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What Size Double End Bag Is Right for Me?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


If you’re trying to find the best double end bag to purchase but still have to make up your mind, you’ll find more info here. Since this type of bag requires some time to get used to it, it’s probably a good idea to do some sound research before buying it as it’s very much related to your boxing skill.


How To Know You’re Ready For It

Determining the size of the double end bags to use for your boxing workout is one thing. Finding out if you are ready for this type of exercise is another thing entirely. Most people try the double end bag when they feel they have mastered their regular routine and want to spice things up a little. 

Contrary to popular belief, this type of bag can also work your knee and elbow strikes, your evasions and your footwork, not just your kicks. You will also need to have a good level of conditioning since it will deplete your stamina very fast, but this is a good thing since you will also need it in one of your matches. 

Once you feel that you’re ready for it, the decision process is quite simple since you only need to choose between several sizes of bags based on your skill level. After you’ve bought it, simply install it and be ready to watch your speed and coordination go through the roof.

Things To Look Out For

If you’re new to the sport or new to the experience of using a double end bag you can simply select the largest bag available as this will allow you to learn the required drills in a very short time. However, if your skills as a boxer or kickboxer are advanced enough to make you feel you won’t get such a great workout from it, feel free to choose a smaller one. 

The manner of purchase is also very important here. If you’re shopping online or even in a fighting sports store, it’s natural that you’ll have access to a wider range of sizes of bags. The regular double end bag will typically have a diameter of 9 inches, as this is the standard and the largest one you’ll find.

They can, however, go down in size and have a diameter as low as 6 inches for the more skilled fighters out there. Feel free to take a look as the bag itself or the bag’s packing will usually indicate the size. 

As we said, your skill level is quite relevant here. It’s common knowledge that beginners should go for a 9-inch bag while those already familiar with the drills can benefit more from an 8,7, and even 6-inch one. This is due to the bag’s bounces when hit which require some time to get used to. Choosing the largest one available is the safest path for people just starting out. 


Installing The Bag

Installing your newly-bought bag is not necessarily a brain-teasing process. You simply need to hang it from the ceiling while also making sure to secure the bottom end of the bag to a bungee cord that is attached to a weight sitting on the floor. A 25-pound barbell or weight plate is going to be more than enough to get the job done for you. 

While you should feel free to incorporate your new bag in your workout in any way you choose to, the typical approach involves standing in front of it and hitting it with some type of combinations. Due to its structure, the bag will start moving and simulate an opponent’s moves toward you. 


How Long Will It Take To Be Good At It?

Mastering the double end bag has been reported to have a very steep learning curve so you should be prepared to give yourself some time. The smaller the bag, the harder it will be to get used to it and beginners will not even be able to touch a 6-inch one. What most people do is start out with the largest one available and work their way down from there. 

If you already have some sort of double end bag punching experience, try to remember the amount of time it took to not be completely out of your league when trying to hit it. Assuming you’ve been practicing since then, the general consensus is it will take your about 10-20% of that time to get decent at it. 

If you are trying to assess your skill level, your best bet might be to ask your coach for his opinion. If you are training alone without a coach, a partner, or a double ended bag, we have to say you are definitely making the right decision with buying one. 

If you have been training pretty regularly for less than a year, you can assume you are a beginner. If you’ve trained for a year to three years, you may call yourself an intermediate while anything more than three years of boxing or kickboxing should be enough to make you somewhat of an expert in your martial art. 

What Kind of Double End Bags Are There?

There are about a million options when it comes to choosing a double end bag because it can come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re just starting out or have never used one before, the ‘’Beginner All-Around’’ is probably your best bet as it works your timing, rhythm, and defense. 

This is the regular sized 9-inch bag which you should set to a medium tension using a light cord to give you the best workout possible. If you’re feeling like taking it up a notch, you can use the slimmer shape of the beginner bag for added difficulty while still getting all the benefits. 

You can also use different kinds of cord combinations and bag sizes to emphasize the area of your game you need to work at. If you take a 6 to 7-inch bag with a medium/heavy cord with high tension, for example, you will be able to focus on your offensive game. It won’t be good for your defense since the elastic will be tight. 

If you want, you can even opt for double-ball double end bags which can simulate a full-bodied opponent fairly well and allow you to work on your combinations, accuracy, speed, and timing. Since you need an elastic cord to pull it off, it’s probably not very good for defense. 

Last but not least, we give you the so-called ‘’Sniper Bag’’. Coming in at the smallest size available and set on a light cord with low or loose tension, this is great for improving your accuracy since it will move around a whole lot. While great for flowing around and pinpoint accuracy, you can also do a little defensive work by avoiding to get hit by it. 


The Endgame

In the end, it will come down to personal preference and your skill level. If you need a suggestion, we advise to start from a bigger bag and work your way down as you get better and better.

What you should always take into consideration, though, is that the cord is as important as the bag in this business. Many people, especially beginners or people who work out at home, simply install it with the cord it came with or use anything that they find lying around the house then complain that the bag moves too much or too little. 

The bottom line is that the weight of the cord has to match the weight of your double end bag. Please remember that, if the difference is too big the cord won’t have enough strength to make it rebound fast enough. Also, it will wear out that much quicker if you can’t find a balance.




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