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Running & Jogging | Health benefits

Last Updated: 05.07.22


While wrestling boots are definitely something you want to get for your on-mat action, you may not want to use them for things like running and jogging. However, both of these actions can provide immense benefits to your body and overall health so you should definitely think about getting into at least one of them. 

These two forms of physical activity continue to be all the rage even in these days when there are so many available types of exercises out there. Running can be an appealing exercise because it does not cost a dime to engage in and you are not depending on a set schedule. You can go running and jogging pretty much anytime it suits you. 

Also, some people discover that they like it so much that they want to get into the professional stuff as well so they start participating in things like fun runs, marathons, or athletic races. Regardless of where you are, there should be a local running club in your area that you can contact to get more information on this matter. 


What is jogging?

First of all, let’s settle the terms here: Running we know and understand, but what exactly is this “jogging” thing that everyone’s talking about? Somewhere between the quad-burning, sweat-covering sprint and the peaceful, leisurely stroll you’ll find the active stride known as the jog.

If you need to get into the academical side of it, jogging is often defined as running at a pace less then 6 miles per hour because anything more than that and you’ll break into a full-out run. Not only will this activity grant numerous health benefits but it is a great option for people who still want to take care and improve their health without overdoing it and killing themselves in the gym.

Health benefits of running and jogging

Just like any other physical exercise, running is a great way to receive some overall health benefits that can be of tremendous help in the long run. However, you’ll still need to do this activity regularly so don’t think that just because you ran to your corner store and back home you’re ready to sign up for the 100-meter dash race just yet.

Among the many benefits of regular running, we can mention a strengthening of the muscles, maintaining a healthy weight and burning plenty of calories in the process. Also, you will notice that your cardiovascular fitness is improved to the regular intensive training and all the weight-bearing also leads to a more powerful and more healthy bone system.

The American Heart Association has been quoted as saying that walking is the most popular form of exercise for many people in the nation. This seems to be true as we’re always walking to and from work, walking our dog, or even taking a stroll on the beach. However, what do we do if all this movement is not getting our heart rate high enough for it to count as an actual exercise? What then?

If you feel like you’ve plateaued and walking does not get the job done anymore, jogging can be a great way to spice things up and gradually increase the rate of your workouts, while still limiting the risk of injuries.

Furthermore, the immune system seems to also get a kick out of seeing us sweaty and hot all the time. While, for the better part of the century, scientists argued that vigorous training can leave the body weakened and susceptible to infection and disease, we now know that the opposite is actually true. 

Moderate exercise, like jogging, or even an intense one like running can strengthen your body’s overall ability to respond to illness, regardless of whether we’re talking about a short-term one like respiratory tract infections or long-term ones like the dreaded diabetes. Bottom line, don’t slack off and exercise moderately and often in order to lead the best life you possibly can!


Some effects you might not have considered

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), more than 84 Americans these days have a reversible condition called prediabetes. One of the markers of this illness is insulin resistance which basically happens when your cells stop responding to your secretions of insulin, the hormone responsible for keeping the blood sugar levels in check.

The good news to this is that research has found that regular running or jogging, regardless of which one it is, has been shown to decrease insulin resistance and promote a healthier system. What scientists have found is that a decrease in body fat and inflammation can possibly be the link to improving this desired attribute.

This is not the only health benefit that you may not have considered. With the way our lives are going these days, pretty much anyone is guaranteed to encounter stress. Jogging is not only a relaxing way to burn out the said stress but it has also been scientifically proven to protect the brain from its harmful effects and make you feel better and happier about the events that are unfolding in your life.

A 2013 study managed to find out that aerobic exercise, just like jogging, can act as a barrier when it comes to your brain declining thanks to external factors like stress or even aging. If that is not enough for you, know that people struggling with depression can also get a lot of the help they need by simply engaging in regular running or jogging activities. 

Inside our body, elevated cortisol levels have been shown to be linked to depressive episodes as this is a hormone released during stress periods. According to a 2018 study, people seeking treatment for depression have shown very good improvement after 12 weeks of consistent exercise as this has been proven to reduce cortisol levels throughout the day.

You know those bony vertebrae that you feel in your back and you can’t walk without? Well, actually, in between them, our body has small, flexible discs that act as natural protective pads for your spine. As we get older, these discs can shrink and wear out, especially seeing how they’re filled with fluid. If you live a sedentary life, this is even more prone to happen. 

The good news is that running and jogging are two marvelous activities for keeping those discs fresh and without the need for a visit to the doctor. Regular joggers have been shown to have discs of better size and flexibility which in turn obviously helps with an overall-healthier body.

Getting the most out of running and jogging

First of all, never forget that it is advisable to consult your doctor before engaging in any new kind of physical activity, even if it is something as simple as jogging. Also, there are a few tips we can give you to make sure you get the most out of your new favorite pastime, especially considering how it could very well save your life one day or at least significantly extend it.

This might sound cliché but you will want to make sure you use your booty as much as possible in order to get the best results. Experts have pointed out that using your glutes to propel you rather than pushing off the soles of your feet is the most efficient way to run and with a few tries you’ll be able to master this style in no-time. 

Also, if you’re not sure about this or you’ve not been involved in a lot of physical activity throughout your life, you can also opt to get a gait analysis. This way, a physical therapist who specializes in this type of training will be able to evaluate you and give you specific pointers when it comes to running safely and efficiently, protecting you from having to come back from an otherwise-avoidable injury.

As satisfying and rewarding as it is, running can become boring to some people so this is why we recommend that you sometimes add some variation to your exercises in order to keep the spark alive. Experiment with strength, core, and balance training as not only are these types of workouts something different but they will also yield added benefits when you get back to running.




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