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Can You Jog In Boxing Shoes?

Last Updated: 04.07.22


Practicing any type of sport is quite expensive and this is why most of us decide to combine the gear and accessories used in various sports to cut down costs. After all, you can use the same old shirt and sweatpants to jog, practice yoga or lift weights, so why shouldn’t you use those new boxing shoes by Ringside to run daily errands too?

As much as we would like to find a universal uniform to fit all sports requirements, there is a reason why different sports require specific gear.

Although some products may be created for pure marketing purposes, others will meet the specific needs of sportspeople in different fields. It is also the case of shoes, so here is everything you need to know about boxing footwear and how to find the right one according to your training needs.


The main benefits of boxing shoes

No matter if you’re a professional or a beginner in the ring, you will require proper gear to train and increase the chances of becoming a winner. This starts with finding a comfortable and reliable pair of boxing shoes that should simultaneously meet the following requirements.


The most important feature you have to take into account when searching for a new pair of boxing shoes is their weight. They weigh less than other athletic shoes because you need to have maximum control of your feet in the ring.

The lightweight design will also provide increased flexibility, allowing you to move freely and prepare your defense or offense. In time, wearing a lightweight pair of boxing shoes will enhance your performance and help you find your balance easier.

Most boxing shoes are made of high-quality suede and leather and are specifically designed to feel like you’re not wearing anything.



Good traction is mandatory whether you’re training as an amateur or in a professional boxing ring. In most cases, boxing shoes feature thin rubber soles that provide an excellent grip and maintain proper traction without keeping you firmly to the ground.

The great majority of boxing shoes don’t come with a built-in arch like regular running shoes. On the contrary, the soles are flat to better absorb shocks and prevent slipping even if you sweat. These shoes are mainly designed for indoor wearing and may not be durable enough for concrete or pavement.



Although not a general rule, almost all boxing shoes come in a high-top version. The extra part is specifically designed to keep your ankles secure and protect them from sprains and injuries.

Unlike joggers who are mainly moving forward, boxers require improved balance on both feet, which adds extra pressure and increases the risk of accidents and injuries. In other words, boxers have to easily switch their weight from one leg to another and be able to move their feet in all directions to avoid hits from opponents or work on their offense. In these cases, high-top shoes represent an excellent choice.

However, there are some professional boxers who prefer regular, low-top shoes when training on the mat because, according to them, this type of footwear comes with increased mobility and flexibility.



Last but not least, professional boxers also choose the perfect pair of shoes according to their breathability. Keep in mind that boxing workout sessions are intense and, most of the times, you’ll only feel satisfied after you sweat a lot. In order to prevent your feet from slipping on the canvas or causing blisters and cuts due to friction, boxing shoes must ensure increased air circulation.

Therefore, most of them will be made entirely out of mesh or feature mesh panels on the sides to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day. However, depending on your budget, you can opt for shoes made of leather and suede which are long-lasting, flexible, breathable, and reliable at the same time.


Can you wear boxing shoes outside?

Although some professional boxers were seen wearing their indoor shoes on the street, this isn’t something we recommend. As you can already tell, there are numerous differences between shoes specifically designed for indoors and those made to resist all weather conditions and road challenges.

Differences between boxing shoes and jogging shoes

One of the main differences is represented by the soles. Boxing shoes feature rubber soles that are lightweight and flexible, ensuring maximum freedom of movement for the feet. Since most workout sessions and official games are performed indoors, on cushioned canvases, boxing shoes don’t require extra thick soles to absorb shocks and keep your feet tight.

You’ll often see boxers wearing high-ankle boots and the main reason is that these shoes protect the ankles and the lower part of the leg from injuries, sprains, bruises, cuts, and other accidents. However, they may not be as comfortable when running outside, especially in hot temperatures.

The overall construction of boxing shoes also differs from what you’ll normally find in a pair of jogging or running shoes.

Boxing shoes are designed to withstand friction and extensive wear since some of the training sessions can become intense. Therefore, suede and leather shoes represent the best choices as they are more durable and provide increased skin breathability at the same time.

On the contrary, the upper part of running shoes can be made of a variety of fabrics, both synthetic and natural. Friction occurs mainly on the sole part, so using high-quality materials on the top is not mandatory. From this point of view, running shoes are more affordable than boxing boots.


Getting the proper fit

Although finding the right size of shoes is mandatory for every sports enthusiast, picking the right fit differs from one activity to another.

One thing that most joggers and athletes seem to forget is that they spend countless hours moving, running, and exercising in the same pair of shoes. This doesn’t only lead to muscle spasms and sore feet but also to swollen limbs.

Therefore, most athletes are advised to purchase trainers that are at least half a size bigger, sometimes even a full size up if they have wide feet. The extra space will allow feet to rest comfortably and diminish the pain intensity when they get swollen.

However, boxers don’t have this luxury. Their shoes are supposed to feel like a second skin and be as light as possible. Picking a pair that is even half a size bigger can cause your shoes to fall off your feet when practicing, which might lead to injuries. Larger shoes also feel heavier and are harder to control, meaning boxers will have to put on extra effort to keep them tight.

To sum up, each pair of sports shoes is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a certain outdoor or indoor activity. Some provide more cushion and shock absorbance, while others come with rubber, lightweight soles that offer maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Some keep your ankles secure, while others are more durable and protect you from injuries.





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