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BOB Punching Bags – Common Issues and Fixes

Last Updated: 05.10.20


If you are looking to step up your training, a BOB punching bag is a piece of great equipment to have. However, you should check the online BOB punching bag reviews in order to make the choice that suits you best. Despite being really useful for your training due to its lifelike shape, the Body Opponent Bag has some issues which may affect your progress as an athlete.


Water starts to leak from the bag’s reservoir

First of all, you should empty the base to minimize the floor damage. After identifying the damaged area, wait for the base to become completely dried. You will need some water-resistant adhesive. Place some of this adhesive over the crack and wait for it to strengthen.

Test the result by adding water to the crack’s level. If it starts leaking again, you need to find another solution.

Sand might be the right replacement

Not only it has smaller chances of leaking through the base, but it is heavier than water by volume. This means that you won’t need a big quantity of sand for your punching bag to have the same weight as before.

If sand is also leaking out of the punching bag’s reservoir, there is still one thing for you to try. Apply a good amount of strong adhesive over the damaged area. On top of the adhesive, place a small piece of flexible rubber. After applying pressure on that zone for 10-15 minutes, your BOB punching bag should be as good as new.


Screw and bolts easily come loose

This situation is characterized by supplementary noise and an odd movement of the punching bag’s superior part. If one of the screws or bolts is undone, simply detach the top part to retrieve it. Putting the bolt back to its place should cause you no problems at all.

In order to avoid interrupting your training every time, check the screws before starting to punch the bag. Using a wrench or a screwdriver will solve this problem but this is only a temporary solution.


Solve this issue for a longer period of time

Apply metal adhesive on the bolts thread. Depending on your preferences you can use an adhesive that will keep the screws permanently in their position. But this will make it very hard for you to break down the BOB punching bag in smaller parts when moving it to a new location.


Fix this with no money

If you are not willing to spend money on expensive adhesive, there are some household items that you may use. Wrap some sewing thread around the loose bolts or screws. It will diminish loosening caused by vibration.

Another solution is to use nail polish or paint. Apply a coat of paint or nail polish on the thread before tightening the bolt.


Tearings into the bag’s material

Tearing could be a result of punching with excessive force or just a consequence of the passage of time. Another possible cause is that athletes don’t remove their jewelry or shoes before punching and kicking. Hitting the bag with hard objects will only increase the risk of damaging the BOB punching bag.

For small tearings, the regular adhesive should get the job done. If the tearing is big, the use of liquid vinyl is recommended. Apply a layer of liquid vinyl together with a flexible rubber patch. Moreover, using a second layer of liquid vinyl should give you a better result.

Some of the athletes even put headgear on the bag in order to better protect it. It also requires their punches to be more precise. However, if the material tearing has become too big, you might consider replacing the body of the punching bag. You can purchase from producers a new punching bag without the free-standing support.

According to a piece of information that can easily be found online, a replacement for your BOB punching bag is almost as expensive as the entire equipment.

The bag has the tendency to slide

A free standing bag will move when hit with powerful strikes. If the bag is placed on a smooth floor such as tiles or cement, you will have a higher chance to encounter this problem. The bag will slide around because the amount of friction between the plastic base and the smooth floor is not enough to keep it in one place.


Place a piece of material underneath the base

One of the most popular and easiest solutions is to place something that creates more friction than the floor. A rubber mat is a good choice since it will drastically reduce the amount of movement. If you want to solve this problem as cheaply as possible, you could use a shower mat for the same purpose.


Use foam mats

Take some foam mats and place them beneath the punching bag. You should consider covering the entire area that you will move around in. Not only your own weight will reduce the bag’s sliding movement, but a softer surface is healthier for your joints.


Use bolts to keep it in one place

You should consider this only if you are certain of the punching bag’s final position. Bolting the base to the floor will totally stop it from moving around when training. One thing you might want to consider before doing this is the additional wear. The punching bag will wear out faster or even break since it is not designed to be fixed to the floor.


Reposition the bag

Place the punching bag against a wall or a pole in order to prevent any supplementary movement. It has the advantage that you can relocate the bag whenever you want depending on your training method.

However, you won’t be able to move around the bag as much as you may want. A punching bag placed against a wall might get an unnatural bounce altogether. Furthermore, restricting the free standing bag’s movement using this method will increase the wear as the bag will hit the wall often.

Place sandbags around the base

Putting some sandbags around the base of the punching bag should reduce some of the sliding across the floor. This is a fast fix and it is easy to get the wanted amount of movement by adding or removing sandbags. You might want to check the integrity of the used sandbags in order to avoid making a mess on your training floor.


The Body Opponent Bag is falling over

When set up to its maximum height, this free standing bag might tilt over during intense training sessions. This may be caused by the bag being too light.


Fill the reservoir all the way up

Check how much of the tank has been filled. If there is still some empty space, you should use that space and add more weight to the bag.


Change the base filler

You filled up the bag’s tank using water and it still has not enough weight. You might consider replacing the water with sand.

After removing the water, wait for the bag’s base to get completely dry. If sand gets wet, it becomes very hard and it will take you a lot of time and effort to empty the reservoir before relocating the bag to a new place.

Another good option to add weight to your training equipment is to use rocks as base filler. The combination of sand with rocks will give you the heaviest punching bag that you could get. You might want to use gravel instead since it is easier to pour. Take note that using rocks or gravel will increase the wear on the punching bag.


The BOB punching bag is difficult to move around

Because of its shape, moving the bag to a new place might be a bit difficult. Unlike a heavy bag, it doesn’t have an easy to grab zone due to its dimensions and design.

Before relocating the bag, remove the top part as it will be easier to maneuver. Also, you might consider using water to fill the base. This way, the free standing bag has a lower weight but it might affect your training since it will slide across the floor when punched hard.


How to empty a sand filled base

In case you want to get your training equipment to a new location, things might get difficult. Especially if you fill the reservoir with sand.

In order to get the sand out, use a vacuum cleaner and empty the vacuum barrel into buckets or bags. You can buy for a smaller price a cyclonic style vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaner is also easier to empty.




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11 months ago

The bob punching bag was painted but its fading. Wats a good paint to give that solid color but won’t come off with punches?

Jarret Waldman
Jarret Waldman
5 months ago

Does anyone know what size screws it takes mine did not come with any.

5 months ago

What do we know about BOB being weather proof? Can I leave him outside in the sun and rain and different weather? Or should I always move him inside when my training session is over?

Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong
5 months ago

You mention liquid vinyl for tears, is there a particular product that has performed well? Or even a suggested product? I just picked up a used Bob punching bag and didn’t notice a 1/2 inch long cut in the neck that looks deep. It opens up when you strike it. I’m worried it will get bigger over time. Thanks

3 months ago

The screw came out and the one piece was bent. This was the century Bob. Are there replacement screws?

3 months ago

My bob did not match the screw holes with the base.There off about an inch….does it really matter if i use it like that…

Jack B
Jack B
2 months ago

I set up the Bob XL and the Manakin part falls/slips down to a lower height after only a few combos. Any suggestions on how to reduce or stop that? Or am I not screwing it in correctly? Or am I doing something else incorrectly perhaps? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Raymond D Houlihan
Raymond D Houlihan
1 month ago

I have a small garage gym. I’d like to be able to put this in a corner and roll it out to the middle of the garage when I want to use it. Is that feasible, or would it be too difficult to roll out and back for use? Protection Status