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10 Best Weight Lifting Benches – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Weight Lifting Benches – Guide & Comparison


You will find what the best weight lifting benches out there are with the help of this article. The guide will help you with finding a good model for you, especially if you’re low on time or tired of reading all the weight lifting bench reviews without a result. We did our best to search through all the critically acclaimed products and after an intense analysis we came to the conclusion that the Marcy Flat SB 315 Utility 600 lbs  bench is the one you should clearly have a look at. It’s a small enough bench that still gives you the possibility to lift 600 pounds on it. Furthermore, its fabric is of great quality and it will feel comfortable on your skin. Easy to assemble and small enough to fit in every room, it’s a good model. If you can’t find it, you might want to try the Fitness Reality 1000 Super 800 lbs.



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10 Best Weight Lifting Benches (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Our team analyzed what a weight lifting bench press should do, and after following what experts had to say and analyzing the input of some of the buyers, we created the following top of weight lifting benches, each of them having great characteristics.



1. Marcy Flat SB 315 Utility 600 lbs 


For those looking for a bench capable of offering a full-body workout, this is a great choice. It is a high-functioning workout system that will let you enhance the capabilities of your body in the manner that you want. Having a heavy-duty construction, this bench has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.

It is constructed using a heavy-duty tube frame, and as a result, you have the steady support that you need while performing difficult lifts. You also have increased comfort thanks to the high-density foam present in the bench and the boxed upholstery.

The low profile of the bench and its slim frame means it has a space-saving design. This allows for convenient placement in your home. The surface is also durable, and it has a powder-coated finish that reinforces the fabric. The bench will resist wear and tear and will be resistant to sweat.




Taking into account how small this bench is, it’s impressive how sturdy it can be, having a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.

The high-quality deluxe fabric keeps the body comfortable and firm during workouts.

Furthermore, the fabric is covered with a special powder meant to reinforce it. This means there will be no tears in the material.

The bench is easy to assemble, and it’s small enough to fit in every room. You don’t have to worry about it occupying too much space when you put it away.

It is the kind of bench that has been designed to allow you to perform all kinds of exercises.



The foam used for this model, although comfortable, will not come back to its original form if you put too much pressure on it. So if you sit in a single position every time you use the machine, there will be uneven spots on the bench.

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2. Fitness Reality 1000 Super 800 lbs


With a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds, this is one of the most sturdy weight lifting tables that you can find for your home. What makes it so durable is the uniquely-designed triangular support structure. The tubular steel frame is also powder-coated to be even more resistant.

You can use this bench if you are 6’4’’ or smaller. The backrest is 12 inches wide and 33.5 inches long, which should ensure good back support for most people while exercising. The seat is also pretty large, measuring 15.3 by 14.5 inches. Both of these are covered in comfortable foam.

The bench comes with a leg hold-down bar that can be positioned in 3 ways, and this offers additional stability during your workouts. There are also leg stabilizers that spread wide enough to prevent the bench from moving and rocking. You even get wheels that can be placed on the device to move it.




One of the main advantages of this device is how strong it is, and with a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds, it can give you the possibility to do the hardest workouts.

The bench is not only sturdy but it can also be folded in a compact shape which measures 51 by 23.5 by 9 inches. You can easily store it almost anywhere around the house.

This device comes with a backrest that is wide enough to support the back of any kind of individual. The same can be said about the large seat.

It comes with much-needed foam padding placed on the backrest and on the seat.



The machine is only useful for those that are 6’4’’ or shorter. You will be having comfort and safety issues if you’re taller than that.

The fabric used to cover the foam padding has not been treated and might tear under heavy use.

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3. Flybird Adjustable Bench


Being known as a company that has been creating fitness equipment for 20 years, Flybird is a great producer of weight benches, and that can be seen in this model from them. It’s a bench that stands out from an aesthetical point of view, with the all-black design and the red stripes. As the case is with all of their products, this one is created using the input of professional fitness coaches and is intensely tested before being sold.

Constructed using heavy-duty steel, the bench will let you place weights of up to 500 pounds on it, and still be stable. Created with 4 seat positions and 6 back positions, the bench is easy to adjust and will let you experience full-body workouts. You just have to pull the support bar and adjust it any way you need it.

Covered in high-quality leather and padded with soft foam that is 1.8 inches thick, the bench will be comfortable too.




It is one of the better-looking benches out there. If you’re the kind of person that cares a bit about the aspect, this bench is the choice for you.

The design of this device has been created using advice coming from professional fitness coaches.

Flybird test each of their benches individually before they are sold.

Setting it up is an easy task, and it’s also easy to adjust it. Having 4 positions for the seat and 6 for the back, the bench allows for all kinds of exercises.

The bench is a comfortable one and the padding is good enough to last for years.

When you don’t need the bench you can fold it and reduce 70% of its size.



Although the leather is highly-resistant, it will also do badly when your body is sweaty. It will get sticky and maybe even get damaged by humidity.

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4. Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench 2022 Version


Created using the advice provided by experienced fitness coaches, this bench is made to offer you the means of achieving your full potential. This bench has been created with sturdiness in mind, as anyone knows you need a durable bench, not one that keeps you busy for a month and then breaks.

The bench is made of commercial thick steel, and the model is subject to thousands of tests to ensure that the utmost safety standards are followed. As a result, the weight capacity of the bench is 620 pounds which should allow you to do various workout routines with high loads. It has a triangular structure that makes it sturdy and well-balanced.

You have the possibility to adjust this bench on 3 seat positions and 7 back positions. This will give you the versatility you need for a full-body workout, and adjusting the bench is an easy thing to do.




The bench can be folded in 30 seconds and when folded it only measures 30 by 16 by 9 inches. This lets you place it in the corner of your room or under the bed when you don’t need it.

Its backrest and seat are covered in soft foam padding measuring 2 inches, which will provide the comfort you need while doing the exercises.

You can easily adjust the weight lifting utility bench thanks to the fast bolt mechanism it employs. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of time between exercises.

620 pounds of maximum weight is quite impressive, taking into account how light this bench is and how compact it can get.



The bench is covered in leather, and although that is a good choice from the durability point of view, it’s not so great when you sweat on it and it becomes sticky. It may also start to smell after a longer use time.

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5. Gymenist Exercise Bench Adjustable


Those looking for a really compact bench that they can use at home and also during some of their travels should look no further than this bench. The device is one that can be adjusted according to your needs in 3 main positions. In the decline position, you can do exercises like situps, crunches, or decline press.

You can use the flat position for bench presses, dumbbell rolls, and many others. The inclined position can be used for military presses. The bench can be folded in a flat position and it will take 50% less space this way.

It comes with balancing legs that can be adjusted to offer better stability. You can use the 3 seat positions to make the workouts more comfortable for you, lower, or raise the seat. The bench comes with cushions on the footrest, and it also has an additional removable cushion that can be placed on the backrest.




You can rotate the ends of the legs to obtain the best possible stability.

The footrest has great cushions, and when doing exercises using that, you won’t feel your legs being hurt.

The removable back cushion is a nice addition, taking into account that you can move it higher or lower on the back, to make things more comfortable for you.

This is a great bench for those that need to take their exercise machines with them, taking into account how light it is and how compact it can get.

Assembling the bench is not necessary, as it comes pre-assembled in the box.

The padding seems to be comfortable enough and the foam doesn’t get too soft with time.



The fabric covering the padding is not well sewn, especially where it meets the metal, and it starts to come loose after a while.

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6. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series


When you want to turn your workout area at home in a true gym you need some special pieces of equipment, and this weight bench from Bowflex can provide you with everything you need for a full-body routine. You can adjust it to six main positions, from a 17-degree decline to a 90-degree decline and this will provide multiple angles on which you can do your workout.

Built using heavy-duty commercial quality steel, this bench’s frame will stay strong no matter the exercises you’re doing on it. Thanks to the sturdy frame it can hold weights of up to 480 pounds. To offer more support while declined, the bench comes with a removable leg hold-down brace.

This weight lifting bench review wouldn’t be complete without saying that the design of this bench has been created to correct your posture and to keep your body in a stabilized position. 




The removable leg hold-down brace is a nice touch because it is comfortable to use as it’s padded, but it can also be dismantled quickly.

Many other weight lifting benches don’t take the body posture into account when being declined, but this one does in all positions, and that helps with having a safe workout routine.

It’s a highly-adjustable bench, offering you the possibility to change its position in 6 different ways, and also being able to offer a decline between 17 and 90 degrees.

The legs of this device come with small rubber feet that help it get stuck on any surface, so you don’t have to worry about moving it around during workouts.



The frame can hold weights of up to 480 pounds, which is not bad, but taking into account how bulky and heavy the frame is,  you would expect much more.

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7. Pasyou Adjustable Weight Bench


When looking for a weight lifting bench, you need something that can be adjusted to let you do an entire workout, and this bench does just that. It has 7 back positions that can be adjusted to offer you a complete workout session. With the bench, you can perform a large variety of upper and lower body exercises while building the muscles you want.

Made using heavy-duty thickened steel, this bench has been designed incorporating a unique triangle structure that is capable of holding weights of up to 500 pounds. Stability is not an issue thanks to the sturdy legs and the small rubber feet at their ends.

The seat is made to ensure you sit in the most comfortable position, and the padding in both the seat and the backrest is thick enough to make you feel at ease. Your muscles won’t feel fatigued because of bad posture.





It’s one of the easiest machines to assemble. When it comes it’s almost fully assembled, and you only need to attach the back support and the foam rollers.

The bench can be disassembled or folded fast for efficient storage. You can save space using this device.

This model comes with instructions on how to use and put together and the right tools to do that.

If comfort is what you are looking for, the bench will give you that, with padding thick enough to support any kind of weight, and the fabric covering it being durable.

The small rubber feet at the end of the legs ensure that the machine doesn’t slide away when in use.



This bench is a bit shorter than other models and tall people may have issues trying to use it effectively.

Because you have to tighten the bolts yourself every time you assemble it, it’s not the safest bench.

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8. RitFit Adjustable Foldable Utility Bench


Most weight benches don’t come with instructions on how to use them, but this one does more than that – it also comes with a large poster showing you how to do 36 exercises. It’s a device that can help you get lean and muscular even if you previously knew nothing about how a bench is used.

Having the possibility to adjust the seat in 4 different positions and the backrest in 5 separate ones, you have a variety of ways to work with this bench. Weightlifting and equipment-free exercises can be done with this device. The bench is made using durable steel, and the frame is enough to hold weights of up to 510 pounds.

Being foldable and not weighing a lot, it’s the kind of bench that can be transported with ease. The fabric covering it is soft leather and underneath that, you find dense padding that feels comfortable.




Coming in a compact shape, this bench can be placed anywhere in the house, and when you don’t use it, you can fold it and hide it in a small corner.

The durable steel frame ensures durability over time. You can lift impressive weights on this bench and it will not flinch.

When designing this bench the manufacturers took into consideration the movements that the person using it will do. As a result, the shape of every part of the bench has been created to allow for maximum mobility.

The contoured foam roller pads will give you the comfort you need while performing the exercises and the same can be said about the dense padding.



The distance between the legs isn’t large enough and that causes wobbling when performing energetic exercises.

Finding the perfect position for flat exercises is difficult, as the bench still has some degrees of decline when placed flat.

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9. Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench


One thing sets this bench apart from its competition – the removable resistance bands that can give you the possibility to perform some other kinds of exercises. The bands will let you do low-impact muscle exercises that can target certain muscle groups.

Handling weights of up to 330 pounds, this is not the sturdiest bench, but it does provide the adequate needed support for those kinds of weights. The frame itself is strong, but the adjustable mechanism not that much.

The foam-padded foot support will provide the extra edge of comfort you need while performing certain exercises, and the PU leather covering the dense foam padding will feel soft and nice on your skin. The comfortable bench will help you exercise every day to give you the health and strength you want.

With 7 backrest positions, you can adjust this bench for a variety of workouts, and the foldable design will save a lot of space.




This bench is great for all kinds of exercises, from chest to shoulders, back, and abs. Using the bench you will heavily increase your upper body strength.

It has a comfortable design, completed by high-density foam padding in the seat and backrest. Doing bench presses on this model will feel nice in any situation.

You can adjust the backrest in 7 different positions and this should give you the variety needed when looking for different exercises.

The bench comes with removable resistance bands that will let you perform exercises that you otherwise couldn’t on other benches.

Thanks to its foldable design the model can be easily put up or disassembled, and it takes so little space.



You can’t adjust the seat, so if you feel you don’t sit comfortably, unfortunately, you can’t change that.

It can only hold weights of up to 330 pounds, and that means you can’t lift that much on it.

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10. Barwing Adjustable Weight Bench 800 lbs


Saving a lot of space when not in use, this bench can be stored quickly under your bed or in closets for enhanced convenience. The bench gives you the means of adjusting it from a decline of 30 degrees to an incline of 70 degrees. You also have 4 different ways of adjusting the seat, including declines between 40 degrees and 20 degrees.

The holding bar where you place your legs can be positioned in 2 places. This bench can thus be modified according to every need. Furthermore, there is no assembly required when you get this bench. You just get it out of the box and you can start using it.

This bench even comes with transport wheels that can be attached to help you easily move it around. It’s a convenient concept. Let’s not forget how heavy-duty this device is, with a frame made of 3-inch thick heavy-duty steel.




It seems like this lifting bench has been made for easy transportation – it comes with everything you would ever imagine could help you move it around the house, from an extra handle that you can pull it from, to wheels that can be attached.

The bench is so easy to store thanks to being foldable. You can quickly hide it under your bed or in a closet when you need to.

It is a bench that can be adjusted in different ways, changing its angle from a 30 degrees decline to an incline of 70 degrees.

The seat can also be adjusted in 4 different manners, and it also has the ability to change the incline from 40 to 20 degrees.



When doing exercises in a decline position you will feel that the seat is uncomfortable. You might need to use a pillow to compensate for that.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you’re buying an adjustable weight lifting bench for your home you need to see if it can be folded or not. You don’t want something that can’t fit the space you have available. If you’re looking for an affordable weight lifting bench, keep the following things in mind.


When buying a bench, check how many exercises it lets you do. Are there any special ones you want to do? Then see if the weight bench can be modified to allow you to do that. It all depends on what you want your body to do on the bench. There are models specialized in helping you get better biceps, while others help your shoulders more.

Think about the primary needs you want the bench to accommodate, and be sure you can always modify it if you want to do some extra exercises. While a simple flat weight lifting bench can let you do a couple of exercises, those are not enough.


Size and load

Because you will be using the bench in your home, dimensions matter. You want something large enough to accommodate your body, but with the capability of being placed away when you don’t need it. Benches can vary a lot in size, and you need to find the perfect fit for you. Just remember that there are plenty of models that are foldable.

One disadvantage of foldable benches is that they are flimsy. The joints where the folding happens are weak points that need to be strengthened. Despite this, however, there are benches that can still be folded and allow for weights of up to 600 pounds or more to be placed on them.

Weight load is probably one of the most important indicators of the quality of a bench. It’s a pity when you start developing your strength and then you find out that the bench you are using can’t support any more weight. Development can happen fast, and you don’t want to buy a new bench after only a few months of using the old one. Check for the user load and the capacity allowed, as these are separate numbers.


You want to feel comfortable when using a bench, otherwise, you might not use it as often. The bare minimum is for your bench to have inclined and flat angles. The next step is for them to have upright positions and declined angles. There are benefits to each of these, and you can exercise differently.

You also want both your seat to be adjustable, as well as the back. This is not only for versatility reasons, but also to keep your body in a proper position in order to avoid accidents. Flat angles are known for allowing a wide range of exercises, and that is why they are good for general use, targeting the middle chest area.

Inclined angles are good for targeting the upper chest area with bench presses, while decline angles are great for the lower chest when doing presses. Upright angles are great for targeting the shoulders with overhead presses.



This is something that most people don’t think of because it can be considered a sign of weakness – “you’re not doing your presses because of how hard the bench is? Laughable.” However, the best weight lifting bench will let you focus on the actual exercise instead of constantly thinking about how to sit better.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How much do lifting benches weigh?

Weight lifting benches can weigh anything between 30 and 90 pounds, and while the smaller ones are usually less sturdy, they are made to be used by people that don’t have that much room in their house.

A professional lifting bench would weigh much more than that, and you shouldn’t be surprised if a bench weighs 200 pounds. But for those that are meant to be used in the comfort of your home, you don’t have to expect that. At the end of the day, you still need to move that bench around.

It’s not that important how much a bench actually weighs, but rather how big is its load capacity. How much weight can you put on it? A cheap weight lifting bench is still should still allow you to lift 600 pounds, which should be enough for lifters practicing at home. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself while exercising at home.

Q: What should I use to clean my weight lifting bench?

Some people don’t know this or don’t like to do this, but when using lifting benches, you have to clean them after every session. You might be the kind of person that puts a towel under you while doing the workout, but the bench will still get some of your sweat on it every time you use it. Sweat is one of the biggest factors that affect corrosion, so make sure to wipe it out after each session.

Amongst the things that you can use to clean the bench, you can find fitness wipes. Because they are all-natural, they won’t harm anything, even if the upholstery is made of leather. They also smell good and aren’t that expensive. Some people use car wipes, but those aren’t always natural and they can also leave residue behind. You can keep a container of wipes at your disposal in the gym.


Q: How do I assemble my weight lifting bench?

Most of the time you won’t find a bench that is fully assembled. Of course, there are some models, but those are rare, and even they have to be unpacked or something like that. When putting a bench together, you first have to unpack every small part of it, even the screws.

The task of such a bench is primarily to hold as much weight as possible, and for that reason, you have to make sure the foundation is a solid one, so start with the base. Start with the foot supports and the base holding everything.

Set the nuts and bolts in their positions and connect the head-bar base with the end-bar. Don’t screw anything too tight initially as you might need to make small adjustments later. You can also add the foot supports if you want them. Having a partner will always be beneficial when assembling a bench.



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