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The Best Boxing Matches of All Time

Last Updated: 15.05.22


Hand protection for boxing is one of the key things in making sure the fighters don’t get injured during the fight, especially with the amount of hitting they are doing. We thought we could do some research on some of the best to ever put on gloves, so check out this page to find out about some of the best boxing matches of all time.

Get ready to feel motivated for your gym session as you will read about improbable comebacks, heavy body shots and hard to believe 45-round bouts that will leave you wanting to get up and go hit that sandbag.


  1. Castillo vs Corrales, 2005

This fight was a prime example of an in-ring meeting between two men that threw absolutely everything at each other. Especially considering that it was a title fight, the bout had everything from battering blows, amazing punch combinations, and a series of intelligent tactics from both men.

After being knocked down twice, Corrales used this time to spit out his mouthguard to gain additional recovery time. While not the most honest strategy, it certainly seemed to have been worth it after he delivered a staggering right hand in the tenth round to get the victory over Castillo.



  1. Ward vs Gatti, 2002

While being promoted as “The fight of the century”, this was actually going to be the first of three historic meetings between “Irish” Mickey Ward and Arturo “Thunder” Gati. Since it took place in 2002, the fight happened at the height of boxing’s decade of corruption that took its toll on the sport’s business side.

In a show of force, both men entered the ring wearing Cleto Reyes gloves, which are identified worldwide as being the gloves for hard punchers. An indicator of the violence to come, it can be said that Ward and Gatti’s fight gave arguably the best ninth round in the history of boxing.

Both fighters managed to take some amazing punishment as the bout went back and forth in a tennis-match style. With 2 world-class athletes, it took a ferocious left-hand strike from Ward that floored Gatti in the ninth to secure a points win for the “Irish”.


  1. Reagan vs Dempsey, 1887

More than a fight, this is actually a piece of historical content. Since bare-knuckle fighting was illegal in 19th-century America, most fight locations were kept a secret until the very last minute. Due to this, the decision to have this fight on Long Island’s beach from New York left competitors and spectators effectively out at sea.

Since the canvas started its own fight with the Atlantic Ocean by the fifth round, a decision was made to move the bout inland. However, hail and snow continued to disrupt the fighters, making this one of the most Nature-challenged boxing matches ever. In the hard-to-believe 45th round, Reagan finally threw in the towel as Dempsey claimed victory.


  1. Braddock vs Baer, 1935

If you talk about beating the odds, this is one fight that can go directly into the books. James Braddock managed to awe the boxing world after winning the heavyweight title at impossible 10-1 odds from Max Baer in, of all places, the famous Madison Square Garden.

Going in, Baer seemed to have everything working for him. He was younger, better prepared, better trained and his 30-year-old opponent was boxing left-handed after previously fracturing his right one. However, proving wrong to anyone and everyone, Braddock stunned his opponent with effective punches while managing to soak up everything that was coming his way.


  1. Leonard vs Hearns, 1981

“Sugar” Ray Leonard earned his nickname by bringing the flavor back to boxing during his career. Therefore, Las Vegas was over-crowded in late 1981 as Leonard’s speed went head to head with Thomas Hearns’ devastating power in a fight set to unify the world welterweight title.

Using his superior reach to his advantage, Hearns managed to build a comfortable points lead by the 12th round, while also swelling up Leonard’s left eye. However, with one of those performances that marked his persona, “Sugar” came out of his corner in the 13th unleashing blow after blow and forcing a technical KO in the 14th round.

Little did he know that only a few months later, a detached retina was going to force him into his first retirement. He would go in and out of retirements multiple times during the next phase of his career, blaming the retina injury and the fact he just “didn’t have it anymore”.



  1. Chacon vs Limón, 1982

California-born Bobby Chacon and Mexico’s Rafael “Bazooka” Limón had a rivalry that, at its peak, completely matched the hype of an Ali-Frazier or a Gatti-Ward one. What was even more alluring was the way it played out, with this 4th and final fight being the climax after 3 previous bouts ended all square with each fighter winning 1 by points, separated by a tie.

With Limón coming out strong for the first few rounds, the pressure was on Chacon to reciprocate and oh did he do it. In a heart-stopping finale, with 10 seconds remaining out of the 15th and final round, the Californian floored Limóon with one of the most important right hits of his career and obtained a 1 point victory.


  1. Gorman vs Webb, 1980

The fifth Bartley Gorman in a line of mostly fighters, the self-proclaimed “King of the Gypsies” remains to this day arguably the greatest modern day bare-knuckle boxer. After starting fighting at the age of 10, he managed to remain unbeaten for an amazing 25 years. Even though he passed away in 2002, famous boxer Tyson Fury is a late relative and continues to carry on his nickname.

That being said, Gorman came very close to actually losing his title in a Coventry pub in 1980, when he dislocated his shoulder fighting a challenger named Mexicana Webb. The mustachioed giant failed to notice that his opponent’s arm was dangling so he never tried to take advantage of it allowing Gorman to eventually win the fight.



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