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How to Find The Best Muay Thai Gym

Last Updated: 16.05.22



Choosing the right Muay Thai gym is not easy, and neither is purchasing the right equipment such as durable shin protection for Muay Thai needed for training and sparring. If you feel like you need the extra assistance when determining what gear to get, we have prepared an inclusive guide, so check it out whenever you have the time.

Because there are a lot of details that one should think about before opting for a gym for Thai boxing, we have created this article that should fill you right in.


Meet the trainer first

Just like in the case of gear, sometimes it is best that you make face-to-face contact with the service that you intend to acquire. Therefore, before you make up your mind and select a gym, it might be practical to meet your trainer.

The relationship between a Muay Thai trainee and a trainer is vital. Even if you are able to go online and learn more about the available trainers in the gym next to you, a meeting is crucial as it enables you to see whether or not you like him/her.

A great opportunity to do so is the local Sports Day and the Open Houses programs. Whenever you are meeting an instructor, you should be prepared to ask a couple of questions. Does the trainer teach authentic Thai boxing? Is he/she certified to do so? Are the certifications that he/she has legitimate?

On top of that, the instructor that you select should also be willing to make a commitment to help you improve. Therefore, he/she should show passion and enthusiasm. It might also help to learn more about the background of the trainer. By this, we mean information regarding his/her teaching expertise and history.

According to seasoned Muay Thai practitioners, if you are set on learning this sport it is best to select a trainer that has at least 10 years of experience. These trainers are sought after because they have the expertise and the capacity to deal with unexpected situations.



In order for one to learn the tricks of Muay Thai, one needs appropriate facilities. Before signing any contract, you should visit the gym and make sure that they have all the necessary equipment such as cardio machines, resistance training equipment, bags, pads, etc.

As a plus, this way you will get the chance to check out the overall atmosphere and the relationship between the current members.

If possible, you should ask for a guided tour. As you walk around the gym, take a look at the floor plan of the location. Also, ask about the number of members that they have and the number of dedicated classrooms and rings.

If you are a beginner, see if they also cater to novices like you. It is also necessary that the gym that you pick is clean. Lockers and rooms with showers are also a must as you will have to share the training space with other boxers.


Finding a gym with great equipment and dedicated trainers is not sufficient if the location of the studio is far away from your home. Plus, make sure that the classes that they offer fit your schedule and that they are not too pricey.

The friendliness of the staff is also an aspect that you should consider, as you will spend a great deal of time in the gym. To get a good idea of how a certain Muay Thai studio functions it might also help to look for referrals and online reviews.


Certification and competitions

It goes without saying that the studio that you select has to have instructors that have been accredited by the Thai Boxing Association USA or by other similar organizations. An instructor who has only spent a month in Thailand learning in a camp is not adequately prepared.

Another great way to understand whether or not a gym is worth the money is by asking if they train for competitions.  


Course structure

The program that you decide to follow should be well structured. In other words, it should teach you different methods and techniques, including drilling, sparring, etc. In order for the trainee to evolve, they should have specific requirements.

You should select a gym where the trainer provides the pupils with the necessary feedback. The coach should also set specific goals for Thai boxers in order to assess their capabilities and progress.


A gym that allows you to do sparring from day one is not safe. Although it might feel good at first, there is a high chance that you’ll get injured. Consequently, the gym that you select should ask you to attend a beginner course before allowing you to practice advanced techniques.

Even more so, the trainer should not ask a student who does not feel prepared to perform a certain technique to do it.

Any type of abuse from the trainer should not be tolerated, including the teacher calling or messaging the trainee with information that is not related to the actual Muay Thai class. Plus, abusive tactics such as calling a trainee fat or lazy should not be accepted.


What is not acceptable

As expected, there are a couple of red flags that you should be aware of. For instance, coaches should not, under any circumstances, hit their students. Also, they should not make female trainees feel uncomfortable by harassing them.

A student should not be laughed at because of his/her lack of experience. Although the coach might develop a better relationship with some students, he/she should not show signs of favoritism. If a student is bullied by his peers, the trainer should step in and condemn such behaviors.

If you follow these recommendations, we are confident that you will be able to select a Muay Thai gym that can cater to all of your needs. So, don’t waste any time and start shopping around for a studio where you can learn the art of Thai fighting!



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