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10 Best Hockey Helmets – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.05.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hockey Helmet + Reviews


This article will help you find out what the best hockey helmet is, something which can be particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do the research on your own. After carefully inspecting and examining the quality and value offered by some of the top products on today’s market, our team has come to the mutually-agreed-upon conclusion that the Bauer Senior IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet Combo is the one that should fill all your needs. This item comes with integrated ear covers that will work wonders when it comes to protecting your ears from sticks or pucks, it’s made from high-quality materials and offers the possibility of tool-free adjustments in order to get just the right size for your head. In the unfortunate event that it’s not available anymore, you should also check out the Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Mask.



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10 Best Hockey Helmets (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Hockey helmets are not only something cool to wear that fits the style of your gear but, decisively more important than that, they are the line of defense between your head and the incoming blow so that’s why our team spent so much time carefully selecting only the best ones for your browsing pleasure.



1. Bauer Senior IMS 5.0 Ice Hockey Helmet Combo


This helmet is built to be able to withstand a lot of punishment by using the dual-density foam to reduce a lot of the incoming damage to the head. The dual-ridge crown coupled with the integrated ear covers complete the protection of the head, allowing the user to play with somewhat of a reckless abandon, without fearing serious injuries.

Furthermore, you will also receive the Bauer 2100 facemask, one of the staples of face protection when it comes to hockey players. If you ever need to readjust the product, it shouldn’t be very hard as it comes with tool-free options to do so.

If you’re opting for the small size, the head circumference is between 19.8 inches and 21.4 inches while the medium fit one will support anything from 20.4 inches to 22.4 inches. The large one is able to go as wide as 23 inches.



This hockey helmet should be able to allow you to keep your head in the game for the entire season due to the high-quality protection that it offers.

By using it, you will notice how your entire game starts to change due to the fact that you’ll feel much safer. The facemask’s design also significantly improves the on-ice vision while the entire comfort is improved by the fact that the single density chin cup increases your skin’s breathability and level of comfort.

Since the helmet is adjustable, you won’t have to change it even if the user still has some growing room to fill.

The delivery system is quite adept at getting it to you very fast so you can use it at the very next game.



The facemask in the picture seems to be different from the one you will see when the actual product gets delivered to your door.

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2. Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Mask


Say hello to an affordable hockey helmet that is guaranteed to leave you breathless when you will notice how good it feels to wear it. Due to its design, it is quite adept to be worn during street hockey matches as it offers the necessary protection.

Furthermore, comfort was not a notion that was forgotten since the product is equipped with quick-snap elastic straps engineered to be able to adapt to an adjustable fit that will keep everything in place without making you fearful of injuries.

As a result, it is a nice and comfortable goalie mask that will never prevent the user from thoroughly observing the game while still offering great protection due to the high-impact plastic joint together with the welded steel cage. Buying this helmet won’t only net you a safe product but a durable one, too, so go for it!



The design of this item also stands out as the vented shell together with a flexible and adjustable backplate gives it a modern look that’s guaranteed to catch some eyes. It’s also quite sleek and it will fit the contour of your head quite well.

Therefore, even in the summer sun, this will be a comfortable item that will not wear out the head too much so it’s perfect for long, dragged-out games. Since young goalies can always benefit from a boost of confidence, buying them one of these will be the perfect way to ensure their season will be a successful one.



If the many pros of this product have convinced you to buy one, also keep in mind that the delivery system seems to sometimes be faulty and send damaged goods. As a result, be aware of what you may get.

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3. CCM Ht50 Hockey Helmet Combo (HT50C)


CCM is one of the better brands on the market these days and continues to prove it with products like this one. A great hockey helmet, the Ht50 includes tool-free length adjustment that will allow any user to perfectly fit it to his or her head. Even more, the multi-density foam liner provides great protection against hits of all kinds.

As a result, purchasing this helmet will improve your overall game because you will be able to play better without a continuous fear of injuries. Furthermore, there’s also a high-density PE shell to consider as this adds another layer of quality to an already great product.

The manufacturer took great care to provide pretty much all sizes for it, especially because this is a combo offer that also comes with an FM50 in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes, as well as silver-colored.



The fact that you are able to freely adjust this product should give you the freedom to explore with it and see what makes you feel good.

The facemask is not only high-quality but is able to act as a protective barrier against any hit, while the fact that it comes available in a lot of different sizes is a good thing for that overall sales revenue.

The multi-density foam liner is an innovative solution to make sure the head is as protected as possible when it comes to feeling those strong hits and bumps in an effort to minimize the damage over time.



As good a product as this one is, the fact that only adults can wear it makes it somewhat limited in that aspect.

So many sizes can sometimes be confusing, especially for people who don’t have a lot of experience in choosing helmets.

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4. Warrior PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet


If you’re looking for the best hockey helmets out there, chances are you won’t go wrong with this one from Warrior. The Covert PX2 was built with the sole purpose of offering the best of both worlds when it comes to that traditional feeling of wearing a helmet and the performance and protection provided by the use of high-quality components.

The reason it’s so good a helmet is mainly due to the very good blend of multi-layered VN foams and plastics acting as the main component of the entire mix that is a staple of adequate protection and comfort.

Like the previous versions of the product, the manufacturer kept the streamlined shape but opted to remove the 4-Play dial and multi-piece shell designing, going instead for a simple 2-piece one that simply has clips on both sides, above the ear, offering a far easier adjustment process.



The VN comfort foam is quite well-known among pro players for the soft padding that it provides as well as the ability to efficiently absorb and disperse the shock from impacts.

The sides and front of the product are made with 2 layers of foam while the back enjoys 3 of them in order to make absolutely sure nothing can happen to the wearer of the helmet.

High-density PE ensures lightweight but professional protection that will by no means drag you down in the middle of the game. The large vents on all sides of the helmet help to better manage the temperature and keep the player cool and comfortable.



The delivery system seems to sometimes be faulty and miss some hardware, which may cause the product to not function properly.

While extremely effective, looks are not this product’s strong suit so this may deter some people used to cool-looking helmets.

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5. Franklin Sports Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Face Mask


Not only is this a cheap hockey helmet but, on the contrary, it is a very nice one too. Any Chicago fan will be hard-pressed to get this product as it is only one of the dozens in the company’s collection of cool NHL helmets. Furthermore, Canada teams are also available so all the young hockey goalies out there will definitely get a kick from getting their favorite.

This item also represents ideal head protection for anyone between ages 6 and 12 as the adjustable backplate makes sure any user feels extremely comfortable while still being very well protected against anything that might happen in all the different variations of this physical sport.

After purchasing this you will forget all about those cheap plastic toy hockey masks since the high-quality chrome-welded steel demands respect and provides complete safety, especially when it comes to intense street-hockey games.



This is a helmet that’s built with comfort in mind since the great protection you get is also doubled by the quick-snap straps that allow any user to put it on or take it off in a matter of seconds.

This combination of flexibility and durability makes it perfect for the volatility and quickness of street hockey since it is a sport that requires its items to offer a lot of protection yet still keep a lightweight appearance in order to not tire out the players.

The design is also not something that we can forget since these are replicas made after the NHL helmets and are, as a result, extremely cool to look at and created with all the bells and whistles of a pro league hockey helmet.



This type of product is not approved by the HECC or CSA and, as a result, is not certified for ice hockey or any other type of puck play you might find out there other than 2 ⅝ “ – ball street hockey.

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6. CCM 3DS Youth Hockey Helmet Combo


According to hockey helmet reviews, this one will work great when it comes to protecting players ages 4-7 years against the vicissitudes that might occur due to the physicality of a hockey game, even at that early stage where one would think the game is not all that dangerous as its later versions.

The newly-modeled youth FL3DS brings much in the field of offering a tailored-like fit for any user while the easy adjustment guarantees there won’t be any problems when putting the little guy or girl’s headgear on. Also, kids at that age require some age-specific protection and this helmet completely provides it.

One reason why this is such a good product is the fact that science was integrated into its manufacturing process to provide specific care, engineered after careful studies about how players that age are most likely to get injured.



As a parent, you will rest assured knowing that this product comes with the Eva Liner with Integrated D30 Lite, specifically tailored to manage youth-specific impacts and to provide them with the best possible protection so that their normal development is not hampered in any way, shape, or form.

The facemask is completely adjustable and it’s easy to strap on due to the many clips located on the sides and in front. Since it’s so flexible, it will grow as the player grows and you’ll only have to change it once in a blue moon.

The manufacturer also did not forget to include some high-density PE shell which is the most lightweight level of protection available these days, offering complete protection without dragging down the user’s head.



Sometimes, the delivery line seems to act faulty and ship an adult helmet instead of the regular, youth one.

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7. CCM Tacks 110 Sr Resistance Hockey Helmet


While even the safest hockey helmet can’t protect you from all the impacts that occur during a game, this one does a pretty good job of stamping out most of them. The multi-density foam liner is so good that it’s able to deal with a variety of hits and bumps and negate them to a negligible feeling.

Furthermore, the manufacturer went to great lengths to also make this a comfortable product that won’t give you any headaches when it comes to putting it on and taking it off. Due to the single tool-free adjustment, you will be able to put it on and take it off almost instantly.

The fact that the adjustment takes place at the back of the helmet also adds a little bit in terms of flexibility and the overall level of comfort the user will experience when trying on this product.



By using this type of technology, one will also notice the visibility while wearing the helmet is better and feels more natural, especially during the game.

Not only is this product designed to enhance the protective capabilities to a maximum but you’ll also notice even its geometry is shaped toward managing impacts the best way possible and reducing damage as much as it can.

The look is also something that was not forgotten and the sight of this helmet is sure to turn many an eye, either when it comes to practice or during the actual games.



There seem to be some issues when it comes to the sizing chart of this product and the way it fits compared to other helmets’ identical size. As a result, it may be for the best if you manage to try it on before purchasing it.

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8. Mylec Ultra Pro II Goalie Mask


If you need a hockey goalie helmet then this cool-looking one can definitely be the one that helps you out in your time of need. The manufacturer took things to the next level by using some molded, ultra-lightweight plastic that comes with a vented shell added to aid in the cooling process.

Furthermore, this product is one size fits all so nobody should have any problems feeling comfortable when wearing it. Not to mention the color scheme and overall design are so cool that you will surely be remarked during the game and you will definitely feel more confident and, as a result, play better.

You will also notice the full coverage, adjustable backplate that’s guaranteed to protect you as good as technologically possible, therefore allowing you to play the game without worrying about potential injuries. Its role is improved by the adjustable quick-snap straps that amplify the speed of the entire equipping process.



This product is made in the United States of America so that is a guarantee of quality in itself since you can be sure of the amount of time and effort invested in each helmet.

The vented shell not only offers additional protection but aids the cooling process in such a way that the user will feel significantly better during the game.

The characteristics of this helmet make it very good for protecting and helping the player during a street hockey match.



As good of a product as this one is and it definitely ranks right up there, it is advisable that the only use it sees is in games with an official size 2 ⅝ inches street hockey or deck hockey ball.

Furthermore, it’s strongly recommended that nobody uses it for ice hockey or any other type of hockey play.

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9. Mylec Sr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard


Searching for the best youth hockey helmet will definitely have you going places but this product from Mylec might just turn up when it’s all set and done. It is a very good protective equipment that offers complete impermeability to your head and face, especially due to the heavy-duty wire cage they used to design it.

This is such a nice item that you can use it as a youth hockey goalie helmet too, provided the wearer is at least 13 years of age. Therefore, this product can be used for an entire team of players and managed to solve a lot of problems in the logistics department of kids hockey.

Also, each shell was designed to be impact-resistant and is made from heavy-duty plastic coupled with foam pads, and the entire thing is attached to the sturdy wire cage that keeps everything together for your protection.



This is a very light product despite the “heavy” feeling you might get when watching it for the first time.

The foam chin cup is incredibly useful not only for completing the full-face protection but also since chin injuries seem to be quite common in modern-day hockey.

The outer shell of the product comes proud with a 1 and a half-inch foam padding, guaranteed to diminish the sting of any impact to an at-least-tolerable level.

This product is able to fit sizes ranging from 71⁄4” to 8 ⅓”, so keep this in mind when choosing the one you would like to get for yourself or for the loved one who is immersed in this beautiful sport.



The fact that it is made from plastic seems to give this product a below-average standard of quality when compared to alternatives created from welded material.

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10. Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo


Have you ever wanted a Bauer hockey helmet? The Prodigy line acts exactly as its name suggests it might do and offers a seemingly unmatched experience so you should strongly consider giving it a chance.

This Helmet Combo is built with the same high-quality dual-density foam that’s found in all the classy helmets found above a certain quality. The dual-ridge crown coupled with the Prodigy facemask not only keeps the entire face completely protected but will also make you look cool while doing so.

To top it all off, this adult hockey helmet is completely certified, receiving nods from CSA, HECC, and CE. Furthermore, it offers the standard tool-free adjustment as well as quality J-clips and adjustable top clips that keep everything where it’s supposed to be and allow for a customized, comfortable fit that will elevate your game simply by making you feel better.



The fact that this item is certified from all the places it could possibly receive certification from is definitely a mark of quality and can be taken as a sign of its overall quality and durability.

The facemask is able to be released at a moment’s notice by simply snapping the clips away, allowing for quick removal should the situation require so.

The two-piece adjustable shell is also another thing that adds to the already-many answers to the question of why would a hockey player buy this product.



While the snaps are a great idea for the speed they offer, they can also be a little brittle and sometimes have the tendency of snapping off.

Try to be extra-sure about what you are purchasing before launching the delivery process as there have been some issues with the color that was ordered and the one that was actually delivered to the customer’s door.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Arduous research before getting a men’s hockey helmet is definitely not something bad since, of all the protective gear a player has to wear, this one is definitely the most important one. Because it safeguards the entire head, face, and, to a lesser extent, even the brain, the helmet should be given the maximum importance that it requires.

Thankfully, today’s hockey helmets made with the help of high-tech plastics and foams are vastly better than the old-school ones that players had to wear not until long ago. As a result, the best products on the market today, even ice hockey helmets, are lightweight, strong, yet also comfortable and quite durable so this is what you should aim for.




Another thing worth knowing is that all the helmets out there, from NHL ones to toddler hockey helmets must be accredited by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). You will usually find the stickers on the back of the product and you’re good if you’re still within 6.5 years from the date it was manufactured.

Even though the possibility of acquiring a used hockey helmet is still very much out there, we wouldn’t recommend it for a couple of reasons: first, you don’t know what it’s been through and the foam inside it may be beginning to deteriorate and, as such, be unable to offer adequate protection.

The second reason is that regardless of its brand or style, a helmet with an expired certification is unable to be used in most of the hockey leagues out there so that severely hampers you if you’re actively playing the game, even if we’re talking about a youth hockey helmet.


Things to consider

The price is definitely one of the things that stands out first when it comes to purchasing a new hockey headwear. While the range of it may vary, you should know that you’ll usually have the option of only acquiring the helmet or going full-pro and getting the combo which also includes the cage around the front of your face.

The theory is pretty much the same, even for a kids hockey helmet. Higher price points have you shelling out more bucks for things like a stronger but lighter shell, multi-material padding on the inside of the helmet, and a better feeling.

The amount of impact protection offered is another very important thing to consider, although keep in mind that none of them can act as a bullet-proof guarantee against a head injury or concussion.

Since rotational acceleration is considered one of the prime causes of concussion, the helmet’s shell is the first line of defense against it. Check any hockey helmet review and you’ll see that some of the newer models also come with a subshell that offers significantly more impact resistance.

How should a helmet fit, though? That’s a good question. In order to enjoy all the protective qualities of one, it must obviously be situated on the player’s head and stay there. Since the actual size can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, consulting the individual size chart is always recommended.

Whether you want an ice hockey helmet or some other type, remember that all youth and school leagues all the way through college require student-athletes to protect themselves by wearing a cage or full facemask.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When did NHL made it mandatory to wear hockey helmets?

While helmets do a great job protecting players today, it was not always so. During a game on January 13, 1968, Bill Masterton’s head struck the ice and he, sadly, never regained consciousness. His death remains, to this day, the only on-ice fatality in the National Hockey League’s history and one of the big reasons that led to mandatory helmets during the game.

Despite the fact that pro players at the time found it uncomfortable to wear the loose-fitting helmets of those days, the ones who did wear them had to endure a relentless chorus of derisive remarks from their bareheaded peers. Despite that, on June 1, 1979, the NHL imposed a rule demanding that everyone who entered the league after that day had to wear one.

A funny yet interesting side-fact was that the League kept a “grandfather” clause which allowed seasoned vets to continue going helmetless if they so chose, regardless of the rules forcing the rest of the players to do so.



Q: How should a hockey helmet fit?

To keep it all simple, a hockey helmet should fit tight around your head in order to ensure the best protection possible. It should sit on or perhaps slightly above the brow line while the crown, forehead, temples, and beginning of the neck should still feel snug in order to promote a more comfortable feeling.

Despite that, the helmet itself has to feel tight enough that it won’t simply slide off whenever you move your head or shake it up and down, as it is so often the case during a hockey game. Some of the helmets these days are made specifically to promote better vision while wearing them, despite the fact that safety is always the number one factor.

It goes without saying that while a hockey player might be able to make do with oversized shin pads, for instance, a helmet that does not fit can be straight-up dangerous.


Q: How often should I replace my hockey helmet?

While there is no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet, wearing one is definitely helping a great deal toward protecting the athlete from serious head or brain injuries. As a result, any responsible one will always make sure to keep his or her helmet in tip-top shape.

Hockey is a tough sport so, as a result, gear replacement time will vary a great deal depending on how damaged you get it. As a rule of thumb, helmets should be replaced no later than 10 years since they were rolled out of the assembly line, even though not many of them reach that old age anyway.

The wear and tear, stress of the game, and material decay will simply start taking their tool sooner or later and the unwritten change time in the world of hockey players is somewhere around the 6.5 years mark.





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