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Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves Review

Last Updated: 27.09.20


Main advantage

The strict production process through which these gloves are made automatically results in a top-notch performance. They are manufactured under strict control using goatskin leather in combination with a water-repellent lining that is designed to keep the boxer’s hands dry and comfortable for the entire duration of the training, sparring, or match.

The perk that makes Cleto Reyes one of the most valued names in the boxing world is the fact that their style of gloves promotes less knuckle padding coupled with a square front glove shape as well as a longer-than-usual wrist cuff. The minimal padding, as a result, makes them great for putting the hurt on the person in front of you, since the hits feel a lot harder.

A significant difference when it comes to this brand in comparison to others is the fact that Cleto Reyes still chooses to go by the old fashioned way of using horsehair filling for the inner padding of the glove. This is not by any means a new method but rather the way boxing gloves were made before people invented foam padding or other similar advancements. 

What we can say with certainty is that boxers of old surely dished out and received a hell of a lot more punishment than the ones of today. 

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Main disadvantage

When it comes to boxing, everything comes full circle. As a result, from the main advantage of Cleto Reyes gloves also evolves their main disadvantage. Since these babies are meant to dish out as much hurt as possible, and this is why knockout fighters love them dearly, the reduced padding on the front means using the heavy bag might not be such a good idea.

Cletos are also wonderful for the pads, sparring, mitt work, or double end bag, but the fact that you feel each hit quite strongly does not make them ideal for long bouts of relieving frustration on the heavy bag.

Main features explained


There are a few key areas where Cleto Reyes gloves really stand out from the pack so here’s a small rundown on the qualities that have kept them on top for so long:


Sleek look

While, in the old days, boxing was simply about two men solving their problems and seeing which one is better by hitting the hell out of each other inside the ring, these days it has really evolved into a worldwide brand, a sport, and an art form. As a result, modern boxers do not simply want gloves that provide good performance but they want to look good wearing them.

When it comes to this, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better than Cletos. Since they are handmade, each piece can definitely be classified as a work of art translated into a proud boast of Mexican heritage and tradition. The sleek leather, especially the red part, goes along great with the white lace in the Lace-up version.

These gloves are also quite the polarizing figure in the boxing world, as you either love them or you hate them, there’s no middle ground. When it comes to looks, however, someone would really have to be colorblind or just really hate the company in order to argue that they do not look amazing. 

The stunning and sleek premium leather actively screams for attention any time you put the gloves on, regardless if you’re training or in an actual match. You might not be the best fighter in your gym but you’ll surely feel like you are once you put on a pair of these bad boys and just strut around challenging everyone in your sight (you might not want to do that, though). 

As with all things in this life, you’ll find that boxers are generally divided when it comes to their opinion on Cleto Reyes gloves. While rumors about a certain decline in the overall quality of the product abound and may even be true to some extent, the truth is that they’re still amazingly good-looking gloves for a certain type of person.


Minimal padding

As we said before, most modern-day gloves use foam padding in order to minimize the impact felt by the boxer, both on the hitting and on the receiving side, with this being even more true when it comes to training and sparring. Cletos, however, still go by the old-school belief that practice makes perfect and that you should feel everything in order to get accustomed to it.

What this means for you is that you should expect less overall padding in the frontal glove area, even though the company still puts 1-2 inches of it, depending on the model, along the knuckle area of the product. However, experienced boxers will know that padding “size” per se and the actual impact-absorbing properties do not always translate into equal values in practice.

You’ll see from live drills that getting punched with a pair of Cleto Reyes gloves is like being on the receiving end of lighter gloves from other brands. While it’s hard to get scientific about this, we guess you could probably say that getting hit with 16 oz Cletos should be quite similar to taking a hit from 12 oz or even 10 oz gloves from well-known competitors.

If you want to go for looks, you’ll always choose the lace version while functionality would dictate that the velcro should be the way to go. Also, Cleto Reyes gloves with their regular padding might not be great for the heavy bag but you’ll definitely be satisfied doing some mitt work or getting into some tough sparring bouts.

You shouldn’t fail to understand that the significantly lower amount of padding and the altogether different material will not only have an impact in terms of pain and pressure felt but will also influence how sore your hands will be after a few rounds on the bag. While the company does provide a regular-padding model, this is still something to consider.


Great experience in the long run

Herein lies perhaps the greatest challenge that awaits a fresh and proud owner of Cleto Reyes gloves, especially if one has never donned such a special pair of gloves before. While they definitely protect the hand well and offer very good stabilization to the wrist area due to the longer wrist cuff, there is one flaw that stands tall above the rest.

Unlike other gloves, you can’t simply put on a pair of Cleto Reyes and immediately start enjoying a comfortable experience, no sir! When we say these gloves need to be broken in, we don’t mean a practice, a week, or even a month but weeks and weeks of countless hours put in before you can start experiencing them the way they were intended to.

Even if you do start to feel some improvements around the 3-week benchmark, most reviews agree it takes a solid six months before they’re properly broken in and you actually get the full experience that you paid for and a hefty price at that. If you’re considering purchasing your first pair of Cletos it is well worth considering if you can last that long before you do.

However, if you get a pair of training gloves they may usually be a little bit easier to tame since they come with perks like latex foam and a full hook & loop closure system that allows you to put them on and take them off in seconds. As a result, the type of glove and the purpose for which you’re buying it will also serve a role in this.


The price is a reflection of the brand’s quality

The price of the gloves is one of the reasons for which you can either love them and happily pay what the company asks or hate them and cast their reputation to the winds. On one hand, Cleto Reyes is widely considered a premium boxing glove brand so you are going to pay more for them than you would for mid-range gloves.

On the other hand, many haters claim that the name has become such a franchise and the quality has decreased so much in recent years that you end up paying more for the name than the quality in itself. It’s also true that like any other brand for that matter different gloves will cost different amounts of money based on their respective weight and offered perks.

In the end, this will be a choice that only you and you alone can make. The gloves look amazing and will be the envy of boxers everywhere, especially if you opt to get the full-vintage look that comes with laces, not velcro. They are made with high-quality materials and premium leather, guaranteeing their durability and the fact that you will be able to use them for a long time. 

Furthermore, it’s only natural that they bring longevity since it takes a solid amount of time until you can properly break them in and enjoy the complete feeling of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. Also, like any other big name, it’s true that the price reflects the notoriety of the brand as much as the quality of the product. Make of it what you will and we wish you happy boxing!

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