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10 Best Hockey Pants – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.05.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hockey Pants + Reviews


Looking for the best hockey pants out there? You are in for a treat, as there are plenty of models to choose from – you just have to make your pick! As we are trying to help you find a pair that is worth your money, we may recommend the Shock Doctor Compression Hockey Pant w/ Athletic Cup, available now in stores. This pair comes with certain benefits that you cannot ignore. Among them, we can mention the four-way stretch fabric that is also absorbent, the Bio-Flex Cup, and the full compression that are included as part of the deal, all of them working together to make your game better and more comfortable. If you can’t find this product, the Shock Doctor Core Loose Hockey Short Supporter w/BioFlex Cup is another one that you could check out, as you are looking for hockey pants that will fit your needs.



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10 Best Hockey Pants (Updated Reviews) in 2022



As you are looking for hockey pants, we are trying to present to you some models that are really popular at the moment and that have certain benefits that make investing in them worth it. Since we all have different tastes and we don’t look for the same thing, we’ve included several products that may be of interest to various people.



1. Shock Doctor Compression Hockey Pant w/ Athletic Cup 


A pair of hockey pants that rise up to the occasion needs to have various features that are universal, and only after that do you need to look for other things that are of interest to you. A model that stretches across the whole leg is preferred by some, especially if they tend to get cold easily, as these models offer protection from the back to the feet.

This pair is a good choice, as it will offer you complete protection when you are on the ice, so, if you get cold easily, you have this model to take seriously into consideration. The fact that it can absorb the moisture is another big plus, as you will naturally sweat a lot, and that puts you at risk of catching a cold.

The fabric is also interesting thanks to the four-way stretch. This pair comes with a Bio-Flex Cup for better comfort and movement.



The fabric is four-way stretched and will absorb moisture with ease, so you won’t be exposed to catching a cold while playing.

The Core Flex Pocket design places the lower part of the cup in a position that is considered to be more natural, so the fit will be more comfortable, and closer.

The Bio-Flex Cup has a vented body with a pad that has an integrated gel perimeter, so you will have superior movement while playing.

The design is really pleasant, so you will probably like the pair from that point of view as well.



There is a chance that you will not completely make the cup cover you as well as it should. It’s not something highly common and it can be fixed, but we thought that you should know that there is such a risk in the case you decide to buy this pair of hockey pants. 

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2. Shock Doctor Core Loose Hockey Short Supporter w/BioFlex Cup


If shorter and looser hockey pants match your style better, you can try this pair. The design is really pleasant and modern and promises to make you feel good as you wear them. The holes are bigger than the usual kind, so you will get increased airflow that will really make you feel comfortable.

The cup that comes with the pair will also make you feel safer, as it gives you more protection in the area that is the most prone to accidents during the game. The Bio-Flex cup is also vented so you will benefit from more comfort when you wear it, as the airflow will work better as well. 

The colors used for this pair, black and orange, make it a stand out, while at the same time, it helps to blend in with the rest of your outfit for the big game, so you have another reason to check them out right now.



This pair is shorter, so you will benefit from more comfort, as you will have more space to move in the pants and they won’t feel tight, as they are looser.

This loose characteristic is improved by the ventilated mesh fabric that was used in order to create the pants.

The Bio-Flex cup is vented and offers a higher level of protection to the vital areas, while also letting the airflow do its thing.

The gel pad of the cup will improve your movement while you wear the pants, and also offer you a higher level of comfort.



The holes will give you plenty of air for your skin to breathe, but this also makes them a bit more see-through than your usual pair, which may make some people feel more uncomfortable when they are changing in the locker room, so you should have that in the back of your mind if you’re shy.

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3. Shock Doctor Core Compression Hockey Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup


Another short pair that looks awesome and promises you comfort is this one. Like the previous ones, this pair is also made out of a very supportive four-way stretch and the fabric is well known for its great ability to manage to soak up the moisture that appears during the game with no problems.

You are bound to feel much more comfortable, but also benefit from better support during the game, thanks to that fabric and the way the model is sown. This will naturally lead to you having an overall better game performance on the field, as your body will respond pleasantly to all of these features.

The Bio-Flex Cup also has integrated gel in the perimeter pad so you will be able to feel more comfortable; this whole product is based around the idea of comfort and, as a hockey player, you know how important that is to do your job.



The fabric of these pants is quite comfy and will make you feel more supported and comfortable when you are on the ice.

This comfort is highlighted by the supportive four-way stretch that makes the material so resistant and easy to wear, while also absorbing the moisture.

The Bio-Flex Cup is vented and has the perimeter pad with integrated gel, which means you will feel more comfortable when you wear it.

The design is really pleasant and modern, so you won’t have any problems changing in the locker room.



Because the cup doesn’t have any straps, it may be difficult for some people to keep it properly in its place. There are ways around this, of course, but it is nonetheless a problem that you should be aware of as you search the market for a pair of hockey pants that will fit not only the general standards, but your standards as well.

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4. Shock Doctor Core Loose Hockey Shorts with Pelvic Protector


For the ladies that like to play hockey, we’ve found this model of loose hockey shorts that come with a pelvic protector. The pelvic protector has the same role for women as the cup has for men, in that it covers and protects the most sensitive areas from any kind of impact that could lead to injuries.

The fact that the pants are loose can give you more space to move when you are on the field, if you find the tight-fit ones as being too tight for you. As they allow for more ventilation, and thanks to their versatile design, the pair can also be used with success in other sports, such as football, lacrosse, soccer, and so on.

Also, the modern design is something to appreciate, as it makes changing in the locker room an experience that is more pleasant and you are bound to receive some compliments for the shorts.



In order to give you more comfort, these hockey pants were created to be looser than usual and they are also made out of super ventilated mesh fabric.

Also contributing to the level of comfort is the fact that this model is ventilated so you won’t have to feel as much sweat – or any at all.

The pelvic protector plays a really important role in making sure that you will not suffer any injuries while you are on the field.

The protector will also shield you from any impact and transfer the shock so you will not feel any pain during the game.



Be sure that you check the sizing chart of the manufacturer! There are differences to your normal sizes so there’s a high risk you’ll get a size too small. Try and contact the company or order a size that is larger than what you are used to wearing.

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5. EALER HCP100 Compression Hockey Pants with Athletic Cup


For people who prefer a tight fit, a model that is highly popular these days is this one, which you can wear for your next practice or game and you will feel the difference. Its cup is securely held in its place by using an internal sling and elastic suspension system, for your own safety. 

This model also has a reinforced hook and a loop velcro sock adjuster plus a flatlock construction which has the role of preventing chafing. On top of that, the product is made out of materials that will absorb the moisture, for more comfort. A great aspect is the fact that you can wash it in the washing machine and it will resist the process.

The Bio-Flex Cup is vented and has a perimeter pad with integrated gel, so you’ll have better movement when you wear it, while also feeling much more comfortable when you are on the rink.



This model has a flatlock construction which has a really important role – that of preventing any chafing from taking place.

This material has another cool benefit, which is the fact that it will be able to absorb the moisture from your exercises.

The cup is secured in one place thanks to the internal sling, to which we add the elastic suspension system, increasing your safety.

The fact that the cup is vented is another cool factor, as it will offer you better movement and better breathability of the skin.



Like other products on our list, the sizing seems to be an issue. You may order an adult small and get something that fits the youth small criteria better, so you should check with the manufacturer before placing any order so you’ll be sure that the size you get will be the one that is going to fit you the best.

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6. adidas Rink Pant – Men’s Hockey


Adidas is a brand that needs no other introduction, with big names like Snoop Dogg, Lionel Messi, Andy Murray, Kanye West, and Katy Perry being the faces of the brand at some point during their careers. As it’s the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world, choosing an Adidas product is bound to offer you the quality you wish for.

This product is made out of 100% polyester. If you wonder what the main advantage of this material is, well, it’s the fact that it won’t wrinkle, it doesn’t wear down fast, and it’s very flexible. This means that you can just throw them in the backpack and remove later, without worrying about what will happen to the fabric.

The mesh interior lining of these pants is also made out of 100% polyester, so you will enjoy the quality of this product at all times, inside and out, no matter what.



As it’s made out of 100% polyester, the product is going to last a long time, it will be flexible, and it won’t wrinkle in the backpack or gym bag.

It comes with zippered sides and with back pockets, so you can carry things with you in the pants, without worrying that you may lose them.

At the right knee, the Adidas logo is present, so you can subtly brag about owning brand clothing in the locker room.

You can use them for a variety of other sports as well, including skating, as they offer you enough protection when you are exercising.



While you will have enough protection with this pair, it is worth noting that it doesn’t come with a cup, so you will need to buy it separately.

Also, the design is less impressive, compared to other ones we’ve seen on the market, which is disappointing in this case.

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7. TronX Venom Inline Hockey Pants


This part of hockey pants from TronX has all sorts of cool things that will make you want to have them, especially when it comes to their design. The main model is made out of black and silver-grey colors, but there are other options as well, including blue, pink, and red, so you can have your pick from the ones that you like best.

One thing you’ll notice when you try them on is that the pants are made out of stretch flex body fabric with extra-large lycra, which aims to give you a lot of freedom when you move, making them able to stretch quite a lot so you will have enough air to let your skin breathe. Of course, that can also be a downside, in some cases.

This pair has the Sure-Fit II belt system with an elastic flex and with a waistband in the back, which wants to keep the pants fixed on you, even if they are large.



The design is really cool and hip, especially since it’s aimed at seniors, so it doesn’t put you in the category where it feels like everything must be boring just because you are of a certain age.

The graphics of these pants are fully sublimated, again adding to the cool factor of this pair of hockey pants.

The stretch flex body fabric and extra -arge lycra will give you all the space that you need to move, so your skin can breathe properly as well.

The price of these pants is really affordable, and you really won’t feel like they’ll leave a hole in your wallet if you buy them.



As they are so large, even with the Sure-Fit II belt system, waistband, and elastic flex, you may have some problems keeping them on. A pair of shoulder straps could come in handy in this case, as they may keep the pants on during exercise.

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8. Tour Hockey Straight


Another pair of hockey pants that have a cool design are these ones from Tour. This model is straight, so it offers a nice alternative for people who don’t want their sports pants to be too tight or too large – a straight version is a really nice option, right in the middle, that is sure to satisfy many people.

In order for them to be able to make you feel as comfortable as possible, they were created as part of the free-movement design with a relaxed fit. The product has durable panels and WearMax knee panels, so you won’t have to worry about certain moves that may tear them apart, such as falling to your knees. 

Also important is the presence of a stretch crotch and an easy-fit elastic waist that also has a fly so you will enjoy as much comfort as possible when you do your thing in them.



The design is really nice and pleasant, pretty modern, and you are surely going to have people asking you where you got them from.

Letting you feel comfortable and relaxed is a must for many people when they are doing sports, and that is something you don’t have to worry about with this pair.

The stretch crotch is a cool add-on, as pants tend to break apart fast in that area, so you can now exercise in peace.

The WearMax knee panels have another added benefit, in that you can fall to your knees and you won’t have problems with that area from overusing them.



The durability of this product can be a bit questionable. It has many things that aim to prevent the material from breaking apart as you exercise, but it seems that even so, there are some parts of these pants that are not as resistant as you would be led to believe.

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9. Fang Inline Roller Hockey Pants Adult Senior


Now let’s move on to something funkier, at least design-wise. This pair is also aimed at seniors who don’t want to simply blend in, but realize that age is just a number. As a result, the design is inspired by the late 70s and early 80s sportswear fashion, which is a very nice throwback indeed.

The upper part of these hockey pants can stretch, thanks to the use of Lycra material, so you can fit them well, even if you have a bit of a belly going on, as it happens quite often, after all. The pants also let your skin breathe with ease, thanks to the air mesh thighs that were added when this product was created.

So the pants will be kept intact, even as you exercise, as these have durable knee support, so even if you fall to your knees, they should be able to take that hit.



The upper part of the pants are made out of lycra, a material well known for being elastic, so this is no exception.

The Air Mesh Thighs of these pants will let your skin breathe much easier, a really important factor in sports.

Pretty much everybody can agree that the design is really cool, managing to be modern, while also being a throwback to the fashion of the 1980s.

You will also benefit from durable knee support, as you can now fall to your knees during a game without worrying about breaking the pants apart.



The crotch area is a bit low. This all depends on the style of the person who is wearing them, how tall they are, but, in general, they can be seen having that area hanging a bit too low for some people’s taste. This means that taking some measurements can help you a lot.

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10. Bauer Hockey Nexus N7000 Junior Ice Hockey Pants


And now, we have this pair of Junior ice hockey pants from Bauer, that, first of all, look really good, and they also look like they mean business. Wearing them pretty much confirms that you are ready to play, which is a really cool thing to have in a design, as few can actually pull that off.

The pants are made to give you better movement, even if the pants are created in a classic way. On top of that, the material is lightweight, but still manages to offer you a lot more protection than you would expect, given how easy it all looks. This gives it another plus, for sure.

The product has a high-density foam spine guard and a plastic insertion which gives it part of that lightweight protection. All in all, the products seem to offer quite a lot and it’s really not too shabby, so it’s worth a look.



The product has a high-density foam spine guard, and a plastic insert, which contributes to having a superior, but also lightweight protection.

It gives you a lot of free space to move, especially since it’s lightweight, which is surely going to make you better at the game.

Another feature that aims to give you as much comfort as possible is the hydrophobic mesh liner, which will also absorb the moisture.

Also, the product has a molded dome construction hip, a mid-density foam, and PE inserts that will protect your sides and kidneys from any impact.



The manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing these pants using the washing machine. That’s not a huge downside, as other models from other manufacturers are also meant to be washed by hand, but if you don’t even consider doing that, it’s good to know that this is the only way you should wash them.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


How do you find the best hockey pants? Obviously, when searching for such an item, you will want to know general information about ice hockey pants and which features are of interest. The truth is, first you have to decide between hockey girdle vs pants and once you’ve settled this, you can continue the search.

Obviously, since this article is about how to choose an ice hockey pant, we will be focusing on that. One of the things that should be important in this search for the best hockey pants is your age. Youth hockey pants are a bit different from senior hockey pants and from junior hockey pants, as they all serve different age groups.

The pairs for seniors usually have a more vintage design and come with features that will interest people of a certain age, such a more elastic upper part of the pants, while the youth models are often more tight-fitted. They are all part of the affordable hockey pants category, as the differences start to appear later.

What makes the difference?

One of the things that make the difference between affordable hockey pants and not so cheap hockey pants is the material out of which they are made. The more resistant the material is, the more likely it is that the overall product is going to cost more. Other factors like the ability to absorb the sweat will also weigh heavier on the price scale.

Inline hockey pants (also known as roller hockey pants) are a bit different from the usual ice pants, because this type of game is played on a hard surface that is not ice, so you don’t need to be kept warm while you play. On the contrary, for ice hockey, you will need hockey warm up pants, as you will need to feel warm during the game.

You must also pay close attention to hockey pants sizing, as you want them to fit. Even if you prefer a looser model and pick a lightweight adult hockey pants model, you will need to choose pants that fit you on your waist, cover your legs, and have a cup or pelvic protector. Any hockey pants review is going to tell you that, so don’t skip sizing.

Brand or off-brand?

Also, you will notice that many hockey pants reviews will mention famous brands, like Adidas or Bauer hockey pants as being the best options you have, and it wouldn’t be a lie. 

For example, Bauer pants are known for being of high quality so even if they are not cheap hockey pants, you know that buying from a well-known brand, you won’t need to make another purchase later.

Buying something off-brand is not always guaranteed to work out. Of course, you can get lucky, there are many companies out there that aren’t well-known to make high-quality products, but it’s still a risk you have to assume. On the other hand, Bauer youth hockey pants are sure to give you exactly the quality you are looking for.

While searching for this kind of product, you should also check out the material. Some types will let your skin breathe more than others, some types will have absorbent qualities, some won’t wrinkle, so you should keep an eye on that, as every hockey compression pants are going to come with their own qualities.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What are hockey pants called?

Hockey pants have exactly the name you have been using to describe them: hockey pants. These products are a type of protective gear that covers you from the knee to the waist when you play such sports as roller hockey or ice hockey. 

The pants have padding inside, in different thicknesses based on who is going to use them, but also based on who produces them.

Sometimes, hockey pants are also called cooperalls, based on the sportswear for hockey that used to be produced by Cooper Canada. The company was formed in the 1960s and although it had a period of success, by the 1990s it was acquired by other companies, but the name stuck. So, you may find hockey pants under the cooperall name as well.

In some US states, like Minnesota, North Dakota, or Wisconsin, you may find hockey pants under the name breeders, but that’s not a common name outside those states.

Q: Do NHL players wear girdles or pants?

Although the girdle is a pretty popular item, since it is said that it can offer you a better level of mobility while you are out there on the ice and play the game, the NHL players have stuck with the traditional hockey pants. This is because the pants offer you a higher level of protection against injuries, thanks to the padding used.

While the girdle may allow you to move more freely, it also doesn’t stop you from rubbing your legs to one another, which means that you may develop a rash from wearing it while you play professionally, train with it, and basically spend a lot of time wearing it. As a result, girdles are more popular with non-professional players.

But, if the manufacturers find a way to make the girdles in a way that could protect the players better, surely, in no time, a huge change could take place.


Q: What are hockey pants made of?

Hockey pants are made out of two main components: an exterior that is created out of nylon or polyester textile, that is also called a shell, and an interior, which is basically a sort of a combination of hard nylon plastic guards, polyethylene, soft polyurethane, or polyester foam, all making padding that the manufacturer attaches to a belt.

The internal part, made out of guards, pads, plus the belt, represents around 80% of how much a pair of hockey pants is going to weigh. This will keep players from being injured during a game by absorbing the blows and deflecting them, decreasing the collision force you would normally feel, thus removing the potential for serious problems.

The hips, kidneys, lower spine, tail bone, kidneys, ribs, and the lower abdomen are all safe thanks to hockey pants, while the pair also offers you a new level of comfort and ventilation when you are out there, in the game.



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