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The Australian Wrestling Scene

Last Updated: 16.05.22


When looking for reviews of the best wrestling shoes for youth, you might want to also take a look at the local wrestling scene for better insight on this product. Young wrestlers look up to older, more experienced wrestlers and do their best to surpass expectations.

Having a role model has proved to be important to both the professional and personal development of any young wrestler. This being said, let’s take a closer look at the Australian wrestling scene.

Australia’s professional wrestling make up a small part of this country’s culture, as opposed to Japan or Northern America, which have a much wider interest for this particular sport. These two countries have globally renowned, large wrestling organizations, such as WWE or Impact Wrestling, whereas Australia only has close to 30 smaller organizations that are independent circuit promotions, mainly in the Northern Territory.

Although professional wrestling in Australia was first recognized in the early 1900s, very few shows were promoted at that time. This sport’s popularity began to grow as time went on, especially in the 1930s because many people looked for some form of relief from the Great Depression.

In the 1940s, professional wrestling went on a descending curve due to World War II. After that things started picking up again, and nowadays wrestling is a highly appreciated sport in Australia.


The growth of the Australian wrestling scene

The Australian wrestling scene could make an eloquent example of ups and downs of a professional wrestling scene. One of the most widely known wrestling promoters in Australia was Jim Barnett. Before he came Down Under, the professional Australian wrestling scene was close to nonexistent, mainly due to its decline during the Second World War. It was during the 1960s that seasonal shows were held, but how often they ran varied a lot.  

One of Australia’s top promoters before Barnett was George Gardiner. Although he had quite little to work with, his shows still drew thousands of fans. After holding one show, it could have taken months before Gardner was able to put together another one.

In 1964, two American professional wrestling promoters, namely Barnett and co-promoter Johnny Doyle, opened up World Championship Wrestling. This event was very successful, averaging a number of 6500 fans per show.

Because most wrestlers participating in the wrestling shows were not Australians, when the championship Barnett had created died, Australian professional wrestling died with it. There were a few big names left and these people were attempting to pick up the concept of professional Australian wrestling as a whole. The next twenty years represented a struggle for Australian wrestling.

It was in the early 2000s that the Australian professional wrestling scene got revived, due to an extensive interest and thereby increase in wrestling promotion. At this time the internet was available to most of us, which made a huge difference in promoting shows worldwide. Wrestling fans from all over the world had instant access to a glimpse of the Australian wrestling championships.

Currently, the professional wrestling scene of Australia is still growing, as more federations opened up, such as Melbourne City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Australia, and they are doing a good job in promoting Australia’s wrestling shows and increasing their fan’s interest in this type of events.

Its impact on the wrestlers

Since the Australian wrestling scene is definitely on the ascendant curve, the impact it has on the native Australian wrestlers is, all in all, a very positive one. More and more wrestlers now have the chance to improve their skills, their wrestling techniques, and are able to perform in shows that are held in their home country.

Another important aspect of the major impacts the wrestlers feel is that of their income. As the Australian professional wrestling federations choose to invest more money in their native wrestlers, they are more likely to stay put and make a difference in their national shows.

Also, many young wrestlers will choose to take wrestling to a professional level, instead of choosing another sport that brings more financial gains.

Cities like Melbourne or Perth have developed training academies dedicated to young wrestlers looking to improve both their skills and the quality of the shows they are going to perform in. This way, the Australian pro wrestling scene is going to keep on growing as time goes by, becoming one of the reference points in the worldwide wrestling scene.

When teenagers choose to engage in wrestling they also take upon them the morals and role models this sport comes with. This way, many young people learn and develop important skills for their future, such as leadership, sportsmanship, work ethic, and self-esteem. All of these qualities will make them perform better in their future work environment, but also teach them how to become reliable, trusted, and worthy citizens.


The suburban wrestling scene

Like many other sports, Australian wrestling also has a lesser known, suburban scene. It’s that type of situation where there is a mouth to mouth promotion of an event, and since most of the wrestlers as well as most of the attending fans come from the same area, the same community, the promotion is not hard to do.

These are low-budget, self-sustained shows, and anyone is welcome to watch. However, there is a big difference between professional shows and these suburban shows that take place on a smaller scale. The big difference is the feeling of belonging, the friendships that become stronger in the community while being on the same side of such an exciting event.

A very good part of these suburban shows is that they give young local wrestlers the chance to improve their wrestling skills and be noticed while striving to become professional wrestlers. Having the support your community can offer is a huge plus in anyone’s wrestling career, whether they are aware of it or not.

A bit about the history of wrestling

As you’re watching a wrestling show, you might be asking yourself where this fascinating combat sport originally came from. According to research, wrestling can be traced back all the way to ancient history. Having been depicted in Babylonian and Egyptian drawings, you can easily see that there’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to it.

One interesting fact about it is that the well-known Iliad mentions it. As it seems, it was quite a popular sport in ancient Greece and it even held a place in the Olympic Games. Developed by the Greeks, this was more than just a sport, it was a training method to prepare soldiers for real-life hand-to-hand combat.

As it has happened many times throughout history, when the Romans defeated the Greeks, they also borrowed some of the combat techniques previously developed by Greeks. However, the Romans eliminated the brutality that came with wrestling, which led Greeks to believe that the entire combat training system, as well as its history, were eventually going to disappear.

However, the result consisted of a newly-formed type of wrestling called Greco-Roman. Moving forward, wrestling remained popular during the Middle Ages as well, and it was practiced in countries such as France, England, and Japan.

Today there are two main types of wrestling that one can practice, namely freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling. While the former has some new sets of rules, the latter kept elements from the wrestling techniques employed by inhabitants of the Mediterranean region during ancient times.

Moreover, Greco-Roman wrestling remains pretty popular around the world, and it also became part of the Olympic Games in 1896. Those who say that this sport builds character are not far from the truth. Greeks believed that wrestling was the most important training that a young man could get since it was viewed as both a science as well as a form of art.

According to research, it appears that Greek men used to practice wrestling naked, with their bodies covered only in olive oil and a thin layer of sand that was meant to protect them from sunburns.




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