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Cliff Keen Headgear Review

Last Updated: 24.11.20


Main advantage

If you want a headgear created by a trusted name and employing advanced technologies, you should look at the Cliff Keen Headgear closely. The engineers working for this company created a revolutionary design that uses information provided by NASA research. This might give you an idea of why this model has so many supporters.

The manufacturer is among the most reputable brands in the industry that creates wrestling equipment, and that’s a recommendation in itself. The NASA research used by the engineers employed by the company allowed them to create a headgear that’s considerably lighter than its counterparts.

At the same time, the revolutionary technologies employed make the headgear reviewed here a lot cooler than the models offered by the competition, something that any wrestler can appreciate. Many benefits come from the advanced design provided, and they all cater to essential aspects of the sport.

With the world of wrestling becoming more and more competitive, it is natural that equipment manufacturers are struggling to get ahead by using advanced features and cutting edge technologies. While there are many advantages provided by this headgear, they are all a consequence of the NASA research the company used for making a competitive model.

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Main disadvantage

Any wrestler can tell you how crucial a good fit is for any piece of equipment used. That is why it is a bit disappointing to discover that this model doesn’t offer any chin strap adjustments. In other words, if you’re unlucky and the chin straps are too short for you to get a perfect fit, you will have to look elsewhere.

It also seems to be a bit of an overlook on the manufacturer’s part, seeing how much work and designing effort went into making this headgear as revolutionary as it can be. To avoid having to ask for a refund, check all the specs offered and reviews from users so that you can see if this model is a good fit for you.

Main features explained


Its light and comfortable design makes it particularly desirable

When wrestling, the tiniest advantage you might have over your opponent matters. That is why wrestling gear manufacturers vie for athletes’ attention by coming up with new and improved features. In this case, the excellent design makes sure that this headgear is 43% lighter than traditional models. If you have ever tried on a traditional headgear, you will know how important this aspect is.

The patented design is currently considered among the most advanced, from a technological point of view. Previous styles, no matter how lightweight, cannot compete with the featherlike sensation this model offers by comparison. This isn’t the type of advantage only a novice could appreciate, and seasoned wrestlers can also make it work to their needs. When you wrestle, the headgear should protect your head, without getting in the way, and that’s precisely what this model offers.

Sometimes, you will have to wear the headgear for a long time, and that means that any discomfort can affect you after a while. This headgear is made to offer a considerable improvement over what traditional models can provide. You should be aware that the fact that the headgear is lightweight doesn’t sacrifice its ability to provide protection in any way. The comfort you will experience can put you at an advantage over your opponent, too.

Wrestling is a feat of strength. That means that you should be able to focus and guide your force toward the technique you need to employ in order to win. The excellent comfort this lightweight headgear offers supplies you with the extra edge that can make a difference between a win and a loss. The gain in comfort is one of the advantages that highly recommend this model over others.


Superior audible sound technology

There is another excellent aspect of this headgear that you must know about. It also offers superior audible sound technology. You will hear the noise and voices around you 80% more when you use this headgear than traditional models. The latter cover the ears in such a manner that it’s hard to hear what happens, an aspect that could make or break a game. Your coach will try to give you pointers during a match, and hearing his advice will surely help you win the competition.

It is safe to say that everything about this headgear is revolutionary. The audible sound technology included is one of the aspects that make it stand out from the crowd. Having better sound quality is a consequence of the NASA research the engineers working for the manufacturer, as well. Your ears deserved to be protected during a match, but covering them shouldn’t sacrifice your ability to hear your coach, opponent, or the referee.

That is where the Cliff Keen Headgear proves its superiority once again. It is essential that you hear everything around you louder, but you should also hear it clearer than when you are wearing models that cover the ears without offering any sound technology. This headgear proves that it is possible to have both. The audio clarity for this model is unmatched, and you will have no issues hearing everything that is going on at any given time.

It is not unusual for coaches to yell advice and pointers at their students during a competition. However, in the heat of the battle, with your ears covered, you might not be able to hear your coach. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you should opt for the Cliff Keen Headgear and enjoy all the benefits it offers, including better audio clarity.

Excellent ear protection

A closer look at the design will tell you more about the excellent protection the headgear offers. Your ears can be a particularly weak point during a match as your opponent could hit or grab them. That is why the headgear you wear plays a vital role in protecting your ears. This model comes with ultra-deep cups that ensure proper protection for your ears. At the same time, your comfort increases, which means that you will be able to maintain your focus during the competition.

The padding surrounding the ear area is soft, which is another aspect contributing to the superior comfort the headgear offers to wrestlers. Just like there is a strong competition between manufacturers in providing the best protection possible, they also strive to provide the most comfort. Wrestlers need no distractions, and inadequate quality equipment can affect their performance tremendously. It’s great that this model doesn’t sacrifice comfort or protection for one another, and you get them both.

If you have a bigger body frame, you should check the ear guards for size, as there is a possibility for them not to fit that well over your ears. Seeing what significant advantages you can enjoy when wearing this headgear, it is worth doing the extra research to see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

With the plastic outer shell and foam on the inside, this headgear is, without a doubt, much more comfortable than other models. Combined with how lightweight the headgear is, you will experience overall comfort and protection like never before. The way the ear cups are designed to make sure that they don’t put pressure on your ears is something that definitely contributes to how comfortable the headgear is overall. Lower weight wrestlers should have no problems with finding this model to be a good fit.


It adjusts fast and easy and offers multiple other benefits

While you should be aware of the adjusting issues mentioned earlier, if you find this model to be a good fit, you will experience other advantages. The PowerTab strapping system works like a charm, and you can use it to adjust the headgear on the go without any hassle. The on-the-fly strapping design allows you to adjust it snuggly fast and easy, and you will enjoy a quick fit without any extra help.

During a match, many things can happen to affect your performance. Your headgear could move a little, or a strap can come loose, as you face your opponent. Being able to adjust your headgear quickly will save you precious seconds that could dictate the outcome of a match. It seems that this manufacturer thought of nothing else but how to provide wrestlers with a piece of gear that can give them that much-needed extra edge when they compete.

There are several things you should know about the headgear reviewed here. Besides quick readjusting that can be done without any trouble due to the PowerTab strapping system, the headgear is made from sturdy materials. That means that you will be able to use it for a long time and enjoy excellent protection without a problem. Because the company making it uses only top-notch components, you will also notice that the headgear offers proper ventilation and prevents the buildup of bacteria.

The headgear is available in a wide range of color combos, which is a great thing. Maybe you have a favorite color combination, or you want to wear your team’s colors. Everything is possible with the Cliff Keen Headgear, and you will surely find the model you want. For both novices and advanced wrestlers, this model is an absolute must-have.

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