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Venum – The Story of a Brand

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Venum is a world-renowned brand that started in France, some 15 years ago, founded by Franck Dupuis, and it stands for producing originally designed high-quality sports equipment. The brand grew fast, soon becoming very popular, and some of the world’s best boxing gloves are the Venum gloves for boxing.

If you have ever considered purchasing any type of sports gear from Venum, then, maybe, you have also wondered where this highly appreciated brand came from. Who is behind this fast growing, world-renowned sports gear brand? In the following lines, we will be taking a closer look at the development this brand had, over time, right from its starting point.

The Venum story begins back in 2004, when Franck Dupuis created something unheard of at that time, meaning the first e-commerce website dedicated to combat sports and martial arts. He had a unique vision of creating streamlined access to sporting equipment since the market was dominated by the privately owned specialized stores.

Frank Dupuis was among the few that anticipated just how big of a wave Mixed Martial Art will become. He then decided to go ahead and put Dragon Bleu products in an online market. He had imported the products from Brazil. As soon as it gained popularity the success of this business was fast to come.

There was still a problem that Dupuis had to overcome, the problem being that Brazilian brands were quite difficult to work with, back in 2004 and 2005, as they showed very little professionalism. Since there was a growing market for these products being sold online, it soon became quite difficult to satisfy the ever growing needs of the European clients.

The solution Dupuis found to the problem Brazilian brands posed was the introduction of a new brand. This new brand was meant to offer precisely what the existing market lacked, which was high quality and original designs of the products. This is how and when Venum was born. This brand was meant to be a rising star of online sports products.


2006 – a year to remember.

It was in the spring of 2006 that Frank Dupuis realized managing one company all by oneself while creating and promoting the second one became just too much for one person to handle. This is how he decided to approach his longtime friend from IBM, proposing a partnership. Jean-Francois Bandet was thrilled at the idea and dived right into the project

The two friends worked side by side for nearly a decade, creating and developing the brand together, until the summer of 2014, at which point Bandet decided to dedicate all of his time to another entrepreneurial venture. From this point on, Frank Dupuis has been the sole shareholder and chairman of the brand and remains this way to this day.

The very smart thing that the board of Venum did was to strategically position the Venum brand in the emerging MMA market. Venum then introduced products that represented a complete disruption of both the market of these products and its competition, especially since other rival products suffered from lack of quality and originality, at that time.

Venum made sure its products are immediately recognizable in terms of quality and originality of the design, making them a reference point in the sports equipment world. Since this is a fast-changing market, Venum had set the bars quite high and made all necessary efforts to meet them and make sure they keep their word.

The company chose Rio de Janeiro as the workshop establishment that will develop and manufacture the brand’s first products: Ripstop fight-shorts and cotton T-shirts. This was a very smart move since in 2006, Brazil was the beating heart of the continuously rising global MMA scene. Choosing Brazil as their workshop establishment gave Venum the chance to stay constantly connected to the spirit of the real MMA fans.

Marketing strategies

To support their constant commercial development, the company decided to sponsor elite fighters toward the end of 2006. Canadian Denis Kang, Brazilian Pequeno, and American Jeff Manson were some of the first to in the Venum brand team. This way, Venum soon succeeded in forming a team of elite fighters.

The presence of the brand mostly among Brazilian fans and fighters for so long was one of the main reasons Venum was actually considered to be a Brazilian brand, even though the origins of this successful brand were French. To the day, the “Brazilian Snake” owes its name to the place where the first Venum products were manufactured.

Together with the management change that took place in 2014, the company also decided to expand its catalog to other disciplines. As Venom made a name for itself on the Thai market, Muay Thai came as a natural step forward. And so, the company started developing apparel lines and equipment.


Going from boxer to pro-boxer

The story of Venum and boxing is more than a decade old, and it is based on the continuous improvement of the gloves’ design. This improvement comes from the unique insight and knowledge that professional athletes and engineers put together in order to create outstanding boxing gloves.

The brand has modified the protective features of the gloves, as well as their shape and weight, making them to the requirements of the modern professional boxing world. The Pro Boxing range came as a natural extension of the existing products available on the market, that were already highly rated.

Therefore, these specialized high-quality gloves are designed in a specific way that allows them to perform at the highest level, meaning high frequency, intensity, and expectations. Over the years, the company used athletes and training camps all over the world to perfectly adapt and continuously improve the gloves they make.

Well-known boxers, such as Michel Berchelt and Jorge Linares have given their professional input on the development of newer and better boxing gloves. They even chose to wear them in their most recent bouts, making them pass the ultimate test. The knowledge and pro-insights provided by them were very important to improving these gloves.

The company’s goal concerning boxing gloves was to create models that adapt to the individual style of every fighter. Many years of experience, testing, and professional fighting knowledge were put into the projects, but the outcome is worth it, for sure. Venum managed to create some of the best professional boxing gloves on the market.

Research and development

One thing you might not know about the Pro Boxing Gloves is that they are designed in France, but handmade in Thailand. For the Venom brand, boxing is not just about fighting, it is a form of art. The company behind the brand believes that the success of every professional athlete lies in the details.

According to the Venom beliefs, these details make the difference between playing a long-term sport and playing an average sport while using an average pair of gloves. The many years invested in research and testing have produced gloves of remarkable quality, featuring improved details that have never been seen before.

Some of these details include thumb and fingers aerations, air injected in the liquefied foam that makes it able to re-expand after being compressed, and the seams that are reinforced to improve the lifespan of the gloves. The unique designs, as well as the aesthetic finishing touches, are also very important when it comes to Venum boxing gloves.

The year 2018 marked a very important step for Venum as it entered the awesome realm of manufacturing professional boxing equipment. The company’s new goal became replicating what has been done in Muay Thai or MMA by establishing themselves as the world standard of boxing by offering gloves of outstanding quality.

They say that becoming a champion is one of the hardest things. However, it seems that staying one is the real challenge in modern days. One of the major challenges for Venum and the company behind it is to continue being the number one “trendsetter” of the combat sports industry.





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