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Kingz Gi Review

Last Updated: 26.09.20


Main advantage

The Kingz Gi boasts a very clean minimalistic design, with the jacket and pants having just the logo embroidered on the upper sleeves and the lower side of the pants. It is a simple and no-nonsense BJJ Gi that still manages to look great. The simple design makes it IBJJF approved so that you are allowed to use it in competitions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist since this model has been designed from the ground up to deliver optimized performance and a great feel for all athletes. It has an excellent fit thanks to the wide variety of sizes it comes available in, and it is made of one-piece fabric that will deliver superior durability and strength.

Thus, with this model, the main advantage is without a doubt its combination of performance, durability, and comfort that it manages to offer. The garments deliver excellent comfort without neglecting the protection that athletes need to handle the rigors of the mat.

What’s more, this product has also garnered very positive customer feedback with most users praising the lightweight, comfortable, and durable fabrics, as well as its great look. If you’re in the market for BJJ Gis, this option delivers great quality and performance for a great price.

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Main disadvantage

The manufacturer has put a lot of care into this product, but sometimes errors occur, and no product is ever truly perfect. The main issue with this model is that sometimes quality control isn’t the best since some Gis can arrive with small stains out of the package.

It is unclear where these stains originate from, if it’s a problem with the shipping or if they come stained out of the factory. However, the good thing is that it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, and only a few products have been affected. The stains are usually located at the label, and they’re very small. Still, for some users, this might be inexcusable.

Main features explained


Premium construction

One of the most important aspects to consider about any Gi is the weight and the materials that the garment is made of. This is also known as the weave. It refers to the amount of material that is being used and the way in which it is sewn together. The type of weave dictates the weight, thickness, and durability of the Gi.

The Kingz Gi doesn’t disappoint since it uses a 400 GSM high-tech Pearl Weave and 10oz cotton pants. A Pearl Weave is situated somewhere between a single and a gold weave. It is the lightest Gi weave that is allowed in competitions, and this makes it a good choice for martial artists who want to focus on comfort and freedom of movement.

Even though it is the lightest weave available, a Pearl Weave is also durable, so you won’t have to worry about it not being capable of handling the rigors of the mat. The lightweight construction will also let air pass through the fabric more easily, which is a huge advantage for players of various skill levels.

With this Gi, you will be able to train hard without sweat ever getting in the way. When you’re comfortable, it is much easier to give your best since you can focus on the movements of your body instead of being distracted by sweaty or itchy skin.

The weave will also accommodate your body to provide you with easy movement. Thanks to its attributes, Pearl Weave has become one of the most popular variants of weaves, so there’s no surprise that it’s found its way in this excellent product as well.

Moreover, Kingz has managed to offer this superior construction for a very affordable price point so that everyone, from beginners to more experienced martial artists, can enjoy the performance and quality offered by this product.


Great fit

A BJJ Gi needs to fit well above everything else since even if it may have a great construction that uses premium materials, unless the garment fits you well, you won’t feel comfortable wearing it. As such, a good BJJ Gi must be available in multiple sizes.

The Kingz Gi offers over a dozen different unique sizes so that everyone can get a customized fit. It is only available in adult sizes, but this is, in fact, an advantage since it is much easier for a garment to deliver a great fit when it has been designed from the ground up with only a specific age group in mind.

Furthermore, while the Gi is shrink-to-fit, which means that it can become smaller and tighter after you wash it, it doesn’t shrink too much that finding the right fit becomes a problem. The sizing chart that Kingz offers is also very reliable since after looking at what previous customers had to say, we’ve concluded that the sizing of this product is true to size.

Most BJJ Gis typically come in sizes ranging from A0 to A6. The A stands for adults while the number refers to the size, the higher the number, the bigger the size of the Gi. The system is simple, but it doesn’t allow for a lot of customization, and some customers may find it difficult to find a good fit using this classic system.

This is why Kingz uses a more complex sizing system with intermediate lengths for people who are shorter or taller. For example, the A1L size is made for people with longer limbs, while the A1H is made for those with wider frames. Though a bit more confusing for new customers, this sizing system is designed to make it easier for everyone to find their perfect fit.

Style and comfort

Who says that a simple design needs to be boring? Certainly not Kingz, since this model boasts a minimalist design that has very few patches and logos. Even if you are a person who prefers a flashier look, this option is still a great product to get since you can still put plenty of patches on it later on.

Furthermore, this model is also available in three different colors, blue, black, or classic white. While some buyers may prefer other colors, the reason why the manufacturer has settled only for these three is that the Kingz Gi is an IBJJF-compliant product.

For an IBJJF certification, the Gi needs not to have any intricate designs or paint on the fabrics, unless it is an academy or company logo. The Gi also needs to be either white, royal blue, or black, with the color of the top and bottom being the same.

The main advantage of having an IBJJF Certified Gi is that if you plan to compete at the IBJJF level eventually, you won’t have to go out of your way and purchase another Gi. This can save you money in the long run, especially since this option is made of durable materials that will deliver long-lasting performance.

The lightweight design of this option also makes it considerably more comfortable to wear for extended periods, and while it will give your opponent a slightly more favorable grip, the added comfort you get is well worth this slight disadvantage. The Kingz Gi also feels a lot more open when rolling.

The pants are made of 10oz cotton that offers superior comfort and protection. You won’t have to worry about bruises or chaffing when rolling since the superior construction will deliver the comfort and protection that you need to train safely.


Additional features

The premium quality of the Kingz Gi can also be observed when looking at the durability of the materials and the craftsmanship. The garment features triple reinforced stitching across all the stress points of both the jacket and the pants. Furthermore, the knee padding is double reinforced, and the entire gi is made of one-piece fabric that adds superior strength and durability.

The one-piece fabric design means that you won’t have to worry about the seams breaking when you roll, and this allows the Gi to withstand all the rigors of the mat. Furthermore, maintenance is also a breeze with this option, especially since it doesn’t have a significant shrinkage problem.

The lightweight construction means that you will need to use less detergent to clean it, and this helps improve its durability as well. Large quantities of detergent can add to the wear and tear. Furthermore, the colors are rated to handle many washing cycles without fading, as long as you don’t use bleach.

Another great advantage that this model offers is the great price point, which makes this unit perfect for beginners or budget-conscious buyers. It might be tempting to go all-in and spend hundreds of dollars on a Gi, but the buyer’s remorse is tough to swallow.

Instead, with this model, you get excellent quality, comfort, and durability within a reasonable budget. This is one of the main reasons why the Kingz Gi has garnered so many positive customer reviews from previous buyers.

Thus, if you are in the market for a sharp-looking and minimalist Gi that is suitable for BJJ practitioners of all skill levels and sizes, we feel that the Kingz Gi is an option that you won’t regret getting. The customer service that Kingz offers is also excellent, and the brand values customer satisfaction above everything else.

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