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Can You Put Boxing Gloves in the Dryer?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Even Winning boxing gloves get wet after you’ve worn them during a long training session or an official boxing match. No matter how well ventilated a pair of gloves may be, it still may get soaked with sweat and develop bad odors. The worst part is that if you don’t clean your gloves properly they will retain that moisture until the next day and even longer.

One of the worst feelings is to slide your hands into a moist glove that hasn’t dried yet since the last time you used it. Moreover, due to bacterial growth, you will smell a bad odor that will most likely get on your palms as well.

The obvious solution is to clean your gloves each time after you use them. However, since almost all methods of cleaning a pair of boxing gloves involve water, either simple or in a solution, the gloves still remain wet at the end. Therefore, before you can put them on again you have to dry them. In the following lines, we are going to talk about some ways to accomplish this.


Protect your gloves

It is easier to prevent this problem than to try to solve it. If you don’t want to get your boxing gloves wet on the inside or at least you want to minimize the moisture that reaches the inner lining, a great way to accomplish that is to wear hand wraps. Many fighters don’t wear these wraps when they are training, but they have more practical roles than you may think.

One of them is that the wraps absorb the sweat coming off of your palms and prevent it from reaching the gloves themselves. After your training session is over, it’s much easier to clean your wraps than the inside of your boxing gloves. You can just throw them in a net bag and place them inside the washing machine.

Keep in mind that some hand wraps can leak dye the first couple of times you wash them so don’t clean them together with your whites. If you are training every day, consider buying a second pair of boxing gloves, to give them one more day for the moisture to evaporate.




The first thing you should do after you get back home from your gym is to take them out of the gym bag. This applies even if you don’t clean them right away. Boxing gloves have to be stored in a well-ventilated area. Leaving your training equipment sealed inside a gym bag does not favor evaporation and facilitates bacterial growth.

In addition, place your gym bag in a similar environment as well and don’t forget to leave it open. Just like all other pieces of equipment, your bag can develop a bad odor and nobody wants to carry a foul-smelling bag after him or her in a public place.

Direct sunlight and wind

One of the most obvious and cheap methods of drying your boxing gloves is to place them in direct sunlight. The warmth of the sun will favor water evaporation. To make this process more efficient, you should hang your gloves somewhere outside. This way, they will not only be under sunlight but also in the wind.

As the wind blows past the surface of the gloves, it moves away the air that has become moist due to evaporation and facilitates other water particles of water to evaporate from the glove.

Hair dryer or fan

If you don’t have a place where you can hang or leave the gloves so that they are in the wind, you can easily replicate its effect, with an electric hair dryer or a fan. The exterior is easy to dry as it has a flat shape and smooth texture. The interior proves to be a little more difficult to dry because you have to keep the glove open and aim the airstream inside.

If you use hot air on the gloves with the blow dryer method take into consideration that high temperatures may damage the materials of the glove. Constantly move the hair dryer around the boxing gloves and don’t keep it too close as it may melt certain binders. If you have this option, use cool air instead.

Moisture absorption

Some commercial products are specially designed to absorb moisture from the inner lining of your gloves. They are made from burnt bamboo sticks. However, a quick solution would be to use regular charcoal. This is also inexpensive, especially if you live in an area where there is plenty of charcoal.

You just place one lump in each glove and leave them overnight. The coal absorbs all the moisture during this time and the following day your glove will be dry and most importantly, it will not smell bad.

The same effect can be achieved with silica gel packets. Surely everybody has encountered these before. They come with new pairs of shoes, or other clothing articles and have the same effect you are trying to achieve – absorbing moisture. Just let them inside your gloves overnight. Also, you can use newspapers, baking soda, fine cedar chips or cotton socks to dry the gloves.


Some people claim that using a regular dehumidifier works as well. However, you have to store the boxing gloves close to the unit and both of them have to be in a small and closed space, like the closet beneath the stairs or a cabinet. This method is less damaging to your equipment as it doesn’t use heat.


Sports dryer

Athletes have had problems with sweaty gear ever since gear was invented. To combat this problem, many companies have designed racks onto which you can hang your gloves, shoes, helmets and in order to allow them to get dry. The hooks are actually tubes through which ambient or warm air flows into whatever piece of equipment happens to hang on them.

Products like Williams Direct Dryers are easy to assemble and to operate. This one, in particular, can be wall mounted so that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and can be reached with ease. There are 24 hooks so you can dry 24 items simultaneously. These kind of products are great additions to gyms where there are a lot more sweaty pieces of equipment around.


Due to the intricate shape and texture of the boxing gloves, placing them in a clothes dryer in order to evaporate the moisture is not going to work. However, there are ways to completely dry your gloves that are more effective and possibly less expensive. In fact, most of them are more economical, as the more expensive solutions are only used by gyms.

If you apply the tips presented at the beginning of this article you will have no problems in getting your equipment dry, bacteria-free and odor-free. Always try to prevent them from getting soaked with sweat in the first place by wearing hand wraps and remember that after your training session you should store them in a well-ventilated place.




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