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How Many Calories Does Boxing Burn?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


If you are looking for a new method to lose some weight and finally get your summer body, you should check it out here as we discuss why boxing might be the best calorie burner. How many calories you burn during a training session depends on how active you are, the type of boxing you are doing, your heart rate, and your weight. In case you really want to lose weight, you should step into a ring but only wearing proper boxing footwear like shoes in this review, or with wrestling boots since authentic boxing burns way more calories than just training and you don’t want to sprain your ankle.


Why boxing is a great choice

Boxing is great for calorie burning since it is a large impact type of workout so it is no surprise that boxing burns more calories than other training methods. You might burn close to 1000 calories during a boxing session. For example, walking only burns around 250 calories and running almost 550.

Boxing is so efficient at getting rid of the calories because it works out the entire body. Having the regular sessions of punching the heavy bag, jumping rope, and shadow boxing will help you get to the desired results faster than any other type of workout.



Getting started

At the beginning of your boxing training, you will not be burning a great number of calories. For these training classes, you will listen to your instructor, learn basic techniques, and get ready to box by doing an appropriate warm-up. Simply standing for 60 minutes will get rid of approximately 95 calories if you are around 155 lb according to scientific research. A person having the same weight, when getting ready to train by stretching, will burn almost 280 calories. 

However, the final goal is to lose weight. You lose 1 lb. for every 3,500 calories burned. Training at a boxing gym will increase your heart rate meaning you will need more oxygen. The more oxygen you consume, the more calories you burn. 


Different methods, different results

In any boxing gym, you will identify two types of training. Some boxers are more relaxed, not moving a lot and simply throwing lazy punches at the bag. The more engaged-in training people will have a lot of foot movement and throw different combinations of hard punches. If you are aiming for an efficient way to burn calories, you should copy the latter approach. 


Working the heavy bag 

There is a big chance that you will start to practice the learned technique on a heavy bag in your first training session. This way, you will get a chance to refine your combinations before sparring. In general, during a one-hour training session, you will spend 30 minutes hitting the heavy bag while exercising proper footwork and another 30 minutes will be allocated to learning new techniques and punching combinations.  


Punching the bag for 15 minutes

You should keep in mind the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn – approximately 2.75 calories for each pound you have for every hour of training. According to statistics, an average man weighs around 170 pounds in his 20s, 180 pounds in his 30s, and 184 pounds in his 40s. 

So during a 15-minute workout, a man in his 20s will burn almost 116 calories, a man in his 30s will burn 124 calories, and a man in his 40s will get rid of 126 calories. Since women usually weigh less than men, they will burn fewer calories during the same workout. The usual calorie burn is the same as for men so a woman might burn between 94 and 104 calories when punching a bag for 15 minutes.



Punching a bag for 30 minutes

A man of normal weight for his age will burn between 230 and 260 calories while working out on the heavy bag. For women, the burned calorie count will be between 180 and 205. If the workout goes on for a longer time, its intensity will decrease whether on purpose or not. 

So the final amount of burned calories might be lower than expected if you don’t keep the same level of intensity for the entire workout. Some trainers recommend having multiple high-intensity periods of punching consisting of 5 to 10 minutes. 


Punching a bag for 45 minutes

You have to be in top shape to punch a heavy bag for 45 minutes straight without taking any breaks or slowing the rhythm. Usually, a heavy bag training session is made of multiple spurts of intense punching mixed with resting times or lower energy-consuming activities. 

The usual heavy bag workout is made of 6 to 8 rounds of punching the bag for 3 minutes and a 1-minute break between each round. The average man will burn between 345 and 375 calories for 45 minutes of heavy bag punching. 

For women, the count is lower since they would burn between 276 and 310 calories during the same training. However, the calorie burn might be different than the estimated value since this type of training requires a lot of sustained effort for a long time.


Other training options

Boxing represents much more than just punching a heavy bag in the corner of the gym. If you have the opportunity to exercise at a fully equipped gym, there are multiple ways to burn calories while keeping you entertained. You could always practice on the speed bag, learn jumping rope drills, or spar with other people. 

Furthermore, it is important to vary your workout since it decreases the chances of having repetitive stress injuries from constantly training high-impact drills. Having combined these types of training might burn almost 800-900 calories in 60 minutes.


Sparring with other boxers

As time goes by and your technique and control gets better, you might be allowed to participate in sparring sessions with other gym members. Sparring involves way more moving around using footwork, attention, and effort than simply punching a heavy bag. Trying to block or absorb your sparring partner’s shots while looking for the opportunity to hit back is a great calorie burner.

Having a 60-minute sparring session will usually burn up to 650 calories if you weigh around 155 lb and 780 calories if you weigh 190 lb. If you have set your goal to lose 1 pound, you must be willing to go the distance and spar for 5.5 hours if you are 155 pounds and for 4.5 hours if you are 190 pounds.




Almost all boxers include running and jumping rope in their preparation for a fight. A 155-pound boxer burns approximately 950 calories per 60 minutes jogging 8mph and around 705 calories when jumping rope for an hour at moderate speed. 

Including running in your training is one of the quickest ways to lose some weight. Running with no additional equipment such as weights will burn 850 calories during an hour for a 155-pound boxer and 1035 calories if he is 190 pounds. If a boxer is 155 pounds and boxes for more than 4 hours, he will lose 1 pound. Also, a boxer needs to box for more than 3 hours to lose 1 pound if he is 190 pounds.


The fat-burning heart rate

The main heart rate zones are resting, moderate, target, and maximum heart rate. Athletes use their heart as an intensity indicator of the exercises included in training. For non-athletes, the resting heart rate is between 60 and 100. 

As we all know, the heart rate increases during exercise and the harder you train, the bigger your heart rate will be. When you’re reaching your fat burning heart rate zone, your body will use the fat stores to get more energy instead of carbohydrates and sugar. 

In general, the fat burning heart rate is approximately 70 percent of the maximum heart rate. To find out what your maximum heart rate is, simply calculate 220 minus your age. So if you are 30, your heart should beat 190 times per minute during intense activity. To get into the fat-burning state, your heart rate should be about 133. 

You can measure your heart by simply using your fingers to record your pulse. However, you will have to stop training so your pulse will decrease while measuring it. If you are willing to spend some money, you can get a chest or a wrist strap. Despite chest straps being preferred by athletes, studies have shown that wrist straps are more precise. 

Keep in mind that certain medical conditions or medications could influence your heart rate. It is better to speak with a doctor before getting into an intense training regime.




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