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What Is a Double End Bag Used For?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Many professional fighters use double end bags to perfect their game and technique in order to become better overall. However, outside the sport, not many people know exactly why they are so good and valued by those who hit other people for a living.


How Did It Come To Be?

The sport of boxing offers many tools that can help hone a fighter’s pugilistic skills to the point of making him a fellow you really wouldn’t want to upset on your Friday night bar run. There’s the heavy bag, which concentrates on strength and power development and the speed bag which allows you to work on your coordination, hand quickness, and timing. 

However, there’s still another one we really shouldn’t leave out: the double end bag. Also known as the ‘’floor-to-ceiling’’ bag, this is a small, circular ball which has to be connected on both ends by an elastic cord, pinning it to the floor and to the ceiling.

This type of bag varies in size and shape while the rebound elasticity can also be adjusted to fit the boxer’s needs and demands. Therefore, it is a very versatile way of working out as it offers a myriad of ways to perform different techniques and exercises. 

What Does It Do?

The double end bag is unique in the world of boxing in the sense that it is the only tool which offers the boxer a simulation of a live opponent. When training with it, a fighter has a chance to improve his rhythm, timing, and accuracy even more so than the technique itself, especially on the smaller models. 

It is also a great way of experimenting with any kind of punch against a moving target without the fear of that target actually retaliating. While conditioning and a good technique will undoubtedly offer power to a boxer, the double end bag offers a chance to be creative and learn how to effectively use that power during fighting. 

Accuracy is one of the most important attributes to have in the ring and it is for this reason that every fighter should train on the double end bag. However, the truth is that only the pros really give it the focus and attention it deserves. This is a pity since there are many great amateur boxers who could really use this in taking their game to the next level. 

This serves to showcase the importance of training your mind as a boxer and being up to date on all the newest and fanciest training methods if you want to make it to the top of the food chain. If every fighter would understand why this is important in their development, the double end bag would undoubtedly become more popular. 


What It Improves

Hand speed

There’s an age-old saying in boxing that goes ‘’speed kills’’ and it really could not be truer than it is. If given a chance to choose between developing speed and developing power, a boxer should choose speed every time because this leads to accuracy which in turn leads to power. 

The way the double end bag moves across a horizontal plane, switching quickly and erratically back and forth as well as side to side makes for a competitive workout and requires the fighters to punch fast and quick while maintaining a constant pace in order to remain in rhythm.

This is a change due to the way many boxers tend to get used to the slow, stationary combinations that they perform on a traditional heavy bag. Once they hit competition though, they end up being too slow or too predictable and their opponent has an easier time because of this. 

Last but not least, the double end bag greatly improves cardiovascular endurance while allowing your arms to get used to throwing many punches at a rapid pace.

You get used to missing punches

Let’s be honest here for a second. As much as any boxer would like this, not every punch thrown in a fight is going to land. Missing is part of the game and anybody who wants to get serious has to get used to this. 

The double end bag allows you not only to get used to missing punches but also become smarter with your energy expenditure while doing it so, over time, you will learn to maintain your accuracy for longer durations without feeling the need for a break. 

Anyone who has ever boxed a minute in their life knows that when you miss a punch you use up way more energy than when you connect with one. Putting your power and weight behind a blow and hitting only air will tire your arms out significantly, and this is why the double end bag is so good since it does not bounce your hand back the way a heavy bag would do. 

Increased accuracy

Increased accuracy is the most obvious benefit to be gained from using the double end bag. A smaller, erratically-moving target requires fighters to use their eyes more and to better time their strikes in order to succeed. 

Because the bag sways back and forth and side to side, it is very hard to predict a pattern of movement. When starting to connect, the boxers will dramatically improve their rhythm and be able to better adapt to a moving target. Developing this and embedding it into the muscle memory will come as a great help in a competition. 

Channel your power and reflexes

Lastly, if nothing else, the double end bag can still be used as a way to develop your power simply due to the nature of the exercise. As we said, because this bag improves your accuracy it also enhances your power as a result.

In theoretical terms, punching power is different from punching skill. With sound technique and proper conditioning, a fighter will become a strong puncher. However, it is the timing and accuracy that allows the transfer of weight and power to the target and actually landing a hit. 

This is the main reason why so many professional athletes and high-level boxers make use of the double end bag and why it is such a shame amateur boxers don’t really pay it that much attention. To the naked eye, it may seem like you are not doing anything purposeful but behind the unpredictable movement, this bag is secretly improving your intangible punching skills.

Double End Bag vs Heavy Bag

During this article, we have also mentioned the heavy bag a few times. The differences between the two types of bags are fairly easy to spot and each one of them has a place in a boxer’s workout so what we are really doing is just balancing out the pros for both of them.

The heavy bag is more commonly found due to the fact that many athletes strive to enhance their power above all else, while also using it for things like conditioning and improving their stamina. It’s also fairly adaptable since you can pretty much just hang it from the ceiling of your house and get on punching.

The main difference is that the double end bag is more beneficial for improving things such as speed, reflexes, and accuracy while the heavy bag is designed for strength. Naturally, this is because one of them is smaller and lighter compared to the other one. 

Thus, comparing the two would be like comparing a t-shirt to a shoe. If you are interested in being well-clothed, you can examine your needs to see what you want but, in all fairness, it wouldn’t hurt to have both.




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