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Mission Enduracool Cooling Towel Review

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Main advantage

While summer has plenty of advantages, we cannot ignore the biggest downside, which is how hot it can get. During hot weather, people who exercise, experience hot flashes, etc., have it even worse, especially those who live in hotter climates, which is why a product like this Mission Enduracool Cooling Towel sounds interesting.

Using regular towels, hats, or sheets to keep ourselves away from the powerful sun rays are common things, but they can only do so much. This product, on the other hand, has a very cool proprietary technology which enables it to cool to 30 degrees below the average body temperature once it gets wet.

And once it gets wet, it will stay wet and continue to provide a cool temperature for your body for many hours to come. This means people who struggled with hot temperatures until now, won’t have to anymore, since this towel can be described as, quite literally, a lifesaver, especially because you can use it in many places.

If you live in a hot climate, you do sports, you suffer from hot flashes, have heart issues, or a fever, and you want to cool yourself at times, this product seems like it’s capable of doing so.

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Main disadvantage

Depending on how hot the temperature around you is, plus how high your temperature is, the water may be evaporated sooner than what the manufacturer promises. While in many cases it can keep the cooling effect for hours, in some others (as mentioned, probably due to extremely hot weather, working conditions, etc.), the towel won’t cool you as long.

This isn’t a huge con, as it seems that the towel can do its job properly more often than not, but it can happen. A solution would be to have two of these towels ready, so you can exchange them when one has stopped cooling you, but that would mean spending extra money.

Main features explained


The materials used

This towel is made of 90% polyester and 10% nylon. If you know a thing or two about towels, then you know that the most recommended material is cotton, so how is the fact that cotton is not used in this towel a good thing? Well, that’s because cotton and polyester serve different aspects, which makes polyester better for this type of product.

A towel made out of cotton is smooth and has good water absorption properties, but one made out of polyester can also be pretty smooth, yet the more important aspect is the fact that it’s more durable and doesn’t absorb as much water. Durability already means that you are going to have the towel for a long period of time.

Less water absorption means that you will get this towel wet, but it’s not going to start dripping all over you, nor is it going to get damp and smelly as you use the product, something that can be a problem for towels made out of other materials, including the highly favored cotton. This is why polyester wins in this case.

On top of that, when it comes to how fast a towel can try, the polyester one wins again, especially when compared to cotton. This means that when you are done using this towel, you won’t have to wait around for it to dry or put it in a bag that’s going to be damp – by the time you are finished, the towel will be completely dried.

Another great thing about towels made out of polyester is the fact that color lasts longer on them. Given how beautiful the models available are in this case (you can buy the towel in different models, or with the flags of Puerto Rico, the USA, etc.), it would be a shame if it would start losing the colors after only a couple of uses.


Protection from the sun

In recent years, the sun has gotten a bad reputation, and you would be led to believe that running away from it is the right thing to do. Not really, as exposure to the sun has plenty of benefits (it enhances your mood, it relieves stress, it can improve your sleep, and gives you vitamin D which is so important).

What the doctors are really saying is that you should stay away from the sun’s rays when they burn too hot (around the noon, between 11am and 3 pm) and avoid repeated and daily exposure to the sun, for long periods of time, as it can harm your skin, your eyes, it can lead to heat exhausting, heat strokes, sunburns, skin cancer, and so on.

This means that you have to learn how to enjoy the sun, while also keeping a sort-of low profile. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are highly popular ways people follow in order not to get affected by the dangerous UV rays, while also spending enough time in the sun to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

The Mission Enduracool Cooling Towel can be added to the list of things we use as protection against the sun and the UV rays, as this product comes with a UPF percentage of protection against the sun of 50. That means only 1/50 of the sun UV’s rays actually come close to you, which will keep you healthy for a longer period of time.

A regular beach towel can have various levels of UPF, depending on what the manufacturer has chosen. This towel, on the other hand, has a UPF 50. The UPF ranging between 30 and 49 means you will get very good protection, but starting at 50, the protection is described as being excellent, so this product is going to keep you safe.


Reusable and machine washable

This isn’t the first cooling towel ever invented or the only one out there, but what this product can offer you, that some others can’t, is the fact that you can use it time and time again. Other similar products can only be used for a limited amount of time, some of them, just once, before you will have to replace them.

As this product lets you reuse it, you will save a lot of money, since you won’t have to buy a new one after a short period of time. This is also something that can help the environment, as fewer materials are going to be used for making such products. So, helping not only yourself but also the environment, is quite a good thing.

Furthermore, you can wash this towel in a washing machine. This means that you won’t waste time doing hand laundry. Some other similar products require to be hand-washed only, as they are made from a very thin or delicate material, which can be quite a nuisance, as hand-washing clothes and such is not really something people enjoy these days.

Some other towels, that can be cleaned with a washing machine, are not ideal either, as they are often created from materials that, again, are pretty soft, which means they have to be washed using a special program. The problem is that you may not have other products that require that program, so you’ll have to wash the towel by itself.

The other solution is to wash it using a different program, with other outfits and such, but that can damage it. Since this product is made out of polyester, that is not really a problem, as you are bound to have other polyester things in your wardrobe. Using a washing machine is also going to help keep the colors of the towel better.


Easy placement and usage

While we’ve mentioned so many things about this product, we haven’t really discussed where you should place it to get the proper benefits. On your head? That’s going to ruin your hairstyle. On your lower back? Not unless you are looking for some kidney problems. On your feet? Maybe, but that doesn’t cool so much of your body, does it?

The answer is simple and it makes total sense: on the back of your neck. Basically, you only need to wet the tower with plenty of water, wring it so you’ll remove the excess of water, and then you snap it three times so you’ll activate the cooling. After you’ve done this, all you have to do is to place the towel on the back of your neck.

Once you’ve placed the towel there, you can go about your day. Pretty much all activities that you can do during a day, while you wear the towel, are not going to make it move, as you don’t usually use the neck in such ways that it would make it fall. This is, of course, a really cool aspect.

Even a regular towel is not going to fall too easy off of your neck, but since this one also has water in its fibers, you can be sure that it will stay with you, even during a windy day. You can exercise with it, do some gardening, watch sports, cook outside or in the kitchen – basically, anything and you can be sure that this towel will stay put.

The sides of it are going to hang around your shoulders, in front of you, which is what keeps it so well in its place. So, unless you are going to use it while you jump on a trampoline, you don’t have to worry about losing it – actually, you can use it even then, but you’ll have to hold the sides. Hey, if you really want to, we’re just saying, you can.

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