 

After some time of putting in hard work, you will become a regular and will start making friends. As long as you keep an open mind you will be part of this community. For everybody in that gym, boxing became a lifestyle so you will see men and women from 10 to 70 years old enjoying spending time there.


Get ready for a large number of repetitions

When you first enter the boxing gym, you will be shown the basic movements such as crosses, hooks, and jabs. After that, it’s up to you to seriously study them until they become as powerful as possible. 

After some time, you will add to your training defensive maneuvers and other combinations and these will go through the same process of learning through repetition. If you want to stand a chance during the sparring sessions, don’t overlook the importance of making the same motion over and over again.



Keeping things simple

Unlike other martial arts, boxing uses only the hands when fighting. Since there are fewer techniques to master, you will spend more time on each punch and maneuver. It is common for professional boxers to spend hours on the heavy bag doing the same one-two combination.

In case you don’t want to spend time trying to remember a large number of techniques, boxing is great. And the names are usually quite simple so you will not struggle with foreign words. When it comes to boxing, you will spend time in the gym mastering one or two techniques at a time.


Your cardio will disappoint you

Even if you think you are in fantastic shape and the training will not put your cardio to the test, get ready for a reality check. After the first 10 minutes of intense training, you will need a break and a new set of clothes. 

Some people tend to underestimate boxing because it only uses the hands. However, boxing is more than meets the eye. It is also about engaging your hips, abs and the lower part of your back every time you throw a punch. 


The first shock of boxing

You might believe the simple act of holding your hands up for two or three minutes is not that physically demanding. Nevertheless, when your first training sessions come to an end, you will have a hard time trying to keep the guard in its position. 

As you will spend more time in the boxing gym, this task will become easier and you will have no problem going through the techniques included in a training session. Furthermore, you will get to chuckle every time any non-boxer says he/she has impressive cardio.


High levels of endorphins

Boxing is amazing and you don’t have to be a professional boxer to be excited about it. It might be intimidating at first but after some time hitting the pads and bags, you’ll be thinking about getting into the ring and seeing how a fight feels.

If you just started to spar, it’s better to use protective equipment such as headgear and mouth guards so you don’t cut short your boxing career. Also, when you are a beginner you will fight against a more experienced fighter who knows he/she should take it easy on you.

Nevertheless, your body will activate in a way you have never seen before as you move around the ring for the first time. Because of how this experience makes you feel, it should be no surprise if you walk around taller the next day and can’t wait for the next sparring session.




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