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How to Hang a Double End Bag

Last Updated: 04.07.22


According to double end bag reviews, using one of these is a great way to improve a plethora of your boxing-related characteristics. However, not many people know exactly what is required to install one, when in fact it’s not that complicated, to begin with.


What Is A Double End Bag Though?

Also known as the ‘’floor-to-ceiling’’ bag, this type of boxing trainer is a small, circular ball which has to be connected top and bottom to an elastic cord, thus requiring it to be pinned to the floor and to the ceiling. 

It can greatly vary in shape and size while the rebound elasticity is also adjustable to better fit the boxer’s needs and demands. As such, the double end bag is a pretty versatile way of working out since it offers a great number of possible workouts and techniques you can try on it.

It is one of the more unique tools in the world of boxing in the sense that it is one of the only ways to get a simulation of a live opponent. Since it moves and sways left to right and back and forth, it is hard to predict a pattern and the boxer has to adapt to whatever it does. 

The double end bag is great for improving things such as your hand speed, your hand-eye coordination, maintaining stamina when throwing punches and overall increased accuracy. That being said, let’s see exactly how you can get one installed in your gym or home.

Things To Know Beforehand

Okay, so you’ve come to the realization that buying this bag is the best thing to do and now you’ve got it home and are ready to start developing those smooth seamless movements boxers seem to do so easily. Problem is, how exactly are you supposed to hang it?

Installing a double end punching bag is quite a different job than other boxing training equipment, mainly because it requires not one but two different anchor points. As we said, the bag needs to be suspended using one anchor point in the ceiling as well as one on the floor. 

The bag comes with bungee cords and hooks that you can use to hang it. Remember that the height can be adjusted according to your workout necessities and that one of the things many people seem to forget about is that the weight of the chords has to be even to the weight of the bag itself in order for it to work as it’s supposed to.

To do the job properly, you will need the following equipment: the double end bag complete with bungee cords and hooks, a marker or a pencil (don’t worry, you’re not gonna have a written assignment), a plumb, a drilling machine, and last but not least, a screwdriver. 


Installing The Bag

If you’ve gone ahead and gathered all the necessary materials, let’s walk you through the exact steps that are required until you can be boxing relentlessly on your double end bag.

Step number one would be to decide upon the location of your new training tool. If you happen to already have a punching bag or a speed bag set up in your home or gym, then you can pick that same location as it will be that much easier and offer you some added comfort. 

Assuming you’ve found the perfect spot for the bag, we now need to look at the best spots for anchoring it. In case you have no ceiling or wall mount, try to find the best place available for the top anchor. Place the mount or hook that came with the bag on the ceiling and mark the points with the marker we asked you to get. 

Keep in mind that your chosen anchor points should be able to effortlessly handle the weight of the bag as well as the movement it will make during your long and hard workouts. 

After that, you need to hang the plumb tool and find the anchor point on the floor which will help you keep the double ended bag suspended in mid-air. Just hang the plumb from the ceiling anchor point and the plumb bob will do what it’s supposed to do and indicate the location perfectly. Just as before, make sure to mark the necessary points with your marker. 

The technical part starts now, as you need to drill some holes in the points marked on the ceiling and floor to prepare for the next step. As you might have guessed, the next step is to fasten the screws and keep them securely tightened with the screwdriver in your arsenal. 

After you’ve done this, you’re pretty much done with the heavy stuff as the rest are simple formalities. Take one of the bungee cords and attach it to the bag. If done properly, the double end bag should now hang freely.

Then take the second bungee cord and attach it to the lower anchor point in order to complete the process. If you’ve done a great job, as we’re sure you will do, your new training bag should now be suspended in mid-air. 

Some Small Reminders

We’re happy that you’re the DIY type of person who can install a double end bag all on their own! In order to use it properly, we’re now going to mention some tips that you may or may not want to take into account, depending on your boxing proficiency.

Remember that the bungee cords are adjustable so the bag is not fixed in one position. You can easily bring the ball up or down and adjust its height according to the workout that you want to perform at any point in time. 

If we’re talking boxing workout, the ideal point to set the ball would be somewhere close to your chin as this is the best way to simulate targeting a live opponent and it’s going to be a challenge dodging it in the beginning. 

However, the bungee cords should not be left too loose else you run the risk of the ball swinging out of control and out of the reach of your punches. You need to be very well informed on how you can tighten or loosen the ball depending on the workout you need. 

If you’ve never used a double end bag before, remember that it is more like a speed bag rather than a heavy punching bag. Therefore, it’s going to be more focused on precision and timing rather than simply power, although developing your accuracy leads to developing you precision which also leads to more power so you’re really getting the complete package here. 

Do make sure to inspect the anchor points every couple of weeks just to be safe and ensure they are still holding. This is very easy to do and it will be a tremendous help in avoiding any unnecessary accidents during your workouts. 


What Can You Train On The Bag?

If you’re a beginner or a fighter who’s new to the bag, it’s going to be hard to get it right in the first few sessions. Try to start the workout with basic straight punches and see how many you can land as part of different combinations.

There are special double end bags which come with 2 balls that are joint together and therefore offer the possibility to also try body shots. You can also add some defensive movements in the mix by punching the bag a little harder and trying to dodge it when it comes back. This will be especially useful with the double-ball double end bag.





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