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10 Best Hockey Pucks – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.05.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hockey Puck + Reviews


Do you want the best hockey pucks for training and practice? There are products that meet your criteria, but we identified the number one puck that truly deserves your hard-earned dollar. Our research team evaluated the models available on the market and, based on sales figures, customer reviews, and expert opinions, found the A&R Sports Classic Ice Hockey Puck to stand head and shoulders above the competition. You will get a good deal on this set as it includes 12 regulation hockey pucks, so you will have plenty of them to train and practice to your heart’s content. Because they are professional-grade, they feel just like the real thing. You will be happy to learn that these pucks are made by a company with a long-lasting reputation in making sports accessories. If this model is no longer available, the Faswin Classic Ice Hockey Puck is an excellent second best choice.



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10 Best Hockey Pucks (Updated Reviews) in 2022



If you have been looking for a solid ice hockey puck for a while now, you might have noticed that there are plenty of models to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices, we collected the critically-acclaimed models available and created the list below.



1. A&R Sports Classic Ice Hockey Puck 


All the hockey puck reviews point out the A&R Sports Classic Ice Hockey Puck as a reliable choice for improving this sport. First of all, you must bear in mind that these are budget pucks and meant for training, not competitions, although they meet all the spec requirements that professional equipment offers.

They are the precise size and measurements of professional-grade pucks, and they are made from rubber, just like the real thing. That means that they are more durable than others, and they allow you to perform the same hard training as pros.

The 12 pucks come stored in a mesh bag you can reuse, and it is worth mentioning that they are made in the Czech Republic. The company that sells them has been a household name in the sports accessory industry for over 20 years.



Since they are made from rubber, these pucks are the real thing and the same in all aspects with those used by professional hockey players.

They have professional-grade quality and dimensions, as they have 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness.

Using them on a shooting pad is possible, and that adds to their convenience and functionality for training and practice.

For the price, they are affordable, and that is why you can use them confidently for honing your skills if hockey is your hobby.



It’s a good idea that the manufacturer thought of including a mesh bag with your purchase, but it is not of the best quality, and you might notice it wearing off in time.

After a while, you may begin to notice small ships on the surface, but the pucks are still pretty durable for the price.

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2. Faswin Classic Ice Hockey Puck 


If you are looking for cheap hockey pucks, you cannot go wrong with this set of 12 pieces. As you can tell, you will get plenty for training and practice; even if you might lose one or two, there will still be enough for you to continue as usual. They come in a mesh bag so that they can be stored easily.

Down to the nitty-gritty, these are good hockey pucks because they are made to mirror the specs of those used in the NHL, by pro players. They weigh 166 grams each, and they are 3 inches wide and 1 inch thick, precisely like professional-grade pucks.

Because they are made from vulcanized rubber, they also provide the consistency you would experience from pro equipment. They are flat and smooth, so they will slide easily, offering you the same conditions for training and practice like the real thing.



You can use these pucks for passing and shooting alike, so, in a nutshell, you will be able to train just like a professional hockey player.

Made from vulcanized rubber, they are flat, hard, and smooth. These traits will help you work on your accuracy and consistency of your performance.

They are made to abide by the NHL official size and measurements, weighing 166 grams, and they measure 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness.

For pond hockey or on the rink, they do the same fantastic job, and you will love them.



If there is one drawback to these pucks, this must be that they give off a strong chemical smell, and you will have to use them for a while for the odor to wear off.

Heavy use will cause the pucks to wear off quicker than others, a sign that they are still only budget pucks and cannot compete with the top of the line models.

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3. Green Biscuit Original NHL Puck 


An NHL hockey puck to the core, this Green Biscuit model, is ideal for someone looking to improve his or her basic passing skills. Not many people have access to a hockey rink all the time, so honing one’s abilities can be a real challenge. Green Biscuit thought of making a puck that’s ideal for off the rink practice.

The puck is made from two pieces of plastic with rubber spacers between them. Three metal bolts hold all these parts together, making it extremely durable when used correctly. You can think of it as of a roller hockey puck, as it takes to the streets like no other puck can.

You will notice that the puck doesn’t flip and tumble like others. Furthermore, it glides over rough surfaces as if on ice, and that’s a significant advantage when you want to work on your stickhandling and passing skills.



Rough surfaces are no real challenge for this puck as it manages to go over anything, thus helping novices who want to train outside the rink.

Because of the particular design that makes it stand out from the crowd, the Green Biscuit Original will always stay flat without flipping or tumbling.

This puck will help you out with any passing skill you want to improve, as it is designed to serve as a tool for honing these particular basics of hockey playing.

Stickhandling like a pro is within reach when you practice with this puck, and novices, in particular, will enjoy its unique construction.



This puck is pretty expensive, seeing how it is not sold in a set, but on its own; if you want to get more than one, you will end up spending a pretty penny to enjoy its features and benefits.

Never use this puck for shooting, as you will have the unpleasant surprise to find it broken in half when you go searching for it.

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4. Franklin Sports Mini Foam Hockey Pucks 


This set might not be the most desirable solution if you want a cheap hockey puck, but, for what it’s made, it’s a guaranteed ideal pick. Unlike hockey pucks used on a rink that are made from rubber, these are made from foam.

With 2 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches in thickness, these pucks are not your usual NHL competition compliant models. However, if you have kids who like to play hockey indoors, you will instantly put a smile on their faces if you get this set for them.

There are plenty of benefits a foam hockey puck can offer. First of all, it is soft and won’t cause any damage or hurt the little players. It slides on carpets and hard floors without a problem. Last but not least, it is durable, and due to the vinyl coating, it remains in top-notch condition for a long time.



Because they are made from foam, they are safe to use by kids – for whom they are designed – and guarantee hours of fun.

Indoor hockey games have never been this fun, and the soft pucks won’t cause any damage or scratches to your furniture.

Kids will surely love them, as they come in sets of three and of different colors to make their delight.

If you are looking for mini pucks to add to a hockey set for a toddler, you will find these to be ideal.

The vinyl coating guarantees that they will last for a long time without signs of wear and tear.



Don’t forget that these pucks are smaller than professional-grade models, and you might be surprised when you open the box.

While they work well on low pile carpets and smooth floors, don’t try to use them on high pile carpets, as they will just flip and roll away.

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5. Mylec Official Roller Hockey Game Puck 


Some pucks are made from training, and young players could use a model that doesn’t weigh as much as the real thing until they can get the hang of the game and its challenges. This hockey puck review refers to a model that is made with such needs in mind. Ideal for use on concrete, this model from Mylec is a reliable option when you want to help your kid practice more.

Made from durable materials, the three pucks included in a set will last for a while, especially if your child is careful not to lose them. Even for shooting, they are a good pick, which is an essential aspect since other similar models are only good for practicing passing skills.

Your kids can use them indoors, too, and that means that they never have to give up the practice if they are involved with learning how to play hockey.



On smooth concrete, the pucks glide well, and that means that the young hockey player in your family may play with it in the driveway to his or her heart’s content.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how durable the pucks are, and young players will be able to hit the posts with them repeatedly without breaking them.

For practice and training, regardless if you want to hone your passing or shooting skills, these pucks are a pretty good option due to their versatility.

Even for indoor playing, they are a good option, and any novice can use them so that he or she never stops practicing.



These pucks don’t behave very well on asphalt, and you will notice quickly that they tumble and flip more often than you might expect.

It must be mentioned that they weigh less than professional-grade pucks, which takes from their smooth handling.

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6. Green Biscuit Passer-2 Pack 


An excellent street hockey puck, the Passer from Green Biscuit does everything it promises and something on top. Do you feel like your passing skills could use a little nudge to become better? Then this set of two pucks is ideal for that purpose. Even more, you don’t have to be on the ice to hone your hockey performance.

Any rough surface is handled with grace and consistency by this model. It glides and gains speed, just as you manipulate it, but it doesn’t flip and tumble. The unique design of the puck makes it so reliable.

Two pieces of plastic are held together by three metal screws, and in between them, rubber spacers give them the elasticity that makes them so versatile. Street, roller, or recreational hockey are all possibilities for these pucks to work their magic, and you should try them out.



The particular construction of these pucks makes them ideal for those who want to continue their training outside the rink.

You will notice that they don’t flip and tumble like other pucks, and they glide smoothly even on rough surfaces without a glitch.

Novices can work on their stickhandling confidently, and they can improve skills such as one-touch passing, toe-drags, or saucer passing.

Players will notice that with more practice, they have a chance to make their passes more accurate than before.

Not only for beginners, these pucks will also serve seasoned players just as well.



You must bear in mind not to shoot this puck, as it will smash against the posts quickly, and that will leave you with money thrown out the window.

Seeing that you get two pucks only with one set, they can be pretty expensive, and not a good deal for someone shopping on a budget.

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7. Golden Sport Ice Hockey Pucks 


If you want affordable hockey pucks, you cannot go wrong with the 25-piece set. Teenagers into this sport will discover that they do well with this model since it’s such a great addition to their gear. The durability offered is unmatched for the price, and you will be more often in the mood to practice since the pucks are so cheap.

The manufacturer used the standard size specifications imposed by the NHL to make them. They weigh 6 ounces, and they are 1-inch thick, while their diameter is the required 3 inches. No matter how you look at them, these pucks are made the same as professional-grade gear.

Almost anyone can use them, as they are recommended for players aged 8 years and older. The high density of the material used, as well as its hardness and resilience, makes every puck a solid piece of hockey gear. You will also notice a high degree of adhesion between the stick and the puck when you practice.



You can count on these pucks to behave like the real deal since they are made from vulcanized rubber, the same material used for making professional-grade models.

The official NHL specifications are followed to the letter, and these pucks weigh 6 ounces each and have 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness.

Ideal for training for official competitions, these pucks are suitable for teenagers who want to take up hockey as more than just a hobby.

Since they come in big-sized packs, these pucks are incredibly affordable and excellent for those who need a lot of them to practice as they should.



A specific unpleasant smell of ash will be noticed the first time you open the package containing the pucks, but it will wear off in time.

The pucks come packaged individually, and while that may seem like a thoughtful idea, taking them out from their wraps is a bit of work.

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8. AceFox Ice Hockey Pucks for Practicing and Classic Training 


As the name of these pucks indicates, they are ideal for practicing and training, and you can’t go wrong with them. They are sold in packs of six, so you will have plenty to serve you during practice, even if it may happen to lose one or two.

Since some people might use the pucks for other applications, the manufacturer encourages this practice of creating a custom hockey puck for different purposes. However, the leading role they have is to be used for improving a player’s skills, and they are highly durable due to the sturdy material used.

The company uses vulcanized rubber to make these hockey pucks and abides by the NHL specifications in weight, size, and measurements. You will be happy to discover that they are great for developing your shooting and passing skills, unlike other models on the market that are dedicated only to one type of training.



The high hardness of these pucks guarantees that you will improve the accuracy of your passes and shots as you will feel when the stick connects with them.

Gliding effortlessly over any surface, the pucks are smooth and flat, and they offer the same performance as professional-grade models.

You can safely use them for training for competitions, as they are made to abide by the weight and measurements specified by the NHL.

Players can use these pucks for both shooting and passing, which makes them versatile and convenient for most fans of the sport.



The strong smell you will notice when you unpack the pucks doesn’t go away quickly, and you might want to store them somewhere the odor doesn’t become an issue.

Environmentally-conscious people might feel wary about the fact that each puck comes wrapped in its plastic packaging.

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9. Hug Flight Hockey Pucks 


If you want an affordable hockey puck set, getting this 50-piece case is the ideal option. Offered for an unbeatable price, this set will provide you with the possibility to train as long and hard as you want. While their price is low, these pucks have a professional-grade construction, and they can be even used during competitions.

Made from rubber, they have textured walls that will make the stick connect and hold each puck with ease. That will help you practice and get better at passing and shooting. You will be more than happy with how easily the pucks will slide on the ice.

The dimensions of each puck are within the strict regulations of the NHL and ensure that you have the right equipment for training and attending competitions. As far as durability is concerned, these are excellent and will serve you for a long time.



Hockey players will be pleased with how well these pucks slide on ice, an aspect that makes them ideal for on the rink training.

Because of the textured walls, you will notice that the pucks don’t slide off the hockey stick, which means that you will develop better stickhandling, passing, and shooting skills.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better deal, as these are sold in 50-piece sets for a price that’s not easy to beat.

The pucks are made from solid rubber and abide by the specifications imposed by the NHL, so you will be able to use them during competitions.



You will notice right away a strong smell coming from the pucks when you open the package.

Because they are individually packed, they are challenging to take out of the wraps, especially since there are 50 included in one set.

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10. Howies Hockey Tape Hockey Pucks Bulk 


The hockey puck material used for this particular model is vulcanized rubber, which is recommended for the type of equipment used in competitions. In other words, these pucks are professional-grade, and they have the measurements expected from the kind of gear you would see pro players using.

The regulated hockey puck weight is 6 ounces, and that’s the precise weight of these pucks. Because they have just the right weight, the pucks won’t flip and tumble and will keep on the ice. Also, they have textured walls that help with stickhandling and passing.

Ready for both training and competitions, they are an excellent choice if you only need a few pucks. They are sold 4 in a case, and they have all the traits you need in reliable hockey equipment. They are highly durable, and you won’t notice any chipping for a long time.



Because the material used is vulcanized rubber, the pucks are durable, and they offer the right hardness and resilience to be used frequently.

For training and competitions, the pucks are ideal, and you will find them useful when honing your shooting and passing skills.

Stickhandling will become a breeze, as the textured walls will remain connected to the stick so that you never lose control.

The official weight and measurements of pucks used for competitions are abided by these pucks, so you can use them anywhere you want.



Like many other rubber pucks, these give off quite a strong smell, which means that you need to store them somewhere the unpleasant rubber odor is not a problem for you.

You will get only four in a pack, so they are not that great a deal as other models on the market.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Do you know what makes the best hockey puck you can find on the market? There are specific considerations you must bear in mind, such as weight, dimensions, and the material used, and that’s not all. Here is what you should know to understand the main requirements for picking the right product from the many offered by manufacturers.

How big is a hockey puck?

Not all the hockey pucks you find on the market are the same, but if you want to train with the real thing, you need to bear in mind the information supplied by the NHL regarding this type of equipment. According to the professional league, the requirements are as follows: the hockey puck diameter has to be 3 inches, and the thickness must be 1 inch.

That’s the hockey puck size admitted during competitions, and, if you consider yourself an advanced player, you should always stick to these recommendations. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no other hockey puck dimensions available. For instance, kids can use pucks with a smaller diameter and a bigger thickness, as they need to be able to handle them.

As far as the weight is concerned, the regulated value is 6 ounces or 166 grams. However, you can still find models that are lighter than this value. Depending on what you want to use the pucks for, you can go with a version that best fits your needs.


The type of material used and its role

A closer look at the models available will tell you that not all are made from the same type of material. Professional grade pucks are made from vulcanized rubber, which makes them gain the required hardness and resilience to resist the heavy action involved with playing hockey. If you like to train, and not just play for fun, you should go with rubber pucks as they are the real deal.

There is another advantage offered by these pucks. The stick remains glued to them so that you can easily guide them on the ice and develop excellent passing skills with their help. The flat surface helps with gliding smoothly on the rink for more enjoyable training.

You will also find plastic pucks that are excellent for honing your passing techniques. However, you should pay attention to the type offered; some plastic models are not suitable for shooting, and they will break easily if you try to do that.

Last but not least, there are pucks made of foam. They are mainly designed for kids who want to play hockey indoors. They are safe to use by children, and they are pretty durable.

The purpose you choose

You must know what you want the pucks for. Are you looking to have some fun and play hockey only for the sake of it? Do you want to train and get better as a hockey player? The possibilities are endless. Sometimes, you may just want to focus on improving your passing skills. Other times, you may want to hone your shooting techniques.

Some pucks glide well on concrete and asphalt, and they are great for off the rink training. Read the manufacturers’ recommendations carefully to see which pucks are designed for the purpose you have in mind.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is a hockey puck made of?

Hockey pucks are versatile and can be used for training, competitions, and playing for fun. But what is a hockey puck made out of? That’s a fundamental question that will give you some essential information about why hockey pucks are made the way they are.

The chosen material is solid vulcanized rubber, and this material doesn’t just happen to be used extensively for making pucks. While plastic and foam are also used, they are never employed for professional-grade hockey pucks, as they don’t have the characteristics that make rubber ideal.

Rubber is both hard and a bit elastic, while it provides a little ‘stickiness’, too. When you guide a puck with your hockey stick, you need to keep it on course, and you need to be able to send it toward the net at high speeds. Only rubber can satisfy all these requirements.

Q: How much does a hockey puck weigh?

The hockey pucks you use must have all the specifications indicated by the organization presiding the competition you want to be a part of. The NHL is the US organization that takes care of these aspects, dictating the weight of a hockey puck.

So, how heavy is a hockey puck? Each puck should weigh 6 ounces or 166 grams. This weight is considered ideal for keeping the puck on the ice and allowing the players to ‘feel’ it. Earlier, we explained why vulcanized rubber is preferred.

As you can see, the weight of hockey puck models is not something random. If you don’t get a professional-grade puck set, you don’t have to worry about the weight that much. Lightweight models are only used for fun, so if you want to train for real, you should stick to those made according to the NHL specifications.


Q: How fast does a puck travel?

Hockey players need to develop excellent strength and speed to perform accurate shots. When sending a puck toward the net, they need to make sure that a certain hockey puck speed is acquired to outwit the defenders.

There are different types of shots in hockey, the slapshot being the most difficult to perform. So, how fast does a hockey puck travel? According to statistics, during game time, a puck can end up moving at 100 miles per hour. As expected, there are records for the fastest shot ever registered, and players compete every year to break them.

Currently, the record belongs to Denis Kulyash playing for Avangard Omsk, who managed a slapshot with a speed of 110 miles per hour, at a match held in Riga, Latvia, in 2011. For the NHL, the record is held by Zdeno Chára, with 108.8 miles per hour for a slapshot performed during a 2013 All-Stars match.



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