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10 Best Hockey Shin Guards – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 11.08.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hockey Shin Guard + Reviews


Here you’ll find out what the best hockey shin guards are, especially if you’re quite busy these days and do not have additional time on your hands to do some thorough research on your own. After carefully digging through tons of information regarding the quality and value provided by some of the most recognized products in this branch, our team has managed to come to the conclusion that the Mylec Street/Dek Shin Pads is the one to consider. These are made from a synthetic material that will always have your back, come with improved design features compared to previous versions, and boast a double foam cushion in the knee that serves as more than adequate protection. In the unfortunate event that all the hockey players have already got their choice of a shin guard, you should also take a look at the Mylec Dek/Roller Hockey Shin Guard.



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10 Best Hockey Shin Guards (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Whether we’re talking about field hockey shin guards, youth field hockey shin guards, or just regular ones, the important thing to remember is that these are supposed to be there for your protection and it’s important that you make an educated guess when buying a pair. As a result, we’ve combed the market and come up with some excellent choices.



1. Mylec Street/Dek Shin Pads


While these pads are not front-runners in many articles or interviews about hockey, the only thing you need to do to find out how good they are is ask any street hockey player and they’ll be more than happy to enlighten you. Street hockey shin guards are usually lighter than regular ones and these are some of the cheapest and lightest ones you can find.

As a result, even though you may make do with these in an actual game, the manufacturer wanted them to be more oriented toward having a pickup game on the street with your friends and still rocking a pair of protective shin guards. If you need to buy something for that particular need then these are the pads for you.

We’re sure you’ll be delighted with the amount of comfort and protection they provide and particularly excited with the fact that you won’t have to break the bank in order to get them.



These babies wrap completely around your shins in order to provide more than adequate protection rather than just sitting on the front like similar products would do.

The outside is crafted from a synthetic material that is the secret between its combination of lightweight design and more-than-average strength.

Furthermore, one of the best features provided by this product is the extra protection to the knee which, as most hockey players would know, is one of the most demanded areas for practitioners of the sport.

The rounded ball on the knee is filled to the brim with foam padding and this will allow you to fall directly on it without injuring yourself.

The product is available in both white and black so this provides you with more choice than you usually would have.



The delivery system seems to be the main issue here as it keeps delivering the wrong model or the wrong color to customers.

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2. Mylec Dek/Roller Hockey Shin Guard


While this is another example of a cheap hockey shin guard from Mylec, the difference is that these babies are designed specifically in order to be used in roller hockey and that’s a completely different thing right there. The difference is that if you fall during a game of ice or field hockey you’re pretty much guaranteed to stay put.

If you fall while traveling around on a pair of roller skates at high speed, you’re just as much guaranteed to keep moving for a while so these shin guards will allow you to keep sliding on the ground without injuring yourself, as well as take a hit from the dreaded hockey puck. The raised knee was specifically introduced to permit the user to slide without grazing the top of the foot.

While this is a pair of cheap shin guards, the protection they offer is as good as any other model’s so if this is what you’re looking for, the price shouldn’t deter you.



You’ll definitely enjoy the thicker-than-average shell that’s purposely created to be able to survive the extra impact that comes from sliding on the ground.

They’re still fairly easy enough to move in even though the added protection means some people may find them a little bulky.

This product also promotes Mylec’s Air-Flo technology which is all about multiple vent holes in the plastic shell coupled with a layer of breathable waffle foam behind it to ensure you’re not only protected but also feel good and cool during the game.

Furthermore, they’re easy to slide in and attach to your leg compared to other similar products found in today’s market.



The velcro and straps combination holding everything together does not seem to bring much in terms of durability so this may be something you want to take into account before making your first purchase.

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3. Mylec MK5 15-inch Shin Pad


This pair of hockey shin guards represents yet another example of why Mylec is considered a very good brand, particularly where field hockey is involved. The way this product stands out is its representation of a modern-style shin pad while still retaining all the qualities that Mylec has got its customers accustomed to over the years.

The use of technology in order to have the shin pad perfectly emulate the shape of the shin and knee is a great way to not only improve protection but also seriously augment the user’s experience and the amount of comfort they feel. With such a product, all aspects of the game should not only be easier but also more fun because you’ll feel more protected.

Also, we’re pretty sure you’ll be delighted by the fact that you won’t have to break the bank in order to get such a good example of protective hockey gear.



Very good protection to the shin and knee area and not only will protect you from injuries but will also prolong the time you can play the game since hockey is a very leg-demanding sport.

Due to the form-fitting shin pads, your ability to move will be improved throughout all aspects of the game which will lead to better overall performance.

Also, you will also get to enjoy Mylec’s patented technology that brings those perforated molds in the shin pads in order to improve the product’s lightness and breathability.

The 3 adjustable elastic bands bring even more to the table in terms of a stable and solid fit that will make you feel safe throughout the entire course of the game.



You’ll really have to play to the product’s strengths when choosing this one because, for all its advantages, the amount of knee padding is limited when compared to similar ones so you may want to remember that.

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4. STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards


In terms of STX field hockey shin guards, this set here is as good as it gets as you really couldn’t wish for anything more. This is another example of a super simple design that is proving to be extremely effective, especially seeing how you don’t need as much protection in field hockey compared to the ice version of the game.

While the puck still moves at incredible speeds and you need to be protected from those types of hits, the ground is definitely softer so falls won’t hurt as much. Because of that, you’ll enjoy these shin guards that simply cover your, well, shin obviously, and are also able to comfortably fit beneath your sock.

Therefore, you’re going to need protective gear that still allows you to move with ease so this is why we think you’ll love wearing these during your hard-fought games.



While the shell may just be one piece of plastic, it’s a piece of hard plastic that reaches from the top of the ankle all the way below the knee so your entire shin is literally going to be able to leave on vacation and still come back unharmed.

Furthermore, these also bring amazing technology in terms of breathability as the small ventilation holes work wonders in terms of keeping the air flowing around your leg which can be very useful, particularly on a hot day.

Last but not least, you haven’t really experienced easy pads to get on and off until you’ve tried these bad boys from STX so we don’t know what you’re waiting for.



The lack of straps means you will need to wear socks every time you use these in order to properly protect your leg.

Also, another thing that you should keep in mind is that the liner is not removable as it is the case in similar products.

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5. STX Field Hockey Reversible Shin Shield


This great example of an affordable hockey shin guard aims to cover the need that each team has for home and away colors. In that regard, the STX Field Hockey Reversible shin guard may just be the answer you were looking for as the company’s patented design is brought to you white on one side and black on the other, saving you for both types of games.

Also, this reversible type of shin guard was crafted with foam contours that provide amazing protection due to the way they are able to wrap around the shin and knee, effectively becoming a second layer and allowing the user to feel much more at ease during the game. As a result, we’re fairly certain this is one of those products that can improve performance simply by using it.

If you’re not sure about what choice of shin guards you should make for your field hockey games then you should be hard-pressed to try this one.



This product offers excellent foam contours that will wrap securely around the areas they are supposed to protect and provide great comfort and an amazing experience while wearing it.

You will also enjoy the performance fabric that is responsible for wicking away sweat during a game and then quickly drying up so it can begin the process all over again.

Since the manufacturer focused on a lightweight material, this pair of shin guards will not slow down a player at all. In fact, due to how comfortable they are, players may even forget they’re wearing them.

In terms of safety, you’ll notice the two straps that keep the shin guard securely in place during the game, allowing you to rest assured that they are not getting away.



You should know that these bad boys seem to run quite small and if you have big legs you may not find them the most appropriate ones for you.

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6. Grays G600 Field Hockey Shin Guard – Black


This is another nice pair of field-hockey shin pads but, according to hockey shin guards reviews, these babies are a little closer to what the professionals wear in actual games. You’ll enjoy the way they wrap completely around your leg in order to provide complete protection and, what’s even more important, they also come without elastic straps.

While they are fairly tight and could do a decent job if left to their own devices, you’ll still need to put them underneath your socks to ensure you get the best experience possible and they stay in place for the duration of the entire game. When it comes to ventilation, this product probably has one of the better systems we’ve seen in field hockey pads so rest assured about that too.

If you’d like to go for a low-profile shin guard that is still able to get the job done without any issues, then you would do well to stop wasting time and try these on.



The fact that this product is able to wrap completely around your leg brings an extra layer of protection that’s not encountered in many similar ones.

Padding is the keyword for these shin protectors as you’ll find it all around the lining and even on the ankle which makes them a lot more comfortable than the field hockey shin pads of the old days.

Once again, you will benefit from probably one of the most advanced ventilation systems on the market in terms of field hockey pads.

The holes in the ventilated pads are even larger than normal and the air pockets they create behind the shell do more than just their part in keeping your legs cool.



While some people may like the fact that this product does not come with elastic straps, some will dislike it because of the same reason.

The sizes also seem to run pretty small so you may want to consider going for a bigger size than you usually wear.

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7. Franklin Sports SG 175: Street Hockey Shin Guards


There are quality hockey shin guards and then there are shin guards offered by Franklin Sports which sometimes seem to be in a league of their own (The metaphorical one, not the hockey kind of league). These amazing products come with a full-flex shin/knee cap design which, loosely translated, means you shouldn’t really hurt yourself due to external damage.

These are high-impact plastic shins and knee caps that will be protecting you so what this means is that they should be able to weather any type of regular game damage in order to prevent you from getting to the emergency room any time too soon. As if that wasn’t enough of a sell, they are actually promoted by the National Hockey League as licensed products.

The plastic and nylon combination should never leave you hanging and allow you to immerse yourself in the game without worrying about injuries.



The fact that you’ll be receiving high-impact knee caps and shin guards means that not only will you be protected but your mind will be more relaxed, allowing you to be more focused on what’s happening during the game and improving your overall performance.

Your legs will definitely enjoy the air-flow vented construction that will seem like a gift from above, particularly on a hot summer day.

The 2 adjustable self-stick straps further contribute to the overall feeling of comfort and security that you will feel while wearing these shin guards.

The fact that they are endorsed and have a full operating license granted by the National Hockey League is simply the icing on the cake when it comes to these bad boys.



The velcro seems a little prone to ripping off after a while, particularly if the user is playing a lot of games and wearing the shin guards a lot.

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8. Grays CranBarry Deluxe Youth Field Hockey Shinguards


Youth hockey shin guards should be able to be even more reliable than their adult counterparts due to the fact that children and teens are still growing so one injury could be that much more devastating for them. Therefore, this product from Grays is focused solely on the security of its wearer and allowing him or her to put everything on the line for the team (in a safe way).

Designed purposely for the smaller player, these shin guards boast some seriously-hard plastic that should keep any hits away from the one who is wearing the gear. Furthermore, the heavy foam found everywhere simply adds another level of protection and provides a full shield that is ready to stand guard against external threats.

We also think your little one will love the fact that this product comes in black, white, or navy so it should work with a lot of uniforms and attires.



A complete layer of protection brought to you with the combination of hard plastic and heavy, high-quality foam.

Protective cups made to protect those all-important ankle bones, while padding cushions do the same thing for the front of the ankle.

A unique feature of this product is the fact that it’s specifically designed to allow it to be rolled down for better ventilation when the player is not actively participating in the game.

The size was designed in such a way as to fit all youth players so you won’t have to change them all the time.

Feel free to use these in place of game socks while the variety of colors ensures a matching outfit.



These seem to be more fitting to young teens rather than small children so if you have a first or second grader, they may prove to be a little too big for them.

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9. LA Sport LA6 Ball Hockey Shin Pads


Identifying the best shin guards for hockey can be a daunting task but this product from LA Sport aims to make our lives easier. These are high-performance products that want to bring durability and comfort to an otherwise very physical and demanding sport. They are lightweight but, at the same time, filled to the brim with breathable vented mesh.

The manufacturer aimed for these to bring maximum protection and comfort to the wearer and we’re pretty sure that mission was a success. You’ll definitely enjoy the double-strap wrapping system that effectively locks them to your legs and allows you to play the game without additional fears, potentially even improving your overall performance.

If you’re in the market for a fresh, new pair of ball hockey shin guards, then you are probably not going to be disappointed with the performance of these ones.



These products bring extreme durability and comfort providing the user with stability and very good wearing experience, potentially even working as a factor in improving the player’s overall performance.

While the shin protectors are high-quality, they are also lightweight and designed with a focus on breathability so your legs will thank you for it during a hot summer day game.

Everything from the knee caps to the front shells, calf wraps, and even the ankle protectors is designed to ensure more than adequate protection throughout the entire game.

The tapered fit combined with the double-strap wrapping effectively locks the shin guards into place, preventing them from shifting or falling off, therefore providing a better experience while on the court.



The elastic keeping them strapped to your leg has a tendency to lose some of its qualities after a while, particularly if you are long-legged.

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10. Hagan H-5 Pro Shin Guards for Dek Street and Ball Hockey


Maybe the best field hockey shin guards can vary from person to person but one look at the Hagan H-5 Pro shin guards will let you know that they are purposely designed for street and ball hockey. They come with separate pads that are used to cover the shins and knees up to the point where no part of your leg is visible anymore, protecting you from pretty much everything.

While you will certainly find lighter or slimline shin protectors on the market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair that is more adjustable than this one. If you are the kind of player who is always struggling to find a perfect fit, you will want to try these babies as they may just make all the difference.

Also, the price is nothing to turn your nose at as you will be getting a pair of more than decent shin guards and still be able to go on vacation next year (probably).



All of the straps are completely replaceable or interchangeable so you’ll make short work of moving them around and making them hug your leg even tighter.

Furthermore, you will even be able to shorten them in order to accommodate players of different sizes if your player keeps growing or if you want to lend these to someone else.

If that’s not enough, we’re here to let you know that the knee pad can be moved up and down as much as you want to or even removed entirely.

Like all modern shin guards worth their salt, these ones are also properly ventilated and come with comfortable foam inserts that work to cushion a blow’s impact even further.



Due to the way they were designed, these shin guards may be slightly bulkier than what some people are already accustomed to, even though this is more for protection than anything else.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you’re looking for information on how to wear hockey shin guards, then we can probably help you in the following rows. The first thing that we have to establish is that hockey is one of the sports that put a lot of emphasis on brands so if you’re not familiarised with the likes of STX or Grays then it’s a good thing you found our guide first.

Even if this is your first journey into the realm of the puck, you needn’t fear as we’ll elaborate on pretty much anything you will need to make an educated guess and detach yourself from the question: How should hockey shin guards fit?


As with most everything in this life, price will be a very important variable. If money was no problem, all of us could just go out and buy the most expensive pair, strap them on and simply go ahead and play the game. But wait, if money was not a problem for anyone anymore, would there still be such a thing as the most expensive hockey shin guards, senior or junior?

Philosophical problems aside, we understand that different people have different budgets but what you have to remember here is that even though hockey can be played in various ways, the market is crowded enough to allow you to find suitable alternatives for every price range so there’s no need to hurry with your selection. Take your time.


Anatomical fit

As we said, “Does it fit?” is probably the most-often-asked question here so let’s clear some of the mystery. A proper shin guard should hug your shin and reach from your knee all the way to just above your ankle. If this is not happening and you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you need a different size.



The whole reason for being curious about how to wear field hockey shin guards or ice hockey shin guards is you, the player, wanting to protect your leg. Hockey pucks slightly resemble a shot of your favorite drink as they are small, hard and if one of them hits you, it’s going to hurt, even more so the next day.

The protection needs to be covered by the hard outer layer and thick padding inside your brand-new shin guard so this is the reason why we want to get a good one.



Hockey is a fast-paced game so if you want to be effective as a player you cannot allow yourself to be slowed down by lots of extra weight around your legs. Therefore, you want something that’s relatively lightweight, not only extremely protective of you.


When it comes to hockey shin guards sizing, you’ll always want to remember that comfort beats everything and it’s quite important in a 70-minute game. The good thing about this is that you will typically be able to tell straight away if a pair of shin guards is comfortable or not. If this is something that worries you, look for one with a medium-density foam inside the pad.

Comfort is also dependent on the material because even though most hockey shin guards are made out of plastic augmented with a foam liner on the inside, you can get something crafted with lightweight synthetic materials that are just as strong if you’re able to shell out a few more dollars.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to size hockey shin guards?

Shin guards are typically designed to be worn above or below the skate tongue depending on personal choice. One is not better than the other but each one requires a different measurement in order to ensure a proper fit and get that range of motion and comfort we were talking about earlier.

When it comes to over the skate tongue, you will want to sit, with the knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees, with skates already on your feet. The measurement has to be taken from the center of your kneecap to 1” below the top of the tongue of the skate. Just to be on the safe side you should also take a look at the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Under the skate tongue shin guards require the exact same measurement with the sole difference that you will stop exactly at the top of the skate’s tongue.

Q: Do hockey socks go over shin guards?

Putting on that hockey gear for the first time can be a daunting task and the unique characteristics of hockey socks make them no different. The short answer is yes, hockey socks will go over shin guards and you will want to try to cover as much space as possible, preferably everything.

The way to do this is to put on your shin guards but still leave enough space near your ankles for your skates. Remember that some shin guards come with straps that can be tightened while others actually need the hockey socks over them to be secured properly so this is a matter of knowing what gear you are putting on.

The reason we said hockey socks are special is because they are long cotton socks that come open both on top as well as on the bottom. Once you got the socks over the shin pads, attach them to your garter belt.


Q: How do you keep shin guards in place?

There are several ways of making sure your shin guards stay in place for the entire duration of the match and each comes with its own ups and downs. Some products come with their own straps that can be used in order to attach them to the leg as tight as the owner wants to. Others rely on the socks that have to keep them firmly in place.

If neither of those is something you’d like to try, some people also like to tape their shin pads during the game. Different types of tape have been heralded as the best with the most popular one being PVC/electrical tape even though it can even be a little too tight sometimes and it’s also difficult to remove.

Shin pad sleeves are another alternative to keeping your shin protectors on as they are effectively a smaller sock with no foot.




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