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Century BOB XL Review

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Main advantage

One of the first things that you are going to notice about BOB, if you decide to give it a try, is the fact that you’ll get extremely realistic training with its help. Given that we’re talking about the XL version, the torso is longer, which means that you can benefit from a larger striking surface so that you can practice your kicks and body shots. 

Moreover, this also means that you will be able to work on more of your skills, so the training time can also be reduced, depending on your goal. BOB is a reliable partner when it comes to getting to where you want to be in terms of overall fitness and skills, and you can definitely rely on the product’s durability, given the materials used for its construction. 

If you have any concerns in terms of whether BOB can withstand your full striking force or not, you shouldn’t. In fact, the product includes a reliable base that can be filled with either water or sand. This means that it won’t budge if you don’t need it to. On the other hand, it also means that if you ever need to relocate BOB, you won’t have difficulties doing so. 

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Main disadvantage

While BOB works great for a wide range of types of training, you shouldn’t think that it can replace a heavy bag. If anything, it’s a great idea to have both options in your training space. This way, you can benefit from the wonders that a heavy bag can do for your overall workout, but also from everything that realistic training means. 

BOB will help you determine where your kick is going to land with superior precision and make sure that your uppercut is as accurate as you need it to be. While a heavy bag can help you in terms of movement, BOB improves accuracy; therefore, you should use both if possible. 

Main features explained



One of the main reasons for which many users prefer using a BOB for their training is the fact that it’s a multi-purpose tool designed for any level of experience, from those throwing their first kicks to professional martial artists. It’s also highly useful in learning various self-defense techniques, so this is not something that you may want to overlook, no matter how much experience you have in this area. 

Along the same lines, if you simply want to stay in shape, a BOB can definitely help you achieve this goal as well. The unit can be easily used for aerobic fitness as well, and you shouldn’t neglect the stress relief benefit that it offers, among many other things. If you are living a fast-paced life and you are looking for ways to get rid of the stress and also stay in shape, the BOB is here to make all of this happen. 

The bag is highly versatile, so no matter your goals, you are not going to be disappointed by the results, especially since it’s also the XL version. In case you have any questions about its durability, you can rest assured that you will be able to use the BOB for a very long time. The result is that you are going to enjoy a fitter overall self and also develop various skills that can prove to be very useful if you are ever in a potentially dangerous situation. 

The fact that we’re talking about a lifelike bag in terms of overall design and size means that you get the most realistic type of training possible. Thanks to this aspect, you won’t hesitate when it comes to your kicks having the right trajectory and landing exactly where you want them to, which is exactly what many professional fighters are working toward for extended periods. 



We’ve already mentioned the fact that the BOB is a reliable training partner, but if you want to understand why that is, you should read the next lines. There are several aspects that make the BOB a great addition to your training gear, one of them being that it comes with an adjustable height that ranges from 60” to an impressive 82”. 

Of course, this means that you can adjust it just as necessary to make the most of every training. Plus, if you regularly compete in professional fights, you can turn the BOB into the next opponent in terms of height in order to make sure that you know exactly what moves are necessary during the fight. 

Since this is a great tool for self-defense as well, you can also train with a BOB at various heights, to make sure that you are comfortable with any type of opponent. This being said, another particularity that you are definitely going to enjoy is the fact that this BOB comes with a freestanding design. This means that you can keep the bag in any training space, especially as it’s also easy to move around. 

One thing you may want to check from time to time is the fact that the screws at the base are still stable, especially if you know that you throw heavy punches and kicks. Of course, this is not going to be an issue in the long term in terms of overall reliability, but they might come loose from time to time, depending on how much you use it. 

One thing you should know about this BOB is that it’s made of durable materials, and this includes the base, which is made of polyethylene plastic. Besides the fact that it’s rounded so that you can easily move it around, it can also be filled with sand or water for stability, so you will be able to train without any care. 

Durability & Design 

What makes this BOB great is the fact that you get to work your upper body from every point of view, thanks to its freestanding design. As we’ve mentioned, this is a versatile product that can be used by anyone who wants to stay in shape or develop various skills, but another aspect that makes it a suitable alternative is the fact that it can be used in a home, school, or gym without any trouble. 

There’s nothing that you should worry about when it comes to the BOB’s durability, given that the manufacturer made sure the bag is tough enough to withstand a lot of kicking and remain reliable. No matter if we’re talking about crosses, body shots, hooks, head kicks, or jabs, this BOB’s your guy. 

The bag features a high-strength body made of plastisol that’s filled with dense urethane foam inside. The result is just the one you imagine, namely the fact that you feel you are kicking someone in real life. Of course, this is a great way to train, especially if you are planning to go pro and join various competitions. 

Plus, given that we’re talking about the XL version of BOB, you will be able to practice your low hits and kicks as well. The torso is longer, so you won’t have anything to be concerned about in terms of available hitting surface. Of course, this also means that you get more exercise if this is what you are after. 

The original version of the BOB allows users to apply a wide range of high kicks, but the XL model is the one you should go for if you are after an enhanced overall practice and experience. Plus, you get to relieve some of the stress accumulated throughout the day. 


Work on Targeted Strikes 

There is a reason for which a BOB is seen by many experienced users as an essential self-defense tool. If you already have some experience in this area, you don’t want it to fade over time, and this bag is the right way to keep training even if you only want to do it in the comfort of your home. 

Thanks to its design, you can work on your skills at full speed and stay in shape, but also make sure that in case you are ever in danger, your kicks have the necessary precision. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for which a BOB should not be missing from your home if you are into self-defense techniques. 

You will be able to work on implementing highly targeted strikes, which is something that a shapeless bag cannot offer. If you go for a classic punching bag, you won’t be able to aim for specific body parts, whereas in the case of this BOB, you will be able to know exactly what you are doing. Thighs, the spleen, the collar bone, or the stomach are not going to be difficult to identify in an instant. 

In fact, it’s even better to practice with a BOB than with another person in some cases, as you wouldn’t be able to strike at full power with a training partner. However, a BOB can withstand the roughest treatment so that you make the most of your session. The same goes when it comes to height. 

Given that this BOB comes with an adjustable height, you can practice fighting opponents of different sizes. Plus, you can also clothe him to practice your hits with textile coverage as well, depending on what your training goals are and whether you are likely to fight a clothed opponent or not. 

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