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8 Best Heavy Bag Gloves – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 05.07.22


Top Gloves for Heavy Bags – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll find some of the best heavy bag gloves on the market today based on characteristics, price-to-value ratio, and most importantly user reviews. Your hands’ safety should be the top priority when sparring or competing in boxing matches, so that’s where these products come into play. After careful analysis of all these factors, our team has concluded that you should really look into Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women Heavy Bag because out of more than 600 user reviews, they’ve received 75% 5-star ratings. Not only that, but the price is very affordable and people are generally pleased by their durability. In case these gloves are unavailable or you consider that they don’t necessarily fulfill all your needs, you can look into the Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves. These also have generally good review and the price isn’t that much bigger when compared to our first choice.



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8 Best Heavy Bag Gloves (Updated Reviews) in 2022



We’ve selected some of the most critically acclaimed heavy bag gloves found on the market today and have listed them below based on their pros as well as their cons so you can decide easily on what to buy. Even if you want cheap heavy bag gloves without sacrificing quality, you’ll surely find some models on this list as well.



1. Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women Heavy Bag


These affordable heavy bag gloves come with a 5-year replacement warranty, making them a safe purchase for anyone. They are gel-injected and have a multi-layered V-Impact foam, which drastically reduces your chances of injury when throwing punches against sparring partners and heavy bags alike.

They also have shock-absorbent padding on the area where your knuckles are, as well as the wrist area, so twisting your wrist or breaking the fragile bones in your knuckle area is highly unlikely. Any professional boxer or mixed martial artist can confirm that these are the two most important areas that need protection when engaging in any contact sport.

With the help of their anti-perspiration holes situated on the palm, these gloves also improve hygiene, as they let your hands breathe easier and the sweat go out instead of staying stuck inside the gloves and on your hands. As a result, they won’t stink as much and won’t require as many intense washes as other heavy bag training gloves on the market.

They come in two different main colors and 5 different sizes that are suited for a number of hands, from children (8 oz) all the way up to muscly adult hands (16 oz).



Overall an excellent price-to-quality ratio further enhanced by the 5 years warranty that the manufacturer gives out with every new piece of gloves.

With 5 different sizes to choose from, it’s hard not to find a pair that fits your hands perfectly. Not to mention that depending on the type of training you’re planning on going through, having the option of them being slightly looser or tighter might be a major advantage.

The holes located in the palm area do an amazing job of evacuating sweat and thus keeping your hands and the gloves themselves cleaner for a longer period of time.

The majority of users have reported that the foam and padding do an excellent job of absorbing shocks even on the heaviest bags in their gym.



A few users reported that the inner padding around the thumb area started peeling off after a couple of uses.

One user reported that their gloves came stained in the package.

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2. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves


Everlast’s EverFresh technology makes a return with these heavy bag boxing gloves, making them easily breathable in order to keep odors away for longer periods of time. The hook and loop wrist strap is adjustable, making it easy to put them on and off without much hassle. The price-to-value ratio is very decent when taking into account Everlast’s history of quality products.

The interior material used on these gloves is designed to offer your knuckles extra protection against heavy-duty targets such as heavy boxing bags and other materials. Pair that with the thick foam padding found within the outer layer and you can rest assured that your hands are going to be safe no matter what contact sport you choose to engage in.

Although no clear instructions are provided about the process of washing these gloves, some users reported that they just wipe them with a wet cleaning cloth and then let them dry. In most cases, even after 1 year of cleaning the gloves like this, the users have reported that they still looked brand new.

If you choose to pair them with a set of boxing hand wraps, your experience will be even more pleasant, as users who have done this report that their gloves felt like new even after months on end of intense boxing sessions.



Very easy to put on and off because of the adjustable hook and loop wrist strap. You won’t need any outside help lacing them up.

Extra knuckle protection provided by the interior padding as well as the thick foam padding found in the outside layer of the gloves, so you can safely throw hard-hitting punches even against the heaviest of boxing bags.

The EverFresh technology does its job fantastically, as many users have been simply cleaning their gloves with a wet cloth for around a year and they still haven’t encountered nasty smells.

Even if you happen to buy a pair that is slightly tighter or bigger compared to your hands, the foam and adjustable hook and loop strap still ensure comfort if you wrap them accordingly.



Although the majority of reviews are good, there have also been quite a few users who reported that the seam that surrounds the thumb broke after only 4-5 intense sessions.

The warranty only lasts 120 days from the date of purchase, so if the seam breaks afterward, you’ll have to shell out more cash.

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3. Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves


These slightly more premium Everlast gloves also feature their signature EverFresh technology with which users are once again very happy. They offer wriststrap protection and an open fingers design for greater flexibility and ventilation. The fact that you don’t have to wrap your wrists with a separate wrap is one of the main reasons people have purchased these.

As such, this means that you won’t be needing boxing hand wraps anymore. It might seem weird, but users claim that these do a fine job even without the wraps. In fact, it is also one of the main reasons people chose these gloves over other MMA heavy bag gloves. And yes, they are indeed MMA-certified, no need to worry if you ever want to practice another contact sport.

Fair warning: many users who have given these 5 stars also reported that at first, they tend to smell like gasoline. The smell goes away in about a month of training, that’s why they still gave them such a high rating. However, we felt necessary to mention this in case you are sensitive to powerful odors.

Otherwise, the gloves are comfortable and you can train against heavy bags with no worries as long as the gloves cover your knuckles completely. If they don’t cover your knuckles, you’ll need to order a larger pair and wrap them more tightly.



The open design with wrist wrap gives you greater flexibility and ventilation while still doing a great job of protecting your knuckles and wrists.

The gloves are MMA-certified, which means that you’ll have no problem using them in a variety of other contact sports and on heavy targets.

Everlast’s EverFresh technology does its job phenomenally well: less odor and more air circulation, which makes your hands sweat less and keeps the gloves clean for longer.

No need for boxing hand wraps. Users claim that they do a fine job of protecting your hands as is. So while you pay a little extra for these, you’ll save money on wraps.



They have a fairly noticeable gasoline-like smell when taken out of the box and it will likely last throughout your first month of training.

A few of the models have had their seams ripped easily, probably due to a manufacturing error, since these cases are fairly rare.

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4. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women


These faux leather gloves are made with not one, not two, but three foam layers for upgraded protection and elasticity. The hook and loop closure with a widened strap makes it easier for you to put them on and take them off at will, without requiring outside help to tie them up. The natural curve and grip bar design gives you added comfort when tackling the hardest of boxing bags.

The mesh holes found on the palm area allow your hands to breathe more easily and sweat to go out instead of sticking to your hands and on the interior of the gloves. One more advantage is the fact that you can clean them rather easily because of the material used. Simply wash them by hand with a cloth that was soaked in soapy water and let them dry out.

The price is extremely good when you look at the quality of the materials and the gloves’ features, as they typically range from around $20 to $30 depending on the selected size. In short, premium quality for a rather low price. And even though Liberlupus isn’t as well known as other brands, an overwhelming majority of customers gave these high star scores.



Grip bar design for added comfort and speedier punches. Your hands already have this shape naturally when forming a punch, so in case you are a beginner, these might even help you form your first correctly as to not injure yourself.

The hook and loop closure with widened strap makes it very easy to put them on and them off without any outside help.

The mesh holes found in the palm area provide greater breathability and let sweat go out instead of clinging onto your skin and the glove’s interior.

Fantastic price-to-quality ratio with numerous positive reviews and a lot of people praising their resistance, breathability and build quality among others.



Some have reported that the wrist support is a little too loose, which means that you’ll probably need wrist wraps for some added protection in that area.

One user complained that their customer service is terrible, as they hadn’t resolved their problem even after quite some time.

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5. MaxxMMA Neoprene Washable Heavy Bag Gloves


These neoprene gloves are machine washable and highly breathable, making them fairly easy to take care of. And because neoprene doesn’t shrink, that means the gloves can also be put into a dryer with no problems. The foam has been curved to resemble a ready fist as much as possible so that you’ll use them comfortably when punching, not just when putting them on.

The cuff is long and they can take a beating, which is impressive given their looks. While their design is fairly attractive, if we were to judge based on that alone, we wouldn’t have thought that they’re resistant, yet most users have praised their durability in their reviews. Speaking of design, they only come in two different colors, but not many people complained about that.

The cut-out thumbholes are another great addition, as they offer you the ability to grab things fairly easily without having to take your gloves off every time you want to drink water, for example. They also have wrist wraps, which do a great job on their own, even if some people prefer using hand wraps underneath the gloves for added protection.

All in all, you can’t really go wrong with this pair of gloves, especially when considering the low price.



Easily washable, the neoprene material offers the advantage of just throwing the gloves in a washing machine and then in the dryer instead of washing them by hand and then letting them air-dry.

The thumb holes allow you to grab things easier without having to take the gloves off. This is great news if you like to hydrate often because you can now grab your water bottle without much hassle.

The mesh material on the palm is very breathable, which makes them ideal for intense workouts, as your palm will no longer sweat nearly as much as with other materials.

The come at an excellent price, and these are some of the most affordable boxing gloves in this category.



One user complained that the gloves were too thin for punching heavy bags and had to return them.

Another user said that the velcro straps failed quickly and that they feel too tight.

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6. DEFY Boxing Gloves for Men & Women


The DEFY premium gloves are designed with a variety of contact sports in mind, including MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and regular boxing. The high-quality synthetic leather and large velcro enclosure are meant to offer a secure fit and extended service. The foam padding protects knuckles effectively without conceding any power.

Their hook and loop closure guarantee that you’ll be putting them on and taking them off in no time without the need to rely on other people for help. The inner pillows are lined with a mesh-like material that ventilates your hands, expels heat and absorbs sweat. The fit can be a bit snug at first, but because of the foam padding, it’ll soon take your hand’s shape well.

The thumb lock feature provides extra safety and confidence during training. Even amateurs know that the thumb position is very important. So if you’re new to the sport, this feature will make you get used to form a proper fist.

The graphic imprint on the gloves is very attractive, featuring a minimalist tiger and stylish writing. However, if you’re particularly interested in the looks, keep in mind that these gloves only come in one color: yellow. So if that’s very important to you, you’re out of luck. Although we think that protection is far more important, we can understand this might be a turn-off for some.



Most users have praised their price, as they are affordable and offer quite a few features for such a low price tag.

Overall, they are a great choice for beginners, but the thing that stands out the most regarding this aspect is the thumb lock feature, as it makes you get used to form a proper fist.

They’re designed for a variety of contact sports including MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing, so you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have to limit yourself to just regular boxing.

The large velcro closure and the synthetic leather offer a secure fit no matter the size of your wrist.



In some cases, the stitching might come off a lot faster than one would expect.

One user stated that the padding on one of his gloves loosened up too much and as a result, their particular hand didn’t feel as protected, especially against heavier targets, such as drills.

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7. Core Boxing Gloves with Free Hand wrap


Coming in four different colors and five different sizes, the Core boxing gloves ship together with free boxing hand wraps, all at a low price. The gloves feature anti-perspiration holes, which guarantee more breathability and less bad odors overall. The design is specifically curbed in order to accommodate your hand’s natural position when forming a fist.

For the price, you are getting a very good deal, as both the gloves and their free hand wraps have more than decent reviews. The hand wraps are machine washable as long as you input a low speed and warm water instead of hot.

The gloves don’t come with clear washing instructions apparently, but regarding the fact that they are made from synthetic leather, you can most probably just brush them and then wipe with a wet cloth. The attached thumb design is meant to give extra protection to your thumb, especially if you’re a beginner and haven’t yet mastered the art of forming a fist properly.

The only complaint that one customer had is that the gloves could’ve been softer. No other details were given, but one could assume that they either don’t absorb impact all that well against heavy targets or that they don’t stretch too much. Either way, for the price and keeping in mind the fact that hand wraps are included, you can’t really expect perfection.



People generally view these as excellent beginner gloves, especially because they come together with hand wraps for extra protection and an attached thumb design.

These gloves are easily cleanable with a wet cloth. Once done, you can leave them to air-dry overnight so you can keep them smelling fresh for a long time.

There are four different colors and five different sizes to choose from, so you’ll most probably find the pair that suits you best. Bonus: the hand wraps come in the same size and color as your boxing gloves.

Considering the fact that they come with free hand wraps, the price is absolutely phenomenal. So far there have no complaints about tearing or other major defects.



Given the price plus the free of charge hand wraps, it is fair to assume that they won’t last too long, especially if you plan on doing intense training.

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8. Odoland Boxing Training Gloves with Hands Wraps


Odoland offers a 3-in-1 set of boxing gloves, hand wraps, and glove deodorizers for a fair price. The gloves offer excellent protection because they are made with gel injected and triple-layered foam padding that greatly absorbs impact from hard surfaces such as heavy boxing bags and possibly even other materials such as metal.

The pre-curved hand design enhances the boxing experience because it keeps your fist formed properly throughout the entire training session. The thumb lock design further improves the experience by keeping your thumb in place and thus making you avoid any thumb injuries no matter how much of a beginner you might be.

The holes found in the palm area allow for greater breathability and less smell even throughout tough workout sessions.

The qualitative leather makes the gloves easy to clean with just a wet cloth. The glove deodorizers further enhance the cleaning process by absorbing all the bacteria and nasty smells that might get imprinted in the glove during and after intense training. The included hand wraps are 180 inches long, breathable and fast drying.

All in all, the package you get is a great value for money, especially for such a low price.



The gloves come with dual strap wrist grip for added wrist support, which allows you to use the hand wraps more efficiently on your knuckles, as you no longer need to worry about extending them all the way down.

The included 180-inch hand wraps offer further protection, and their breathable material ensures that you won’t sweat as much compared to other wraps on the market.

Having deodorizers on hand is a much-welcomed plus, as you can rest assured that no funny smells will stick to the interior of your gloves.

The dual strap wrist grip offers extra protection to your wrists, so you don’t have to worry about using the hand wraps all the way down and thus focus them more on your knuckles.



They only come in black, so if you don’t like that particular color, you’re out of luck.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


With so many gloves for heavy bag to choose from on the market today, it is no wonder things can get confusing. This can be especially cumbersome if you’re relatively new to boxing and contact sports in general. Fortunately, there are a few factors to take into consideration that will make the entire buying process easier to comprehend.

First and foremost, it is very important to check as many heavy bag gloves reviews as you can before making a decision. You may have seen in the past that marketing can be a little deceiving, so reading actual buyers’ opinions is usually more trustworthy than just buying into the hype train.

The basics

Even before searching for reviews, you should check out charts for your hand size. This is a crucial element, as choosing the wrong size means that the gloves will be too loose, will be too tight, or in the worst-case scenario won’t fit your hand at all. Nobody wants to go through the tiresome process of returning a product in order to get a replacement. So do your research.

Now comes the slightly trickier part: what do you intend to use your gloves for? Do you want all-purpose gloves? Or maybe you want something for lightweight training? In any case, if a pair caught your eye, it’s best to search for their specific characteristics, as they may or may not fit your needs. In case they don’t fulfill your needs, then the “eye-catching” design is useless.


General types of gloves

All-purpose training gloves are ideal for many situations, from sparring with other people to punching heavy bags. They usually offer wrist support so theoretically, you might not need hand wraps. However, we do recommend using hand wraps unless the features on the gloves state otherwise. For safety reasons, obviously. And hand wraps are cheaper than surgeries.

Heavy bag gloves are somewhat similar to all-purpose training gloves except they don’t usually have as many foam layers. Now you might think that having fewer foam layers is a disadvantage, but it’s not. If you’re practicing on a bag, having too many layers will make you put out more effort into your punches and you’ll get tired quicker.

Sparring gloves fall somewhere between training gloves and competitive boxing gloves. They have just enough foam padding to keep your knuckles safe without adding too much weight. As such, you’ll be able to throw fast and heavy punches without tiring as easily. Even though some people may recommend competitive gloves for sparring, this can be dangerous for beginners.

Competitive gloves can be easily identified by their minimal padding. Obviously, these are meant for short matches between expert boxers. They are lightweight and in the right hands they’ll give out the best results. Don’t be foolish and buy such gloves if you’ve just started boxing recently. Your chances of injuries will increase dramatically.


Lace or velcro?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on your preferences. If you ask around, people’s choice might be split right in half. While laces offer generally better support and a tighter fit, you can’t tie them by yourself, so you’ll have to rely on another human to tie them for you. But their advantages are generally preferred by pros.

Velcro can be secured fairly easily without any outside help. However, the velcro does tend to wear off after a while or even tear apart from the gloves. And once that happens, there are little chances that you can repair the problem. In most cases, you will need to replace the gloves completely, which is far from convenient.

Leather, vinyl and everything in between

The glove material will inevitably impact quality, cost and the way you need to take care of the gloves. Vinyl gloves are usually cheaper and might be a good choice for beginners because they can handle light training very well. However, they are not breathable, so you’ll be sweating like crazy and will likely need to clean them more often than gloves made from other materials.

Leather, on the other hand, is very breathable and it has a price to match. Even the washing process is easy, as you generally only need a wet cloth. Optionally, you can get glove deodorizers to further absorb bacteria and nasty smells. After cleaning, you can just leave them to air dry overnight. No need for washing machines or dryers.

Neoprene gloves are machine washable and highly breathable. Though not as qualitative as leather, they are an excellent middle ground between the former and vinyl. While you can’t simply wash them with a wet cloth, neoprene gloves don’t shrink so you can put them in the dryer without any worries after they’ve been properly taken care of by your washing machine.



With so many choices on the market today, it’s up to you to evaluate what your level is and what your objectives are. We hope this buying guide has given you all the necessary info to make the decision that best suits your needs and wants.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you break your hand on a punching bag if you don’t use gloves?

It depends on how hard and how fast you’re hitting the bag, but the general answer is yes. Your knuckles and wrists are more sensitive than you might think. It doesn’t matter if you’re over 6 feet tall or if you’ve got the biggest hands out of all your friends. It doesn’t even matter if you’re the most muscular person out of all your acquaintances.

The metacarpal bones in your hand connect the bones in your fingers to your wrists. And they can’t be “buffed” to trained to resist damage. Once you’ve hit something too hard, you’ll inevitably damage them. Needless to say, the pain is extremely harsh and the surgeries are generally expensive unless you have some premium healthcare subscription.

To put it shortly, just don’t try it. Do not hit a punching bag with bare hands. It is generally a bad idea and no professional would ever recommend you do this.

Q: Should you wrap your hands when hitting the heavy bag?

Depending on how hard you throw punches and how good your technique is, hand wraps might not be necessary. Moreover, you can search terms such as “best gloves for heavy bag workout” or “best gloves for heavy bag training” and you’ll most likely find a few models that are made specifically to be worn without the need for hand wraps.

Make sure that such gloves also offer wrist support. Otherwise, you will still need hand wraps that can go all the way to your wrist and secure it properly. However, even if you don’t plan on using hand wraps, they do offer some advantages besides general protection. Some hand wraps absorb perspiration quite well, so you’ll only need to wash them and not the gloves.

Subsequently, your gloves will be more protected against bacteria and nasty odors. As such, they will probably last you longer.


Q: How often should you wash your heavy bag gloves?

It is generally recommended to wash your boxing gloves every week of training. By doing this, you’ll not only keep the nasty smells away, but you’ll also expand their life expectancy. Washing them too often tends to break the seams. Washing them too little will inevitably invite bacteria and nasty smells.

Of course, this can differ from one set of gloves to the next, as you can find gloves made from all sorts of materials. If your pair doesn’t come with washing instructions, make sure to search for your particular heavy bag gloves review where you might typically get the answer you were looking for.

The best gloves for heavy bag are often made with quality materials, so once a week will suffice. Just take proper care of them. If your gloves are not machine washable, then don’t put them in the washing machine. Use a wet cloth and other cleaning materials instead.




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