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10 Best Nike Football Cleats – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Top Nike Cleats for Football – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll find out what some of the best Nike football cleats are, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to do this thorough research on your own. After carefully looking through a large section of the available products on the market, our team has come to the conclusion that the Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat is the one you should yearn for when it comes to playing football. The cleats are a combination of mesh and synthetic skins that create a flexible upper shell which feels great when you are out there on the field. The high-quality carbon fiber plate offers a quiet, lightweight strength that will never tire out your legs while the 1-piece knit bootie wraps around your ankle in order to better protect it. In the unfortunate circumstance that this item is all sold-out, you can also gravitate toward the Nike Men’s Force Savage Elite Football Cleats.



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10 Best Nike Football Cleats (Updated Reviews) in 2022



When playing football, a good pair of cleats is pretty much one of the most important investments you can make so this is why we looked at the entire market through a microscopic lens, to make sure we only offer the best solutions and your feet remain injury-free, no matter the weather or terrain you are playing on.



1. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat


One of the best things about this pair of football cleats is that is was specifically designed with acceleration in mind. The fact that the manufacturer accomplished this while making use of high-quality materials and lightweight parts simply adds to the product’s effectiveness in combating foot fatigue while giving the athlete a ton of support.

Even better, it also uses mesh which is known to be one of the most breathable materials out there when it comes to freedom of the foot. The use of carbon fiber plates is a mark of quality since this almost alien-like material is famous for being extremely tough yet, at the same time, quite light and easy to wear.

What this gets you, the customer, is a durable and tough cleat that is not very hard to get the hang of because it is light and easy to use in most terrains.



The brand’s unique PORON footbed adds to the sensation felt by the feet, allowing them to be comfortable and light. At the same time, the way these items are built works great when it comes to combating odor and moisture.

Nike football cleats reviews like this product for the high level of traction it provides, making it good enough for lock-down corners, quarterbacks, linebackers, and even quick-running receivers.

To add this to the mix, style was never forgotten as you will notice the cleats look extremely cool and well put together so you’ve really got the perfect package here that’s all primed up to allow you to be a great football player on and off the field.



The only complaint is the fact that it seems to be quite prone to grass stains, even though cleaning shouldn’t prove to be much of a chore unless you forget about it and let the stains sink in.

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2. Nike Men’s Force Savage Elite Football Cleats


When you’re out there on the green, you are going to need a pair of good football cleats in order to run, jump, and smash your way past the competition. This is where the Men’s Force Savage Elite comes in to help you stay one step ahead with the built-in Flywire cables that will firmly lock your feet into place allowing you to stop fearing injuries.

Furthermore, these cleats are also designed with a high-top ankle as this is something that adds even more to your stability while you’ll be on your merry, running way to the end zone. The manufacturer also wanted this to be good practice footwear so a high-end midsole Lunarlon foam was added to ensure some supportive cushioning for those long hours you put in.

A good owner will be careful to avoid walking over anything but grass or turf with these in order to preserve them in the best way possible for game-day.



These cleats are great for getting a step ahead of the competition without fearing your foot will actually jump out since the support they offer goes up to the ankle due to the high-top silhouette.

The TPU plate is there as a mark of quality and offers a durable product that is, at the same time, quite lightweight and can be used for copious amounts of time.

Furthermore, each cleat is individually configured in such a way as to offer multidirectional traction and allow the user to quickly jump in any direction without slipping or falling down, which is obviously very important in football or any sports that require running.



You should be wary about using these cleats when it’s raining outside since this seems to be accelerating their deterioration process more than anything else.

They also seem to be prone to ripping if the player gets stepped on or the foot has to withstand some kind of heavy pressure.

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3. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleats


These babies have really earned their spot as one of the most appreciated Nike football cleats currently on the market due to the many perks and advantages they come with.

This particular type of shoe was imagined as the perfect one when it comes to optimizing comfort so that the user never has to worry about some disruptive foot pain when playing the game. It’s made from the standard, high-quality synthetic and mesh framework that can be found at the foundation of most Nike cleats.

You will also notice how the 3/4-length Phylon wedge offers state-of-the-art cushioning despite the fact that it is very light. The breathable mesh makes sure to keep the fight against odors up at all times, even during the rigors of the football game.

Furthermore, the 5/8-height collar grants a very nice, sock-like fit for the foot and this is a very satisfying feeling to have.



These cleats are available in dozens of color schemes that you can choose from so this adds an extra layer when it comes to the possibility of customization and making your own shoe.

The 3-sided studs are amazing when a player such as a running back or a linebacker needs to make quick cuts on the field and basically depends on his shoe to be able to make that happen.

The cleat size has also been slightly diminished when compared to previous versions of the shoe so that the athlete’s feet will not hurt even after a long day of training or, even more important, on that crucial game day.



The cleats may feel slightly narrow or even uncomfortable when first trying them on but you should simply deal with it for the first few days as they seem to break-in quite nicely afterward.

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4. Nike Men’s Force Savage Varsity Football Cleats


When it comes to Nike youth football cleats, this is a pair that you definitely cannot go wrong with. With that being said, also keep in mind that long cleats are one of the most important features that a lineman has to take into consideration when choosing his shoe due to the traction needed to block the defense or break through for a sack.

Furthermore, the additional ankle protection offered by these cleats makes them a favorite of players in this position since they have to twist their feet pretty much all the time. Available in a wide spectrum of colors, they will go with any team color scheme.

Even though they may look more like a pair of basketball shoes rather than wide receiver football cleats, you will soon find that they are perfect for protecting your leg as well as offering that much-needed traction in grass or turf.



This product sports a synthetic upper, a special Lunarlon foam midsole that provides great cushioning for those long training days, as well as a TPU plate that is quite possibly without peer when it comes to durability and being lightweight.

Even better, the cleats are molded for individual precision and the very nice Flywire cable system works to lock them on tight so the user never has to fear about them slipping off the foot.

Also, the shoe size seems to be quite on point since there’s really no need to endure through that tough, break-them-in period before the cleats become attached to your foot like its second nature. Instead, they will do this right from the first time you will be putting them on.



A good owner would have to properly know how to take care of these cleats since they seem to be sometimes capable of falling out after a short while when treated badly.

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5. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace 2 Shark Football Cleat


When you want to look dangerous out there on the field, these cleats can probably be your best companion to help you do exactly that. The manufacturer offers them made out of the synthetic-and-leather combination we’ve become accustomed to and appreciative of.

The synthetic part of the mold grants support and durability, allowing you to have your feet properly protected for a long time, even when in the throes of a very important game. Nike’s own Fastflex technology helps and promotes the natural motion of the body since the cleats very quickly start to feel as if they are a natural extension of your limbs.

The pull tab and the breathability of the cleats make it quite easy to put them on or take them off even after an arduous game where you had sweated your entire soul out, but your feet stayed minty-fresh.



These are good-looking, comfortable shoes that will act as a great pair for pretty much any football player out there.

This is a good pair to have even when playing or coaching on muddy fields since they will have no problem keeping your feet dry and warm, without damaging the material they are made of.

Molding them at the vamp also goes a long way toward adding that desired abrasion resistance that can be crucial in some circumstances of the game.

The manufacturer also aimed to create a wide design that offers more than enough room for toe splay since some players need to have that.



Make sure to check the sizes chart so as you don’t get something that does not fit very well and makes you or your loved one possibly end up with blisters or foot pain due to the way the cleats are designed.

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6. Nike Legend 8 Club Soccer Cleats 


If you like soccer, and you practice regularly, you should get a pair of cleats. This model from Nike has several features that recommend it. The upper is made from soft synthetic leather with a diamond texture, so the shoes look very nice.

There is a reason why soccer cleats need to be made from thin leather. When you play this type of sport, you must feel the ball so that you can control it with ease. That’s why Nike went for such a design when creating these soccer cleats.

You can use these on any surface, be it short-grass or artificial turf. When it comes to playing soccer, the shoes will help you feel comfortable and focus on the ball, and controlling it. The good traction of these shoes recommends them above other traits. Their versatility is another thing to bear in mind when making your final decision.



The gum rubber soles are designed to provide you with the much-needed traction when you run on a soccer field, chasing the ball.

Regardless of whether you train or play on a short-grass terrain or artificial turf, these shoes will perform as expected and beyond.

What you may also like about them is the molded diamond texture used for the uppers; the thin layer used gives you optimal control and feel of the ball.

Overall, the look and performance of these soccer cleats are satisfactory, and they will help you get the most out of your practice.



These soccer cleats run small, and their design is narrow, so you might have to order a size up or even more to get a good fit.

Compared to other models on the market, this one doesn’t appear as durable and might not perform well in cold season conditions.

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7. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat


While these may not be completely all black Nike football cleats, anybody who aspires to be an alpha on that football field should aim to get himself a pair of them. Since alphas have big egos, these shoes are recognized as being wide-feet friendly which is not something a lot of similar products can say.

Also, any alpha male will know his size from the get-go so, for this reason, these cleats will fit perfectly right from the start and will be true to size. They also look stylish and are easy to match with pretty much any team color.

Comfort is also something that the manufacturer had in mind so this footwear is very easy to run in and takes great care not to hurt the feet of the athletes. Furthermore, the comfort is doubled by durability since these will hold up really well, even when playing in wet or less-than-dry weather.



For the performance it offers, the Nike Alpha Menace Shark is indeed quite the steal when looking at the price demanded.

The product also aims to offer excellent traction since it will simply not slide even when force is used on the athlete’s body as it manages to grip the playing surface very well, holding everything into place.

Even better, the cleats offer just the right amount of heel and ankle support, tightly holding everything into place just like they are supposed to be doing.

They are so comfortable, in fact, that they can also be used as baseball and softball footwear without any issues.



Since this is a budget-friendly alternative, you may still find it less durable than other, top-tier products from the same company, that you could use for years.

Even though they are advertised as a wide pair of cleats, they may still be found tight at the front and sides.

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8. Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Cleats


While they may not be cheap Nike football cleats necessarily, the Superfly 6 Academy MG ones are still recommended due to the comfortable fit they offer and the design which is something truly special that manages to set the product apart from others.

There are lightweight cleats and there are those that you’re not even feeling like you’re wearing and the Superfly is definitely part of the second category. In fact, you may even notice an increase in your ability to run while wearing them.

Furthermore, the manufacturer aimed to make these cleats fit like a glove from day one and it appears this objective was definitely reached. Even better, the excellent grip on the ground offered here will be tough to match by any other pair since the combination of lightweight and still firm enough to keep the user standing is a rarity.



Also, these shoes benefit from the inclusion of a soft rubber cushion under the heel, allowing them to be worn even on those long, arduous training camp days since they will not make your feet hurt or develop blisters.

While, as we said, they are not cheap, the price is still not in the break-your-bank range when you consider all the benefits that an athlete who uses the pair is receiving.

If you want to distinguish yourself out there on the field, the style sported by this pair of cleats will make you instantly recognizable, especially if any agents may be out there in the crowd.



The cleats are so durable and sturdy that they are actually tougher to put on than other pairs that were deemed more flexible.

If for some reason, you need to take out the laces, you may find yourself having a hard time re-threading them afterward.

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9. Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleats


If you want to make yourself untouchable out on the field, Nike Untouchables football cleats may not be the only answer to your problem. In fact, getting the Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid should make you just as happy or more since the performance they offer is indeed a very good one.

The outsole plate is among the springiest out there and, as we know, football players love having this kind of feeling when using a pair of cleats since it makes them more secure and confident and allows them to play without worrying over these things.

This pair of footwear is indeed alpha and exerts its superiority over any piece of terrain it encounters, offering the player excellent grip on the field, sticking on every cut. It also looks quite good in a classy sense of the word so you will not be disappointed.



This is, without any doubt, a modern football cleat that bears the mark of manufacturers learning and listening to what the users say.

For this reason, it comes with a nice and spring feel when out there on the green and also boasts reliable and trustworthy traction when the player has to make quick cuts in order to get to key positions.

You will feel safe even when playing on potentially-slippery terrain due to the ground-fixing attributes of these cleats.

Furthermore, this product will not break your bank despite the obvious attributes it seems to possess and willingly bestow upon its user.



This is not a top-tier cleat when it comes to the amount of protection offered to the ankles so injury-prone players should be aware of this before purchasing.

The mid-to-high-top collar seems to also sometimes cause ankle pain to users who are prone to feeling such things.

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10. Nike Men’s Vapor Speed 3 TD Football Cleats


Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro football cleats are indeed a crowd favorite due to their many attributes that can be seen almost with the naked eye. They are so lightweight and easy to wear that they feel great on the feet and are often deemed to be some of the lightest cleats that Nike has managed to develop in quite a while.

Even better, you won’t have to wait a while in order to enjoy this pure quality since the manufacturer went to great lengths to ensure you get this from day one and they indeed do not seem to require any sort of break-in time.

The Speed 3’s traction on the field is also top-notch since the outsole plate works like a sling and will propel the user forward, allowing the athletes to get out very fast in a sport where reaction speed and timing are crucial.



The upper offers a flexible fit that should have no issues adapting to any foot shape, especially since the product seems to fit true to size every time.

Since they have been designed as low-top, these cleats are perfect for players who rely on speed and skill in order to impose their game out on the field. Even if they are low top, they still provide good support as they secure the foot from the inside.

For the price asked, you will surely notice that this pair of cleats offers tremendous quality and durability.



Players who are used to a wider feeling in their feet may find these cleats to run narrow, especially the first time they try them on.

Compared to other Nike cleats, ankle support does not seem to be as good so athletes prone to such injuries should be aware of this.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing your new pair of football cleats Nike is certainly the brand to go with. Picking new cleats is also a very good way to get excited about the upcoming season, regardless if you are the one doing the playing or maybe your child is.

With summer camps all over the country starting up during summer and eventually practice beginning when the fall is upon us, that’s also the perfect time to pick a new pair of sporty footwear.



Main things to consider

There are three main things that you should take into consideration when buying new football cleats: Who will wear them, the cut of the shoe, and the style of the outsole. With that being said, let’s take them one at a time.

Who is it for? – whether you are doing the shopping for yourself or your child is fresh off the team selection and starting his first football season, compressing the list of choices is key to making a good one.

Cut of the shoe – these can be either high, mid, or low cut clean and using them can vary based on the body type of the athlete, position, preferred stability, and even personal comfort.

Style of the outsole – to make an educated guess, you have to understand the differences and possible outcomes between molded, hard molded, or detachable cleats.


Who is it for?

This can be the most challenging of all the factors since purchasing a pair of cleats is a personal job due to the variety of styles that are available. When you’re shopping for yourself, you should be able to narrow down the list of your options based on position and personal likes and dislikes.

However, doing this for somebody else can quickly turn into a stressful business because you are either dealing with this as a parent, buying for your kid, or you have simply been asked to do it but you don’t feel like you have enough information to make an educated guess on your own.


Cut of the cleat

Low top cuts are very light and are obviously designed for speed and agility. If you are a runner, this will give you that Flash feeling when you are running toward the end zone.

Mid top

The mid top aims to be the best of both worlds and has the lightweight feeling comparable to the low cut ones while having the ankle support that is so necessary for some athletes.

High top

This is the shoe that aims to offer ultimate stability and durability, providing much-needed ankle support for those hard players battling their hearts out against their opponents.


Cleat spikes

Rubber molded

Spikes that are rubber molded will be permanently attached to the shoe and are used in many youth leagues so this type of cleats are considered entry-level ones.

Hard molded

This type is similar to rubber molded ones but the manufacturer uses a harder plastic outsole that offers somewhat of a mix between comfort and traction. As a result, youth and collegiate players often use this for their needs.


Even if you’re planning to get some Nike football cleats cheap is not exactly what you can expect, although the detachable ones have the advantage of having interchangeable spikes that can be switched depending on the type of field you are playing on or the weather conditions.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who invented football cleats?

Believe it or not, cool Nike football cleats weren’t always a thing. Even though it is believed Roman legionaries wore sandals that closely resembled them, athletes did not start using them until at least the 16th century. While the United States began to use them somewhere in the 1860s due to baseball, it wasn’t until the end of the century that other sports did this too.

The first modern football boots were designed by the Adidas company in 1954 as a type of light, non-leather sole shoe with an upper portion made from kangaroo skin and replaceable studs that had to be screwed in at different lengths.



Q: What are Nike football cleats made of?

Nike entered the cleat business in 1971 with a classic black-and-white molded rubber model that was simply named “The Nike”. This has obviously become one of the most important moments in sports history since then due to the company’s tremendous growth and impact in the entire world.

Today, Nike’s most advanced football cleats combine the use of recycled polyester upper spun with the lightweight strength of carbon fiber that adds great durability to the finished product and improves its overall performance. A bonus of the company is that it uses feedback from top athletes in order to continuously improve anything it creates.


Q: When did Nike start making soccer cleats?

For years now, Nike has been one of the industry leaders when it comes to producing and distributing soccer cleats all over the world. While original cleats can be traced back to the mid to late 1500s, they were merely the beginning of the worldwide phenomenon we have today. Indeed, early ones did not have the knobby soles we’ve come to know and love these days.

Nike’s first line of soccer shoes and boots, dubbed “Mercurial” were launched into the public eye during the 1970 World Cup when soccer great Pelé first wore them. Since both boots and cleats became popular among the athletes, the company has been producing both of them to this day.


Q: How should I wash my Nike football cleats?

Step 1: Remove the cleats as soon as the game is done and you are off the field since hard surfaces like pavement can destroy them.

Step 2: Hit the cleats together to knock off any excess dirt then get an old toothbrush to remove any of the grime yet remaining.

Step 3: Clean your cleats that very day with a mixture of laundry detergent and water, using the same old toothbrush or a washcloth to apply it.

Step 4: Once all the stains are out, use a clean, wet washcloth to wipe the cleats and make them shiny again.

Step 5: Dry the shoes at room temperatures and do not ever place them in direct sunlight or under a hair dryer. Do not store them wet!

Step 6: Make sure to also wash the insoles in order to eliminate bad odors lingering in them after the game.


Q: What kind of cleats do football players wear?

Cleats have been all the rage for many years when it comes to professional football and other sports so it is only natural that many people are interested in when and where they have to be worn.

Basically, there are three types of cleats that can be found on the market when we look at their spikes: molded, rubber bottom, and detachable ones. Since most games are played on grass or synthetic turf, players will want a shoe that can be safely and comfortably used on both surfaces without causing them issues or potential injuries.



Unavailable products


Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleats


The Nike men’s Vapor Untouchable pro football cleats are so good that they are pure pleasure to wear and are guaranteed to improve your performance on the field starting from day one. They are very comfortable and the upper conforms to the foot like glue, offering a sock-like fit that is guaranteed to ensure stability.

Furthermore, the same upper is quite flexible when compared to other similar products so chances are it’s not going to require any break-in time, being 100% comfortable from the first time you’re wearing them. Due to this, you can also rest assured that the product fits true to size and you’re not going to have any unwanted surprises.

The knit collar was redesigned compared to the previous version and the cleats are now more elastic, more flexible, and easier to put on, also saving some gearing-up time in the process.



The carbon fiber not only oozes high-quality but it is also quite springy and responsive, which is something that a lot of players thoroughly enjoy when it comes to their cleats.

Furthermore, the shoes provide great performance when one has to make those hard cuts or accelerate on the field. This is also amplified by the cleat pattern that is undoubtedly one of the best out there.

The lockdown is also excellent since the user’s heel will simply not move due to the thick heel counter, therefore minimizing the risk of injuries as much as possible.



These cleats are so durable and somewhat tight that it’s possible some people with more sensitive feet will sometimes get blisters before they get used to them.

Also, the white part of the cleat seems to be quite prone to getting dirty, even though this is something that may be expected.





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