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Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Main advantage

High performance at the same pricing point as beginner’s gloves, this is what these gloves from Venum offer, which is also the reason why they are so popular, including with professional MMA fighters. For any new trainee, it is essential that the equipment he or she buys won’t be a reason to break the bank. At the same time, the trainee needs to feel how it’s like to train like a pro, and that’s precisely what these gloves do so well.

One look at the price tag, and you’ll be tempted to believe that they are only beginner’s gloves, and they won’t last too long, or they won’t have the same features you find in gloves designed for people who are serious about their training. However, for the low price they demand, these gloves perform almost just as well as high-performance models.

That’s the primary selling point of these gloves, as beginners, as well as advanced trainees, will find them to be right on point for what they need so that they can start training as hard as possible. And, in case you might not know it, Venum makes the gloves some well-known MMA fighters like Mauricio Rua and Jose Aldo use.


Main disadvantage

You can expect these gloves to be durable, but not as reliable as gloves that are made from genuine leather. They are made from PU leather, which, for beginners and intermediates, is a pretty good choice of material, but don’t expect them to outlive leather gloves.

That said, it is reasonable to see this difference, as Venum clearly strived to make these gloves so that they can offer more than decent performance, but while keeping the pricing point down, which means that some sacrifices had to be made. The choice of PU leather over genuine leather was the most important.

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Main features explained


A high level of protection for the heavy hitter

These gloves are designed for MMA fighters and boxers, which means that they need to deliver when they are used for performing some heavy strikes. A close look at the construction of the gloves will tell you everything you need to know about them. They come equipped with triple-layered foam, and it’s not just a design choice. This type of construction ensures that the gloves will absorb the shocks generated by your punches.

Even more, you can rest assured that your hands will suffer fewer sprains if you wear these gloves. The interior construction is just part of the reason why these gloves are a good recommendation for boxers and MMA fighters. The wrist enclosure is made with elastic and Velcro so that you can have the gloves fitting snugly on your wrists and hands. Even if you have smaller wrists, you will still be able to get these gloves to fit well.

This type of design is useful for throwing heavy punches. When you work with a heavy bag or with boxing pads, you will notice that the gloves will do a great job of protecting your hands and wrists. Especially at the beginning of your career as an MMA fighter, you will find yourself training hard, throwing punches for hours, and that means that you need to have the right equipment for the job.

They might work pretty well for sparring, too, but you will primarily find them useful for bag work, especially when you want to train hard. Even more, the curved anatomically-accurate shape of the gloves contributes to the level of protection provided. The palms are reinforced, and the thumbs are attached to ensure your maximum safety when you strike the bag over and over again.

Excellent comfort and fit for a pair of beginner’s gloves

When talking about comfort, there are a few aspects that require plenty of consideration. For instance, it was mentioned earlier how these gloves provide a snug fit; that’s very useful, for sure, but it is not the only thing that helps these gloves be such an excellent choice for novices and advanced trainees alike. The gloves are created to give you exceptional versatility, and that’s something that matters in particular for MMA fighters who must perform different actions with their hands.

For instance, you can rest assured that you will be able to clench your hands into fists while wearing the gloves and open them without encountering the usual rigidness other gloves, made particularly for boxing and boxing only, may present. When you practice Muay Thai, you will notice how these gloves come in handy, as rock-hard fists are no issue, and you can perform grappling and clinching moves without a problem.

Also, the fact that the thumbs are attached to the gloves and not from the same piece guarantees that you will be able to throw whipcord fast punches. Speed is of the essence in MMA fighting, and that’s why these gloves are such a good pick for a novice trainee. You can rest assured that there are fewer chances of injuring yourself by overstretching a thumb by accident when you throw a punch.

You will be pleased with how well these gloves fit. It must be mentioned that people with small and medium-sized hands will find them exceptionally good. The extended cuffs with full wrist wraps protect your wrists, and you can also adjust them so that you can achieve a snug fit. This type of support put these gloves in the category of highly recommended models for beginners and intermediates.


These gloves look and feel like professional gear

The overall quality of these gloves is undeniable, and that’s what makes them so coveted by fighters in training. We talked at large about the construction of the gloves and how the interior design makes them such a great fit for heavy training. Now it’s the time to talk a little about the overall look and feel of these gloves from Venum, a company well-known for the high-quality equipment it provides to fighters of different expertise levels.

You can’t overlook these gloves if you ever see them in a line-up with other similar products. They simply look fantastic, and they will tell you right away that you are looking at a pair of MMA boxing gloves. Available in various colors, they are ideal for any taste and preferences. On the wrist guard, you will also notice the Venum logo and insignia, something that appears on all the products made by this company.

Also, the fist area comes with the letters forming the name of the company, complemented by sharp stylistic elements. In a few words, these gloves look aggressive, and they will make you feel confident in your potential when you train, and later, in your abilities and expertise, when you need to face an opponent. Besides different colors, these gloves also come in 10, 12, 14, and 16-ounce sizes, so you will have plenty to choose from.

Designed and made by hand in Thailand, these gloves offer higher performance than what you might expect for the price. Although you can see only a few elements of design, they are enough to make an impression on you. The minimalist design is a plus since some people might not like to wear gloves that are too flashy. Pro fighters will like them just as much as people who only practice MMA fighting as a recreational activity.


Only light maintenance is required due to excellent ventilation

Boxing gloves can be a pain to care for as they need to take a lot during regular training. However, you will find that these gloves are easier to maintain than others that you might be able to purchase from the market. For instance, the smooth surface of the gloves doesn’t stain easily, and you can’t quickly damage it with spills. You will notice that wiping the external surface with a damp cloth and letting it to air-dry will be enough.

Furthermore, you will notice that these gloves come with mesh palms that provide excellent ventilation and breathability. When you train, the air can circulate, and that will help to drain your sweat so that you don’t begin to experience any discomfort. Having your hands feeling cool and comfortable will also have a positive impact on your workout habits, as you won’t have to stop only to wipe your hands.

Another thing that contributes to the excellent breathability of these gloves is the holes designed to be a part of the thumb compartment. These holes are there to make sure that there will be enough air flowing inside the gloves, drying your hands. It is essential that the thumb area is also kept dry during training, as otherwise, your thumbs may start to slip, and that could create the potential for injuries, as well.

Because of these features, your gloves will not trap sweat inside. Therefore, they won’t start to smell bad fast due to the moisture that creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. After each session of training, you should consider cleaning your gloves so that they are dry and comfortable the next time you want to train. With gloves like these, the entire operation is much simpler, and you will have an easy time maintaining them in top shape.


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