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What Muay Thai Equipment Do You Need?

Last Updated: 16.05.22



Given that it is a full-contact sport, Muay Thai is rather rough, so if you’re a novice and don’t know much about the equipment you have to purchase before your first training session, here’s a guide to selecting durable shin guards for Muay Thai. If you want to find out more about how to pick accessible, yet sturdy gloves, you might also want to take a good look at this buying guide.

Because we understand that selecting quality equipment for Muay Thai is not at all easy, we have prepared an informative list of items that we are sure will be of great help!



According to specialists, all Thai practitioners should purchase a pair of 16-ounce gloves. Those who want to take training extra seriously should also invest in a second, 10-ounce pair of gloves that they can use for bag and pad work.

There are currently numerous types of gloves available, that can be utilized depending on how you intend to use them. For instance, there are training, sparring, bag and clinch models. If you are a hobbyist boxer, training gloves should suffice.



Shorts are also a piece of equipment that is necessary to have. Good shorts should allow for ease of movement so that you will be able to deliver kicks with the knees or the feet. Moreover, shorts should be lightweight and breathable.

There are numerous models that you can opt for depending on your preferences. Fit-wise, standard shorts fit above mid-thigh. Depending on the size of your legs, you can also pick shorter, longer or wider models.

Because there is no universal fit when it comes to shorts, it is advisable that you consult the sizing chart made available by each manufacturer before actually selecting a certain product.


Male Thai boxers can wear a singlet or a tee. However, during matches, it is common for the fighters to go topless, especially in Thailand, where the heat is a big issue. Still, this is not the norm and, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can wear a top.

Female fighters usually wear a singlet or a special sports bra. For bottoms, ladies can wear shorts or leggings, depending on one’s preferences. The important aspect is that one is able to throw leg kicks without feeling restricted in any way.


Shin guards

If you intend to practice Muay Thai, you should also buy shin guards. They are quite practical as they can keep you and your training partner protected. Given that shin guards come in various sizes and shapes, it is best that you try on a certain product before purchasing it. Those that can afford it should opt for a model made of leather as it will last longer.

In order for the guards to last, it is essential that you clean them regularly by using a disinfectant spray so that the buildup of bacteria is no longer an issue. Additionally, you should dry them after each training session.

Ankle guards are also quite popular as they help fighters keep their ankles warm while still providing them with joint support. They are particularly practical when worn when kicking heavy pads or bags as they prevent injuries such as torn ligaments.



To avoid getting a concussion, you should also protect your head while training. Depending on your preferences, there are numerous types of headgear models that you can pick from. Just like in the case of shin guards, it is recommendable that you try on the product that you like before investing in it.

This is important because everybody’s head has a different shape. As previous users have pointed out, headgear should be light in weight, comfortable, and well padded.


Hand wraps

Hand wraps work the same way as ankle guards. They wrap around the fighter’s fists and they protect him/her from wrist injuries. They are normally worn to compress one’s knuckles, bones, and soft tissue.

As a plus, this piece of equipment reduces the amount of moisture that otherwise seeps into one’s gloves while training or fighting.



No type of sparring is allowed unless fighters use mouthguards. Even if Muay Thai is performed with a low level of intensity, it is a known fact that accidents still happen. If you want to avoid this, you should invest in a piece of equipment of this type.

For increased protection, you could consult your dentist and have a mouthguard made specifically for your mouth. If you are short on cash, you can get a boil and bite one as it can also prove effective.

Groin guard

Those who want to be spared of the pain associated with a groin kick should also consider purchasing a groin guard. Numerous models can be found online at an accessible price. Plus, some shorts also come provided with a built-in cup.

Female fighters might also want to know that special groin protectors are also available for their gender.


Optional items

It goes without saying that you need a bag that you can use to transport your equipment when going to the gym. Although you do not necessarily have to acquire a bag that was designed to be used by Muay Thai boxers, there are a few aspects that you should consider.

For example, the product that you purchase should be made out of sturdy material and it should have sufficient room for you to store all your equipment.  

Professional Thai fighters also use liniment oil. When rubbed over the fighter’s legs it helps him/her warm up and it can also ease the soreness after a hard training session. Before you use such an oil, be sure that you know how much of it you have to apply. When utilized in big doses, liniment oil can cause skin irritations.

Additionally, because you have to stay hydrated while training, do not forget to bring a water bottle with you whenever you hit the gym.



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