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What You Should Know About the Canadian Wrestling Scene

Last Updated: 04.07.22


If you are interested in the Canadian wrestling scene, and the special features it has compared to the wrestling scenes of other countries, detailed information will be provided to you in the following lines, so you might want to check it out here. But first, let’s take a closer look at what wrestling is, in general.

Wrestling is a combat sport that dates back to ancient times. Its precise origins are close to impossible to trace. However, some evidence showed that it has been depicted in ancient Babylonian drawings, as well as in some Egyptian ones.

One thing is for sure – when it comes to wrestling history, the fact is that Ancient Greeks loved it. They used it mainly for hand-to-hand combat training purposes, but, somehow, over time, it also became an art form.

Wrestling was not always intended as a sport, it was first a survival technique. The Egyptian tomb drawings show images of matches involving moves that were very similar to the ones wrestlers use today. Wrestling was also described in Homer’s Iliad, through a wrestling match between Odysseus and Ajax.

Because the Greeks loved wrestling so much, it was naturally one of the first Olympic sports. There were strict rules about wrestling in the Olympic games, at that time, and being an Olympic wrestling champion had great meaning. It was considered that it took great self-awareness and a strong character to become a wrestling champion, therefore becoming a role model, as well.  


Modern-day wrestling

Coming back to more modern days, wrestling has developed into a sport that involves good strength, high speed, and scientifically applying them both. This combat sport is nowadays called “amateur wrestling” to easily distinguish it from professional wrestling. It became quite popular, especially in the last century since it brings both physical and mental benefits.

In modern-day wrestling, we have rules and forms that are standardized and that helped organize the somewhat hectic styles and forms of wrestling used in the early days. The world wrestling governing body, FILA, which stands for Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées, recognizes just a few of the many wrestling styles out there, for the world championships.  

The following styles are recognized by FILA in world championships: freestyle, women’s freestyle, Greco-Roman, combat grappling, and the now-defunct mixed martial arts (MMA). The Greco-Roman style only uses above the waist grabbing techniques, while freestyle, in both the men and women categories, uses techniques of grabbing any part of the opponent’s body. In the combat grappling style, any sort of hits to the head are completely forbidden.  

Apart from the Greco-Roman style, all the other styles are open to both sex categories. The only three styles allowed in the Olympic games are men’s freestyle, women’s freestyle, and Greco-Roman. The scoring, as well as the duration and the format used, depend on the wrestling style that wrestlers use. The age of the wrestlers is another factor that determines the scoring of the match.

Competition in Canada

Canadian competition is governed by Wrestling Canada Lutte, formerly known as the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association (CAWA) which was founded in 1969.

The first Canadian amateur wrestling championships were held in 1901, and they took place at Toronto’s Argonaut Rowing Club. Since then, this highly appreciated sport has grown a lot in Canada. By 1969, when the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association was formed, wrestling was one of the fastest growing sports in Canada.   

Also, Canada has achieved a more than a respectable reputation for the high quality of its wrestling administrators and officials. Since the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association was first established as a solid institution, Canada was the official host of the world wrestling championships two times. This fact only comes to furthermore prove just how much Canada is held in high regard in this sport.

In 1980, when Canada, alongside many other countries, boycotted the Moscow Olympics, the Canada Cup of International Wrestling was held for the first time. It was planned as an alternative to the Olympics that year, and it was hosted by Canada. The Canada Cup is now one of the longest-running events as it constantly attracts some of the world’s strongest competitors.  


International competitions in Canada

One good thing Canadians did in promoting this sport was using the same rules of championships in high-school and university competitions. Canadians have been proving to have excellent wrestling skills and techniques throughout time, being very successful in both national and international championships, since 1901.

The medals Canadian either brought or kept home during these competitions, especially the Olympic games, are a testimony to the commitment to excellence Canadians have when it comes to wrestling. Throughout the years, Canadians brought many Olympic medals home, making them some of the world’s best ranking wrestlers.

Canadians did not only perform well in the Olympic games, but they also won medals during the Commonwealth Games. During this competition, the Canadian wrestlers made sure all medals were won, taking as many as nine out of ten available medals, year after year. For instance, in 1930, Canadian wrestlers won all seven available medals.  

Professional wrestling

Professional wrestling is, for sure, one of the oldest professional sports still around today. Both rich and poor people have enjoyed this sport, alike, for many centuries. Some of the greatest athletes in the world have made their fortune and fame thanks to the many opportunities this sport brings along.

One of the major disadvantages of modern day technology applied to wrestling translates into the full turn wrestling has taken toward entertainment. Professional wrestling has basically become a theatrical show to be watched on TV rather than a combat sport. Gene Kiniski may very well be the best known heavyweight Canadian professional wrestler of modern time.

Professional wrestling stunts come with their fair share of danger, as it happened to Owen Hart back in 1999. Owen came from a family of wrestlers, from Calgary and while performing a stunt during a show in Kansas City, things went terribly wrong, to the point of Owen losing his life. There were many other famous professional wrestlers that impacted the wrestling world.


Canadian wrestling nowadays

The Canadian Olympic Committee and Wrestling Canada Lutte have announced the presence of their official wrestling team to the 2022 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. The sporting event will take place in July, and the competing Canadian team consists of eleven members. All the members were selected after competing in two major Canadian wrestling events.

The team members have their hearts set out on the gold medals, and they will do their best to prove the world, once again, that the Canadian wrestling team is determined, talented, and hard-working. Team members said they were very excited to participate in as many competitions as possible, to constantly test and improve their skills and techniques.

This year’s Pan American Games in Lima is the largest sporting event that was ever held in Peru. A number of 6700 athletes are expected to compete in this large sporting event, coming from 41 different countries, and competing in 39 different sports, and 62 disciplines. This event must be amazing to watch.

The main difference between wrestling as a combat sport and wrestling as an entertainment form is that the first one promotes healthy values and moral ideals, as well as very strong self-discipline, while the second one promotes violence and unreal acts for the sake of entertaining at any cost.

It is very important for young people to have a strong role model in athletes and other public figures, that promote the right values and ideals. If all we are left with are young men and women whose life standard and ideals come from insecure TV shows, we will all suffer the consequences of that poor education.




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