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Riddell Speedflex Football Helmet Review

Last Updated: 04.07.22



Main advantage

Patented side impact protection

The Side Impact Protection System is a name given for the passive safety system that is used in automobiles so that people in the car will be protected against injuries in case of a side collision. This system was created and implemented by Volvo Cars since the early 1990s with great success.

The Patented Side Impact Protection means that this idea was adapted and adopted by the creators of this product for use in the football games that are notoriously dangerous. Just like the system that is used in cars, the whole idea is to distribute widely the energy that you feel during a side collision across the helmet, so you won’t feel the whole impact.

This was done based on research with the aim of offering mandible protection that will help reduce the forces that, as a player, you feel from side impacts – which, as we all know, hit very hard and, sometimes, even dangerously for the person who is being tackled. This idea makes use of side shell extensions and side liner extensions for superior results.

As a result, when you are out there on the field, you are not going to get to feel the full impact, as the force of the opponent is going to be dispersed.

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Main disadvantage

Ordering online has plenty of advantages, but there is something no retailer has managed to conquer, yet: how to make sure everything we buy online does fit. That is a risk we assume for every piece of clothing or sports equipment that we buy online, which means there is also a risk for when you buy this product.

Fortunately, the manufacturer seems pretty serious and lets you change your wrong order for one that actually fits as long as you do it in 30 days. Again, this can happen with anything, including this product, so you should try it on as soon as you get it to make sure everything is fine.

Main features explained


5-star rating

This football helmet has been ranked by the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings as a five-star product. For around a decade, the people working at Virginia Tech have been rating helmets and other sports accessories with no bias in mind, with the intention of making sure that everything you buy is fitting for you!

The ratings represent a decade of research regarding head impact and collision in various sports, the goal being the identification of the helmets that really offer players safety when on the field, while also letting you know which of these products really aren’t that safe, by themselves or compared with others.

A lot of people in this industry rely on the help of Virginia Tech as the whole process and experiments are independent of influence from other factors (aka manufacturers) and don’t rely on any funding from people and companies who could ask for a “small favor” instead, which would compromise their integrity.

While it’s hard to find a helmet that doesn’t satisfy, at the very least, the minimum requirements for such a product, there are still noticeable differences in regard to aspects like the total impact protection and others. The 5-star rating means that this helmet is at the top of the game.

Out of all the football helmets that are currently reviewed and ranked by Virginia Tech, only 21 of those products have a five-stars review, which is very telling, given how many football helmets are out there. This one has a score of 4.49, thus making it one that you can definitely rely on for your football games, without worrying as much for your safety.

A five-star rating is a five-star rating and it shows in the overall quality of this product, so, if you trust independent researchers, you may have found what you were looking for.


Full protection

This football helmet, like all the top ones, was created with the aim of minimizing the risk that a player is exposed to, especially when it comes to concussions, bone fractures, facial lacerations, or even loss of teeth. Football just couldn’t be played without a helmet, and all those risks mentioned prove that, which is why this product is essential for you.

Every part of the helmet has a different purpose, with the aim of protecting the head of the player, but keep in mind that this protection only comes if the helmet is worn properly. The moment the helmet is not the right size, it does not fit well, or has any other problem, you are putting your own health at risk, which you should always try to avoid.

A football player’s protective equipment, which has come to be known also as their uniform, is integrated so much in our pop culture, that football players and their gears have become synonymous and symbols of America, not only in the U.S. but across every continent, so keep this legacy alive by keeping yourself alive with good protective gear!

In order for you to protect yourself, you will need all of the following things, as they all have the same role: protecting a certain body part. After the all-important helmet, you are going to need the shoulder pads, the thigh and knee pads, the gloves, the shoes, the mouthguard, and the jockstrap, if you want to be able to give your 100%.

None of these items could be considered unimportant by any player, and the helmet is no exception, as many could even see it as the most important part of the whole gear for any of the players that are out on the field, trying to score and take down the opponent team.


Good looks

We can’t underestimate the importance of a product that looks good, not even when we are talking about something like sports gear. First, let’s address the so-called cool factor. When you are out there, you want to give your very best, and you feel like a star, which is why you have to look like one too.

As you have the eyes of the stadium on you, maybe as you are about to land the touchdown that’s going to bring the victory of your team, you probably don’t want the people staring at you thinking you look ratchet – nobody wants that. That’s why a cool-looking helmet is a must-have for all football players.

A helmet that looks good also inspires confidence – in yourself, and in others. Just looking in the mirror and looking like you are ready, you can start feeling like you truly are ready. A helmet that has a less cool look is not going to help you with your self-esteem too much, that is something we can assure you of.

Plus, we can’t skip the fact that a helmet that has a great look, does so because everything is where it’s supposed to be, and looks like it’s supposed to be looking. A good looking helmet has a better chance of actually being a good helmet overall, and this product is here to reinforce that idea.

You don’t want a helmet that’s dented or that has moving parts which shouldn’t be moving, so investing in a new one, that is sure to keep those aspects away, is one sure way of getting closer to actually winning the game. Giving the five-star rating and the general aspect of this device, it looks like this is something that you can rely on if you want to win.


The comfort you deserve

It’s not an uncommon thing to hear about football players complaining about a helmet that is fitted too tight or one that doesn’t offer a good peripheral vision. Even some of the good ones can cause quite a discomfort, as a result of the unusual feel they give, plus the extra weight that a player has on their head now.

Such a product should feel snug, as there shouldn’t be any type of space between your head and the pads of the helmet. It goes without saying that if there is that space, the helmet is not fitted properly, and not only are you not going to feel great in it, but you are at greater risk when you wear it on the field.

Once you’ve put the chin strap in place, the helmet you are wearing shouldn’t have even the slightest chance of sliding on your head. If you can remove it when you have the chin strap placed, then, again, it’s obvious that the fitting is not right and, again, not only will you not feel comfortable, but you are also going to get hurt faster.

Fortunately, this Riddell Speedflex Football Helmet is one that is actually really comfortable as it can also be attested by the many football players that have worn it. This has to do with the interior padding, which looks (and feels) like it’s top-notch, so nobody can really complain about discomfort while wearing it.

The comfort that this football helmet gives you is really important, because it will allow you to feel good while you play, and if you feel good while you play, you can score the touchdowns. Any part of your gear that’s uncomfortable is going to lead to a bad result on the field, but probably nothing else could beat the comfort that you need to feel from this helmet.

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