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Shock Doctor Knee Brace Review

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Main advantage


When it comes to the question of whether this thing does its job or not, the clear answer to that is a total yes. You can certainly rely on this brace to help you get back on your feet again and to give you that extra power that you need. It does that in a variety of ways. First of all, thanks to the thick and powerful neoprene fabric, you will know that this will be good to use in the long run.

You can tug and pull at it all that you want – it should never break unless you are doing something wrong. The material will wrap around your leg and act like an additional muscle that you can rely on. This product will not be a miraculous one and will not make you walk again if your knee can’t do that, but it will certainly give more strength to the knee.

Furthermore, the metal braces inside are something that add a lot to it, especially in terms of support. They will prevent your knee from moving side-to-side and will act somewhat like a cast, keeping everything straight. Another great thing is that you can remove the inserts if you feel like so.

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Main disadvantage

This really is a product that doesn’t really have too many disadvantages, but one thing that could be said about it is the fact that it could do better for bigger individuals. If you are a massive person and you are buying one of these, you will most likely not find something to suit you perfectly.

The decent part is that, even if you get something that fits you tight, it will still work well. On the flip side, you will have to endure more discomfort wearing something that doesn’t really fit you and can cause some pain.

Main features explained


Looks and feel

When this product gets to you it’s in a nice plastic box that you can close and open any time you want, as it has some little things you squeeze and they snap closed. This box is a good thing to transport it in if you want to get this product with you everywhere.

In terms of materials used, it is a nice thick neoprene sleeve, and while it is not a cheap material, it doesn’t feel like one either. The product comes with two removable hinges, one on each side, and two velcro straps, one positioned at the top and one at the bottom. With these straps, you will be able to secure it in place.

If you are a bigger individual, however, even though you get the bigger size, the 3X, you don’t need to pull that tight at all. The strap comes right around, meets right with where the velcro is, it will stick on there and that is pretty much what you will have to do. If you do need to pull it tighter, there is always plenty of room.

Straight out of the box, as far as quality goes, this product feels solid, given that it’s made of thick and heavy neoprene, and also comes with steel braces.these can be removed if you want to take them out. You will sometimes feel the need to use them, but other times you won’t.

Size is important with products like these, and if you are a bigger individual you will feel that the bigger sizes don’t really serve you justice, feeling a bit too tight. If that is the case, in the first days of use you will have to take the steel braces off. You might feel that the brace is super tight with the steel in it at first.


How it fits

When you first put this on it is going to be very tight, and it is going to take a little while for the brace to work in. This is why the product is similar to shoes, as you have to break it into where it fits right. Of course, this will depend on how your leg is shaped, but most people have a leg shape that dictates a bigger upper size above the knee and a smaller one below the knee.

You will fill it pushing on the inside, especially around the back where you don’t have that many muscles. This is why when you put it on it will feel odd at first. In some cases, it will bend a bit to the right or left, towards the inside, and it feels that it doesn’t stay exactly straight on one’s knee. The hole that is supposed to sit right above the knee cap will sometimes be cocked a bit to the side.

When using the steel braces you will feel these effects even more, but that doesn’t appear to be affecting the quality and the support of the braces at all. You can bend and squat all that you want, cleaning up in your house, doing laundry, and other house chores and the brace will pretty much stay in place the whole time.

The brace will stay in place after months or maybe years of use (although if the problem persists for more than a year, you should really see a doctor). Of course, you won’t be using months on end all-day-long, every day, just periodically when you need it. However, when you first get it, you probably need it right away, and you need a lot more support on the weak knee.


After the first week or so that you need to give it to break in, the brace becomes really comfortable. While it can be very tight, it is most of the time very comfortable. The only thing about it that you might find uncomfortable is the fact that, after a while of wearing it, if you have been active, moving around, bending your knees, and all of that, it will feel like it is pinching in the back of your leg.

That is not a huge problem, as that is just the fabric back there that got bunched up, and the only thing you have to do is grab a hold of it and pull it up. You just have to straighten that out, and while it is never going to be perfect, as you still need to have a very tight band on your leg, it will be as comfortable as possible.

This is the only thing about it that can cause some discomfort. It is not a sticky material so that when you are pulling it up it’s pulling on your leg hair or stuff like that, no. however, when you take it off, that will be a bit challenging, because if you have been wearing it for a few hours or maybe all day, it will feel stuck on your leg.

Of course, you will be sweating under it, so when you want to pull it off you have to put a bit of effort into it. You will need to undo the velcro, and after that, you have to get your fingers under it and start pulling it, tugging it, and thus releasing it from your skin. When you have been wearing it all day and sweating underneath it, the brace grips your leg too well.


It does its job

When you first put this on you will have a weak leg and knee, and this thing can make you feel like you have a completely new muscle on your leg. Unfortunately, this is not going to take away your pain in most cases. It will still hurt while you are bending your knee, but when it comes to allowing you a wider range of motion to bend, squat and do all the things you need to do around the house, as long as your knee is safe and capable of doing that, this brace will give you the extra support that you need, much like a big extra muscle on your knee.

If you have ever done any kind of weightlifting, powerlifting, or anything like that, you have probably used knee wraps. These are elastic wraps that you put around your knee from top to bottom, and when you do your squats and lifting, they give you that much more power and the strength that you need.

This is because they act like some extra rubber muscles on there. A body joint wrapped around with a big piece of rubber will have a lot more support, and when you bend down it is going to give the joint more elasticity, and that will help the knee bounce back. This is the best way to describe this product and how it works.

As far as the steel inserts go, they are hinged, and that allows them to bend to a tight angle, and that helps the knee bend. And when you do bend the knee, they will bend with it. There is one on each side of the leg and you can remove them. Of course, when you have them in place, they are going to prevent the knee from bending side-to-side.

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