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How to Make a Double End Bag Tighter? 

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Double end bags are a must for all boxers, whether they’re professionals or newbies because they allow you to work on various punching techniques and improve your speed. And, if you’re considering going for a tighter one, our recent post and experience will tell you that the best way to adjust tightness is to use bungee cords and tie some knots at the bottom and top. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some years in the ring already, boxing is a great way to build up your strength, tone your body, work on your punching techniques, and blow off some steam. However, you don’t have to be at the gym 24/7 or pay expensive monthly subscriptions to box clubs just to have a place to train. 

With the help of the right equipment and some protective gear, you can easily turn your garage or basement into the perfect gym to work on your moves and improve your boxing techniques. 

One way to do so is by investing in a double end bag instead of a regular punching bag. And, if you’re really going for the budget-friendly version, with the help of a DIY tutorial and the right products, you can make your own DE bag. 


Why opt for a DE bag?

Often enough, the importance of training with a double end bag is overlooked by beginner boxers. A double end bag is also called a reflex bag or the crazy bag because of its dimensions and the damage that allows you to make with it. 

Generally speaking, a DE bag is air-inflated, similarly to a soccer ball, and attached at a considerable distance between the floor and the ceiling, with the help of bungee cords or any other type of cords. The best thing about them is that you can adjust their height according to your needs to get the perfect punch each time, based on your skill level, strength, and height. 

A double end bag works a little unpredictable because each time you hit it, it sways quickly and randomly, meaning you’ll have to adjust your next punch and work on your finesse, quickness, and reaction time. Thus, it represents the perfect tool to work on your hand-eye coordination and improve the strength of your punch. 

How to hit a double end bag

No matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, properly hitting a double end bag requires training and a certain technique. You’ll have to start by wearing the right protective gear, meaning a high-quality pair of gloves. 

They should weigh around 14 ounces or less and should be specifically designed for punching bags, practice or sparring. Even a pair of MMA gloves will work, as long as you’re happy with your technique. 

As for the right positioning of the ball, try placing it at shoulder height to get a clean shot. If it’s your first time hitting a double end bag, you may want to start small and quick. Use short, small punches, and learn how to develop a rhythm by controlling the punching combinations you’re most proud of. 

The reason why you’re using a double end bag in the first place is to improve your accuracy and speed, not necessarily work on your power punches. Although extremely important, power punches won’t mean too much in the ring if you don’t focus on your grace and foot game to actually be able to throw them. 


What are the advantages of using a double end bag?

First of all, you’ll work on your punching speed. Double end bags may work differently than regular speed bags but they serve about the same function. In order to work on your speed, make sure to tighten the cords on your DE bag and punch it every time it returns to its original place. We’ll teach you how to adjust the tightness of the bag later on to serve your purpose.

Another benefit of these bags is that it improves the punching power. It may not be the best method to work on your power punches but this doesn’t mean you can’t create a routine and improve some of your moves and techniques. 

The accuracy of the punch is also extremely important, especially if you’re boxing in an official match. A double end bag may not seem difficult to hit at first due to its generous size but all these will change after a few hits. The fact that it bounces back and forth in an irregular motion will easily get your eyes tired, especially after a few hits. 

However, it is the perfect way to get used to a moving target and find the right strength to punch your opponent in the ring. In other words, it will improve your hand-eye coordination and help you focus on your target rather than how tired you are. 

The same goes for your feet. A double end bag is perfect for improving your foot game because it doesn’t allow you to just stand in one position. Since it swings in an unpredictable direction each time you hit it, you’ll have to adjust to its new position in order to punch it again, similarly to what you’ll do to your opponent in the ring. 

Last but not least, this type of bag also allows you to work and develop your reflexes. You’ll have to start thinking quicker and act faster if you want to keep punching the ball. In time, you’ll improve your reflexes and response time so you’ll never be left off-guard again in the field. In fact, a double end bag is the perfect training and sparring partner if you can’t make it to the gym daily. 

Tighter or looser? Which do you prefer?

When it comes to the tightness of a double end bag, there is no right or wrong answer. Each boxer has an individual personality and requires a set of different skills to perform in the ring. Therefore, what may work for one person may not be the best option for you. 

A tight double end bag won’t move too much when you hit it, meaning you’ll be able to throw more powerful combos and focus on your punch strength rather than other skills. On the contrary, a loose bag will swing back and forth more, so you’ll be forced to tackle it from different angles and move your feet at the same time.

In fact, a loose bag is more realistic when compared to a real, moving target in the ring, so that you’ll have to focus on a series of aspects rather than just the strength of your punch. 


How to adjust the tightness of a double end bag

There are various ways to do it but we certainly recommend using bungee cords instead of regular elastic cords. 

If you have just one set of cords, all you have to do is to tie some knots at the top and the bottom of the ball to offer additional tension. There are also specific cables designed to make your double end bag tighter. Lastly, you can also try purchasing a set of bungee cords in different lengths to have more options regarding the tightness of the bag. 

As we previously mentioned, it is entirely up to you and your boxing style to choose the right tightness of the bag. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with a tight bag that allows you to focus more on throwing a good punch. 

As you start to gain confidence and technique, you can let the bag a little looser and focus on other aspects such as hand-eye coordination, foot movement, and punching from different angles. 




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