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10 Best Kickboxing Gloves Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 26.09.20


Best Kickboxing Glove Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you are in the market looking for the best kickboxing gloves but you have very little time on your hands, this short paragraph will help you make a good purchase. After looking at the top-rated models currently available, we’ve concluded that the one you should get is the Everlast EverCool Kickboxing Gloves. This model comes with a full wrap strap to give you superior wrist support during your training and a more customizable fit. The palm is now covered with full mesh that helps promote superior breathability for more comfort so that you can train for longer. The new design has extended knuckle padding to protect your fingers better without limiting your mobility. If by any chance the first pick is unavailable but you want to get good kickboxing gloves, then we recommend you take a moment to look at the Sanabul Paw V.2 Gel Kickboxing Handwrap Gloves.



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10 Best Kickboxing Gloves (Updated Reviews) in 2020



It’s rarely easy to find the best gloves for kickboxing which is why we have selected some of the critically acclaimed products and showcased them below. These models stood out thanks to their superior quality, comfort, and protection. Whichever option you prefer, you can be certain that it will provide you with a good training experience.



1. Everlast EverCool Kickboxing Gloves 


If you’re looking for a pair of women’s kickboxing gloves to use in cardio kickboxing classes, this option is great since it is light and thin and it will protect your knuckles when hitting a heavy bag. You get superior wrist support thanks to the included wrist wrap strap that will also let you get a more customizable fit.

You won’t have to worry about sweat since the gloves have a new full mesh palm that is breathable and will keep a constant airflow inside the glove so that your skin can stay dry and cool even during your most intense workouts. The fabric feels very soft to the touch which makes wearing this unit for long training sessions very comfortable.

What’s more, this pair of kickboxing training gloves also features the innovative Everfresh antimicrobial treatment that is designed to prevent foul odors and to keep the product smelling fresh throughout the day.



The hook & loop wrist strap is easily adjustable for a secure fit and it will add support to your wrist so that you can hit the heavy bag harder without fear of injury.

It features a new and improved design with extended knuckle padding that will help you keep the entire hand protected without sacrificing mobility.

The fabrics on the interior of the gloves use the Everfresh antimicrobial treatment that will keep foul odors at bay so that even after long hours of use, the product will keep smelling fresh.

The back of the hand uses closed-cell technology for better protection against impacts.



You should be aware that for average-sized hands these gloves tend to fit a bit too tight, which means that unless you have very small hands, you should order one size larger.

The gloves are not designed for high-intensity training since hitting at full power for long periods can make your hand hurt.

Buy from for ($26.28)




2. Sanabul Paw V.2 Gel Kickboxing Handwrap Gloves 


If versatility is on your mind and you’re looking for a pair of gloves that you can use for more than just kickboxing, this model is certainly worth considering. It is perfect for kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing and also for weight lifting, pull up bars, and other similar workouts.

These hand wrap gloves are made from durable neoprene on the outside with an open-cell area on the palm and back of the hand for superior breathability. On the inside, this model uses a firm, yet comfortable gel. This material gives the gloves better shock absorption so that the impact your hands and wrists get during your exercises doesn’t feel as powerful.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the long-use comfort that these gloves offer since unlike other typical hand wraps that tend to rub on your skin, these are very easy to put on and take off. They are built almost like a gel which means that they provide a much more comfortable fit.



These versatile gloves also function very well for weight lifting since there are many small silicone grips on the palms to help you keep hold of the bar.

The breathability this option offers is very good since there are openings on both the palm and the back of the hand to help sweat evaporate and keep your skin dry and comfortable.

The gel that is present across the knuckles and on the back of the hand will give you superior shock absorption.

Since these wraps are structured exactly like a normal pair of gloves, you simply need to slide your hands inside and then wrap the wrist closure until you get a tight fit.



While these are designed to be worn under boxing or MMA kickboxing gloves, they are a bit too big to fit under certain gloves.

They don’t provide as much wrist support as a standard pair of fingerless kickboxing gloves.

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3. MeGaLuv Kickboxing Gloves Fingerless 


Anyone who’s looking for cheap kickboxing gloves should make sure to give this option a look since it manages to offer a similar build quality and the same features that are found in options that are double the price. They are versatile and provide adequate hand protection for kickboxing, Taekwondo, martial arts, punching bag and grappling training.

The gloves are made from premium-quality materials, namely synthetic PU leather and Lycra fabric combined with 8mm EVA lining pads that add superior protection on the whole back of the hands and fingers. Thus, you won’t have to pull your punches with this option since your hand and knuckles will get superior impact protection.

Comfort is, of course, important and a feature that this model doesn’t ignore since it has an elastic hollow palm design made from a breathable fabric with a cylindrical hold bar that enhances the grip of your hand during fitness workouts.



There’s a highly elastic mesh fabric between the fingers that helps increase the comfort the gloves offer and the open-palm design helps sweat evaporate to keep your hands dry during long workouts.

The terry cloth on the thumb is specifically designed to be soft so that you can use to wipe away sweat from your forehead without having to interrupt your training.

The Velcro wrap on the wrist allows you to customize the fit of the glove which is available in sizes suitable for men, women, and children.

The back of the glove features thick padding that will help keep your hand and knuckles protected and it will prevent injury when fighting or training.



The sizing is inconsistent and the gloves tend to run a bit too small which means that for a comfortable fit you might need to order one size larger.

It can’t handle high-intensity workouts since the harder you punch, the more likely the seams are to break.

Buy from for ($15.99)




4. FitsT4 Kickboxing Half Mitts 


This is another affordable pair of kickboxing gloves and it is also one of the few products in this price range that has garnered very positive customer feedback which means that you can be certain that you’re looking at a high-quality model. It is made from durable synthetic leather with EVA lining pads under the knuckle to help prevent injuries.

The synthetic leather is abrasion-proof so that it can handle many high-intensity workout sessions without showing signs of wear and tear. The adjustable strap on the end of the gloves will not only help you get a custom fit but it will also support your wrist better so that you don’t risk damage to the joints.

You will also benefit from the open palm design and the breathing fabric on the palm that is designed to let your skin breathe and stay dry. On the palm area just under the fingers there is also a cylindrical hold bar designed to enhance grip for fitness workouts.



Thanks to the multi-purpose design of this product, you can use it not only for kickboxing but also Taekwondo, grappling, boxing, martial arts, sparring, or any other lightweight training.

The thumbs are covered with a towel-like pad that will help you wipe sweat quickly without having to pause your workout and look for a towel.

The brand offers excellent customer service and it is always there for you if you need answers before, during, or after your purchase.

This model is available in two colors, black or white and both designs feature the same high-quality construction.

It is available in many sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large and it can fit women, men, and kids.



The padding could use some improvements since it is not as thick as it looks and if you use improper technique your hands can still hurt.

For most parts the size chart is consistent but sometimes gloves can fit a bit too tight.

Buy from for ($16.99)




5. Everlast MMA Kick Boxing Gloves 


This option features a new design with extended knuckle padding that will help protect the fingers not only during combat but also while you’re training. It is perfect for athletes who like to strike hard since the superior wrist support and the customizable fit will ensure that you’ll feel more comfortable and safe when striking.

The exterior of the gloves sees the use of synthetic leather that adds more protection to your hands and durability to the product. To make it easier for your skin to breathe, especially during those intensive training sessions, this model features a full mesh palm that will help your hands stay sweat-free.

There is also a grip bar on the palm and this addition is there to keep your hand in a natural position and to give you a better grip if you ever want to use the glove for other workouts such as fitness.



The hook and loop wrist strap lets you customize the fit of the gloves based on the size of your wrist and it will strengthen the joint for better support when striking.

They are primarily made from synthetic leather and since the fabric is combined with the excellent craftsmanship that this brand is known for, you can count on this option to withstand a high level of use and abuse.

The proprietary EverCool mesh ventilation panels on the palm will help keep the temperature inside the gloves under control so that you can use them for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

The unisex design and the wide variety of available sizes help guarantee that both men and women can find the model that will fit them comfortably.



There are slight inconsistencies among gloves and the right glove can feel tighter than the left or vice versa.

The gloves can feel rigid at first but after the break-in period, they tend to loosen up and fit better on the hand.

Buy from for ($21.99)




6. Cheerwing UFC Kickboxing Gloves 


This option is made of high-quality PU leather and it is filled with EVA foam which provides superior shock absorbency to protect you effectively against impacts when training or sparring. The synthetic leather is also very easy to clean and durable so that you can enjoy long-lasting performance.

The wrist strap has a widened design and that allows the wearer to customize the fit of the gloves accordingly. What’s more, this component provides the wrist and the joint with solid support when striking powerful blows. The gloves are incredibly comfortable and they conform naturally to the shape of your fists.

The product boasts a fingerless design with thumb protection and that makes this option ideal for a multitude of contact sports such as kickboxing, MMA, UFC, Taekwondo, martial arts and many other types of lightweight daily training. The palm also features a high-quality breathable cloth that allows for quick sweat evaporation during intensive workouts.



This versatile option can fit both men and women and since there are 6 different colors to choose from, everyone will be able to pick the one that matches his or her personality.

It features a curved design with a fist peak of about 1” and this section is attached to the back of the hand fully to improve the flexibility of the wrist.

It features a high-quality two-layers wrist strap that will let you get a customizable fit while at the same time it will also strengthen the protection that your wrist gets when striking.

The gloves feature thumb protection to give you optimal striking shielding during both training sessions and competitions.



The knuckles are not protected that well since even with the gloves on, the knuckles can still bruise when hitting the heavy bag.

If you want to get a snug fit you’re better off getting a smaller size since this model tends to run a bit large.

Buy from for ($17.98)




7. Hawk Kickboxing Gloves for Men & Women 


If you’re looking for a versatile yet affordable pair of gloves that you can use for all-purpose training, this is a great choice since it is ideal for kickboxing, mitt work, and heavy bag workouts. It is made from high-quality materials that are capable of handling heavy use and they provide a very comfortable workout experience.

The palm area features small anti-perspiration holes that are designed to promote a constant airflow inside the gloves so that your skin can breathe and evaporate the sweat in order to reduce offensive odors, moisture, and bacteria buildup on the fabric.

Protection is very important and this brand doesn’t kid around with this model since it features extra-thick Supremo-Shock foam padding on the knuckles, on the back of the gloves, on the palm, and over the wrist joint. Thus, when using this pair of gloves you can be certain that your hands will get the ultimate protection.



They feel very comfortable and even during the most intense sessions, your hands will remain cool and dry thanks to the anti-perspiration holes on the palm.

With this model, customers can get better wrist protection thanks to the hook and loop wrap with Velcro closure that will also ensure a customizable fit.

You can choose between various sizes that can fit men and women alike, including children since the brand offers an extra-small 8oz size.

It has a very attractive design and even the brand logo on the top of the wrist doesn’t take away from the beauty of this product that’s available in both black and white.



They have a chemical smell and it is best to wash them a couple of times until it fades away if you find it to be too strong.

These are great for hobbyists who are boxing for recreational purposes but they are not suitable for professional use.

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8. RDX Boxing Gloves for Training 


If you’re ready to step up to professional kickboxing gloves capable of providing a higher level of performance, comfort, and durability then you should take a moment and consider what this nifty model has to offer. It is constructed from Maya hide leather, which is one of the most popular alternatives to natural leather.

The materials are resistant to tear, splits, and cracks and for the average athlete, these gloves should last for well over a year, especially if you take the time to look after them. Your hands will also be protected properly since this unit features a mixture of extra-thick Supremo-Shock foam and gel to guard your knuckles, back of the hand and wrist.

What’s more, the protection that these gloves offer is enhanced even further by the Quadro-Dome technology that assists in the natural alignment of the hand when striking. This will help the force of each strike disperse evenly across the fist.



It has a long 11.5” hook and loop strap that goes around the wrist to keep the glove in place and it will also protect your wrist from injury during training or sparring.

This model features ventilation holes in the palm and it has an inner wick layer that is designed to draw sweat away from your palms to keep the skin dry and to prevent foul odors.

The superior padding will absorb and disperse blunt impacts across the entire surface of the gloves and it can protect the hand from excessive force without minimizing the impact of your punch.

You can customize the look of the gloves by choosing between any of the available 4 colors, namely blue, golden, pink, or red.



If you have large hands, you should order a larger size since these gloves have a tight fit.

The Velcro sticks a bit out sometimes and it can scratch your sparring partner.

Buy from for ($45.49)




9. SOTF MMA Punching Bag Gloves 


This versatile option is great for kickboxing, MMA boxing, BJJ, and many other contact sports and activities thanks to its durable yet lightweight construction that can resist impacts and provide long-lasting performance. The back of the hand is layered with foam that provides better shock absorption and protection so that you can give your best without fear of injury.

The palm area is made from highly breathable material that will prevent your hands from feeling stuffy during long training sessions. Since the skin will be able to breathe properly, sweat won’t be as big of an issue and the lack of perspiration can prevent bacteria buildup so that the gloves don’t develop unpleasant smells.

The closure system should not be overlooked and this model uses a hook and loop closure that ensures a comfortable and customizable fit. The same system will also support the wrists so that you can protect your joints against impacts.



The fingerless design gives you better mobility without sacrificing protection since the knuckles and the back of the hand are covered with layered foam for better shock absorption.

Comfortable gloves need to be able to wick away moisture and this model features moisture-wicking materials and a palm-side design that promotes moisture escape.

These gloves are very affordable and are perfect for beginners who want to increase their gym output without going over budget.

The versatile design allows these gloves to be used for kickboxing, MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and other gym or indoor sports training.

It can fit both men and women and it is available in 3 stylish colors: gray, pink, and white and black.



At first, the gloves fit a bit tight and it takes a fair amount of time to wear them in.

Some parts of the padding in the knuckle can feel a bit awkward.

Buy from for ($13.99)




10. Liberlupus MMA Training Kickboxing Gloves 


This is another affordable option that is worth considering, especially since it is suitable for many types of lightweight daily training and it boasts a high-quality construction that uses premium protective materials. The gloves are made from a combination of PU leather and Lycra fabric with 8mm EVA lining pads designed to absorb shocks and prevent hand injuries.

The adjustable strap on the wrist uses a hook and loop closure so that you can adjust the glove to fit more comfortably in your hand and it provides increased support to your wrist to reduce the chances of injury during training.

The product has some parts of the palm area exposed to let the skin breathe more freely without sacrificing the protection that the gloves offer. Before ending this kickboxing gloves review, it’s worth mentioning the built-in cylindrical elastic bar on the palm which helps make your fist feel more powerful and it promotes a more secure grip.



The thumb is covered with a protective pad that has the texture of a sponge and it is highly absorbent so that you can wipe the sweat away without interrupting your exercise.

It is a versatile option that is suitable for a wide variety of contact sports such as kickboxing, boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, UFC training, martial arts, and many others.

The gloves have a lightweight construction and they are very easy to put on and take off, which can make your daily workouts more comfortable.

The EVA lining pads are 8mm thick and will prevent shocks and impacts from injuring your hands.

It is available in two colors: black & blue and black & red.



There are only two sizes available and you’ll have to rely on the adjustable strap to get a snug fit.

The protection it offers is great for lightweight training but you shouldn’t use it for heavyweight workouts.

Buy from




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When searching for the best kickboxing gloves for women or men you are bound to encounter dozens of models and to the untrained eye they may seem similar, but there are plenty of features that differentiate one product from another.

It can be difficult to know what to focus on, and to make it easier for you, we have examined some of the popular kickboxing gloves reviews in order to identify the key features and factors one ought to keep in mind before purchasing this type of product. If you want to learn more, you can take a quick look below.


The design to get depends primarily on the type of workout that you intend to do with the glove. There are two main designs that you can choose from, the classic design that looks like a boxing glove or a fingerless design. A classic glove has more padding and generally does a better job of protecting your hand.

If you intend to do exercises with lots of bag work, especially heavy bags, then you should definitely stick with the pair that offers the most padding up the front part of the gloves. You should also make sure that the mitts you’re purchasing have robust support for your wrists so that you can minimize the risk of injuries.

The disadvantage with these larger gloves is that they can be quite tricky to put on and take off and if you’re looking for a quick workout, you’ll waste a lot of time just putting and taking them off. If you have other types of exercises in your workout routine, it is best to stick to less padded gloves if you favor speed.

Fingerless gloves have separated fingers and this design is perfect if you tend to spar frequently with another person or if you perform various grappling techniques with a trainer. The ideal sparring or grappling glove should be very flexible on the hand and the palm portions.



Finding the right size can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you are buying online. Most brands have their own measuring guide that you can refer to when picking the size, but you can’t always know for sure how they’ll fit until you have them in your hands. Thus, make sure that the brand you’re buying from allows you to return the item if it does not fit well.

Choosing the size also depends on your workout routine and 16-ounce gloves tend to be the most balanced as far as performance and protection are concerned. Some boxers may find this size too heavy when training for extended periods.

You should not be afraid to experiment with different sizes since only this way you can find the one that feels best in your hand. It might take a bit longer to find the ideal pair of kickboxing gloves, but once you do, it will all be worth it.


If you intend to use the gloves for heavy bag work and sparring then you should get heavier gloves that go around 12 to 16 ounces. With these gloves, you get better protection but your mobility is hindered a bit.

For people who plan to combine kickboxing with other exercises, lighter gloves that go around 8 to 10 ounces are recommended. With that said, you should keep in mind that lighter gloves offer less protection so you should use them only for lightweight training.

No matter the type of kickboxing gloves Amazon has plenty of options for you to choose from and finding the right one shouldn’t be an issue especially if you use our list of top-rated models.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of gloves can you use for kickboxing?

There are many types of protective gloves on the market and to an amateur, most of them look very similar. While you may be able to use other gloves for kickboxing such as Muay Thai gloves, they can only be used if you’re a beginner since the more your skills develop, the more constrained you’ll feel in other types of gloves.

Thus, for kickboxing, it is best to stick to a pair that has been specifically designed for this sport. When picking a pair of kickboxing gloves it is best to talk to your coach since if you’re practicing at the gym, you might be required to use gloves of a certain size.

Most gyms nowadays will encourage children and smaller adults to choose 8 to 10-ounce gloves while adults and bigger people are recommended to pick a pair that weighs between 12 to 16 ounces. Furthermore, if you plan to combine kickboxing with other workouts you can also get a pair of kickboxing mitts with separated fingers.

Q: How do you clean your kickboxing gloves?

After you are done with your workout you should wipe the glove with a cloth or towel so that you can remove the excess moisture inside. Repeat this process for the other glove as well. Once you’ve removed as much from the moisture inside as possible, it is time to clean the interior.

For the inside of the gloves, you can use homemade solutions such as vinegar or products designed specifically for this job such as antibacterial sprays or antibacterial wipes. To sanitize the glove you should spray several spritzes inside. Use the same solution to clean the outside.

Try to avoid harsh cleaning sprays since they can seriously damage the fabrics and cause a reaction with your skin. Once you are done cleaning the glove, you should let it air dry outside or in a well-ventilated room, near an open window. Don’t let them dry in the sun since it can damage the leather.


Q: What’s the difference between kickboxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves?

The palms of Muay Thai gloves are generally padded in such a way as to let the hand be more open while for kickboxing you can find plenty of models that are more rounded at the fingers to help the athlete make a fist more naturally.

What’s more, kickboxing gloves generally have a breathable mesh across the palm since the hand needs more ventilation when it is clenched in a fist. The design of the thumb is also a bit different and Muay Thai gloves tend to have it less tucked into the hand so that the athletes can grip better when catching or clinching.

The cuff is also different since for kickboxing gloves it needs to fit as closely to the wrist as possible and it tends to be fairly long. Muay Thai gloves have the opposite approach since they need to fit shorter and have a thicker cuff to make up for the reduced wrist support.




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