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How Much Do Boxing Tickets Cost?

Last Updated: 15.05.22


Boxing tickets usually are reasonably priced, but not if you want to be witness to a significant event. Some may be more expensive than the Ringside shoes for boxing you might want to purchase for your training. Here, you will find more about boxing tickets and why some can be so excessively expensive.

UFC, the company that promotes MMA fights, offers a complete guide on the tickets it has on sale, so that can be a starting point for you. However, depending on what match you want to see, the prices can vary tremendously. A reason for that may be that the more famous and more powerful the fighter, the more he has to train. In all sports like Boxing or Muay Thay, they have to jump ropes and increase their agility and sometimes equipment doesn’t come cheap either. Loose boxers, similar to MMA shorts or the shoes must be of the best quality in order for the boxer to concentrate on the fight.


Prices for UFC events

The average cost for a UFC event ticket is around 360 dollars, with the cheapest being 116 dollars, and the most expensive 961 dollars. This data is, however, only informative, and there is a lot of variation, depending on the event, and what kind of seat you want. The biggest fights demand the highest prices, so you should not be surprised to see boxing tickets that cost several thousand dollars or more.

There are, still, some tickets that don’t cost as much. A viewing party, which is not, of course, the same thing as a real bout, will only have you pull a bit over 20 dollars out of your pocket, but that kind of low prices are for special situations. Real fights will ask for several hundred dollars when big names are involved, so it all depending on how much you care about seeing the respective match.



Boxing ranks high among other sports

Athletic performance is bound to make people believe in the incredible capabilities of other human beings to achieve extraordinary results, which might explain why some sports are so popular today. Proportionally with the popularity of the sport, the tickets for watching matches can be quite expensive.

Boxing sits quite comfortably on top of the charts, as some of the most expensive matches in history belong to this particular sport.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

In 2017, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. met Conor McGregor, there was an utter madness concerned the ticket cost.

Considered a super fight, the match that took place on August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas, demanded some pretty outstanding prices for the tickets offered to the public. A place to sit close to the action had a price tag that exceeded 110,000 dollars on the secondary market. Of course, only millionaires could afford such an incredible price.

Still, that didn’t mean that the seats that weren’t included in the ringside category were cheap. For 2,000 dollars, you could get to see the match, and that’s already a few times the price of a regular ticket for such a big event.

People who wanted to see the match on Pay Per View weren’t at a significant advantage. The price of the game tickets was increased, particularly for this event.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez

Another boxing match that managed to make it to many tops for the most expensive boxing tickets in history was the one between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez. The match that took place on September 14, 2013, was yet to predict the incredible prices for the match that Mayweather Jr. will fight against McGregor four years later, but it still deserves to be mentioned.

If you had wanted a really great place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to watch the game from up close, you would have spent a little over 30,000 dollars, which is not a small price by far. Since both fighters hadn’t been beaten until that point, it was natural for the organizers to hike up the rates.



Another notable mention

While such matches are in a league of their own, there have been others to incur so much attention from the general audience that a large profit was made on that account by the organizers and promoters. For instance, the 2015 bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao deserves to be mentioned, as well.

An average seat could be purchased for almost 800 dollars, and only for the weigh-in. The reported prices for the bout ended up at more than 6,000 dollars, while there were speculations that front seats would end up being many times that.

It appears that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is capable of making people reach for their wallets, no matter who his opponent is. His is the name that appears most often on the list of the highest-grossing boxing matches in history, and that says a lot about his longevity as a ring fighter, and his ability to appeal to the audience.


What were the matches with the most significant sales in history?

Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor made history back in 2017, there had been several boxing matches that had managed to convince people not only that this sport deserves its continuing popularity, but also that it deserves the highest ticket sales and price per ticket.

A quick look at these matches and the amounts of cash they managed to draw from enthusiasts who desired to see their favorites from up close can tell you quite a lot about how much people love this sport.


  1.     Tyson vs. Holyfield (1997)

It is only natural to open this shortlist with Mike Tyson, but, unfortunately, not for the reasons that made him famous in the first place. The bout was won by Evander Holyfield by TKO, and it lasted 11 rounds.

However, the fact that Mike Tyson lost by knockout was not the biggest surprise of the fight. Should anyone have known about how Mike Tyson would bite his opponent’s ear during the rematch, making some infamous history for himself, probably the tickets would have sold for even higher prices.

The organizers raked in 100 million dollars, of which 35 million dollars went to the winner, and 30 million dollars went to Tyson.  As expected, during the rematch, after the bite, the referee disqualified Tyson. In life, as they say, sometimes, you win some, you lose some.


  1.     Tyson vs. Lewis (2002)

Mike Tyson went against Lennox Lewis at the Pyramid Arena (Memphis, Tennessee), the choice of the place being influenced by Nevada’s Boxing Commission to grant him a license to fight there, due to some presumptive assault charges.

This fight was also surrounded by controversy, as the two boxers, along with their team, got into a big brawl before the actual battle. Some mean words were said, but the most important thing was that the match was fought with a full house and brought in 112 million dollars. Again, Tyson lost by TKO after 8 rounds.



  1.     Mayweather Jr. vs. De La Hoya (2007)

Mayweather Jr. cannot be amiss from this list, without a doubt. The battle, held at the MGM Grand Arena, brought the organizers 136 million dollars, and Mayweather Jr. won it after a split decision. The judges couldn’t decide which fighter was better.

Before the bout, Mayweather Jr. had been undefeated, yet still, he couldn’t convince all the judges that he was, without a trace of a doubt, the winner. That must have reflected in the winnings, too, as he left home with 25 million dollars, while De La Hoya got a very nice purse with 52 million dollars in it.


  1.     Mayweather Jr. vs. Alvarez (2013)

One of the fights mentioned earlier did not only sell some of the priciest tickets in the history of boxing, but it also raked in one of the highest gross amounts ever. Canelo Alvarez was coming to the fight undefeated, and so was Mayweather Jr.

The difference was that only one could leave home continuing to be undefeated and that was Mayweather Jr., again by decision. While the organizers got 150 million dollars for the bout, the star of the match left home with 100 million dollars, much more than the initial guaranteed purse.


  1.     Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao (2015)

While the events mentioned so far managed to rake in over 100 million dollars each, it was this fight that was going to put boxing on the map as one of the best grossing sports on the planet. For this fight, the organizers got 410 million dollars, more than ever before in history.

Of this amount, the fighters’ purse was 300 million dollars, and it was split between Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao, 180 million dollars ending up in the first’s pockets, and the rest of 120 million dollars in the latter’s.

While all these numbers sound impressive, the audience was not that satisfied with what happened in the ring. Mayweather Jr. opted for a defensive strategy, and Pacquiao didn’t manage to smash through his fortifications.

A split decision offered Mayweather Jr. the win, and overall, the highest-grossing boxing match to that date, was considered to be a let-down compared to the clash of the titans that everyone expected, due to the big names brought together into the ring.

The other fight mentioned, between McGregor and Mayweather Jr. reportedly registered the highest pay per view in history, with 4.3 million domestic buys.





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