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Useful Tips for Fighting First Fight Nerves

Last Updated: 05.07.22


You will have your first fight soon, and you know how important it is to have the proper mma gloves in order to obtain the desired results. And, you also know that training workouts using the right mma punching bag improves your technique – you can find out more here. But, no matter how good your equipment is, you still need to learn how to overcome your nerves.

It is ok to get emotional – everybody experiences the feeling of fear, anxiety, stress, or excitement in one way or another. The only difference is that some people have learned to deal with their emotions better than others. But, in the end, emotions are the main reason why we accept to do something challenging, and in your case fighting is what triggers them.

Down below, you will find some tips that are meant to help you conquer your fear and achieve that state of tranquility you need. It is said that great fighters don’t fight without fear, they fight despite it. This means that fear will never truly go away and the best you can do is to channel that strong feeling into your performance; transform that into a fuel that will help you win.



It is very important to visualize your upcoming fight, and in order to do that more vividly, you should visit your fight venue if possible. Visualization is a powerful tool to train your mind and to make it accustomed to certain places and situations. The sense of familiarity makes us feel more confident and comfortable, and this is what visualization does.

That is why you should pay attention to every detail and include it in your daily mental exercises. If you have the venue in mind, it is easy for you to complete it with different tasks that you will be experiencing during the fight. The image in your head needs to be as closer to reality as possible and you can visualize different scenarios, too.

The purpose of this mental practice is to prepare you for what is coming so that you are not taken by surprise or overcome with emotions. So, you can even visualize what you are wearing or what look you’ll be giving to your opponent when you meet in the center of the ring. You can also imagine the walk to the ring, the sound of the bell, and the actual fight itself.

Our mind is very powerful and mental practice also helps us get closer to those things that we really want to accomplish. That is why imagining yourself as the one obtaining the victory might actually help you achieve that. Seeing what you want and experiencing the feeling of victory in your mind will motivate you even more and will boost your energy.



Train your mental game

It is your first fight, and this means that you have to be prepared for an adrenaline rush, and the dump. It happens to most first time fighters, so there are big chances that it will happen to you, too (unless you are used to high-risk situations). It means that there will be about thirty seconds of you feeling extremely energized and then you will suddenly feel exhausted.

So, you have to prepare for both the rush and the dump – learn to pace yourself when you are full of energy and when you feel exhausted try to deal with it technically and psychologically. Many skilled athletes in the gym can experience an adrenaline dump when they are in the ring. Furthermore, they can feel overwhelmed and sometimes they may even give up.

What you need to know is that adrenaline is purely a mental reaction and it is released into the blood within a couple of minutes during a stressful situation. When it comes to fighting, you know that you can get hurt and this triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response. That is why training and improving your mental game is very important in order to excel at MMA.

As you are getting closer to your fight day your body might start to act weird. If you experience sleepiness, lack of enthusiasm, fear, or doubt you should watch inspirational movies or you can go out shopping with a friend. And, if you experience sleeplessness, anxiety, or jitters you should try to relax by doing meditation, taking baths, or watching comedy movies.


Use words of self-affirmation

Many fighters turn to self-talk because they realized that it can help them boost their confidence and it can also help them overcome their fears. But, what is extremely important when you say certain things to yourself is to use positive words. Of course, you want to win the fight, and you want to be the one that hits harder or the one that hits first.



But, saying these things to yourself will keep you restless and hyper and you will fail to focus on what is truly important. Instead, you can train your thoughts to be positive and to make you feel calm and relaxed. This way you will be able to focus on yourself more and you will channel all your energy and fear toward better control over your feelings.

Many fighters use positive affirmations like “you are a champion”, and you can do the same. You can tape this message on your kitchen cabinet to be able to see it every morning when you are having breakfast. Also, if you know that pressure can get you sometimes, you can tape another message like “you do great under pressure”.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed taping these messages around your house because there are many great fighters who use this method to help them cope with various uncertainties. All these words of self-affirmation promote positive thoughts that will help you become more confident with yourself and your techniques.

When you are in the ring you are willing to give everything in order to become victorious, and being calm and trusting yourself and your qualities will help you stay focused and organized.



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