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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Main advantage


These can prove to be excellent sparring gloves for anyone from beginner to intermediate level. This is because the padding is well distributed, and as a result, it can offer good protection all over your hand. One of the main issues with some gloves is the thumb area, but with this one, you get appropriate padding coverage there as well, and it also stays well in place when you punch.

Of course, it’s still not a glove that can be used by heavy puncher experienced boxers. However, the Skintex leather used offers a good feeling and close to no friction on the skin of the punch receiver, which is always good if you’re looking to have a fair play fight. Furthermore, the cuff secures nicely and makes the punch more stable, not allowing the glove to wiggle on the wrist.

It’s not the ideal boxing glove for clinching because it won’t give you a wide range of motion, but it’s great in other aspects. There are ventilation holes that coupled with the mash palm will keep your hand dry which will make you feel more comfortable when boxing and will also prevent unwanted smells.

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Main disadvantage

Although having great features, they still feel like a pair of gloves that are made for beginners but have a glorified attitude. Their overall feel is a good one, but they can’t compare with professional or more expensive gloves when it comes to durability, lightness, comfort, or overall protection.

Their stats are decent but there aren’t many things that exceed the norm. You will be using them as a beginner or as an intermediate boxer (that didn’t upgrade yet) and that is ok at first, but if you’re looking to become a pro, they won’t cut it.

Main features explained



In terms of looks, these gloves can light up a debate. Some people love them, while others hate how they look – it will all depend on which side of the barricade you find yourself. They are the kind of gloves that suit those looking for more modern and flashier designs. This is a design pioneered by Venum, and it’s certainly something that stands out of the crowd.

The colors, however, are appealing and you can find more combinations to choose from. If you don’t like the default design you can always change their “skin” with a color scheme that fits your style. In terms of quality, you could say that you get what you pay for, and given the price, you shouldn’t expect them to be worth more than you are paying.

However, this is a pair of gloves that can last for a few years if you take good care of them and they will still keep your hands protected still. The quality is adequate but it won’t feel surprisingly good. The material used is not genuine leather and that is why the gloves won’t last as long as all-leather models.

The faux vinyl leather is softer and feels leather-like, but it ultimately doesn’t give the same feeling like leather. It’s possible that the padding to get damaged sooner than the other Skintex shell, but you will certainly get your money’s worth for these gloves, given that they can last years.

Made in Thailand, you could say that these gloves are made by people who know what they are doing. Whether that is the case or not is an unknown thing, but it may only be a marketing strategy (hopefully not given the intricate design and the good end result). It’s a glove that can still offer a premium feel for its category.



One general good thing that can be said about these gloves is that they fit comfortably. While extending a bit longer on the forearm area than you might expect, they are on the larger size and they can offer better protection. This means that they are the kind of gloves that are longer and that’s why they offer better wrist support.

This is another matter of preference, with some people wanting this kind of gloves, while others preferring those shorter ones that may offer more wrist control. It’s interesting, however, that these gloves are made in Thailand but don’t abide by the Thai-style gloves which are much shorter in general.

Moving from Venum’s Challenger gloves to the Elite ones you can really feel a difference in terms of comfort, with the Elite coming clear winners. This is partly due to the wide velcro that stretches around tightly without you struggling too much. Furthermore, the Skintex feels softer and that’s also good for your opponent.

The mesh covering the front part will also mean that the gloves are better ventilated – more air flowing through them and reaching your hands means a more comfortable experience. You will feel that your hands will still get warm, however, and that means the mesh is not effective at all times.

Given their design, the gloves are good for those with larger hands, and if you’re a person that has been struggling with gloves that didn’t fit you until now, this is the chance for you to feel comfortable when boxing.

The glove generally makes a good shape of your fist and when you clench it you get a nice creak that feels good. Being better contoured than Venum’s other model, Challenger, this glove makes better use of padding. You could say that there is too much padding on the palm area.


Materials used

Most parts forming the glove are made of premium Skintex leather, and although this is a synthetic material, it will still surprise you with the comfort it can offer. The glove will feel smooth on one’s hands and even snappy on the fingertips. The great thing about this glove is that it can feel like part of your hand once you put it on.

You could compare the Skintex leather to vinyl thanks to how soft it feels – this makes the receiving person less prone to skin damage. You will avoid irritating rashes on you and your sparring partner. The surface of this material won’t run out faster than needed.

Another great point is that the gloves have high-density mesh placed under the grip bar on the palm. You will notice how this can help with regulating heat while making sure your hands stay dry. Even the thumb area comes with extra ventilation, and this all translates into cooler hands even if you are in a heated fight.

You will also notice that your hands won’t smell as bad after training or fighting. Made in Thailand and using superior materials, the gloves have increased durability. However, the stitching used in them needs to be appreciated too. The gloves are less prone to wear and tear and will offer better wrist support and improved protection.

Venum is proud to use the Tripe Density foam inside these gloves. This foam should give exceptional support for the hands while also making them more durable. The impact force is attenuated for the wearer as a result, while the receiving end should get the same force applied. The knuckle and thumb areas also have sufficient padding.

Blocking and parrying should feel better with these gloves, especially if you’re a beginner that isn’t used to the pain yet.


Special features

One thing that you can instantly feel once you put these gloves on is how much room you have for the hand and in the thumb compartment. You get ample space there, and while some don’t like it when their thumb feels spacious, but others thrive with that feeling. Smaller hands will probably struggle with these large gloves, as the stability gets reduced when you wear them.

You could say that these gloves fit perfectly for those men with bigger hands that want to use something lightweight. Furthermore, if you don’t like fiddling around with laces, the gloves are ideal for you, as the wrist supports come with long velcro straps. You just need to pull them, and you can do that by yourself anytime.

With these straps, putting them on or taking them off after intense training sessions will be much easier. Beginners who are training alone will appreciate this feature. Locking your fist and forearm in place is made easier as such. One of the worst things, when you’re a fighter, is you getting injured, and given the competitive nature of any MMA or Muay Thai competitions, the chances of suffering an injury get increased.

That is why choosing the proper gloves is essential, not only in reducing the risk of injuries but also for motivation purposes. That is why these gloves have an attached thumb and a reinforced palm that reduces injury potential even if you land your punch in an awkward way. If you’re using the gloves for boxing the attached thumb will feel even more needed.

When the thumb is attached the full force of a blocked punch will be distributed on the whole arm instead of just your thumb and knuckles receiving it. You will also be less likely to thumb your opponent’s eye accidentally.

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