10 Best Martial Arts Weapons – Reviews & Analysis

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Best Strikers in the World

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Which Martial Art Would Suit You Best?

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Why Do MMA Fighters Train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

  Training with a floor drill press is obviously hard work but the same can be said about fighters that have to maintain their condition, muscle development, as well as improve on various techniques. However, nowadays, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the trend that all would-be MMA champions strive for due to its combination of techniques and adaptable mindset.   What exactly Read More

Is MMA Good for Self Defense?

  MMA is a great sport that helps your physical health, fitness, confidence, and mental health but it is just as good for self-defense. Whether you are at the gym in your MMA shorts, or at home just now considering pursuing this sport, this article will explore the reasons why and the different situations in which MMA can be beneficial Read More

How to Learn Mixed Martial Arts at Home

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Do Mixed Martial Arts Have Belts?

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7 Nutrition Tips for MMA Athletes That Train Every Day

  A huge part of MMA training is the fighter’s diet. If he or she doesn’t follow a healthy diet, then the body won’t reach its full potential no matter how hard they tear through their hand protection for MMA at the gym. To help you follow a strict and disciplined diet we present you a list of 7 tips Read More

Useful Tips for Fighting First Fight Nerves

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How to Organize Your MMA Training Schedule

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7 Tips for Rest and Recovery After an MMA Fight

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What Is The History of Mixed Martial Arts?

    Mixed Martial Arts are a much-loved today, so much that a lot of people are interested in taking up the sport and get the necessary MMA hand protection and other equipment to train and become like the athletes they admire. However, the first fighters who have ever tried this style did not have an MMA punching bag or Read More

Is MMA Worse On The Brain Than Boxing?

    There are plenty of things about MMA that make people like the sport, but it is clear as day that while the MMA clothing might help the fighters in the ring move unencumbered and sweat less, it cannot provide real protection against hits to the head. Also, as much as someone trains with an MMA punching bag, there’s Read More

How To Increase The Life Of Your MMA Gear

    You know you have invested quite a bit in your MMA gloves, and you want them to last for as long as possible. But cleaning such gear might not be as simple as washing your MMA shorts in your washing machine, with a bit of detergent and making sure that you respect the recommendations for fabric cleaning written Read More

10 Best Women MMA Fighters In The World

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