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10 Best Under Armour Football Cleats Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 05.07.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Under Armour Football Cleat + Reviews


Here you’ll find out what the best Under Armour football cleats are and this can be quite nice, especially if you have little to no time on your hands to do some thorough research by yourself. After carefully examining the quality and value offered by some of the recognized products in this line, our team has managed to come to the agreement that the Under Armour Men’s Breathe Trainer Shoe is the one you should try to get as soon as possible. This product comes with a synthetic sole, has a stretch mesh upper in order to provide breathable room and feel for your leg, and boasts a synthetic heel counter that will work wonders when it comes to your foot’s security. In the unfortunate event that all the products of this line have been snatched up already, you may want to keep the Under Armour Girls’ Highlight MC Football Shoe.



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10 Best Under Armour Football Cleats (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Choosing your new pair of football cleats can be a hard process due to the myriad of options on the market and to the many characteristics requiring to be taken into consideration. Therefore, our team has gone through some of the better products out there and showcased them below, just for you.



1. Under Armour Men’s Breathe Trainer Shoe


These cleats are good enough to be able to deliver a comfortable and secure feeling due to their synthetic sole that will make the wearer really enjoy wearing them. The stretch mesh upper was designed to boast a lightweight feeling that will make the foot move faster and be more agile while still keeping that breathable quality that Under Armour users enjoy so much.

The color is also quite nice since you can opt for a lot of options that are bound to fit any gear and any taste, especially the black and white shoes that look both classy and stylish at the same time.

The soft and stretchy construction of the entire product makes for a seamless fit that will make any user enjoy the overall experience of wearing them up to the point where they won’t want to use anything else when it comes to their professional games.



The full-length EVA midsole cushioning provides a shoe that will adapt itself to the slightest movement of your legs and, as a result, will improve your reaction time and the ability to make decisions on the spot.

Even better, the outsole is fully made from rubber and makes sure any type of terrain you are on will never try to outsmart you by running away from you. The flex grooves will also do their part and provide flexibility when it is going to be needed the most.

The insole is completely removable which can be a good thing when you decide it’s time to clean your collection of sports shoes.



There seems to be a real problem with the way the manufacturer has created the size chart since the shoes run quite small compared to what the number says.

Also, the flat end of the product is narrow and hard to break in, even after some time of continuous using.

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2. Under Armour Girls’ Highlight MC Football Shoe


Cheap Under Armour football cleats are not always so easy to find but the ones in the Highlight line can be quite affordable and allow many people to enjoy the quality that has made UA one of the better-known brands in the world when it comes to sports shoes.

You will be so impressed with their quality that you’ll soon come to realize the possibility of using these cleats not only for football but also for sports like lacrosse which is played on almost the same field. Despite the fact that this is a pair of high-top footwear, users will be surprised to see how lightweight it is and how comfortable the foot feels inside it.

Furthermore, athletes will always require cleats that offer good grip due to their need of keeping the feet safe and the UA Highlight ones really do stand out when it comes to this so you can’t really have any complaints.



There are nice-to-wear shoes and then there are look-how-comfortable-these-are cleats and this product from Under Armour really has that in spades.

Even though comfort is definitely one important quality, high-top footwear is always known for being very supportive to the ankle and people who buy this will see how safe and protected theirs will be while still remaining mobile enough to be able to adapt to abrupt turns and cuts when out there on the field.

This entire array of qualities makes this pair of cleats versatile and mobile, a quality that is highly sought-after in the mobile games of today.



Despite its many obvious qualities, the UA Highlight MC is one of the company’s cleats that run quite narrow and may feel uncomfortable for customers with smaller feet, especially if they don’t order the correct size.

The increased ankle security comes at the expense of reduced breathability so you should be aware of this when buying.

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3. Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe


If you’re looking for a pair of all white Under Armour football cleats then you have come to the right place as this product’s line can offer you that, besides the already obvious choice you’re making: Buying an excellent product that’s tough, durable, and should last you through the length of an entire football season.

The synthetic sole is another great quality that seeks to improve both the performance of the person wearing this as well as the overall comfort since the company’s mission is to make all athletes better through relentless innovation.

You will find these cleats to have excellent grip and the ability to keep your ankles into place and protect them from injuries that are more prone to occur in a sport as tough as football. Unexpected turns and cuts are no longer a reason to worry when out there on the field.



The combination of grip and lightweight feeling is, in itself, a very good perk to have when it comes to a pair of football cleats and makes this product a very desirable one.

The versatility of these shoes makes it quite ideal for playing different power positions that require stability and the ability to explode out of the box and ram through the line to get to the other side.

Comparing the price and versatility to the performance it is able to offer, this is a good and affordable pair of football cleats that can find its place in many lockers around the world.



The increased protection for the ankles had to cut corners someplace and, in this product’s case, it was the breathability section. This really isn’t a pair of cleats that allows too much room for air to flow.

The fact that these cleats are so narrow means choosing the wrong size can (quite literally) make or break the pair you just bought.

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4. Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoe


Welcome to the world of enhanced football cleats where you will get your money’s worth and more when buying these staple products from Under Armour. The textile and synthetic design ensures you will get a durable and trustworthy pair of cleats that will not let you down when the going gets tough out there on the football field.

You’ll also notice the open-holed mesh tongue construction that’s meant to offer superior ventilation in order to allow your foot to breathe properly. The die-cut EVA sock liner works for what is under the food and provides the necessary comfort and durability in order to make you feel good.

The cleats are rubber molded and, as such, offer aggressive traction on pretty much any type of surface that will allow you to burst out into a sprint and break through that line without worrying you will slip and fall.



The number of favorable characteristics makes this one of the most affordable Under Armour football cleats and they can even be used for similar sports such as lacrosse, where traction is also required.

They also keep your feet extremely safe while offering a comfortable wearing experience, especially due to the support they offer to your ankles. Protecting the higher part of the foot while still being able to make turns and cuts on quick notice is one of the most sought-after qualities in the life of a football player’s legs.

The versatility of this pair of cleats ensures people from multiple positions will be able to use them with great performance.



The amount of security offered to the leg takes away from the level of mobility that this shoe can offer, as well as from how much breathing room your foot will actually have.

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5. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Mid MC Football Shoe


This is a shoe that has received thorough design and a lot of hours of thinking, something that is obvious from the great combination of coated textile and ingeniously-located synthetic that comes together to form a product of superior comfort and performance.

The foam collar is both soft and padded while still doing the job it is supposed to do and that is to wrap tightly around your ankle in order to protect it from injuries or at least prevent them as much as possible.

You will also notice that Under Armour has followed the increasing trend nowadays to let the foot breathe quite a lot by using the open-holed mesh tongue. This delivers enhanced ventilation for the entire area, working toward improving your performance and overall comfort when out on the field, therefore making you a better and happier player in the long run.



The modern molded toe cap is a great innovation that not only protects the entire area but also significantly increases the durability and use-expectancy of the whole product.

The heel has also not been forgotten as the use of the TPU heel clip is obvious from the amazing support and stability immediately noticeable when getting your feet inside these cleats.

Even more, the cleat plate is a wonderful combination of lightweight characteristics and superior traction skills, especially when it comes to synthetic terrain. The design also allows the user to quickly and powerfully engage in razor-sharp cuts and out-of-nowhere sprints, improving the football player’s performance.



These cleats seem to run quite small and the careful buyer would be advised to make a thorough analysis before choosing their size.

Furthermore, they seem to sometimes be prone to tearing down after a few months of heavy and intense use.

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6. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Select MC Football Shoe


According to Under Armour football cleats reviews, this pair of cleats will definitely help you when you are out on the field and trying to get in a good game. The manufacturer delivers form-fitting ankle support that awards a satisfying and snug feeling when the boot is worn. Moreover, this feeling is sure to give you an extra push when it comes to speed and stability.

The tongue is 3D molded as this is all the rage these days due to the way this process is able to offer a better fit for the foot as well as increasing the comfort that the user is feeling. You will never feel your legs and feet tired and overused again as the cleats will work tirelessly toward preventing that.

This is a pair of shoes that’s great for positions that thrive on sharp cuts and exploding out of nowhere toward the goal since the cleats are specifically designed to provide stability and a good feel on the ground.



The insole was never forgotten during the manufacturing process as the trademark High-rebound SuperFoam is there to offer the needed shock absorption in order to avoid unnecessary injuries that could happen if the foot is not properly protected.

Even better, this extra-protection also adds a little bit of comfort to the base of your leg which is something that will definitely help out during those long, dragged-out games.

The manufacturer also included some triangular studs that are great when it comes to providing traction in pretty much any direction you are going.



The way the laces work makes the entire product run quite narrow so you should be quite sure about the size you are ordering before you do it.

This unit has some lace holes that might make some people feel insecure about the level of protection offered to their ankles.

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7. Under Armour Men’s Hammer Detachable Football Shoe


If you’re bent on getting black Under Armour football cleats then you will probably be inclined to pass over this pair of cleats at first, even though one of the color variations does offer a black and white one. However, we urge you to reconsider as this is a very good model with a lot of benefits to offer.

The reinforced mesh upper is a very good combination of breathability for the foot and support for the entire ankle, allowing the user to not only protect themselves during games but also deliver an improved performance due to the renewed trust in the shoe and its capabilities.

The cleats also benefit from an internal fit sleeve that works wonders when it comes to improving multi-directional support, something that is otherwise quite important to a football player because it enhances the ability to explode out of position, break the line, and start toward the end zone.



Aggressively running around on the field can take its toll on the soles of the foot so this product comes with a high-quality SuperFoam that will protect it properly by ensuring optimal shock absorption and increasing the comfort that is felt by the user.

The detachable studs are not only great when it comes to delivering steady and reliable traction on natural surfaces but they can also be replaced when you feel they are worn down and are no longer capable of doing their job.

These cleats are also quite lightweight since they only come in weighing about 14.9 oz and, therefore, increasing the chances that your legs will last longer during the game.



Perhaps due to the fact that they are detachable, the studs sometimes seem quite unsteady and look as if they could fall off after some major effort or damage.

The careful owner would probably have to tighten them before every game in order to feel safe about them not falling out.

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8. Under Armour Men’s UA Hammer D Football Shoe


If you’re looking at any Under Armour football cleats review, chances are it’s going to tell you how good that item actually is and this is also true for this one. The Men’s UA Hammer D is a solid pair of cleats that boasts a combination of performance textile material in order to deliver the ultimate mix of protection and breathability.

Receiving enough protection to be able to not fear injuries on every play is a paramount thing for any athlete while some lightweight breathability can be a Godsend when you’re battling in the trenches and feel like you can’t take it anymore.

The fact that this is a mid-top height shoe also capitalizes on providing that necessary ankle lock and protection while still keeping the useful mobility that is especially important to players who require a lot of movement in order to be successful at their position.



Continuing the same train of thought, players who move a lot need optimal shock absorption so the superior insole provided by this product is more than beneficial in that regard.

The foot is also secured and helped by the full length charged cushioning midsole, increasing the overall comfort the user is feeling when wearing the cleats.

The studs are very good for delivering aggressive traction on solid, natural surfaces and can also be replaced with new ones once you feel they’ve worn out their welcome.



The cleats seem to wear out pretty quickly for a pair that seems to revolve around players who move a lot during games and, as such, require a lot of durability and trust when it comes to their footwear.

Furthermore, it seems to be quite hard to find the same clear cleats that you will need to replace the ones you’re losing.

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9. Under Armour New Mens Saber Mid D Football Cleats


This pair of superior cleats from Under Armour is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the brand all over again due to the way its engineered synthetic upper boasts anything there is to be known about a mix of durability, strength, and comfort.

The die-cut 4D Foam is designed to be able to actively mold to the form of the foot in order to ensure a fixed-in and comfortable experience and make the user feel as if the cleat is customized and tailor-made for him, while not actually paying the price to get it.

The innovative light-yet-strong removable 7-stud cleat plate is great when it comes to providing trustworthy, superior traction on a variety of surfaces, all of which you can play football on. You will then feel as the secondary cleats also come into action by engaging the ground and ensuring you can perform your sharp-quick moves and explosive acceleration techniques.



The synthetic used in designing this product makes sure any buyer will get a quality and highly-durable shoe, something that is to be expected from such a high-profile company.

The engineered synthetic upper provides a mix of qualities that are bound to make the user feel better and, as a result, play better when out on the field.

Due to the traction provided by this pair of cleats, you will be able to run faster and better while also being protected from injuries that could occur anytime.



There seems to be a complaint around the athletes’ community that the grip offered by these cleats is maybe too good as they dig in the ground and lose some of that sliding characteristic players need so much.

The fact that these cleats only come in black and silver may deter some players who like more colorful approaches from buying them.

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10. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight-Limited Edition Football Shoe


The Spotlight collection appeared from the obvious need to update Under Armour’s speed collection so this is how some of these beautiful shoes were born. Generally used as a soccer cleat, it has received a very warm welcome on the market from critics and players alike, being considered a very good addition to some of the best speed cleats out there.

The synthetic upper is a very good feature for a sports shoe and is able to provide lightweight stability as well as the required support in a sport where the feet and the legs are used as much as in football.

You will also notice and enjoy the full-length knitted bootie construction that is able to provide a mold-like ankle collar, boasting a very firm structure as well as extended support. All of these are obviously leading to a very comfortable feeling for the user of such a developed and well-rounded cleat.



The TPU heel unit and coating deliver very good protection when it comes to the front of the shoe and maximize the performance of the athlete due to this. The enhanced protection will allow you to simply play the game without worrying about a potential injury during every play.

The insole is also of an innovative design as the high-rebound SuperFoam literally bounces back every shock and keeps your entire leg stable and in position, offering great comfort and trust when it comes to letting yourself go on the field.

You will also enjoy how lightweight this pair of cleats is compared to others and how beneficial the speed and durability combination can be to your overall game.



The cleats seem to run quite small and if you don’t pay enough attention to pick the right size, you may even end up with blisters due to how tightly your foot is wrapped in place.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When the fight is down to the fourth quarter and the entire game is on the line, the last thing a football player wants is for his cleats to fail him right then and there. On the contrary, they should be his anchor and they should provide lockdown traction and support that will help him carry the ball to the end zone one more time.

Therefore, any serious athlete will take great care when choosing his cleats as they can really make or break a play and severely impact the performance on the field. However, there are literally a ton of options on the market so how’s one supposed to know what to pick and what to not pick?



The anatomy of a cleat

Generally speaking, all football cleats have the same overall design because each part of the cleat can have an impact on the way you play. These parts usually include the following:

The upper: This is the part of your cleat that is designed with laces or straps in order to be able to offer a secure fit. Usually, this upper portion will be created out of synthetic materials due to the need to withstand heavy impact as well as moody weather conditions.

The midsole: This is the part that offers comfort and cushion for your foot and depending on the style of the shoe and the foam used in the process it is generally able to provide both support as well as impact absorption.

The outsole: This is the bottom part of your cleat and its sole purpose is to help with the overall stability of the shoe. It is usually made of rubber or molded plastic, out of a need for durability.

The studs/cleats: These are those pointy things located at the bottom of the cleat and they are the ones that provide the actual traction on the field. The way they are configured will affect your acceleration and stopping abilities, as well as your potential for sharp cuts.

The heel: Last but not least, the heel usually comes with a heel counter on the back that will help your foot from collapsing so this is a very important part of the cleat.


Cleat styles

It is always important to be able to choose the right cut of football cleats that will fit your game the right way. What you want to consider is the ankle support and mobility each product is able to offer.

Low-cut cleats are the ones that stop before the ankle and will, therefore, allow maximum maneuverability due to the fact that they lack the extended top. They are lightweight and are generally preferred by skill position players like running backs, receivers, and defensive backs.

Mid-cut cleats extend straight out to the ankle and they are preferred by those athletes who dislike having their movement restricted but still need the additional ankle protection. Therefore, a variety of players may choose them, ranging from quarterbacks to running backs and even tight ends.

High-cut cleats are obviously the ones that offer the most protection and support as they lace up way above the ankle. While they do offer protection in spades, they can also impact the ability of athletes choosing to wear them so this is something that is worth taking into consideration.

One will also have to choose between going for molded cleats, that are permanently stuck to the bottom of the shoe or choosing detachable ones that can be easily replaced, something that can be an advantage in moody weather conditions.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who invented football cleats?

Football cleats have definitely become one of the staples of the sport today with a myriad of products to choose from and a lot of characteristics surrounding them. From Under Armour football cleats low, mid, and top-cuts, to even the materials itself, the perks are endless.

In the USA, a college football coach by the name of Joseph Pipal is credited as one of the first designers of the so-called “mud cleats” for football shoes in order to get better traction on the field. Companies like Gola, Valsport, and Hummel were some of the first manufacturers and, as luck would have it, they’re still in business today.



Q: What are Under Armour football cleats made of?

If you’re considering a pair of Under Armour kid football cleats know that you can’t go wrong with it since the company only uses high-quality materials to get the job done. They are made from a synthetic sole and with a mixture of other materials including rubber that aim to allow for more breathability in the long run.

The trend nowadays is to build strong football cleats that are also comfortable to wear and allow the foot to feel good in the long run as this will promote better performance during the games and, as such, will lead to more people buying the products.


Q: When did Under Armour start making football cleats?

Under Armour has become a stronger and stronger player in sports clothing since it was first launched in 1996, has managed to expand around the world in a relatively short amount of time, and now manages to directly challenge industry giants Nike and Adidas on all fronts of professional sports apparel, football cleats being only one of them.

The company began offering footwear in 2006, after starting to be globally recognized due to the quality of its products. Nowadays, UA is the main provider of football cleats for the National Football League so this in itself is a mark of confidence.


Q: How should I wash my Under Armour football cleats?

Step 1: Make sure to get the cleats off as soon as you can because hard surfaces like pavement can destroy them, so only wear them during the game.

Step 2: Take one cleat in each hand and hit them together to remove any remaining dirt, then use an old toothbrush to carefully scrub off any grime yet remaining.

Step 3: It’s a good idea to clean your cleat that very day using a mixture of water and some type of laundry detergent. Use the toothbrush from the previous step to apply it.

Step 4: Once you got them nice and shiny, use a clean and wet washcloth to wipe them again and make them look sparkling new.

Step 5: Your shoes should always be air dried at room temperature. Never use a hairdryer or even direct sunlight since you will damage them!

Step 6: It’s a good idea to also wash the insoles in order to avoid the raccoon-like smell in the locker room the next game, too.


Q: What kind of cleats do football players wear?

Since they were first invented, football cleats have represented the peak of football technology when it comes to footwear so it’s natural that people are quite interested in their special perks and characteristics.

To make a long story short, there are three basic types of cleats that you can buy if we differentiate by spike type: molded, rubber bottom, and detachable cleats. While players will also choose their shoes based on what position they play, everybody wants a shoe that can be used on both grass and synthetic turf, as these are the surfaces most games are played on.




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