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10 Best Inflatable Punching Bags Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Best Inflatable Punching Bag Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what the best inflatable punching bags are, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to go through each product piece by piece and see their respective characteristics and advantages. After carefully combing and examining the quality and value offered by some of the acclaimed products in this line, our team of boxing aficionados has come to the conclusion that the Big Time Toys Bopper Standing Punching Bag for Kids is the one that will make all your birthday parties a wonderful place to be. Since it bounces right back, this bag can take everything the kids throw at it and more, providing a totally safe way for the kids to practice their karate chops and develop their agility, balance, and coordination all at the same time. If for some reason, you don’t have access to this product, we also recommend that you take a look at the Bozo The Original 46” Bozo 3-D Bop Bag.



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10 Best Inflatable Punching Bags (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Despite the abundance of options these days, it can be hard to find creative ways to release some extra energy. Inflatable punching bags remain a great method to do so and this is why we’ve spent quite a large amount of time selecting only the best products for you to review and choose from.



1. Big Time Toys Bopper Standing Punching Bag for Kids 


Were you ever stuck at a kids’ birthday party, listening to all the yelling and screaming, all the while thinking about what you could do to decrease some of their insurmountable energy? Well, we have the answer for you in the form of this big, bad representative of toddler punching bags. Punch it, kick it, yell at it, it will simply and gently come back for more every time.

This inflatable toy will prove to be a great way to actively begin and encourage sports development for your children. The material makes it totally safe so it will simply not harm their hands and feet, regardless of how many karate chops they throw at it. You won’t even have to get boxing gloves, even if you have a youngster expressing early interest in the sport.

This product gives your kids a fun and positive way to blow off some steam in the world of technology and cell phones.



Releasing extra energy in an outdoorsy way can really encourage them to get out of the house more, which will prove very important especially in their early stages of development.

Being totally safe, it can provide a way for the kids to play that will not require your constant attention and participation, offering you some much-needed downtime.

This type of exercise is great as it enhances agility, balance, and coordination, all of them very important in the motor development of a child.

It is also a fun way to encourage children to play together in a manner that is easily understandable and shareable.



Since this is supposed to be, at the end of the day, a punching bag, it seems a little too prone to being damaged out of order quite fast, so you should keep this in mind before purchasing it for your powerful youngster.

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2. Bozo The Original 46” Bozo 3-D Bop Bag


Don’t let anyone fool you, this reproduction of the original Bozo Bop Bag from the 1960s is indeed a great performance in replicating interesting parts of history. While we’re sure that everyone who was there at the time wanted to punch Bozo, the company with the same name now gives your kids the option to actually do it!

Since this is a play-by-play reproduction of the original thing, it comes with anything and everything that you would want, 3D squeaky noise, flame-red hair, and all. We can guarantee that your kids will take a long look at it because while it may actually look kinda scary in the beginning, this will make them want to punch it even more once they get past the fear.

This product provides a nice, inflatable way to get your children more into sports and let them see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.



While, for now, exercising may be reduced to something as simple as punching a bop bag, do not underestimate the impact it can have for their later development.

The toy stands proud at 46 inches so it should be just about the right height to be able to stand punches, kicks, and chops, without your children over-exerting themselves.

It’s made of soft and durable vinyl which is not only extremely safe for their hands and feet but also provides quite a lot of durability so you should have this bag for years to come, provided you take good care of it.

The inflating part will also not take nearly as long as you think, requiring just a few minutes until your little Bozo is up, running, and ready to take punches.



Something seems to have changed in this product’s composition as later reproductions are no longer enjoying the sand-filled base that received so many good reviews.

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3. Pure Boxing MMA Target Bag Inflatable Punching Bag


The best inflatable punching bags are always notorious (Hello, Conor McGregor) for being able to take a literal beating and this one from Pure Boxing really lives up to its hype. If you struggle to believe that, you only have to look at the large number of buyers ordering it continuously to see for yourself.

This is the type of product that any active child will want and any sedentary child will need, as it promotes the love for exercise and sports while helping them increase important things like hand-eye coordination, agility, determination, and endurance. The way it is designed, they can practice punches, kicks, and chops without you having any fear in the world for their safety.

It’s also quite solid-looking compared to other, similar products and the black color coupled with the helpful hitting marks on it makes for a great aid during practice.



This is a very dependable and solid punching bag, allowing you as a parent to offer a way of fun exercising, something that’s quite important in a technology-centered society.

The manufacturer’s idea to place targets in strategic locations across the bag works great in providing more opportunities to practice with precision and see skill-improvement, not just a mere work-out.

The rugged vinyl construction should be just about able to withstand a copious amount of kicks, punches, and screams, always bouncing up and coming back for more.

The base can be filled with sand or water in order to ensure you have a safe bag. As a rule of thumb, sand has been proven to almost always be the more effective of the two.



This bag can be very hard to inflate on your own, without an automatic pump, and the delivery only provides you with a foot one.

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4. Taylor Toy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids


Getting your babies a kids punching bag is a great way to keep them active indoors, while still having them over your watchful gaze. Considering how much time television and smartphones take away from them on a daily basis, providing a new and fun way to burn some energy might not be the worst thing in the world for them (it’s really one of the best).

This Taylor Toy product stands true behind the company’s desire to bring fun, interactive, and safe toys to all children, even if its mission in this world is to be hit by them. The heavy-duty vinyl will only prove great for keeping your child’s limbs out of harm’s way but you will also notice its durability as long as you don’t do something extreme like poking at it or something.

Furthermore, having a readily-available outlet to release your child’s energy can prove to be a priceless perk in your daily parent life too.



This is a very good way to keep your boys and girls happy and active, even when they have to stay inside the house, showing them that phones and tablets are not the only way to spend quality time.

The material is quite durable and should last you for a long time, despite the fact that it’s made to take punches.

Since the bottom is designed to have a weight that will keep it in place, usually sand or water, the product will offer a 100% safe bounce-back action, always coming back for more, no matter how hard the hit.

Standing at 44 inches, it should be just the right height in order to allow children and young teens to properly hit it.



The product seems to be a little too prone to making you come home and finding water spilled all over your floor since you have to fill it yourself before you can use it.

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5. Pure Boxing Tough Guy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids


We’re not sure if any inflatable punching bag review will mention making the one who uses it an actual “tough guy” but what we are sure of is that your child will definitely enjoy punching this one until he or she can punch no more.

Having such an item in the house will provide you with a great way to promote exercise and working out, albeit indoors while helping your children develop key components like agility and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, we’re sure you wouldn’t sometimes mind a little break from the overly-active angels either, especially if they’re forced to stay inside the house.

The manufacturer went to great lengths to ensure the bag comes with lifelike graphics that will also provide a mental target for the combination of blows, increasing the effectiveness of any mixed martial art practice that your kid may undergo.



While any punching bag is a great way to promote exercise and working out more, the fact that this one comes with “tough guy” graphics will go a long way toward making your children more engaged and involved in the activity.

The product also boasts rugged vinyl construction that should be able to withstand pretty much anything thrown at it, including kicks, punches, and karate chops.

The bounce-back effect will always have the bag coming back for more, while the vinyl provides a soft surface that is unable to cause damage to your child’s hands, legs, or any other part of the body he or she chooses to strike with.



Some of the products seem to come with a faulty and maybe unpatchable leak in the seam that will not allow them to maintain their awesomeness for more than a couple of weeks.

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6. Eforoutdoor Fitness Heavy Inflatable Punching Bag


While this is not a cheap inflatable punching bag, at least if you compare it to similar items, the product you’re going to receive should hold up to the most rigorous training standards and be there for you and your children for a long time as a way to blow off some steam and get rid of that extra energy and frustration that may have accumulated.

Standing at 5 feet and 25 inches tall, this is taller than your average kids’ punching bag and it will also provide a better opponent and workout for them. The durable multi-layer 25mm PVC Duratec material will ensure that you have the bag for a long time, no matter what kind of punishment you are putting it through.

Not only will the rugged vinyl construction withstand any number of kicks, punches, and chops, but it will always come back for more and taunt your child to do even better due to the strategically-placed hit marks all over it.



Since it’s a non-hanging heavy bag, this feature will allow you to control the place where you want to place it in your house.

You can opt to fill the base of the bag with water or sand for improved stability. A rule of thumb would show that sand is almost always the better choice, especially if you are going to use the bag a lot.

It is a great option for both keeping fit and for introducing a new and fun way for your kids or your entire family to relax after a long, frustrating day.

Such an activity not only burns extra calories but improves coordination, flexibility, and agility, granting a lot of overall benefits.



This version of the product seems to sometimes lose air quickly and, since you cannot patch it, you may find yourself in need of a new bag in a short amount of time.

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7. Hoovy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids, Exercise & Stress Relief


While many people would like to look at cheap inflatable punching bags when considering buying one, this is really the type of product that can punish you for doing so. If you get this Hoovy product, however, you have the guarantee of getting a good and durable product that won’t require you to break the bank in the process.

Its design and coloring make it perfect to draw the attention of the kids who will undoubtedly enjoy punching away at it. It will help your babies have fun while also being active and releasing some energy and frustration, both things which tend to accumulate, especially if they have to stay inside for some reason.

Staying indoors can never be a reason to avoid a workout so this inflatable bag can offer a way of doing just that. This is a tremendous way for the children to increase their speed, strength, accuracy, and stamina in an athletic-yet safe way, due to the resistant material that won’t be able to cause any damage to their limbs.



The quality really speaks for itself when it comes to this product as the high-quality vinyl offers a great combination of strength and softness which is exactly what you would want in such a bag.

Not only that, but the product also comes in a great size as it was specifically imagined to be perfect for kids and toddlers. This self-standing beauty comes in at 16.7” long, 17” wide, and has a height of 44”, completely reachable when little kids want to throw a quick punch or kick.

The bop bag also offers a great design that will keep the children active and engaged since it looks like it just came out of a superhero movie.



While a good outlet for stress and energy, this bag does seem to need to be refilled with air continuously, especially if you use it a lot.

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8. ImpiriLux Inflatable Two Sided Karate and Boxing Punching Bag


According to inflatable punching bags reviews, one such item can only cover one singular need: providing a place to punch and kick until all the frustration and energy comes out, right? But what if it could cover two? This is exactly the question that ImpiriLux wants to answer as their 5-foot tall bag comes with different illustrations on both sides, offering two opponents to fight.

Due to the beautiful images, kids can practice their boxing jabs and hooks then turn it around and practice that roundhouse kick that took so long to master. The visual cues will not only help make the workout better but will contribute to their performance if they ever get into actual competitions.

The great height of the product makes it good not only for children but also for teens and adults who feel like they need an outlet to let out some frustration and don’t want to actually physically hurt someone in the process.



This is a superior-quality item, crafted with an updated, thicker vinyl fabric and precision welding in order to provide a durable and safe bag that will be with you for a long time.

Since safety is always important, the products are extensively tested before leaving the labs which gives them a state of quality and adherence to the newest government safety regulations.

This inflatable bag is a great way to draw both younger and older children away from the lure of the TV or mobile phones and get them to engage in an activity that will make them fitter and more socially-adaptable in the process.



The water seems to leak all over after using the bag for some time so you should keep that in mind. A rule of thumb for inflatable punching bags says that sand is usually the better alternative to fill the bottom with.

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9. J&A’s Inflatable Dudes Double-Sided Ninja & Dinosaur Bop Bag


Do you ever feel like you need a break from your lovable children due to their unwavering energy? J&A’s offers the perfect solution in the form of this double-sided inflatable bag that provides a perfect outlet not only for the children to release some of that energy but also for them to learn how it feels to work out on a consistent basis.

Crafted out of an above-average quality PVC material, this bad boy should be able to withstand whatever kind of punishment your kids throw at it as long as it is in the form of punches, kicks, and chops, not needles or other pointy-end objects.

The sand-filled base will provide just the optimal amount of bounce that allows the bag to go down to the earth and always come back for more, while the cartoon-ish design will certainly work when it comes to keeping their attention and desire to be active.



The first thing that you will notice about this target back is the quality of its material, perfectly adaptable to whatever the kids might throw at it while being extremely durable as well.

There’s also a multifunctional side to this item as you can use it both indoors and outdoors, both for fun as well as for training. Get the kids away from their phones and video games and let them do something physically engaging.

Another great thing that should include this product in the “affordable inflatable punching bags” category is that it comes with repair patch kits, allowing you to have something on standby in the case of air leaking out somewhere, potentially saving you from having to buy a new one.



You might have to make use of those repair patch kits because the bag seems prone to deflating, especially after heavy use.

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10. Gobeauty Boxing Column Inflatable Punching Bag


This free-standing boxing column can be a great help for people who want to stay serious with their training but don’t have the time or the possibility to go to the gym, for some reason or another. Made of environmental-friendly PVC material and quite thick and durable, you’ll have loads of fun using this thing.

The manufacturer improved it from previous versions by adopting sturdier material, greatly increasing the security and durability of the product. The round, heavy base ensures that whatever you throw at it, the bag is only going to come back for more, allowing you to engage in a hard practice session.

Also, you don’t have to be a DIY aficionado in order to get this thing installed and running. The only thing you have to do is open the gap in the bottom and fill it with your material of choice. While this usually involves picking either water or sand, we do recommend sand for increased stability and durability.



With a height of 5.25 feet, this inflatable bag should be big enough to allow just about anyone to go a few rounds without feeling like they’re going against an undersized opponent.

The material is soft but also very thick so you shouldn’t have any problems hitting it, even if you do it without gloves on.

The fact that this is a mobile item lets you place it pretty much anywhere you want and help your loved ones enjoy it as much as possible.

The manufacturer has a lot of trust in this product and this is proven by the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty.



The column seems to be quite wobbly, especially if the base is not filled to the brim or not enough air was pumped inside it so this is something to consider before purchasing.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Any martial art that involves striking will require the help of another device or another person in order to develop your skills. If sparring with someone is out of the question, a punching bag is, of course, the best option for working on things like your agility, accuracy, endurance, power, and speed.

While you can choose from various types like heavy bags, speed bags, or double end bags, many people seem to take a look at inflatable punching bags as another option to be considered. Because it can be used in a relatively confined space, it may be of great help, especially for a beginner who is just learning the ropes.

While an affordable inflatable punching bag can be a good investment in such a scenario, there are a lot of them out there that’ll really make you run to the bank so it’s probably a good idea to learn some more before making a purchase. Luckily, this is where we come in to help you.

What will you use it for?

The most important question that you have to ask yourself is what use will you have for this product? Do you want to improve your punching power? Do you want a way to perform some home cardio and burn some body fat while you’re at it? Or, maybe you want to work on your punch speed and accuracy. Are you a big guy or a small lady? All of these are important for this.

For instance, if you’re a big, strong dude who likes to throw heavy punches, an inflatable punching bag won’t be of any use to you since it provides no resistance for your hits. If you want to become lighter on your feet and get used to dancing around an opponent, this type of equipment can be useful to have.


Benefits of using an inflatable punching bag

There’s a lot of give and take attached to this. While it does absolutely nothing for strength training, this type of bag is a good option for developing your accuracy and speed due to its low weight. Because it is constantly moving away and rebounding quickly, it makes for a more challenging target to hit, allowing you to improve your speed and sharpen your reflexes.

Also, you’ll be constantly on the move trying to land that punch so it’s a not too shabby cardio workout as well. Another obvious advantage is the price since an inflatable punching bag is much cheaper than a ceiling-mounted heavy bag for instance. It does not require much installation seeing as you just have to pump it up and you’ll be ready to go.

Disadvantages of using an inflatable punching bag

The main drawback is, of course, the material that these products are made of. Most of them are crafted using vinyl or something similar and, while they can take a beating from the hands of a 10-year old, an adult boxer going ham at it will certainly burst it with a big punch or kick. As we said, no-no for power techniques, yes-yes for speed and accuracy ones.

On the other hand, keep in mind that this can be quite the advantageous item to have if you have kids with a lot of energy to burn, as it will make them move around and quickly burn it off. A birthday party with 20 screaming children can quickly and effectively be reduced to nap time in the garden so, for some people, this may be worth a small fortune in personal downtime.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are inflatable punching bags any good?

Inflatable punching bags can certainly be useful, as long as the type of training that you want to undergo fits into the things that buying one can offer you. Their main advantages are obviously the fact that you can place them anywhere, use them anytime, and they will always come back for more.

On the other hand, being so nimble and agile requires them to be lightweight, so a boxer looking to go through strength training and punch a hole through the wall will almost certainly not enjoy using one. However, agility and reflexes training can be quite good and efficient, as are the cardio workouts that you can do on one.

Don’t forget that you can also use an inflatable punching bag to spice up your kid’s exercise variety, promoting a healthier lifestyle for them as opposed to the phone and video game days that most children like to engage in.

Q: How do you use an inflatable punching bag?

So you have your brand new inflatable punching bag all inflated and ready for you to bring it on but you might be wondering: How exactly do I use this thing? What workouts can I do on it without injuring myself or remaining bag-less after 10 seconds flat?

It’s important to know that working out on such a bag will almost always stress your levels of agility, endurance, and accuracy while almost never improving your strength. However, any workout that contributes to your endurance and stamina can be done without any issues with the use of an inflatable punching bag.

If you have invested in a good product, it should be large enough to allow you to throw different combinations of punches and always come back for more. Performing combinations and punching exercises in rounds can be an effective way of training as it replicates the conditions of a real-life boxing match.


Q: How do you fill an inflatable punching bag?

Purchasing an inflatable punching bag should not worry you as you don’t have to be a do-it-yourself aficionado in order to get the thing up and running. The bag is called “inflatable” for a reason: you have to blow air inside it. However, it wouldn’t be much of a hitting target if we only used air, right? Maybe a floating one at best.

The trick here is that most inflatable punching bags have a hole or some type of supporting mechanism where you can put water or sand in order to make the base stable enough to allow the user to actually hit the bag. While both work, what we would recommend if you have a choice, is to always go for sand since it has been shown to make for a sturdier base.

Once that’s done, you will have to use an air pump to blow air into the top part of the bag and you’ll be all done. Your very own inflatable punching target!




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