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Should I Do Wrestling In High School?

Last Updated: 16.05.22


Whether you are considering wrestling or you have already been wrestling for a while now, you probably know how important having the appropriate gear is. Two of the utmost important pieces of gear in wrestling are the headgear and comfortable footwear, such as Adidas wrestling shoes.

Wrestling is a great sport that comes with both many benefits and many requirements, as well. The topic of wrestling during high school years has been a highly debated one in many families throughout time. Nowadays, we have both high school and collegiate tournaments and championships, which make this sport an even more appealing one.

What is also great about this sport is that anyone can do it. You are not required to have a specific height or weight, as it is required in other sports, such as basketball or football. You will only wrestle people that have the same weight as you. So, let’s take a closer look at what are the pros and cons of high school wrestling.

Wrestling is a well-appreciated sport that comes with many benefits to high school kids, helping them achieve and develop important qualities, such as self-esteem, work ethic, leadership skills, and sportsmanship. This sport teaches people control, not violence, as it may seem at a first glance. Also, wrestling improves one’s ability to perform in other sports.


The major benefits of wrestling

One of the first major benefits of wrestling is the strong muscle mass you will develop and maintain during training. Because training sessions are short but intense, the metabolism increases a lot, making you burn fat and calories at high rates, even after the workout is done. This way you will stay fit, strong and healthy.

Wrestling will teach a kid discipline, and this is key for living a successful life. Wrestlers have to keep this sport in mind even when they are out enjoying their spare time. They are not to feast on large amounts of fast food or spend their nights out partying with friends, this way losing precious sleep hours.

Wrestlers very well know that these discipline slips will have a negative impact on their performance. By following a certain guideline, kids that wrestle learn to set a goal for themselves and stay focused on achieving it. Having the ability to stay focused on your goal is key to creating a successful life experience for yourself.

This is one sport that teaches self-reliance and instills confidence to the wrestler. Kids are used to looking outwards to blame when things do not go the right way. Wrestling is a sport that teaches kids that yes, they can do it, yes, they can do it very well, and they only rely on themselves to perform at a high level. It takes courage to enter a wrestling ring knowing no one will come to save you.

Wrestling could become a part of your college application. Admission officers will want to see you are a disciplined person that is capable of dedicating constant time and attention to a certain extra-curricular activity. The great part about it is that you are not supposed to perform very well, you are supposed to have constantly wrestled.

A few wrestling watch-outs

The first major watch out when wrestling is the risk of getting injured. From a bloody nose to a twisted ankle, most wrestlers have experienced all kinds of injuries. Physical pain is known to be a part of becoming a well-performing wrestler. While some sustained injuries may be superficial and are fast to heal, others may leave a permanent mark on your health and overall wellbeing.

Wrestling requires investing a lot of time in training and many competitions. You need to first make sure the amount of time you are required to invest in this sport does not interfere with your academic performance. Especially in the junior and senior years, when kids typically prepare their college applications, maintaining a high academic standard is more than advisable.

Because of the intense physical activity required in both training and wrestling competitions, you need to make sure you follow certain basic health guidelines. First of all, you need to stay well hydrated since wrestling involves a lot of sweating. Secondly, eat food that is high in nutrient elements, minerals, and vitamins. Taking vitamin supplements could also be a good idea.

If the weight category you wrestle in right now is the right one for you, then you need to make sure not to lose or gain any extra weight. In doing so, you might have to make a few sacrifices. You have to watch out for how much you eat and also what type of food is on your plate. Tasty fast food should not be a habit, rather a treat.


Should boys be wrestling girls?

Female wrestling gained a lot of popularity lately. Girls are becoming more and more interested in harsher sports and developing their wrestling abilities. The phenomenon is widely spread across the world and it empowers young women everywhere to get to know their physical and mental potential, also increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

There are usually male wrestling teams and female wrestling teams, depending on the school’s system and policy. However, there are some situations where males could compete against female wrestlers, such as national competitions. The topic of girls and boys wrestling each other is still undergoing a lot of debate, as it is mostly a thing of the wrestler’s personal choice.

Being that wrestling is a close contact sport that involves a lot of touching the other competitor, many teenage wrestlers feel quite uncomfortable and awkward when this type of situation arises. Also, since the category you wrestle in is based on your weight, wrestling someone of the opposite sex is not that common in collegiate wrestling.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering boys wrestling girls is that when a boy loses a game to another boy, it is a normal occurrence. But for a guy to lose a match to a girl may be extremely hurtful, to the point of a significant drop of his self-esteem. Boys and girls alike are known for their pride when it comes to wrestling so it may be best to compete on separate mats.

Is having a coach important in high school wrestling?

Having the right coach by your side every step of the way might just be one of the most important aspects of wrestling. Especially as a beginner, you need an experienced person next to you, teaching you all the basics of this wonderful sport. The right start is the strong foundation needed in wrestling in order to make the experience a valuable one.

A sports coach is, most of the times, more than just coaching you for wrestling, he or she is coaching you for life, in general. How is this possible? Well, when you wrestle or play any other sport, for that matter, most of your weak points will stand out. All of your mental barriers, emotional insecurities, and physical limitations will become unveiled during competition.

Therefore, your coach could become your mentor, the person who sees you as you are and helps you improve to the point of reaching your maximum potential, despite your weak points. Of course, for a coach to become a mentor, he would have to be a very special person. But if you are lucky to find that in your coach, you two will share that special bond for life.





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Sophia Slate

December 1, 2019 at 2:22 am

Thank you for stating that you should stay well hydrated since wrestling involves a lot of sweating. My son is thinking about wrestling in high school, but has never done it before and doesn’t know what to expect. I will definitely pass along all of your great tips and information to my son so he can decide if he really does want to pursue wrestling or not.

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