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Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

Last Updated: 24.11.20


Main advantage

The first thing you might notice about these Everlast gloves is the competitive price tag. For training and sparring, you will hardly get a better deal, even when you spend a lot of time comparing different models. Since they are directly advertised as training gloves, they should offer excellent performance in that area, and that’s precisely what they do.

You will find them ideal for bag work, and, because the manufacturer offers this model in a variety of weights from 12 oz. to 16 oz., you can take your pick. Ideally, you should go for 12 oz. or 14 oz. for training and bag work, but no one says that you can’t opt for the 16 oz. version if that’s something that works for you. The gloves are great as all-rounders, and novices, in particular, will find them excellent as starter gloves.

The way the padding is distributed plays a significant role in how these gloves behave when in use. You will notice that you get an even layer of padding, and there is some even in the wrist area to get proper support. Spraining a wrist is no fun, which is why the extra padding offered is a great plus.

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Main disadvantage

You should bear in mind that the gloves we review here are not intended for long training sessions. They are an excellent pick for people who are just starting, but heavy trainers will go through them fast. The material used is synthetic, not leather, which explains the wear and tear bound to appear with heavy training.

However, that’s expected for a pair of gloves this cheap. As a novice, you won’t be able to train as hard as pros for years, so this drawback shouldn’t put you off buying them. For a beginner, they are as good as you can get.

Main features explained


The synthetic leather provides excellent durability for the price

Although heavy hitters won’t be crazy about these beginner’s gloves, you should know that often use, as long as it doesn’t consist of hours of training every day, won’t wear them off. The synthetic leather used for the outer layer is Everhide, a material that can take a beating without showing signs of wear and tear. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, and you will notice that they will last longer than that.

There are other benefits this material has that are noticeable from the first glance. You will like the smooth finish and how the gloves look overall. An extra layer of padding underneath makes them ideal for training. Bag work, as already mentioned, is much more manageable when you wear these gloves, and that’s why they are recommended for beginners.

You may notice that the padding is a little bit stiff at first, but after some use, it will become pliable, and your hands will feel comfortable in the gloves. Actually, for the price, these Everlasting gloves offer more padding than you might expect, and this is also the reason why they are often recommended for bag work. The way the padding covers all the surface of the glove guarantees that you will get proper protection.

Overall, the gloves feel nice in your hands, and they surely don’t look cheap; the fact that the price tag is reasonable only contributes to their appeal. With months of use, you will notice very little wear and tear, so if you are into boxing as a hobby, you cannot go wrong with this model. The way the gloves are constructed is a plus, and you will get a pair that will help you train, spar, and hit the bag for only a fraction of what other models cost.


The gloves dry quickly to prevent bacterial buildup

When you train, hit the bag, or spar, your hands will become sweaty, which can become a liability even for the most expensive gloves out there. The unique design of these gloves guarantees that you will have a lot less trouble with them when it comes to bacterial buildup and keeping your gloves clean. The palm of the gloves is a mesh, which means that you will get excellent breathability and air ventilation.

In other words, as you train and your hands get sweaty, the gloves will help you dry off some of the moisture. The material inside the glove will absorb a lot less sweat, which helps with their drying even before you take them off. Most gloves you can find out there only come with a small mesh section for breathability, but it looks like Everlasting thought about this aspect when designing this model.

The mesh extends to the strap and the fingers, and if you look closely, even a bit up the finger area. You will get more air in than when wearing other models, and that helps with reducing maintenance time, too. You don’t have to worry that the material might feel too rough on your skin, as it could be the case with other models.

It is smooth to the touch, and it won’t rub against your palm; you will barely feel it is there while enjoying its benefits to the maximum. Once you finish training, you can place the gloves in a bag and leave them there until you reach home. When you take them out to use them again, you will notice that they are completely dry. As long as you don’t zip the glove bag too much, you will have no issues with the gloves remaining wet after a training session.

A comfortable fit is ensured by features such as the Thumb-lok

Training gloves have to provide an excellent fit to ensure that you get the most out of using them. Even the slightest discomfort can end up annoying you to no end, and, in the worst-case scenario, might cause you to make mistakes and suffer injuries. Everlast thought of providing a good fit, and many people find them ideal for their hands, as they are average in size and work for most boxing trainees. Unless your hands are unusually large or small, you should find your correct size when shopping for these gloves.

The shape of the glove follows the natural contour of the fist and thumb. That helps with a lot of things, such as maneuverability and control. As mentioned a bit earlier, a good fit plays a role in providing you with optimal protection. You will notice that the wrists come fully padded, and that also aids you in keeping your hands in a suitable position for preventing injuries. A particular feature that helps with the comfortable fit is the Thumb-lok.

You will get the necessary additional support from this feature, and you will be able to flex your thumb in the correct position when you punch. The most common injuries that happen among boxing trainees involve the wrists and thumbs. Therefore, it’s great that the manufacturer thought of everything and created a glove capable of providing optimal protection and support for the entire hand.

Another thing that contributes to the good fit these gloves provide is the wraparound Velcro strap employed. You will discover that it’s easy to adjust the straps and find the perfect customization for your hands. For the cost, it is commendable that the Everlast gloves fit well a lot of people.


The unique visuals make these gloves stand out

While you should focus on protection and comfort factors the most when you shop for a pair of training gloves, it never hurts to find a model that also looks nice. In this case, you will be happy to see that these gloves look pretty badass. The visuals are unique, and they make the gloves noticeable, so don’t be surprised to notice a few envious looks from other trainees. First of all, the Everlast logo is employed on the wrist, and that’s something particular to all the gloves made by this brand.

The model is available in classic colors, like black and red, but you can also find them in pink if that’s an option you prefer. Other elements of design will draw your eye at a closer inspection. On the back of each wrist, you will notice a shield section. While it has a practical function since it adds padding to the wrist area, the shield also makes the glove look heavier than it is and more aggressive.

Many other gloves this cheap don’t care too much about visual appearance, so this is another plus you should bear in mind. The graphics on the gloves are well printed, and they won’t wear off quickly, which, again, is the case with other models. Be aware that some colors can be bright, which can make the gloves a little flashy.

Still, you can choose the color you want, so you won’t be forced to wear something that doesn’t suit your style. However, if you like standing out at the gym, getting these gloves is a great idea. Overall, it appears that Everlast put a lot of thought into designing these gloves and making them an excellent choice for beginners.

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