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Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Cleats Review

Last Updated: 26.09.20


Main advantage

Players seeking speed on the field, get ready to take a metaphorical knee as the Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 cleats bring you the most potent choice for footwear you have seen in a long time. The great thing about them is that this speed is obtained after the company took painstaking analytics and observed how it could make cleats simply faster.

What Nike did was to take a step back and study exactly what speed players like in a cleat and they’ve learned that many pros playing in a speed position like to wear a low-cut cleat and then have it spatted before games. The issue with this, however, was that while the footwear in itself was light, people were just adding up weight due to tapes, wraps, or braces in order to have support.

What this meant was usually a low-cut cleat with a heavier system than if said player would’ve just gone with a mid or high. This is where the Vapor Untouchable 3 boots come in as they are leaving pretty much any and all speed cleats in the rearview mirror. Say goodbye to lacing up and welcome the idea of locking down, as it will fit your foot like a second skin.

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Main disadvantage

The only not completely positive thing we can say about this product is the fact that every customer should make sure they are ordering the right size for them before they complete the actual purchase, especially if they’re buying online. You should bear in mind that this product has a specific size chart that should definitely be consulted so you don’t end up with the wrong size.

The Vapor Untouchable 3 cleats seem to run a size larger so if, for instance, you usually wear a size 12 for football cleats then you could very well end up needing one size lower for these ones. Once again, consulting the size chart is your best bet for receiving a pair of wearable and awesome goodies.

Main features explained


Speed and nothing but speed

This is a football shoe made for the most explosive and dynamic players on the field as they provide a boost of amazing breathability, low weight, support, and traction that will literally take your breath away. The fit is so amazing that the shoe will seem to practically mold together with your skin, thoroughly enhancing your ability to run and run fast, at that.

Breathability is always an issue for athletes since they want good sports shoes but performance also requires comfort so they don’t want to have to throw away their socks at the end of the game due to the bad smell. You’ll never have this issue while wearing the Vapor Untouchable 3 as the technology embedded in them allows for a good airflow that will cool everything.

Part of this is the way the one-piece cleat construction was used to provide a sock-like fit and feel. On the interior, the inner sleeve is constantly molding to the foot in order to maintain maximum comfort while a mid-top knit collar does the heavy job of wrapping the ankle for a proprioceptive feel. 

Also, lacing up a boot is now a thing of the past as the better way to explain what this product does to you would be “locking down”. During the design process, the Nike headquarters were just bursting with creativity so they blurred the lines between the athlete and the equipment in order to obtain something that would mesh the two identities together. 

The result was this amazing cleat that fits like a second skin, giving the fastest athletes the chance to increase their speed even further and enjoy that amazing feeling of instant propulsion and stick-and-go traction even more. Needless to say that the company succeeded in this endeavor and we’re sure you’ll say the same once you try the cleats on for the first time.


Amazing construction

The amazing thing about this product is that it feels as if it provides a customizable fit every time you put them on. The upper part is the product of a combination of mesh and synthetics which in turn provides both breathability as well as durability. At the midfoot, you’ll be thrilled by the way integrated Flywire cables are able to lock your foot for total control and stability.

Furthermore, the Vapor Untouchable 3 cleats bring a revolutionary cleat stud pattern that does an amazing job digging into the ground in order to obtain great stability while players cut, juke, and spin in order to get to the end zone. The molded cleats are securely strapped to a carbon fiber plate that propels the foot forward even more.

As a result, we’re sure you can now see why these shoes are named “Untouchable”. They transform the good into very good and the fast into untouchable so it’s definitely an investment well worth making. We dare you to find a similar product that’s able to bring that inner sleeve that molds to your foot while still keeping the whole area extremely safe starting at the ankle.

They have been restructured from previous models so they limit energy loss as much as possible. As anyone who runs a lot knows, at some point the entire leg gets tired and the same movement will require more and more energy. These cleats will help you keep your electric speed on the field, both in the first half as well as late in the second.

It’s definitely a cleat that is here to stay as the construction is revolutionary and we will definitely see more of it in the years to come. For both dedicated amateurs and proud professionals, the design of the Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 will have you waiting impatiently to get back out there on the field and try them again and again. 

Different but very practical

We get it, it’s a high shoe but that does not mean it’s not light. As a matter of fact, it weighs in at one ounce lighter than its predecessor and the height is a mechanical choice made for good reason. This amazing example of a pinnacle of technology brings a full-knit collar that will fit tightly around your ankle, giving you a secure feel and good look. 

The collar is used to securely keep the cleats onto your foot as well as provide support for your ankle when you come down off a big leap or you’re forced by the game to make a lateral cut during a high-speed play. Furthermore, both sides of the collar are featured with two mesh windows in order to improve breathability and retain just the needed amount of flexibility.

While tape can loosen and even require redoing through both games and practice, the collar will always be there to bring consistent lockdown as you progress through both of them. Therefore, the Vapor Untouchable 3 will eliminate any and all problems regarding the stability of your leg and allow you to put your mind at ease and play without worrying about it. 

Also, you know that Nike never disappoints in terms of performance but also style and comfort. This shoe is the reason why the company is in the position it is right now. The lockdown feeling is further enhanced with supportive Flywire cables integrated into the grand scheme of things with the use of a Flyknit upper. Are you reconsidering the high shoe model yet?

Again, we know this is a different look than the one you’re used to but we’re confident performance will win every time and if it’s one thing this cleat does, it’s performing. You will feel confident and protected every time you step on the court and this may very well translate into the way you play the game as well. 


All-around performance

The one-piece mesh we mentioned before is covered in Nike skin and the effect this has is unbelievable, creating a streamlined and breathable upper that’s not only very comfortable but also requires no additional time to break in so you can say goodbye to those hauntingly long practices where you have to grind your teeth and just endure it. 

This shoe is the pinnacle of what one would call electric speed. The lightweight carbon fiber composite plate is not only very durable but provides an exceptional power return rate with every step you take on the field. This technology not only creates explosive strength with very little effort but also offers stability without sacrificing flexibility.

We’re sure quite a few skilled mathematicians were involved in its design as the innovative cleat geometry as well as the fourteen primary and four secondary diamond-shaped studs allow players to accelerate and make fast cuts without exerting themselves so much in the process. Endorsed by professional players such as wide receiver Odell Beckam Jr., you’ll also love them.

Another aspect we have not touched on yet is the fact that these cleats are a steal if you compare the asking price to the performance they provide. They should last you for at least an entire football season without having you doubt their resistance and performance even once, regardless of how hard you play. 

Some special advice would be to try and wear the padded heel Nike socks with them as well as this will enhance your comfort even further. Everyone will love them, from you the wearer, to your coach who will love your improved play and even your teammates who will be so envious that they will buy a pair for themselves as well.

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