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10 Best Shaker Bottles – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 05.07.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Shaker Bottle + Reviews


Here you’ll find out what the best shaker bottles are even if you don’t have a lot of free time these days to do the bothersome research all by yourself. After carefully combing through the list of items offered by some of the more recognized manufacturers out there and listing them by quality and value, our team has come to the conclusion that the Blender Bottle CO1719 ProStak Twist n’ Lock Storage is the one that should hold all your drinks from now until forever. This is a great product that adds storage capacity for pretty much anything you could think of, has interlocking jars that can be switched according to your whim and comes with a leak-proof seal so that not even a drop will go to waste. If the unfortunate should happen and this amazing device is no longer available, you can also take a look at the Contigo Shake & Go 28 oz Fit Shaker Bottle.



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10 Best Shaker Bottles (Updated Reviews) in 2022



For many city folks, shaker bottles have become an integral part of their daily lifestyle due to the advantages that result from having a carry-on bottle that can fit anywhere. As a result, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time rummaging through the multitude of offers to make sure we only bring the best and brightest in front of you.



1. Blender Bottle CO1719 ProStak Twist n’ Lock Storage


If you don’t get an insulated shaker bottle, the whole point of having a liquid carry-on container seems rather pointless. As a result, this magnificent product from Blender Bottle not only does that but it comes with an increased storage capacity that will allow its user to deposit powders, supplements, pills, and more.

Furthermore, its 22 oz capacity’s value is further increased by the fact that the interlocking jars come as separate entities and are able to be used with or without the bottle. You even have the possibility of purchasing additional jars that are sold separately and will enhance the number of things you can do with the shaker.

Last, but not least, you are able to get this in a myriad of colors, increasing the chance that you will actually buy more than one once you see how nice it is.



The item comes with a nice 22 oz capacity (even if the measurement markings only go as far as 16 oz) and is large enough to accommodate your needs but small enough to still be portable.

The greatest nightmare of every shaker bottle user is liquid leaking out so this is why Blender Bottle brought forward the leak-proof SureSeal flip cap that works by sealing the lid and loop top, diminishing the possibility of anything coming out if you don’t want to.

The bottle is also dishwasher-safe so you don’t even have to worry about cleaning it by hand after you’ve used it.



While the product in itself is great, there seems to be quite the difficult process if, for any reason, you want to reach the company after you’ve purchased its product so this may be an issue for some people.

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2. Contigo Shake & Go 28 oz Fit Shaker Bottle


Affordable shaker bottles do not necessarily have to be lacking in terms of quality and this is what Contigo is trying to bring with its product. The rounded bottom does wonders for reducing the number of times you realized you’ve just spilled your protein shake while the weighted shaker ball will allow you to leave the bottle anywhere you want without fear.

The lid is branded as having been specifically designed to prevent leaks from happening, be it when you are mixing the drink or even during transportation. As a result, feel free to move your new shaker bottle around as much as you want, as it will not let you down even one bit.

For your pleasure, the product also comes with an integrated carry handle that ensures transportation is a blast and makes it even more volatile and portable, really a shaker that you won’t wanna miss.



One of the more stable shaker bottles out there when it comes to how safe you can feel about its support and balance.

The conveniently-placed volume markings make this a great product for accurate measuring and tracking of a great number of nutrients.

Furthermore, its dimensions also allow it to fit most of the cup holders on the market, allowing it to also be a great complementary product.

Both the lid and the body are safe to be stored on the dishwasher’s top rack so you don’t have to manually clean them until you are blue in the face.



The added storage compartment makes the bottle a bit thicker than other, similar ones and while this does improve stability it also takes away when it comes to maneuverability and looks.

The design of the product seems to make thorough cleaning difficult, especially if you do not own a dishwashing machine.

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3. Blender Bottle Pro45 Large Shaker Bottle


If, for some reason, you were unsatisfied with the dimensions of the Blender Bottle product that we showed you earlier, then consider this its bigger and cooler version. If you take your time and peruse some shaker bottles reviews, you will see that the number one complaint is always something related to the product’s storage ability.

The company took note of this and brought you this giant that boasts a 45-ounce capacity, even though the measurements only go up to 34 ounces. With added dimensions comes added weight and you will soon discover that your new shaker bottle is about 50% heavier than what you were previously used to.

As a result, however, you can also expect the product to be able to power through some thicker, higher-volume shakes so this is good news for the heavy lifters and the gym aficionados who walk among us.



Simply put, the larger and broader version of most shaker bottles you have seen so far. If you also disliked the size of the ones you took to the gym, then this might just be the product for you.

You’ll also notice the adjustable carry loop that adds portability as well as the spout guard that acts as protection against dirty gym fingers.

As thick as your smoothie or protein shake is going to be, this shaker can definitely take it and deliver it to you without any issues.

To cap it off, the product is completely safe to be placed inside the dishwasher, saving you from having to go through a manual cleaning.



There seem to be some issues with the manufacturing system as some bottles come with leaking flaws.

Its large dimensions make this bottle incompatible with the same interlocking mechanisms in the bottom as the other members of Blender Bottle’s Pro series.

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4. Contigo Shake & Go Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle


Since these guys have become all the rage in the gym accessory business, it was imperative that the market also was able to offer a stainless steel shaker bottle in order to accommodate all the demands out there. Since some people might prefer stainless steel as opposed to other materials, we want to tell you that there are pros and cons attached to this decision.

The material allows this product to boast a Thermalock vacuum insulation that is able to maintain cold temperatures up to 12 hours, giving you plenty of time to drink your pre-workout shake, your during-the-workout drink, and your post-workout creatine as well. Furthermore, the colder temperature ensures they will taste better as well.

You’re going to like the screw-top, leak-proof lid that allows for as much mixing and shaking as one could possibly want without the fear of your mix spilling up everywhere.



The different material out of which this product is made allows it to store up the liquid at a lower temperature for a longer time.

The rounded bottom and the special weighted ball provide superior balance and mixing, while the cleaning process is also made easier.

You’ll notice volume markings both on the inside and outside of the bottle so you can easily track any nutrients and calories that you want.

The built-in handle makes for a comfortable carry when you are on the road, not to mention the fact that it fits most cup handlers.



Even though the bottle itself works great, it seems to be quite prone to becoming damaged after a few months of use.

The lid has some threads in its composition and they seem to be of poorer quality than the rest of the stainless steel shaker.

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5. Grenade Shaker Bottle 20oz Storage Capsule


Did you always want to get a metal shaker bottle? Are you an ex-soldier or are simply a fan of anything army-related and you like to purchase as many accessories as possible? Say hello to this shaker bottle in the form of a grenade that fits your exact desires and is still quite capable to keep your workout drinks cold.

This patented style will surely set you apart from the rest of the people at your gym, making sure that you’re not only gym-ready at all times but that you also turn heads wherever you go. Due to the unique design, you’ll notice the removable storage compartment that’s able to fit up to two servings of protein as well as capsule storage.

If you’re the type of person that does not like to roll with the flow and instead wants to stand apart, this product will do exactly that.



Extremely smooth design that will not only set you apart but will make you want to pour shake after shake inside the bottle which will obviously translate in more workouts and a better body, especially due to the over-20oz liquid capacity.

Since you have every right to claim that your daily gym companion has to be as strong as you, the sturdy and durable, BPA / DEHP-free plastic guarantees that you’ll always have your shakey buddy right beside you.

The product also comes in 4 colors that allow you to choose your style: army green, black, gunmetal grey, and desert tan.



The bottom part of the shaker bottle seems quite brittle, especially if you happen to drop it while you want to have a drink from it.

The delivery system can sometimes be faulty and you may end up receiving a scratched product even before you open the package.

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6. Gomoyo Motivational Quotes 20 Ounce Perfect Shaker Bottle


Even if you’re only interested in getting a small shaker bottle, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a cool one, right? This is exactly what Gomoyo is thinking as the company considered adding a little bit of flair to your daily travel mug and embedded it with some motivational quotes to get you through your day in a better mood.

With more than a couple of messages to choose from and a lot of colors as well, we’re sure you will manage to find the one that draws your eye the most. Despite that, you mustn’t ignore the fact that you’re still getting a very good yet cheap shaker bottle that happens to be leak-proof, lightweight, and quite portable too.

As a result, this is the perfect product for gym lovers and people who generally need such a tool because they like carrying their own drink around.



This is a very safe shaker bottle due to the fact that it simply does not allow liquid out, it comes with a twist-lock cap, and an extra-wide mouth spout which makes it perfect for those dense protein-filled shakes.

Also, the motivational quotes will not only help you pump out more when you’re in the gym but will surely brighten your day and make you smile whenever you’re preparing your bag in the morning.

All these shaker bottles are dishwasher safe, allowing you to avoid having to manually clean each one of them, as well as BPA and Phthalate-free.



The bottle seals so well in fact that it can sometimes be quite difficult to open and you might end up frustrated.

The measurement markings engraved on it only go up to 12oz instead of the brim so you will need to plan around that.

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7. Blender Bottle 20-Ounce Mantra Glass Shaker Bottle


Looking for the best protein shaker bottle? Well, as you know, this is always a subjective choice but we really like the way this one from Blender Bottle looks due to its 20 oz capacity and very elegant design that will look good pretty much anywhere. Even though the measurements only go up to 18 ounces, this product is exactly what you would need to successfully mix shakes.

Your supplements won’t be forgotten as the 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall continually moves when the bottle is shaken so those smooth and creamy shakes will only take you seconds to make. The sip is center-mounted in such a way that it ensures the only thing your mouth is going to be touching when you drink is the glass.

You will also like the secure, twist-on cap that will not only keep everything stored away but will also prove healthy for you due to the non-toxic silicone seal.



An elegant and smooth product that provides everything necessary for you to whisk up a shake pretty much anytime and in just a few seconds.

The leak-proof, twist-on cap provides a perfectly secure environment and the sip space is arranged in such a way that your mouth will only touch the safe spot when drinking.

The product boasts a protective silicone boot that will guard it against breaking and ensure you have it with you for a long time.

Furthermore, this is also reinforced by the detachable loop top that makes for easy carrying, especially since breakages almost always occur from the product being dropped on the glass.



It may be just faulty packaging and delivering but the bottle seems to have some leak spots which will prove dangerous as a shaker bottle usually involves, you know, shaking the bottle.

The slim design of the product may make it a little tough to clean and scoop out all the traces of liquid.

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8. Hydra Cup 5 Pack OG Shaker Bottle 24 Oz


Undoubtedly, the best shaker bottles are the ones that fit your lifestyle and your attitude and if you’re the hard-working, no days off, pressure-means-nothing-type of guy or gal, then we’re sure this will be the shaker bottle you will want to have for a very long time. Even though they’re single-chambered, the fact that they’re 5 in one pack also grants you a great deal of versatility.

The shaker cups have a storage capacity of 24oz which should be more than enough to allow you to make your best and brightest protein shakes, even if you like the thicker ones that grant more protein and nutrients.

Furthermore, they’re BFA-free so you needn’t worry about that as well as they’re completely safe to be placed inside a dishwasher so if you were dreading cleaning them by hand, this should prove to be good news for you. The printing on the outside is high-quality so it should not go away after a few washes.



This is the assortment of products that boasts the best and brightest that Hydra has to offer, especially since they come with motivational and inspiring texts like “Leg day is coming” and “May the gains be with you”.

While our group is pretty neatly separated between Star Wars fans and gym rats, getting these shaker bottles proudly shows you’re both. Since the Force will be with you, they will provide you with enough capacity to mix thicker powders or add extra scoops.

Compared to many similar products, the seal and the mixer actually work and excel at mixing, shaking, and keeping your liquid inside the bottle.



The products might smell a little odd upon delivery so, just to be on the safe side, make sure you give them a thorough washing before using them for the first time to avoid any potentially unfavorable outcomes.

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9. Blender Bottle C03602 V2 Classic 28-Ounce Shaker Bottle


According to shaker bottles reviews, the best products are the ones that can store up enough drink for your daily training as well as allow you to sometimes go up a little more if you feel the need to add an additional scoop. Gym rats also often enjoy those thicker shakes due to their added nutrients so if you were in the market for a good protein shaker bottle, you’re in luck!

The company strived to follow the same line and did not forget that thicker shakes will definitely require a wider mouth both to allow the customer to add scoops as well as drink easily. The embossed markings, showing you information in both ounces and milliliters, make sure you can add the precise amount required for your workout plan.

We can’t forget Blender Bottle’s patented mixing system that uses 316 surgical-grade stainless steel together with the BlenderBall weight to make mixing a fast pleasure.



For the quality and durability it offers, this line brings you very good yet cheap shaker bottles and you should not fail to take advantage of this, especially if you use such an item on a regular basis.

The screw-on lid should prove durable enough to allow you to keep any drink inside the bottle without issues like spilling or sloshing around.

Furthermore, the secure flip cap is great for keeping things like germs at bay and away from your dear protein shake.

We believe you’ll also like the wide loop top that makes for easy carrying, especially since you can also attach it to your keys.



The snap lid can sometimes prove to be quite difficult to snap back into place once you’ve poured whatever you want to drink inside the bottle.

If you’re a longtime Blender Bottle fan, you should be aware that this product is not compatible with the ProStak line containers.

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10. Muscle Pro Stainless Steel Insulated Protein Shaker Bottle


This is not a blender shaker bottle as much as an amazing device that will leave you wondering just how exactly you have been going to the gym for so many years without it. The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing, luxurious design that all Muscle Pro products seem to have due to the high-quality stainless steel they are all made from.

Not only do they never rust or slip out of your hands but you will come to find that these bottles fit amazingly well in a handbag or suitcase as well as in almost every car drink tray out there, allowing you to actually take yours wherever you want to go without fear of finding your drink half-spilled by the time you get there.

The insulated structure of the product makes it viable for keeping drinks cold up to 24 hours and warm up to half a day.



While the best shaker bottle is obviously the one that works best for you, we believe this one’s design, looks, and overall quality are pretty hard to match.

The quality of the material will keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for double that time, allowing you to enjoy them for a longer time.

Due to the fact that the bottles are double-wall insulated, the exterior will never sweat and you will never get those awful drips on your desk or clothes.

The slim base was specifically crafted to allow the bottle to fit pretty much any standard-sized cup holder out there while still retaining the 20 oz capacity of storing liquids.



While it is possible to throw this in the dishwasher, the recommended course of action is to wash it by hand because the temperature of said dishwasher might gradually damage the bottle coating. If you choose to push your luck, at least do it at a cold temperature.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you’re just starting to get into using protein shakes to boost your workout results, then you may be confused at the avalanche of options that are being thrown at your face, regardless if you’re checking out your local store or the great online retailers.

Since we understand how frustrating this process can be, we figured we’d add to the wonderful alternatives we’ve already given you by showing you a few tricks of the trade when it comes to what you have to look for in order to purchase a good and trustworthy protein bottle shaker that will never let you down in times of need.


Believe us or not, it’s rather important to make sure that your shaker bottle is genuine and you want your drinking recipient to be BPA-free and this is why most brands will usually have the label printed on their bottles. What this means is that there will always be people that will try and sell knockoffs so it’s quite important to know what to look for.

The usual difference is obviously the price, as an original will always be more expensive than a fake. Furthermore, if you’ve had your eye set on a particular glass shaker bottle, for instance, maybe it wouldn’t hurt going to the manufacturer’s website and learning a little about the key markers of the product.


Good reviews

Online buying is all the rage these days and, with few security means available, most of us tend to look at reviews before purchasing anything. In fact, studies have shown that up to 77% of customers at least skim through them before committing to buying something. If one looks good to you, have a look through the comments and see what other people said.

However, remember that everyone starts from the same point, which is zero reviews. Due to that, don’t be afraid to buy something just because it has no reviews yet as it may be a very good product who has yet to be discovered. Why couldn’t you be the first to give it a raving rating?

Types of bottles

Even if you don’t want to break the bank on this, you need not worry as affordable shaker bottles come in all shapes and sizes and with 3 variations that pretty much stand out: plastic, stainless steel, and glass. While the choice is obviously up to you, we do advise that you first make sure it’s BPA and Phthalate-free if you’re going for the plastic one.

Also, don’t forget that while food-grade plastic is safe to use and even safer to place in a dishwasher, stainless steel bottles have been purposely insulated to allow them to carry both hot and cold drinks so if this is one of the big reasons you need a shaker, take that into consideration. Reviews also show that these bottles are less likely to have disturbing odors.

However, glass shaker bottles are by far the safest to drink from and this is a really important topic to remember, especially if you consume shakes frequently. The obvious problem with them is that they are delicate and quite a lot less durable when you compare them with the other two options.

Your specific need is also a deciding factor on this. If you want a steady supply of water or shakes throughout the day, a bigger, 28-45 oz bottle is usually the better choice. If, however, you only need it for your pre or post-workout treat, you can definitely do with the 20 oz and smaller choices.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are shaker bottles for?

Shaker bottles are pretty straightforward when it comes to what they do and their names really drive home the point. You use them to mix up (or shake up, as you will) some drinks for your gym or whatever and then you place them in a bottle and you drink from them.

As they have become more and more used, shaker bottles have evolved up to the point where you can find them in three well-used variations: plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Pretty much everyone who uses such products on a regular basis has their personal favorite and has strong reasons why and all of them have pros and cons.

For buyers who like items that are a little bit more versatile, stainless steel shaker bottles can have the upper hand since they can keep the liquid both hot and cold so it’s a double perk for when you need to have a fresh tune-up.

Q: Why choose an insulated shaker bottle?

Insulated shaker bottles are quickly becoming the stars of the business because they allow their users to ditch those old, smelly plastic ones and replace them with a kitchen-grade quality type of product that usually goes the distance. Also, they tend to look cool and stylish due to their solid colors and design.

Such an item, especially if it’s double-wall insulated, will be able to hold ice for over 30 hours even if placed in a 75-degree room. Therefore, you should have no problems keeping your drink cold for up to a whole day and, if you opt for a 36 oz one and fill it with ice, you can even expect 40 solid hours out of it!

Even if you don’t drink protein powder shakes, ice shaker bottles are also perfect for water, smoothies, beer, and everything in between, having the ability to be particularly useful in a hot summer day


Q: What size shaker bottle should I get?

Many people get confused when they find out exactly how many sizes shaker bottles can come in. Since this is mostly attributed to the fact that they don’t know what to look for in a shaker cup, this is why we’ve tried to protect you from having this problem in the future.

The most important question that you should ask yourself is what do you need to do with the shaker bottle? Also, remember that you will usually find them crafted out of 3 main materials – plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Classic shaker bottles will usually come in 20, 28, and 32-oz series while larger ones will go up to 45 oz.

To give you a point of reference, you will want a 45 one if you need some delicious liquid throughout the entire day and you want to make sure you have a constant supply of it. If you only need this product for a once-a-day gym trip, you can manage with the smaller versions without any issues.



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