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10 Best Hockey Tapes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.22


Best Hockey Tape Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you want the best hockey tape, you’ve come to the right place, as we have here all the information you need to make a great decision. According to the research conducted by our team, the most popular and highly recommended product is the Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape for several crucial reasons. The cloth tape is ideal for absorbing moisture and protecting your blade from damage, and you can tell it is high-quality just by looking at it. At the same time, the adhesive that glues the tape to the stick is robust and ensures even better protection; you don’t have to worry that the tape might come undone by accident as you play. The dark color makes it great for wrapping around the blade so that the puck is not easy to spot by your opponents when it’s in your possession. In case this model is out of stock, you should opt for the Renfrew Cloth Hockey Tape, which is almost just as good.



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10 Best Hockey Tapes (Updated Reviews) in 2022



The market is filled with products that appear to do the same thing, so choosing the perfect hockey tape may seem a chore. We gathered all the critically-acclaimed models in one place so you can choose the right one. Each hockey tape review listed below will provide you with the knowledge required for an informed decision.



1. Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape 


If you want a reliable product that provides you with multiple uses, the Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape should be right up your alley. First of all, this cheap hockey tape ensures that you won’t spend a lot of money on this essential product. It is the premium item offered by the company and has been tried and tested for decades.

You can use it to protect the handle, to ensure excellent grip, and also for the blade. Because it comes in black, it is ideal for the blade of your hockey stick. As you slide over the ice with the puck in your possession, your opponents will have a hard time following its trajectory.

Because it is made from cloth, it is a good option for absorbing the moisture that usually appears in a hockey arena. This aspect is crucial, as it makes sure that you can depend on your hockey stick for a longer time.



The tight-woven fabric made from a blend of cotton and polyester is a guarantee that this tape will do a great job of absorbing moisture and providing a good grip.

You will notice that the length of the roll is 15 yards, which should be enough for covering about three standard hockey sticks.

As far as the adhesive quality goes, you can rest assured that it will bond with the stick perfectly, thus creating a reliable moisture barrier.

Many players appreciate having a tape that’s easy to tear, which is another advantage this product provides.



Discoloration is one of the downsides of this tape; it happens after using it every day and for some time, but it might negate the purpose of keeping the puck hidden from your opponents.

Be aware that the tape is a bit on the thin side, which leaves room to worry that it might wear off sooner than expected.

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2. Renfrew Cloth Hockey Tape 


One of the essential characteristics of hockey tape is absorbing moisture, which is why this Renfrew hockey tape is ideal for all your needs when it comes to protecting your equipment. It is made from woven cloth of good quality, and it will behave well in wet environments, such as an ice arena.

Another thing that this particular product offers is a consistent moisture barrier created by the sturdy coating of adhesive. You will be able to protect the blade, but also the handle and grip, with the same ease. The tape has 1 inch in width and 27.3 yards in length, which means that you will have enough to wrap a standard hockey stick in its entirety several times.

You will appreciate that the tape is easy to tear by hand so that you don’t have to use any cutting equipment when wrapping your hockey stick in it.



The thick material used for the non-adhesive part of the tape is woven cotton cloth, and it does the job when it comes to protecting your equipment from moisture.

As far as the roll length and width is concerned, you will be happy to get pretty good yardage to wrap a hockey stick up to five times or even more if you only use it to cover a part of it in tape.

Furthermore, the thick coating of adhesive increases the moisture-resistant qualities of the tape.

For people who want a change from the usual black and white colors, the red color of this tape may come as a nice add-on.



As grip tape, it does its job, but when applied to the blade of the stick, it won’t survive more than a few matches, at best.

The adhesive is reliable, but sometimes, it leaks through the cloth, so you will have to apply some baby powder to eliminate this problem.

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3. SportsTape Hockey Tape 


In case you’re the type who prefers to have different kinds of tape colors to choose from, this combo of no fewer than six rolls will surely be to your liking. The tape used is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyethylene, presenting several advantages. For a good grip, for instance, the somewhat spongy consistency of the material will prove beneficial.

Simultaneously, because it is somewhat elastic compared to other tapes, it is easier to use. The composition of the pack is as follows: one roll of white tape, two of black tape, and three hockey clear tape rolls.

Because of the serrated edges, the tape is easy to rip without a problem. Use the black tape for the blade, the white one for the grip, and the clear version for various purposes. Without a doubt, all your needs are covered.



As you will get six rolls of tape with this pack, it is safe to say that you’re getting a pretty good deal for the price.

You will be able to use black tape for the blade, white tape for the handle, and clear tape for any other purpose you might have in mind.

Many hockey players prefer tape that’s easy to tear, and that’s precisely what this model offers, with the serrated design of the edges.

The adhesive used is strong and will bond quickly with the stick for thorough protection.



You will notice that the clear tape is less resistant to wear and tear compared to the black and white rolls included.

As far as the total length goes, the clear tape rolls are slightly on the small side, so you might feel that you’re not entirely getting your money’s worth.

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4. TapeOwl Clear Hockey Tape 


There is hardly a better deal to have when you want clear hockey tape. The ten rolls of clear tape included ensure that you will have plenty of it to go around. It is important to note that this product is made for securing in place your hockey socks and shin guards.

Nothing could be more annoying than having to adjust your socks and shin guards during a game, so this tape eliminates this problem. For what it does, the tape is pretty durable and of good quality. When you have to rip it, you will also see that it’s convenient and easy to use.

The tape is resistant to moisture, which means that you won’t have to deal with it getting unwrapped during a hockey match. The strong adhesive is another guarantee that you can depend on its excellent reliability during challenging events.



You will get ten rolls of clear type at a competitive price so that you have enough to wrap around your shin guards and to keep your socks in place during a match.

One of the crucial advantages offered is the strong adhesive that makes sure that no wardrobe malfunctions will occur during a match.

Because it stretches with ease, the tape is convenient and comfortable to use.

As it is moisture resistant, it presents other useful qualities, such as preventing your equipment from receiving damage from the environment.



One thing you might not be so crazy about when using this tape is that it gives off a specific unpleasant odor; luckily, it is not overpowering.

If you don’t wrap it first around a shin guard and your leg, you will notice that it’s not as easy to tear as advertised.

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5. A&R Sports Hockey Tape 


Created by a company with a long-standing tradition in bringing sports accessories to users, this particular product is among the cheap hockey tapes you can find right now. You will get a single roll of 1 inch in width and 20 yards in length, available in two neon colors, green and orange. While it’s true that professional athletes might not favor these colors, they might just make a young player’s day.

The length of the roll is enough to wrap a standard stick a couple of times, so it is a good deal for the money. As expected from a reliable product, it is made from cloth on one side and strong adhesive on the other.

It will stretch slightly but not too much, so it won’t bunch up and make a mess of your wrapping job. You can use it with ease for protecting the blade, handle, or grip of a hockey stick.



First of all, this tape is versatile, and it can be used either for increasing your grip on a hockey stick or protecting the blade from the ice moisture.

A first look will convince you that this product is reliable, as it is made from durable fabric, and it won’t wear off easily.

It has a standard width of 1 inch, so it’s suitable for standard hockey sticks without a problem.

The total length of 20 yards allows you to wrap a standard stick a couple of times and even more, so you will get a good deal for your money.



While the fact that it’s available in neon colors might be a plus for some people, using it for the blade will not help to keep the puck challenging to spot by the opponents.

Under some circumstances, the adhesive might not hold as well as others.

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6. SportsTape Clear Hockey Tape 


As you may well know, hockey tape can be used for protecting your stick, or for securing your shin guards and socks in place. The product reviewed here belongs to the second category, and it is a reliable hockey sock tape that you will come to appreciate a lot once you notice that your shin guards and socks finally stay in place during a match.

A great thing about this tape is its transparent design, which means that you won’t have to worry about it sticking out. Each roll has a width of 1 inch, and 82 feet in length, and you will be glad to learn that you will get five rolls in one pack.

Another thing you can appreciate is the fact that the tape stretches so that it doesn’t cut off the blood flow in your legs. The extra waterproof qualities make it an excellent choice.



Now you can secure your socks and shin guards in place with clear tape, and no one will suspect that you use such a product due to its minimalist design.

You get an excellent deal for the money, as there are five rolls included in the pack and a total of 400 feet of tape.

The material used is PVC, and it is entirely waterproof to ensure that it won’t become undone while you perform your slap shots.

It stretches with ease, but you don’t have to worry that it will break until you want to rip it off and go over the other leg.



The adhesive used by the manufacturer is only decent, so don’t expect extra bonding power if you choose this product.

Be aware that it might quickly spiral and bunch if you’re not careful, and trying to recuperate it can be a pain.

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7. Comp-O-Stik Black Hockey Tape 


Today, hockey sticks are no longer made only from wood, and composite as a material of choice is taking over. That means that the hockey tape you intend to use should provide a good bond with the composite hockey stick you use without a problem. This black hockey tape has no issues with that for the simple reason that its adhesive is of the strongest type.

The tape is durable and made from woven cotton and polyester, so you can expect it to absorb moisture with ease, but without becoming soaked. The fact that it comes in black makes it the ideal choice for protecting the blade of your hockey stick.

By wrapping the blade in black tape, you will make it more difficult for opponents to follow the movement of the puck when you have possession. An interesting thing about this model is that it is designed specifically for composite hockey sticks.



If you’re looking for a hockey tape that can really take a beating, choose this product as it is designed with an athlete’s needs in mind.

Hockey players might also appreciate the fact that this product is made in North America and abides by the highest quality standards.

The cloth used is a combination of cotton and polyester, which means that it will behave well in wet environments, such as an ice hockey arena.

If you have a composite hockey stick, this tape is for you, as it is made with the particular characteristics of this material in mind.



As far as the grip provided goes, there are clearly other products that beat this one, so if a good grip is essential for you, you might not find this tape that useful.

Keep your expectations low if you want a type of tape that stretches since this one is more on the rigid side.

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8. SportsTapee Hockey Tape 


While other products on the market are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, this one is 100% cotton, which says something about its features and functionalities. First of all, you can use it as hockey grip tape, as it will provide you with a good feel for your hands when you wrap it around the handle.

However, it is much better than this, as it comes in black, an essential aspect for wrapping the blade. The black cloth will obscure the puck when you slide with it over the ice, so your opponents will have a hard time catching up with you.

You may like a lot that this tape has serrated edges that make tearing it a breeze. There’s no need for cutting equipment when using this type of tape. With six rolls of black tape, you will have plenty to ensure the protection of your equipment.



The adhesive used is strong, so you will encounter no issues when you want to wrap it around your hockey stick.

Since the cloth side is made from 100% cotton, you will notice that it is more reliable than other similar products on the market.

When you need to tear it off, the serrated edges will make the job easy for you, and you won’t have to use scissors or a cutter.

With each pack, you get six rolls of tape, so overall, you will pay little for the quality provided.

Both the cloth and the adhesive are strong and dependable, even for professional athletes.



When you want to unwrap it from your hockey stick, you will notice quite a lot of sticky residue left behind.

It is not particularly waterproof, so it doesn’t do as good a job as other similar products on the market.

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9. Jaybird 299-1025BK and Mais 299 Hockey Tape 


Some people prefer to use affordable hockey tape for protecting the equipment they use. This particular product offers more than just the advantage of reasonable pricing. It is a good option for anyone who wants a multi-purpose product. For instance, you can use it to protect the stick, but also to secure the socks and shin guards in place.

Its versatility is related to the type of adhesive used. In this case, it is rubber, and this material is ideal for bonding easily with sticks, socks, and pads. Easy to tear by hand, this tape is an excellent deal, and you will find it ideal for all your needs.

You can get it in black or white, but you will notice that there are colored hockey tape versions available under this name. Not only for hockey, but also lacrosse, baseball, and softball, it is an excellent deal for anyone who practices multiple sports.



It doesn’t matter if your hockey stick is made from wood or composite, as this tape will behave well in any situation.

Available in a multitude of colors, it really offers you the possibility to get the type of tape you want for your equipment.

You will discover that the tape is easy to tear by hand so that you can go about wrapping your hockey stick without any problem.

Its tensile strength is ideal and makes it an excellent option for equipment used by other sports such as softball, baseball, or lacrosse.

The aggressive adhesive made from rubber makes sure that the tape bonds well with any type of stick.



Cleaning the residue left by the tape when you remove it from your hockey stick can be difficult, as it is really sticky.

Make sure that you place it correctly on the blade, as enough contact with the puck will make it come undone eventually.

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10. Renfrew Patterned Hockey Tape 


The name Renfrew appears in many hockey tape reviews for all the right reasons. This particular product is valued for its novelty factor, too, since it presents a specific skull pattern that will make any hockey stick stand out from the crowd.

Besides its cool graphics, this tape has multiple uses, and it’s a great option if you want something that will allow you to wrap the blade, grip, or handle in a material that will keep it protected. It is essential to note that this product comes with a thick layer of adhesive that will keep moisture at bay as you glide over the ice.

Several other benefits come from the type of adhesive used. You will notice less vibration and also better puck handling. This tape is, without a doubt, more than meets the eye, and a cool appearance is doubled by superior functionality.



Made from woven cotton cloth, this tape is guaranteed to be strong, durable, and reliable so that you don’t need any other.

Created for wrapping handles, grips, and hockey stick blades, it is the ideal choice if you want to protect your equipment to the best of your abilities.

One roll has 27.3 yards in length, which is ideal for wrapping an entire standard hockey stick several times, for excellent usage.

A superior trait of this tape is the thick layer of adhesive that creates a tough barrier between the hockey stick and the ice to prevent damage.



As far as grip is concerned, this tape is only decent, and you might want to get a different model if this is the most crucial aspect for you.

For taping blades, it cannot beat the qualities of black tape that hides the puck when you have possession.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Do you want to lengthen the lifespan of your hockey stick? How about improving your performance on the ice with better grip and control over the puck? The answer to these questions is one and only: hockey tape. To ensure that you get the best hockey tapes available, we put together this buying guide that will help you identify the most critical features.

Different types and their uses

If you look at the various products available, you will notice that there are slight differences. The most common is the stick tape, which is used to protect the blade and the handle for a superior grip. Friction tape was used for a long time, but it was banned from many arenas because of the rubber adhesive on both sides. The hockey stick grip tape you see today doesn’t leave hard to wash marks on the boards, so it is preferred.

The stick tape is highly versatile, and you may even notice that some players use it to wrap the entire stick in it, to ensure better control and put a spin with ease on the puck when they perform their slap shots. Some of the affordable hockey tapes usually belong to this type. It is generally made from cloth and has a strong adhesive that bonds with the stick.

Tape hockey stick variants include shin tape. This one is backed with polyethylene, and it serves to keep the shin guards in place, and even the socks. It is, comparatively, more elastic than stick tape so that it doesn’t prevent blood circulation in the legs.

Last but not least, grip tape is a common choice among hockey players because it provides better control of the stick, and therefore, it can improve the athlete’s overall performance.


Sizes and colors

While you may wonder why these details are considered critical, you should know that the width and length of the tape, as well as its color, have precise roles in hockey. For instance, the standard widths available are 1 inch and 1.5 inches. The first is the most popular as it is easy to wrap around the stick, but the latter is a true hit with goalies.

The length of the roll is essential because it will give you an idea about how many times you can use it for your hockey stick. As far as colors go, white is preferred for the grip and handle, while black is the color of choice for the blade, to obscure the puck from view. Clear tape has started to gain in popularity, too.

Other considerations

As typically hockey stick tape is made from cloth, it is evident that its most important purpose is to protect your equipment from moisture. Opt for a cotton and polyester blend that makes the tape as manageable as possible. Don’t forget to tape your hockey stick only with tape made by a reputable brand.

That’s a guarantee that you will enjoy a good quality product that will behave as expected. It serves if the tape is easy to tear, as you might find it inconvenient to use a cutter when applying it to a hockey stick. Get an elastic tape if you intend to use it for securing the shin guards and socks in place. Also, a more flexible type is suitable for a better grip.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to tape a hockey stick?

If you want a better grip on your hockey stick and increase its lifespan, a good idea is to use tape. First of all, you should know how to tape a hockey stick handle. This part of the stick is about 6 inches long, and it is the part that you grab with your hands.

Experts recommend using white tape for the handle so that the color doesn’t rub on your gloves. Unroll about two feet of tape and twist it. Attach the free end to the top edge of the handle and roll the tape around three times.

Without cutting the tape, go the other way, with the tape untwisted. You should go round and round until you cover the handle. For extra sturdiness, do not stop here. You can cut this piece, and use the tape to go from the top to the edge of the covered area, in the same manner.

Q: Why do hockey players tape their sticks?

If you have ever watched a hockey game, you must have wondered why the players used tape on their sticks. You may notice that there is field hockey stick tape available for this reason, as well as ice hockey tape. All these variations of the sports have this particular thing in common, which is tape applied to the sticks.

There are several solid reasons why hockey players do this. First of all, they want to ensure better control of the puck, as the tape applied to the blade will ensure a higher grip. Another purpose of this type of tape is to provide a higher grip for the player on the handle.

Ice can be an unforgiving environment for a hockey stick. By using tape, the players ensure a longer life for their equipment, thus protected from moisture and other damage. Hockey friction tape used to be popular, but it was forbidden because the rubber coating on both sides used to leave unsightly marks on the boards inside arenas.


Q: What is hockey tape used for?

Hockey tape is used in different ways by the practitioners of the sport, mainly to help protect the equipment and increase performance. There are different types of tape, and each one serves particular purposes. Stick tape, for instance, is used for taping the handle of the hockey stick; this way, you can ensure a better grip.

You can also apply stick tape to the blade to help retain the puck better while on the ice. If you use it on the lower part of the stick, you make sure that the equipment will have a longer life and won’t crack easily when you spar with an opponent.

If you’re wondering why tape hockey stick is popular, there you have it. You will also find shin tape used to keep the shin guards and even the socks in place. To find out how to tape hockey socks, just search for video tutorials that can explain it in detail.




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