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10 Best Trap Bars for Deadlifts Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Trap Bar for Deadlifts Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


As looking around for items that interest you, like the best trap bars for deadlifts, has become quite a drag because of having to compare too many models, we have put together a list of some that are worth a look or two for various reasons. One model that managed to stand out is the CAP Barbell Olympic Shrug Neutral Finish. This product comes at a very affordable price, a fact that gives it the edge over various other similar products. The design it has also seemingly doesn’t affect the parts of your body with a preexisting condition so you can follow your workout routine as you want to without having to worry about feeling pain. Its grip is also remarkable. In case this product is not available, you can take a look at the HulkFit Olympic Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar that also has several things going for it that will capture your attention.



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10 Best Trap Bars for Deadlifts (Updated Reviews) in 2022



The most popular trap bars for deadlifts can be a subjective list, based on what you care for more, but taking into consideration the most common objects of interest we found in those interested in such products, we managed to create a pretty comprehensive guide of some such products that you just can’t ignore if you’re serious about this.



1. CAP Barbell Olympic Shrug Neutral Finish


This model is a highly resistant one as it is made of solid steel that was plated with zinc. It’s also seen as a rather roomy model as there are 25 inches between the two grip handles so you won’t have any problems in holding the device even when you work out and you get sweaty palms. The grips can be raised or flush neutral which is another interesting aspect.

As a tip, you can use the CAP Olympic Shrug Neutral Finish with plates from the Olympic offer. You can put a lighter load on the lumbar spine which is a very important feature because this is what helps even people that have lower back pain or experience discomfort in the area to be able to exercise to their liking without having to endure the pain.

These features make the item really attractive for many people so it is bound to catch your eye.



One of the highlights is the fact that even if you have lower back pains, discomfort in the area or even sciatica or similar affections, you’ll still be able to use the trap bars without problems, thanks to the features it comes with so if you know you struggle with such issues, this model is sure to be of interest to you.

You can use the product for the core, the back, the legs, but also for the traps. Also, the price is really low so it is for sure an attractive investment.

It can oxidize in some conditions, but you won’t have to deal with dust on your hands as it doesn’t leave any.

It’s sturdy enough for you to use it daily without the product starting to present the effects of being worn out.



Even if it’s not a really important thing, the design is not very attractive.

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2. HulkFit Olympic Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar


For this item, you can choose from two models which one you like best: the regular one or the open-back design one. Regardless of your choice, both versions have a 1.97” bar end diameter which has the highly important role of helping the bars in fitting all options of standard plates that present a hole of maximum 2”.

The bars of the HulkFit Olympic were created by using a completely solid and heavy-duty type of steel that is not hollow on the inside, which translates into increased strength. The total capacity it has is 1000 pounds so there are not many worries you need to have about the maximum capacity of it. You can use it for as much as you care to!

The regular version of the item has a weight of 44 pounds, while the open-back version weighs 77 pounds.



The sleeves of the trap bar are loadable and very long which lets you put on the number of weights you wish to.

This also lets you perform by having a better range for the contraction and development of the muscles.

The handles are both regular and raised so you’ll have good flexibility when it comes to working with them.

The steel makes the product resist for a long time so you won’t have to buy a new trap bar in a couple of months since this one was built to last.

The design lets you use it both for deadlifting, but also for the shrug. The knurling design that you can find on the handles makes it very easy to operate the trap bars.



There are reports of damaged packages which have also led to the product having dents.

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3. CAP Barbell Olympic Shrug Deadlift


This item was created with grips that are placed in such a way that you won’t have a hard time with lifting in case you present back problems. As many people do have such problems, this feature is highly useful. Overworking can also lead to such health issues, but the CAP Barbell Olympic makes sure you won’t feel that horrible pain!

Because of how this product is made, you’ll notice that it can work with many groups of muscles so when you finish your workout you’ll notice that you didn’t train just one part of your body, but that the whole experience became a full-body workout. That is a great thing as it can help you save a lot of time by skipping other exercises.

The product is also one with an attractive design, more pleasant than the one that others have so if you care about appearances, this product combines successfully both worlds – the one of a good workout and the pleasant appearance.



It has a design which lets you exercise without triggering your back pain.

It works more than one group of muscles at the same time so you get a full-body workout with just one training session.

The design is attractive and it comes at an affordable price for everybody. The product has multiple uses: exercises, fitness, and weightlifting.

Because it’s made of tubular steel, it’s not going to take a lot of space in the gym or your workout place.

The way the grips are placed makes the lifting easy for your shoulders and back. It has incorporated feet which have the role of protecting the floors.

It can be used by everybody, from a beginner to an expert in the domain.



The space between the weights and the handle will be pretty small for some users.

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4. Titan Hex Bar for Olympic Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding


Aside from the literal weights you are lifting, also very important are the technique you are using and in what shape and form you are. This product seems to be doing good regarding those aspects as it helps you do the deadlifts or squat jumps without risking the health of your muscles or back which can be affected if these exercises are not done properly.

The handles are dual-knurled. Because when you are working out you are also putting up a lot of sweat (literally), what you need is to have a very firm grip on the equipment. Because the handles are dual-knurled, the product won’t slip out of your hands so you can work out as safely as possible.

You can now work out as much as you’d like without having to stop. The bar itself weighs 44 pounds, yet it is claimed that it has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.



You can work one set of muscles at a time by using this item. You can focus on working only the abdomen, your arms, legs or glutes.

The material used for creating the product is heavy-duty steel that is very durable. This gives the item a very long service life.

You can easily use it at home as you don’t need a special trainer for working out with it. The price of the product makes it highly affordable.

The hex is very spacious so you can fit in it without any kind of effort even if you are more on the heavy side. This product allows you to move very easily while still giving you a good workout.

There are no delivery-related issues – even more, sometimes the product gets delivered even quicker than anticipated.

The grip is solid enough to be sure your hands won’t slip during the exercise.



Some people have complained that the product arrived having some rust on it.

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5. Synergee Olympic Barbell Handles Deadlifts


The item is created using high-quality steel which makes it resist for a long period of time without having to worry about changing the bars for a newer pair anytime soon. Versatility is a strong suit for the product as it manages to use the handle placement of a high bar with that of a regular hex bar, making your workout much better!

Both handles have a grip that is remarkable for two things: it is of the non-slip variety, plus it’s also knurled, so there won’t be any risks regarding it slipping while doing your exercises. The design is also ergonomic thanks to the fact that it has raised handles and a hexagonal frame so you can pick it up much easier and without health risks.

Thanks to this design, the strain that you would have normally felt on your back and even hands is greatly reduced.



The Synergee Olympic Barbell Handles Deadlifts has a weight of 25 kilograms so you already have part of the workout cut out for you.

Both sleeves have 10 inches which lets you add more weight on the product for a more intense workout.

It’s a recommended product for heavy lifters who prefer to pull from the ground without having to risk an injury.

The item was created to have the weight distributed evenly on your body’s midline.

As the chances of injuries decrease with these bars, you can work out more as you’ll have fewer interruptions on your schedule. It allows you to do deadlifting without any problems.

The frame doesn’t just keep you away from having health risks, but also helps you develop your quadriceps faster.

It also allows for a variety of activities, such as floor presses, farmer’s carry or overhead presses.



The packaging used can be flimsy and some people reported receiving the item without being in a package at all.

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6. GYMAX Olympic Two Handle Deadlifts Bar


These bars are highly versatile for your training as they can be used to exercise hamstrings, forearms or quads. On top of that, it allows you to also exercise your grip strength. Because of the way the angle is used in this product, you’ll be using the quadriceps more than your lower back or the glues which can easily be hurt while doing such exercises.

Due to this high versatility, you can use the GYMAX Olympic Two Handle model not only at the gym but also at home or wherever you are exercising. Its resistance is guaranteed by the fact that the frame is made of heavy-duty steel and the sealing was done with chrome finish. Sounds like you’ll be able to use it for a long time from now on!

The hex bar is considered to be so solid that you can use it every day without a problem regarding its deterioration.



The item has two different grip positions and also knurled handles which makes the friction better and improves your grip on it – even when the equipment is heavy.

The texture of the product can be described as tough and coarse. The barbells are extremely simple to fasten.

The package comes with two snap springs that let you fix the weight plate as you wish. They also allow for locking the plates tightly.

The length of the sleeves is loadable so you can fix your workout as you want to. The design is ergonomic which is something any modern product should have.

Thanks to the hexagonal shape of the bar, you can isolate certain groups of muscles which will let you maintain your weight on your midline when doing a deadlift, power pull or shrug.

This design is also meant to put as little stress as possible on your lumbar spine so no back problems are basically guaranteed.



It’s a bit more expensive than other models out there, even if not by much.

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7. PAPABABE Shrug Bar Olympic Weight Lifting Bodybuilding


This item could be a good choice for just about any weightlifter as it can easily complement your usual squat or deadlift exercises. An added bonus is the fact that the product is recommended to be used if you are scared about the possibility of sustaining a back injury as it has a design which is exactly working to prevent such incidents.

The PAPABABE Olympic Weight Lifting Bodybuilding has a unique shape that has the role of keeping the weight as close as possible to your center of gravity which permits your body to be upright when you are making any movements and this is why the risk of injuries is small when it comes to this product.

Also, these factors, aside from preventing injuries, can make such exercises as upright rows, shoulder presses or the classic deadlift much more easy and comfortable.



The diamond knurling will give you a much sturdier grip on the bar. This product is created from cold-rolled stainless steel so it’s meant to last a long time.

It can easily be used by people who prefer to work out at home as opposed to the gym.

It has a six-sided space right in the middle and a sleeve which lets you add plates on both sides so you can have the type of exercise you prefer.

The added plates let you control the handles on your sides.

The product was created so that beginners can use it and get not only good results but also feel motivated that they can do the exercise.

It allows you to use more muscle groups, not only from your posterior but also from your anterior chain.



The package can sometimes be delivered in a not-so-great state, although there have been many complaints about the actual state of the product when it was received.

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8. XMark Fitness Hex Bar Commercial Revolving Tri Grip


The item is available with three types of handles – 30 mm, 38 mm or 45 mm – so you can choose which one is more fitting for your style of working out. Thanks to the elevated plate storage, you can very easily and simply load (or unload) several plates of weights. Your floor is also going to be protected by the bolt-on rubber feet the device has which resists shock.

We also have to mention the design this product has since it was created to let you work out without having to put more stress on your spine. Therefore, you will be able to lift much more weight, exercise as much as you want, and you won’t have to stop because of the pain that other similar products can give you because of a less user-friendly design.

This design can make it look like using it will be difficult and complicated, but, don’t worry, that’s not the case!



It has three types of handles you can use to fit your style of working out: 30 mm, 38 mm or 45 mm. Said handles are also knurled so your grip will be better.

The elevated plate storage makes for the loading or unloading of the weight plates to be more simple and easier.

Your home’s floor (or the gym’s) will not be damaged by the product as it has rubber feet with resistance to shock.

You’ll be able to lift even more weights because the design was created to reduce the total stress felt by your spine. The product is marketed as being both safe and secure.

The used materials are rugged to make sure the product will not be affected by being overused or by the passing of time. Also, the price of this item is really affordable, especially given what it can offer.



The rotating handles seem to be a bit loose on some models.

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9. CAP Barbell Olympic Super Trap Bar Deadlift Multiple


The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its very modern and much more inviting design which is something many people are interested in. The item has a loadable sleeve length of 10 inches on which you can put the weights you want for your workout. You’ll have to assemble the product by yourself since it will travel more safely if it’s not done by the team.

You’ll be interested to know that the CAP Barbell Olympic Deadlift Multiple has three types of handles which you can use (30 mm, 38 mm and 45 mm), depending on your workout style. Plus, they are knurled and have a diamond pattern so you’ll have a much better grip on the bars thanks to this innovative design used by the creators.

Because the sleeves are elevated, you can load or unload the plates easily and with little effort.



The item has bolt-on rubber feet with high resistance to shocks in order to keep your floors from being damaged. This also helps with the balance when you are loading and unloading the weights.

The bars can let you work your entire body at the same time as it stimulates, at the same time, big groups of muscles.

This helps you build only more strength, but it also stimulates the growth of your muscles. You can also choose to focus on only some parts of your body so you’ll only work with some muscle groups.

The product allows you to do the following exercises: deadlifts, shrugs, farmer’s walks, floor presses, squat jumps, bent over rows, but also the classic push-ups. The combination of red and black makes it stand out in any gym.



There were reported cases of some models being delivered without all of the components or accessories.

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10. Valor Fitness OB HEX Super Trap


This product has to be assembled by yourself, but, don’t worry, it’s not that hard and the package includes a hex key so you can do it faster. You can use these bars for your home gym or for light commercial gym use and it can be used by either only one person or by multiple users. It has a maximum weight load of 500 lb.

It is also worth noting that the item has three rotating handles that let you pick one grip that works best for you and slowly you can work your way up to the wider grips. The three available grips for the Valor Fitness OB HEX Super Trap are the Women’s size (25 mm), the Men’s size (28 mm) and the Axle size (which is the biggest one, at 51 mm).

So what other aspect does this product present?



As it comes with rubber stoppers, this product is meant to help protect the gym floors from sustaining any kind of damage. This doesn’t mean it’s recommended to drop the product on the floor as it can sustain damage if it is not put down correctly.

The design is pretty unique and ergonomic. The handles of the trap bars are also ergonomic and have a position which always lets you lift the device correctly as the center of gravity is balanced in the middle.

This also leads to less pressure and improved safety so you can lift even more weights. The transition of plates is made very easy, also thanks to the design the product has.

You’ll develop muscle strength for different areas like shoulders, back and legs. You can do various exercises with it like squats, shoulder shrugs or the classic deadlifts.



The knurling on the handles has been described as being tough.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Trap bars can be rather underrated pieces of equipment as you may very well know by now, in case you are someone who has been doing exercises for a while. It’s clear that trap bars are very beneficial and can be used anywhere, from your house gym to the garage gym to a real gym in the city.

When you check for affordable trap bars for deadlifts, you need to pay attention to the things that made you want to work with a trap bar in the first place. You shouldn’t get distracted by secondary features that aren’t actually worth very much when it comes to actually using the product, regardless if you do it at home or at the gym.

The capacity of making you strong, the cheap price and a high level of versatility should be some of the things that you should check first and foremost when you decide you want to invest in such a product.


Hex bar basics

A hex bar is a really common product these days – so much so that, if you look at all the specialty bars that you can find in a store, you’ll notice that the trap bar is probably the one that is the easiest to find and the one easiest to use. It’s also one of the cheapest out of all the other similar products that you can find in a sports store.

This high diversity comes from the high demand which made many sports and gym equipment companies enter this competition as well. As more and more companies started producing them, trap bars also became cheaper in order to attract a bigger number of clients interested in these types of exercises.



A trap bar has two major benefits and the model you choose should incorporate them. The first one is the fact that it should let you do deadlifts and squats without putting new pressure on your back. As the weight centers on your body with the hex bar deadlift, the load becomes much more stable so you can move freely.

These devices will let you squat or stand up straight without feeling like you are starting to bend under the heavy load. Furthermore, there is no need to compensate for the location of the weight! This is why any trap bars for deadlifts reviews will mention this.

The second really important feature we’ll mention in this trap bars for deadlifts review is that it should be able to let you pick and carry a load on the heavy side very easily. This makes it perfect for using it in exercises for the whole body, such as the farmer’s walk. Using a deadlift bar is surely a very good investment for your body.

Other factors to consider

If you want to consider other factors, you could also study the grip. By working out, you’ll sweat a lot and by sweating a lot you’ll risk dropping whatever you’re holding in your hands. Giving how heavy a trap bar can be, you surely don’t want to drop one on the floor or on you as the damage could be pretty substantial.

A good grip means you won’t have to worry about such a thing, but be careful and don’t buy a grip that’s too rough, as these can start hurting your hands and after a while, you’ll only be able to use them by wearing gloves.

Therefore, keep in mind all of these aspects and when you want to buy a trap bar, you’ll know what to invest in and what you should avoid.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are trap bar deadlifts better?

With other types of bars, you will need some time (sometimes, a lot) in order to be able to say that you know what you’re doing without exposing yourself to certain risks, that you’re doing the exercises you want and that you’ll be getting the results you wish for. You need to find your balance, you’ll fall forward or on the sides instantly and so on.

What a trap bar deadlift offers you instead is a very good way of keeping your balance and especially your spinal position which is highly important when you just start out to exercise.

In short, trap bars are totally underrated as they let you be much more flexible, the velocity and power output levels are superior and, not to mention, these items are much safer and a lot easier for people who are just starting to learn how to exercise. Because of these reasons, we can say that for some people, trap bar deadlifts are definitely the better option.

Q: Do trap bar deadlifts work traps?

One of the greatest things about the trap bar deadlifts is that they can work your entire body as they’re highly versatile. You can use one for your exercises and depending on the model and how you work with it, you can focus on training the entire body or focus only on certain groups of muscles, depending on what you need to work on the most.

These items can be used as a primary exercise for knees or hips, replacing squats and deads, respectively, especially in those cases in which the user already has a history of problems with their back or shoulders. You may use it as a hybrid hip-knee exercise or as an assistance exercise – for example, in such days in which you mostly do squats.

So, yes, we can say that even cheap trap bars for deadlifts are very successful in what they are doing and with just a little planning, you can achieve the desired results.


Q: Can trap bar deadlifts replace squats?

There are, naturally, differences between the two exercises, but is the result similar? The main result that you will notice as being different is the fact that you’ll have the strain on the lower back reduced by quite a lot. As we discussed, this instrument was created to eliminate as much as possible the deadlift intensity felt on the lower back.

How is this done? By shifting more of said effort onto your quads. As a result, even an affordable trap bar for deadlifts is not just a much safer variation of a typical workout, but it offers you a lot of movement for a thigh-specific workout. This is why the best trap bar for deadlifts has the upper hand over squats, as squats don’t protect you against injuring your back or shoulders, but the results are often similar.

So if you want to switch things up, you can rely even on a cheap trap bar for deadlifts without a problem as these do their job as expected and maybe even better.




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