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Everlast Heavy Bag Stand Review

Last Updated: 26.09.20


Main advantage

Plenty of people aren’t crazy about having to mount their heavy bag stand on a wall. While it’s a space-saving idea, it involves some work and may affect the wall structure. Therefore, the immediate alternative is a freestanding model, like the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand. The way this freestanding heavy bag stand is constructed shows you why it’s such a great idea.

First of all, it is a simple design, which means that you won’t have to scratch your head and think a lot about how your home gym is going to accommodate the stand. As a freestanding model, it offers plenty of advantages, such as the fact that you don’t have to consider drilling holes in your walls. It is kept in place by weights, but nothing too extreme, and it’s very sturdy.

Because it’s freestanding, you will be able to move it around without a problem. A home gym might only take a corner of a room, and if that’s the case, then you will probably want the type of equipment you can quickly relocate as the need arises.

A lot of manufacturers make freestanding heavy bag stands. Still, this model from Everlast stands out by being reliable, sturdy, and having a minimalist design that makes it ideal for any layout.

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Main disadvantage

The height of this stand is 7 feet and 2 inches, which means there are certain limitations to bear in mind. If you are 6 feet tall or taller, you might not find the stand to be particularly convenient for you. The heavy bag will hang slightly lower than the total height of the stand, for obvious reasons.

When hitting it, you will need to have the right posture so that you can keep up with your drills correctly. If that doesn’t happen, you may end up developing incorrect habits, and that’s why this stand is not for tall athletes.

Main features explained


It is capable of supporting heavy bags up to 100 pounds

A heavy bag stand is for people who are serious about their training and want to make sure that they get the most from performing their drills at home. What’s great about this model is that it can support heavy bags of up to 100 pounds in weight. If you intend to upgrade to training with a heavier bag than usual, this stand from Everlast is what you should consider as a choice.

The difference between various heavy bags is given by the weight, and how heavy a bag is tells you how much resistance you will experience. The stand must be able to support the weight of the bag, but it should also be capable of taking the shocks that come from the kicks and punches delivered to the bag.

It is not by happenstance that the design of the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is so particular. The sturdy tubing supports the weight of the equipment, while the extra leg that sticks out from the center pole provides additional support so that the stand won’t tip over when you hit the bag hard.

While it may feel like a heavy bag stand is a basic type of equipment – and you would be right to think that – its simplicity must also provide the right balance. This is precisely what Everlast managed to achieve with the design of this model that is fit to handle training bags weighing up to 100 pounds, as well as your heavy hits.

You can use it successfully with any bags up to the specified weight. It is possible that the stand could handle even heavier bags since it’s so sturdy, but don’t expect it to last as long as expected if you do that.


Its basic design makes it a breeze to assemble

One thing that makes this heavy bag stand better than many others available on the market is the ease of assembly. We already mentioned earlier about its being a freestanding model, which is superior to mountable stands by not having you drill holes in your walls. That is not all. A glance at the design will tell you why this stand is so much appreciated by athletes everywhere.

First of all, it has a basic design that doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it. You don’t even have to be a casual DIY-er. You simply place the stand where you think it would be best for your training needs, place the weight plates as indicated to ensure stability, and hang the heavy bag from the hook.

Because of the minimalist approach to its design, assembling it is a walk in the park. Since there are not many parts that make the stand, you will find that assembly is truly easy. All you have to do is to tighten some bolts, and the bag will be good to go.

When you buy gym equipment for your home, you most probably want something comfortable to move around. You may not have the inclination to mount a stand on your wall, and if that’s the case, you will find this model to be right up your alley. There’s no need for complex instructions to put together the stand, and you will discover that its portability adds value to an already budget-friendly option.

Everything about this freestanding heavy bag stand is convenient, including its price. Seeing how you don’t have to be an experienced DIY-er to install it in your home gym, it is definitely an option to consider.

The necessary weight plate pegs are included for superior stability

Freestanding models are not known for their great stability, which is undoubtedly something Everlast thought about when designing this model. Because there is an extra leg coming out from the center support pole, it appears that the manufacturer wanted to address the stability issue right from the blueprint stage. However, you shouldn’t expect the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand to resist a lot of hits without tipping over if you use it as it is.

You don’t have to wonder what needs to be done to make this stand stable. The company includes, with your purchase, the necessary weight plate pegs. With them in place, you will get a pretty sturdy, well balanced, and stable heavy bag stand that you can use in your training. In case you find that more is still needed to ensure extra stability, adding some additional sandbags is possible.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the stand comes with 2 rings located on the legs, which you can use for bungee cords that go through the D-ring on the bag for extra stability. It definitely looks like Everlast wanted to cover all the bases and provide customers with all the possible add-ons for making the stand as stable as possible.

Needless to say, stability matters a lot for a heavy bag stand. When you hit the bag, you don’t want to worry about it tipping over. You will never hit it with all your strength if you fear that you might send both the bag and the stand flying, and that means that you will never reach your true potential. Therefore, you must get a model that can handle your intense training. All the features of this stand combine for excellent stability and durability.


Its excellent durability makes it a must-have for home gyms

Because it is made from heavy-duty steel tubing, it presents multiple benefits, and one of them, as expected, is its extreme durability. Even more, the tubing is powder-coated, which means that you won’t notice signs of wear and tear soon. Seeing how inexpensive the model is, you will know you’re making a sound investment if you choose it over others since you will be able to use it for years without the need for a replacement.

If it weren’t for its superior durability, it wouldn’t be able to hold bags up to 100 pounds in weight. That says something about the manufacturer’s dedication to providing its customers with reliable equipment, ideal for home gyms. Sturdy and scratch-resistant, this heavy bag stand is expected to last for years, even with intense usage.

The stand has 57 inches in length and 47.6 inches in width, making for a small footprint. You cannot easily find stands that can save space so well, without sacrificing sturdiness, stability, or any other essential characteristics. While it’s true that the stand will serve you to develop stamina and power while limiting you in regards to legwork, for what it is, it’s unbeatable, and you will be more than happy with what it can do.

It is recommended for indoor use only, and therefore, ideal for home gyms. A space saver by excellence – although the back leg will sacrifice some – it is the kind of equipment you won’t have any issues getting when you have little room at your disposal for your training needs.

Some people might like to use it outside, too, and due to the heavy-duty construction, it might handle the wear and tear that comes with it. However, keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for outdoor use, and to enjoy its maximum durability, you should keep it inside.

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