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What Wrestling Move Hurts the Most?

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Do you love wrestling shows and you wish you were one of the wrestlers? Wrestlers are enjoying their life, fame, and expensive equipment like Asics wrestling shoes. But, behind the scenes, there is a lot of work, hours of training, much pressure, and a lot of pain! Read this post to find out about wrestling training and the most painful moves.


I want to practice wrestling. How do I start?

A lot of people are fascinated by wrestling. It is one of the most popular sports in the world and and many individuals pay a lot in order to see live shows of their favorite wrestlers. A lot of them are following their passion and actually begin practicing wrestling. But how do you know that you are made for this game?

First off, you have to know that everyone was a beginner at some point. Even John Cena. But every journey starts with a simple step. There are a lot of wrestling schools to choose from. Sure, they have beginners’ classes and you can see if one fits you and your goals.

If you are one of those people who think that wrestling is about brutality, your opinion might be changed. You will discover that wrestling training classes are very complex; it will work your full body. So you should prepare for a lot of work!

Usually, wrestlers train for three days of the week or even more. Of course, you can train for more than three days per week, but make sure that you have at least a one-day break. If you are serious about your wrestling dream, you might think about training every day of the week. However, you should know that this free day is your rest day so you can prevent injuries.

So, what will you learn? How is training like? We said above that the classes are more complex than you might expect them to be. Wrestling is not only about violence, blood, and punches. You will see that the sport works all the body parts and the training sessions are very different. The cardio part is one of the most important ones because, in that way, you will have the physical condition and you will resist in matches. Wrestlers run and jump rope for their cardio sessions; also, they have abdominal and speed training, conditioning, and stretching. Yes, that’s a lot.



But you are going to attend the beginners’ classes so, for now, you will learn the basics about this sport. The basic techniques are the ones that teach you how to move in the ring area and how to avoid injuries.

Initially, you will learn how to stand. We know, it might sound so basic, but this is an important aspect that you need to learn. Your coach will teach you how to stand and how to distribute your weight on both feet – this is the square stance. There are a lot of other stances and mostly, it depends on which move you are going to execute. Learning these stances will help you in the ring; you will have more balance and you will not be knocked down so easily!

Another thing that you will learn is how to avoid your opponent’s kicks and moves. You will learn about the security guard, how to maintain the safety distance and how to get out of the fight with a few injuries. Another one is lifting your opponent. You will learn how to do this properly, without hurting yourself.

Besides the training sessions that you have, you should take care of your diet, too. Nutrition is an important aspect of your mood and your preparation. You should ask your coach for some advice or you can make an appointment with a nutritionist. Now that you are practicing a combat sport for at least three times a week, you have to be careful about what you eat. A personalized nutrition plan would involve your training level, your body type, your favorite food and your goals in this sport.


The most painful wrestling moves

You are not going to learn some of the most spectacular wrestling moves. At least, not yet. But you will learn them with time. However, you should know a little something about these moves that are scaring the opponent. And hurt him too.

The most painful moves are seen at the end of the show. They are also called ‘’finishers’’ because, well, it will end the match and the physical condition of the opponent.

These moves are also the signatures of the wrestlers. Sometimes, it is not the move that finishes the match but the move that they are known for. And the move that your superstar character from the video games uses the most.    

Here is a list with some of the most painful wrestling moves performed by famous wrestlers.


  • Cause of death: Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels

One of the most spectacular moves is Sweet Chin Music performed by Shawn Michaels. He is known for this move and his opponents are scared of it. This is a very powerful kick in the opponent’s chin. It seems that the opponents’ recovery will take some time.


  • A mountain? Try the Rock Bottom by The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, has a painful finisher, too. Over the years, Rock Bottom was and is one of the most powerful moves ever. The move that will produce a lot of damage to the opponent and bring the victory more easily to the performer.


  • Stone Cold by Steve Austin

Steve Austin is known for his 3/4 facelock jawbreaker move, the Stone Cold. This is a very painful move that knocks down your opponent immediately.


  • Pedigree by Triple H

Triple H is a wrestler known for the move called Pedigree. He uses it at the end of the match and he makes sure that his opponent will be in real pain.



What about the recovery?

If you got kicked really bad, you should consider taking a few days off and focus on your recovery. In the case of minor injuries, the recovery means a massage, sauna session and stretching. The most common injuries are broken bones, muscle pulls, concussion, nose and ligament injuries. The ligaments that are often injured are the knee, shoulder and ankle ones. A lot of these injuries will be prevented if you choose a good pair of wrestling shoes.

The treatment for ligament injuries includes the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). In cases of severe injuries, you should be treated by a specialist.

The face area is also known for its many injuries. The most common one is a broken nose. This is not one of the very serious injuries; your nose will be fine in a couple of weeks. Broken bones are very serious injuries. In this case, you should see a specialist.




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